Kharma (Awesome Kong) proves that Kharma is a (expletive) at Extreme Rules 2011

What a crazy night for the Divas at Extreme Rules 2011!

Layla and Michelle McCool, unable to reconcile their issues in spite of multiple sessions with a relationship counsellor, fought in tonight’s PPV in a ‘Loser quits’ match. Layla pulled through and won the match by countering a faithbreaker for a pinfall! Layla then left in tears as her ex-BFFF Michelle cried her tears out in the ring. What happens next sent shivers down my spine…

Somebody left the rear door unwatched, because Awesome Kong -now calling herself Kharma- slipped inside and is now in the WWE. Kong/Kharma isn’t a beauty pageant contestent, she’s a monster heel! And a girl! In the WWE? The rumour is that Jim Ross and Steve Austin held the emergency door open for her. Kudos to Kong and thanks to Jim Ross and Steve Austin!

The WWE has been promoting her debute for several weeks now on RAW, SMACKDOWN and SUPERSTARS. In these insightful videos, Kong lays out her strategy for the divas. Kong’s strategy is to pop the heads and legs off the barbie doll wrestlers in the WWE. While laughing maniacally.

Michelle McCool should have run for the front exit when Kharma’s music hit after Layla left because what happens next ain’t pretty. Kharma marched down the ramp to the ring, grabbed Michelle and gave her an implant buster, laying her flat out. Then she laughed maniacally. Kong then left the ring, mercifully leaving a laid out Michelle McCool her head and legs.

Folks, what a great moment for the Divas. I wasn’t sure what the WWE had in mind for Kong and how the audience was going to respond to Kharma, but what I saw I liked! Every division needs a giant, and now the Divas have Kharma!

There has been speculation that Michelle was planning on stepping away from WWE. This really makes a person wonder about Michelle’s other half, known in some circles as the Undertaker. With Michelle evidently planning for life after wrestling, it’s a strong signal that the deadman’s career clock has hit the number 11. Even time tolls for thee, Deadman.

Michelle being buried by Kharma on her way out was a fantastic way to debute Kong. Kudos to you, Michelle for giving that bump perfectly! Now, I have to admit in the past I bought into the rumors about Michelle’s attitude backstage. In restrospect, what I’ve always seen from Michelle has been a serious attitude about the business and becoming as good as she could be in the ring, on the mic, in a promo and with the fans. Michelle may not have gotten over with every fan, but she did win me over. Love her or hate her, we should acknowledge that Michelle approached wrestling as a professional, she loves wrestling and gave her opportunities 100%.

Thank you, Michelle McCool!

Layla apologized to the Divas in the locker room after the match for the way she acted. Does this mean Layla’s going face? Well, before that happens, I expecting Layla to continue to show loyalty to her ex-flawless friends and call Kharma out for that implant buster! Poor Layla, so full of personality, but just not that sharp a tack. PREDICTION: Layla will become the second Diva to be laid out by Kharma. Whatever else happens, I hope WWE continues to give Layla opportunities to hold a mic…and I hope she can still chew food after Kharma’s done with her…

Last question is about the future direction of the Diva division. I guess we’re going to be seeing plenty of ‘Instant Kharma’ around the divas on RAW, as Kong is going to be beating (expletive)’s dead. We’re going to get some amazing matches involving Kharma versus Natalya, Beth Phoenex, Melina, and maybe even a Gail Kim versus Kong, round 2? As for Kelly Kelly, Alicia Fox, the twins, and others…better reserve a bed in the local emergency room, ladies.

Kharma’s goinna getcha!

WWE Diva Michelle McCool the Unified Diva’s Champion

Michelle McCool defeated Diva’s Champion Melina thanks to some help from the other half of team LayCool, WWE Diva Layla to become the first Unified Divas Champion. The match took place September 19, 2010 during the WWE Night of Champions PPV event. Congratulations to Michelle, as she continues to rip through her competition and continues to prove that she is the top Diva in WWE!

Layla’s willingness to help Michelle McCool seems pretty foolish and shows a gullibility in Layla that’s going to lead to some hard life lessons. On Friday’s WWE Smackdown, Layla agreed to decide who would fight Melina at the PPV by drawing a name from a hat. Layla discovered after McCool won the draw that all the names in the hat were McCool: she rigged the vote. Layla resolved on Friday not to help McCool during the lumberjill match.

But, now WWE reports that this was all a ruse and Michelle McCool and Layla had this swerve planned for the Night of Champions.

We’re not so sure that Layla was in the know- we just think Layla was doing what friends do for freinds. The problem for Layla is, now that Michelle McCool has the title- is she really willing to share the belt with Layla? Knowing just how rutheless McCool can be- we’re betting this freindship is over as of next Smackdown.

