WWE Diva Maria Interview, Stephanie McMahon Promoted, ECW Diva Kelly Kelly Update, Jessica Hatch News

kellykely83.jpgPhillyburbs.com recently featured WWE Diva Maria in a new interview, and she talks about Playboy, her favorite WWE Moments, Rick Flair and more. Here are some of the highlights of that interview:

Eric – Have you been to any of the Playboy parties?

Maria – Actually I went to one not too long ago. I met Heff that night. I thanked him for everything. So yeah, I’ve been to one.

Eric – What is it like to be on a WrestleMania?

Maria – I’ve been with WWE for 3 ½ years. I’ve been to WrestleMania, this will be my fourth year and this year is the first year that I’m actually in a match. I don’t think it has sank in completely yet. I’ve been working on different wrestling moves and stuff that I can do in the ring because I definitely want to be up to my game and up to par when I’m out there doing it. It really hasn’t sunk in yet. I remember last year crying at the end of WrestleMania when I was watching all of the highlights, so I’m sure that it will be very emotional and very, very cool.

Eric – Is it true that you turned down the original offer to pose in Playboy?

Maria – I was asked to do Playboy from the time that I was 19. I just wasn’t ready. I didn’t feel like it was my time. I just didn’t feel like it was there yet. When I became a woman and started to feel comfortable, and felt like it was everything that I wanted it to be, that’s when I did it. So yeah, I had turned it down a few times. I got the advice from my family, my friends, and the people that are closest to me and decided that this year was the year to do it.
Eric – Melina talked about the difficulties in dating with her WWE schedule. Do you have difficulties dating with your schedule?

Maria – It was much more difficult for me to date someone nine months ago than it is now. I have to say that I have no difficulties with it. Yes it’s complicated. Yes we’re always traveling, but if you want something bad enough and if you want to make something work, you will and it will be everything that you want it to be. My biggest problem before in dating someone while I was in this business was that communication was totally bad. Communication is the key, it definitely is. There have been times when he’s flown in to see me in New York or I flew down to Mexico to see him, and if you want something to work, it will. You’ve got to make that time. So, I think right now I’m having the best relationship of my life and it is the busiest time of my life. Like I said, if you want it bad enough and it’s real enough, it’ll work.
Eric – Ric Flair is closing in on retirement. What has been your favorite Ric Flair moment?

Maria – WWE fans will remember that I made out with Ric Flair once. And he proceeded to take a bump on to his face, afterwards. You know, I made out with Ric Flair. A legend among legends, he is incredible. I’ve done amazing interviews with him. That man right there, they were playing an homage of all of the different Ric Flair moments. I sat backstage crying. He is amazing. He is a gift to World Wrestling Entertainment and to wrestling, and I will never forget that I did make out with Ric Flair on national television.

Stephanie McMahon has been promoted to EVP of creative writing, talent relations and live events. It was just last year that she recieved a promotion to EVP of creative writing and talent relations.

For all the Kelly Kelly fans, the ECW Diva has relaunched her official website, and now has more picture galleries and more updates. The website address is: KellyKellyWWE.com.

Its being reported that the WWE recently asked to see a tape of former Diva Search contestant Jessica Hatch, who has been training with Booker T’s group out of Houston, TX.

WWE Diva Makes Hottest 20 On Web List, Brooke Hogan Bulletin, Ashley Massaro MySpace Post

candicemichelle8381we.jpgIt seems that the internet is interested in Womens Wrestling, in this case specifically WWE Diva and GoDaddy model Candice Michelle. Michelle made the list of the 20 hottest women on the web, as presented on the E! network special. She came in at #13, and the special paid particular attention to the fact that she made major headlines with her original GoDaddy commercial, and that she competed in the 2004 Diva Search, and of course that she was once the WWE Women’s Champion. During the piece Candice mentioned she was waitressed at hooters, but as we know she has also worked for Playboy, doing shows including Playboy’s Totally Busted, and has even done some very light bondage pics.

Brooke Hogan, famous for her father, Hulkster, and for her singing and looks, has recently written a bulliten. Here it is:
-Hey everybody! I am really excited to finally be telling you this! Make sure you watch on ABC Family channel tomorrow (MARCH 17, 2008) at 9/8C to see me on America’s Prom Queen! I had a blast taping this show.

The Dirty Diva herself, injured Ashley Massaro recently updated her MySpace Blog with another post, so here it is:

Hey yall!
So, I’m here in Austin and theres this rad festival called SXSW that happens one a year, I’m so glad I am here for it! There are like 1500 bands playing last and this week its sick! There are also movie premieres and all kinds of cool stuff to go see. The weathers been amazing for it. So much fun! Any of you guys heard of it?
Paul and I went to go see this awesome band called The Boxing Lesson a few times last week. Awesome band and awesome people. You guys should def check em out. I can vouch that their performances live are just as good as their recorded tracks. Hit em up at www.myspace.com/theboxinglesson
If you guys get a chance to check em out see if you can get your hands on a cd. The whole album kicks ass.
Perhaps you may see an interview with them in the next article of Bangin on wwe.com….
We’ll seeeeeeeeee
Anyway, just wanted to say hi. Talk to you punks later. XOXOX

Looking at the last few posts it seems that there’s a good chance that Ashley will start Bangin with Ashley again, though we will still have to wait and see.

Former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler Interview

keibler88kki.jpgRecently Jason King of YAHOO!Sports posted an interview with Stacy Keibler(http://sports.yahoo.com/ncaab/news?slug=jn-kingoftheroad031208&prov=yhoo&type=lgns). The interview is quite interesting and here it is:

Stacy was gracious enough to take part in a 20-minute chat Tuesday evening. She couldn’t have been any more friendly or upbeat.
KOTR: I read that you were born and raised in Baltimore. Were you involved in any type of sports growing up?
STACY: Early on in high school I ran track and played soccer. I went to an all-girls Catholic high school. My very first track meet as a freshman was this really big meet with all the schools in the area, including the boys’ schools. I was running the hurdles and I fell. I caught my toe on one of them and fell flat on my face right in front of the stands where everyone was sitting. That was it for me and the hurdles.
KOTR: How did you become a Baltimore Ravens cheerleader?
STACY: The Ravens had just built a brand new stadium, so they were looking for mascots and cheerleaders. They were re-organizing a lot of things. They were having this big casting call with open tryouts. My dad said it’d be really cool if I was a Ravens cheerleader, but I was like, ‘I don’t want to do that.’ Eventually, I decided to go to the audition, and there were hundreds of girls there. I was like, ‘Wow, if I was able to make this, it’d be really cool.’ There were cameras and reporters there. It was my first taste of being around the media. I thought it was a pretty cool feeling. So when I made it I was like, ‘Of course I’m going to do this.’ If my dad hadn’t told me about it I never would’ve done it.
KOTR: What was the best part about it?
STACY: I did it for two years. My favorite part was being out there in front of 60,000 or 70,000 people and seeing how excited they all were. I liked singing the anthem and watching the jet planes flying over the stadium before kickoff. It was such a rush. That’s the highest level you can get as a cheerleader. To be able to stand there and perform in front of that many people is awesome.
KOTR: Are you still a Ravens fan?
STACY: Yes, I have season tickets. And when I go to the games I realize that no one is watching the cheerleaders (laughing). But when you’re out there you feel like everyone is watching you.
KOTR: I know you got your start in the wrestling business as a Nitro Girl (dancer) in WCW. How did that come about?
STACY: I had become a fan. My friends were all going to the events and holding up signs. My grandmother was watching wrestling and my parents were watching. That was when wrestling was at its highest point. When I was in college, everyone was walking around wearing Stone Cold t-shirts and Rock t-shirts. There was a contest for the Nitro Girls. Fans could get on the internet and vote. They had auditions in eight cities throughout the country and the prize was $10,000. I was still in college, so that sounded great. I decided to go and do a little cheerleading routine. I drove to Philadelphia, I tried out, the fans voted for me and I won. They said, ‘You start next week.’ That’s how I fell into the wrestling business for eight years. It completely changed my life.
KOTR: Eventually you went from being a dancer to a valet to a manager to an actual wrestler. Were you surprised at how rough things were in the ring?
STACY: Wrestling isn’t something you should do to the human body. The training was very hard. It’s like a constant whiplash. It wasn’t something I wanted to do. I never signed up to be a wrestler. I loved performing in front of the crowd, but I never had much passion for the physical part of it. I always winced a little bit when I got to the arena and they told me I had a match.
KOTR: What was one of the toughest bumps you ever took?
STACY: The worst was when I was thrown through a table. Somehow the table was a little bit misplaced. Bubba Dudley was supposed to help me break the fall, but I basically ended up breaking the fall by myself – partly with my neck. That was one of the scariest ones.
KOTR: What did you like the most about the WWE and the wrestling business in general?
STACY: The best thing was the fans. There are so many diehard, loyal fans that are passionate about us. I will never have another experience where I’ll get to walk out four times a week in arenas full of 20,000 people chanting your name. The rush that you get is the best part of the business.
KOTR: Who are a few former opponents that you respect for their in-ring talent?
STACY: I was there when Trish Stratus and Lita were big stars. They were definitely great to work with. Molly Holly was one of my teachers. I loved working with her. She’s probably at the top of the list.
KOTR: Why did you quit wrestling?
STACY: The lifestyle is the reason why I left the business. It’s a very, very hard lifestyle. It’s kind of like a traveling circus. Let’s say you fly into a city on a Friday. You have to pay for your own hotel and your own rental car. You have to get yourself from town to town. If you’re lucky enough to ride with other people, great. If not you’re on your own. We were trying to save money because we weren’t making much. We were staying at Super 8 and Red Roof Inn and Motel 6. We’d just drive until we were tired and then pull over on the side of the road.
KOTR: Sounds pretty taxing.
STACY: It is. You’re away from your friends and family. You’re getting out of shows at 11 p.m. and there’s no food to eat. You’re trying to make it to the next town and you’re tired. It’s just a circle. You get sick of it. Then you get home on Tuesday and you’re exhausted. You try to get some stuff done and suddenly it’s time to do it all over again. I did that eight years without taking one week of vacation.
KOTR: No vacation?
STACY: They don’t give you any vacation. They make you think that if you take a vacation, you’re going to get fired. Everyone is on pins and needles about stuff like that.
KOTR: Do you still have friends in the business?
STACY: Torrie Wilson is one of my good friends along with Gail Kim – who works for TNA now – and Maven. Those people are still a big part of my life. I still talk to them a lot.
KOTR: You mentioned Torrie. She and some other wrestlers have posed nude for Playboy. Were you ever approached about doing a photo shoot for that magazine?
STACY: Ive been offered three times and I said no. Right now I have a deal with ABC, which is Disney. I don’t think Disney would approve (laughing).
KOTR: Obviously wrestling helped open up some doors for you. Did your experiences with the WWE help contribute to your third place finish on Dancing With the Stars?
STACY: Yes, because when you’re used to performing in front of television cameras and in front of 20,000-30,000 fans at sold out arenas, anything after that is going to be a breeze. I had an advantage because of that. The live audience … I fed off its energy. I feel like I’m at home in those situations.
KOTR: What kind of projects are you involved in these days?
STACY: I was just on October Road on Monday on ABC. People can probably watch that right now on ABC.com. I have a deal with ABC. Hopefully I’ll be on a new show sometime soon. I’m also doing a campaign for Axe Body Spray. They have a new line of shower gels and body scrubs for men called Skin Contact. I just shot a commercial for Reebok with some NFL football stars. I’ve been in acting class four days a week at three different studios, trying to get better at my craft.
KOTR: What do you do to stay in shape?
STACY: I have a trainer. I do circuit training, weight training, cardio, Pilates. I take an aerobics class. I’m working out four or five times a week.
KOTR: Any guilty pleasures?
STACY: I love Cold Stone Creamery. It’s my favorite. I actually have a photo shoot on Thursday, so I’ve been watching what I eat. I can’t wait to leave that photo shoot and go to Cold Stone Creamery. I love ice cream.
KOTR: Last question: Who are you going to be rooting for in the NCAA tournament?
STACY: My boyfriend (actor Geoff Stults) is a huge sports fan. He’s pulling for Michigan State, so I will be, too.