What could really come out of this- something that would really show McCool’s heel nature- would be that Michelle dumps her BFF for the belt and treats her ex-freind like crap until Beth Phoenix returns. If McCool then turns back to Layla for help against the Glamazon, she will look like a total…heel.

Diva Champion Mickey James retains against #1 Diva Contender Gail Kim on RAW

WWE started Summerslam on RAW with two title defences, including Mickey James defending against #1 Contender Gail Kim.

Gail Kim and Mickey James put on a great back and forth with each Diva at times mirroring each other’s moves. The end came when Gail went for a cross body on Mickey that Mickey rolled under. Gail landed hard on her jaw and was basically out of it. Mickey attempted to DDT a dazed Gail Kim only to have Gail counter the DDT on instinct. Mickey’s follow up with a lose spinning leg kick and an elbow toppled Gail backwards onto the mat. It took Mickey a moment to realise Gail wasn’t getting back up before Mickey covered Gail Kim for a three count.

After the match, Mickey helped Gail stand and when she still wasn’t responding, Mickey lifted Gail’s hand with her’s to the crowd.

It looks like Gail really was knocked senseless by the crossbody and we’re hoping she’s alright. Both Mickey and Gail were feeling each other out throughout this rushed 3:30 title defense and we think both girls could put on one hell of a program against each other.

While some people refer to Mickey’s ending elbow as the ELBOW of doom, we seriously think Mickey could have bowled Gail over with the FINGERPOKE of doom at the end. Great match, tough ending and a tough crowd still punch drunk from the return of DX and the beatdown by Legacy.

Good match, Divas, and we seriously hope Gail Kim’s allright.

Diva match results for the Night of Champions

nightofchampions.jpegWWE Women’s Title Match: Michelle McCool vs. Melina

Jim Ross and Todd Grisham are on commentary and begin with a replay of the events leading to this match. Out first is the WWE Women’s Champion Michelle McCool. Melina, the challenger, is out next with her red carpet entrance. Melina does the splits and is going under the rope when McCool attacks before the bell rings.

There are a few good spots. McCool hits Melina with a running knee into the fan barrier and gets a 2 count. McCool applies a leg submission on Melina. McCool counters and DDT’s Melina off the top of the fan barrier wall. Melina wraps her legs around the neck from the apron and throws McCool around. McCool catches Melina with a belly to belly suplex for a 2 count. Melina goes for a pin from the top rope but McCool reverses it with a roll up for the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Michelle McCool

WWE Divas Title Match: Maryse vs. Mickie James

– Maryse is warming up when The Miz walks up and makes a pass at Maryse. Maryse brushes the Miz off, telling the Miz he lost his match tonight and she doesn’t date losers. The Miz gets mad and grabs Maryse’s arm and tells her he can get any girl, he wasted his time with her on RAW last week, she’s not a chamion, she’s a tease and when she loses her belt she’s come crawling back to him. The Miz says she’ll have butchered her shot with him like she butchers the English language everytime she talks.
Out first for the next match is the challenger, Mickie James to a nice pop. The WWE Divas Champion Maryse is out next. Maryse taunts Mickie before the bell rings and they almost start brawling. The bell is called for and they still taunt each other. Maryse dodges a clothesline and poses some. They lock up and go to the ropes. Mickie takes Maryse down first.

The match itself had Lots of stalling in the early part of the match. Maryse mounts her usual offense, including a camel clutch and tries to spray Mickey’s eyes. Mickie kicks Marys, knocking her down and picks up the can and the ref takes the can from her. Mickie takes control from here until Maryse tries to lock in her camel clutch again but Mickie fights out this time. Mickie hits a neckbreaker on Maryse for a 2 count. Mickie does a head scissor take down out of the corner. Maryse trips Mickie up on the ropes and for a 2 count. Maryse pulls Mickie off the top rope and brings her to the mat. Mickie counters a move and nails her signature DDT on Maryse. Mickie covers for the pinfall and the win.

Winner and New WWE Divas Champion: Mickie James

There’s a lot of rejoicing from Mickie James Fans who feel that Mickie hasn’t gotten nearly the level of respect she deserves with the company for her time in.

WWE’s the bash 2009 PPV results: Melina loses the title to Michelle McCool

mccool.jpegMcCool made history tonight as the first ever to win both the divas and women’s title. In their championship matchup at the bash, Linda came up short in her defense due to injuries and interference from Alicia Fox.

The WWE women’s champion Melina looked hot tonight in her ring entrance. Michelle McCool came out next with Alicia Fox in tow. McCool went for a big move early to Melina turned into a DDT. The divas brawled after that and Melina injures her leg, giving Michelle a target to exploit.

McCool tried to use her styles Clash on Melina, but Melina faught out. They take the fight to the top rope and Melina takes control only to be injured again. Melina gets a two count and Fox stops the pin. Melina kicks Fox through the ropes. This gives McCool the time she needs to counter Melina and get a two count.

McCool counters again and then nails the Faith Breaker to get the pinfall and the win.

Winner and new WWE women’s champion: Michelle McCool

Sensible move to have Mccool take the title as it sets up a possible new feud and push with the badly debuted Gail Kim, or the opportunity for Melina and McCool to continue their feud. The Smackdown Divas have been working hard on the program and it shows. The four-way match on Friday’s Smackdown featured polished moves by all four divas. Of course, we thought the highlight of the match was when Gail Kim got the hot tag from Melina. It was an interesting finish to the match to, having Gail Kim miss the tag and not realize that McCool was legal, giving Michelle a big opportunity to apply the styles Clash on her for the win.

The only possible concern we have is with WWE’s insistence on booking McCool as somehow superhuman. Not only is that not believable, but it makes the other divas and the feuds look week. WWE needs to take a look at the knockouts program where the back-and-forth action between the knockouts has created consistently exciting matches to watch.

Congratulations Michelle McCool on making history!

TNA 2009 Slammiversary results

victoria-tara-tna.jpgAngelina Love (w/Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne) vs. Tara

Sky and Rayne interfered on Love’s behalf early. Tenay reiterated that Team 3D hadn’t arrived at the arena yet. Tara had Love down at 6:00, then she went psycho and left the ring to attack Sky and Rayne. This gave Love time to recover and surprise Tara with a kick. Rayne and Sky then sprayed Tara in the face with a spray and Love finished her to retain the title.

WINNER: Love in 7:00.

Not a long match, but solid. The Tara and Love feud isn’t out of steam, yet.

Daffney & Raven vs. Abyss & Taylor Wilde in a Mixed Tag Monster’s Ball match.

Abyss splashed Daffney in the corner early. Abyss pressed Daffney and threw her onto Raven and Stevie Richards on the floor. Taylor dove off the top rope onto all three seconds later. A few minutes later after they brawled up toward the entrance ramp, Taylor dove off a speaker stack onto Daffney on a table below. Stevie’s distracting the ref saved Raven during an Abyss cover. Abyss got up and complained, then moved when Raven swung a trash can at him, so the can hit Stevie and knocked him to the floor. Abyss poured thumb tacks onto the mat. Daffney hit Abyss from behind. He no-sold it. She pleaded for mercy and then tried to run. Taylor Wilde tossed Daffney onto the tacks. Stevie saved Daffney from Taylor’s pin attempt. Raven bashed Abyss with a chair and then DDT’d him onto a chair for a believable near fall. Abyss came back and gave Raven a Black Hole Slam on the tacks for the win.

WINNERS: Abyss & Wilde in 14:00.

Seriously, who expected Daffney to take a bump on tacks? Daffney and Wilde- another great knockout feud.


Women’s Wrestling Xposed poll results for where Gail Kim should debute

8352200.jpgIt’s not a well kept secret that eventually Gail Kim will debute on Smackdown, where she will have a shot at earning the Diva Championship and becoming the first Diva and woman wrestler to hold the Woman Championship, the Knockout Championship and the Diva Championship.

You better believe there will be a Gail Kim versus Beth Phoenix feud coming down the line as well. Beth has her eyes set on becoming the first Diva to hold both the Woman Title Belt and the Diva Championship simultaneously. If Gail gets the Diva title, the WWE universe won’t be big enough for the both of them.

That doesn’t change the fact that 69% of you think Gail should be on RAW (out of 132 votes).

Thank you everyone for participating in our poll.

Our next poll asks the question, “Should TNA let Cheerleader Melissa wrestle as herself and drop Raisha Saeed?”

2008 WWE Survivor Series Match Results

acdcsurvivor.jpegSurvivor Series Rules Match: TEAM RAW: Beth Phoenix, Kelly Kelly, Mickie James, Jillian Hall and Candice Michelle vs. TEAM SMACKDOWN: Michelle McCool, Victoria, Maria, Natalya, and Maryse

The SD girls certainly APPEAR to be a coherent unit. SANTINO~! Kelly Kelly looks imminently edible tonight.

Phoenix and McCool to start. Top wristlock by Beth, Michelle kip-ups out, but gets yanked down by the hair. BIG forearm by Beth, the exchange shots and Michelle gets a dropkick…of sorts. Tag to Maryse, who is not happy with Michelle and they get it on! Beth watches and smiles. Maria tags herself in, and gets lifted up by the throat. Maria reverses the beating in the corner and lays in some nice shots! Head scissors by Maria, Beth reverses into a front facelock. Kelly tags herself in with a sunset flip for 2, than a backslide for 1. Victoria tags herself in, huracanrana by Kelly for 3 and Victoria is gone! Maryse is in and she eats a rana for 2 only. Backbreaker by Maryse and Kelly is gone! Mickie James is in and takes control of Maryse. Charge to the corner, Maryse struggles to tag Michelle, single leg by Mickie and a jackknife cover, Michelle bridges out and they exchange near falls. Mutual admiration society time. Michelle with a boot to the gut and a whip, Mickie comes off the ropes with a forearm, Maria tries to break up the pin but hits Michelle! She’s pissed, Mickie hits the Mickie-DT and gets the 3! Mickie celebrates and gets rolled up by Maryse for 3! Candace is in with Natalya now. Slap by Natalya, she tries for the Sharpshooter and gets it! Candace fights for the ropes but can’t make it. Jillian breaks the hold, Natalya is distracted and Candace hits a spear for 3! Natalya is gone! Jillian is in and reverses a crucifix try into a Samoan drop! She’s not even Samoan!!! 2 count only. Whip and the handspring elbow by Jillian, but Maria gets the Victory Roll for the 3! Nice reversal. Candace in, she may have pulled a hammy there but hits a Northern Lights anyway for 3 on Maria! Maryse is alone now with Candace and Beth. Figure 4 variant by Maryse and Candace taps! Watch that injury report. Beth and Maryse alone now, BIG heel kick by Maryse for 2. Whip, Beth charges into Maryse’s elbow. Maryse tries for a cross body bet Beth catches her! Maryse slides out and gets a schoolgirl for 2! Glam Slam by Beth! 3 count and it’s over!

Winners: Team Raw (Beth Phoenix survives)


Beth and Michelle face off.

For more results, check out Wrestling Confidential

More Diva Costumes from WWE Cyber Sunday 2008!

bethphoenixmedievalknight2.jpegWe didn’t want to come across as playing favorites and it being just a few more days before Halloween, we’ve decided we had to post more Diva Costumes from WWE Cyber Sunday! Enjoy!

Quick! If you were trapped on a tropical island and you could bring one thing along, what would it be?

Obey the sexy law.

How many millions of catholic boys will be confessing thoughts of Tiffany this Sunday?

‘Go Daddy’ Superbowl Candice Michelle emulating Marylin Monroe…is absolutely right.

Layla reminds of us earlier days of lusting after Carrie Fisher.

Jillian is giving us vigilente justice as Batgirl. Maybe she can ‘catch’ Candice Michelle in her Catwoman costume.

The Glamazon naturally prefers to dress as the hero over the damsel in distress.

Katie Lea says ‘hello to the night, lost in the shadows!’ As a vampire.

WWE 2008 Cyber Sunday Halloween Costume Contest Results

mickiecraft.jpegPHOENIX – In the online exclusive WWE Diva Halloween Costume Contest, 16 of the Divas dressed in the spooky season’s best.
For the second year in a row, former Women’s Champion Mickie James has won the WWE Universe’s vote. Last year, she wowed our fans with her Indian princess costume, but this year she won the contest as Lara Croft of the Tomb Raider video game and movie series.The WWE Universe logged on to and after many votes, Mickie James in her Lara Croft costume reigned victorious.

“I’m really, really excited, because I was extremely shocked, again this year,” Mickie told after her win. “I was shocked the first year and I was even more shocked this year. I felt like my outfit was cute, but it was not super sexy. I’m very happy!”

In what’s become a Cyber Sunday tradition, the Diva Halloween Costume Contest quickly turned into a Divas brawl.

The two-time champion is grateful for the WWE Universe’s votes, and said she hopes they enjoyed the Divas Halloween Costume Contest.

“Thank you, so very, very much. I’m very grateful and it means a lot to me,” she said.

As for why she chose to be Lara Croft, Mickie said she was a big fan of the video game and also loves Angelina Jolie in the Lara Croft role.

“Any girl who is empowered and goes out there and kicks you-know-what, I admire.”


It’s hard to argue with the WWE fan nation on this one- Mickie James absolutely nailed Laura Croft.

Maria went as a Playboy Bunny.

All American Girl Michelle McCool went as an Army Brat.

Diva Maryse blows the minds of millions of Garcons in her French Maid Costume.

Victoria went for it and did the ‘peanut butter jelly time’ as a banana for Halloween! Straight up gets our vote for best holiday spirit!

Lena Yada, who is hawiian, looks like she just stepped out of a vintage 70s Hong Kong martial art flick! Excellent!

The sharpest looking costume is worn by Diva Eve as a ninja turlle- Eveatello?

Diva Brie Bella teaches many young viewers that along with being historical, Cleopatra is hot.

For the complete results for Cyber Sunday, click the link.

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