Lacey Von Erich Spotted At Ring Divas Inc., “Hemme” News, Celeb In WrestleMania Bunny Match

vonerich932k.jpgLacey Von Erich daughter of former NWA World Champion Kerry Von Erich and the granddaughter of Fritz Von Erich visited the RingDivas INC. business office in Charlotte, NC today. Speculation is that the former WWE developmental wrestler will join the Ring Divas team and begin ring work soon. No official word has been released, but here’s the official word from Ring Divas:

BREAKING NEWS: Lacey Von Erich spotted at RingDivas INC. office!
by dezco on 11 Mar 2008

Lacey Von Erich daughter of former NWA World Champion Kerry Von Erich and the granddaughter of Fritz Von Erich visited the RingDivas INC. business office in Charlotte, NC today.

Click the link below to learn about the Von Erich Family History.

Click Here for more!!!

Lacey signed a developmental contract with World Wrestling Entertainment on August 7, 2007. She was assigned to Florida Championship Wrestling in Tampa where she made her debut on September 15, 2007 managing Billy Kidman. On September 25, 2007, Lacey then appeared as the valet for Ryan O’ Reilly along with Maryse. On October 9, 2007 Lacey made her in-ring debut against Nattie Neidhart.

More details soon to come on the developments of Lacey’s visit.

Christy Hemme recently posted on Myspace; here’s what was said:

Mar 13, 2008 7:01 PM


Body: I will be at Wizard World at the L. A. Convention Center March 14-16, along with Mick Foley, Rob Van Dam, Ayssa Milano, Milo Ventimiglia (from HEROES), Seth Green and many many more.

While initially announced as a Wrestlemania Spokeswoman, Kim Kardashian seems to be actually involved in the Playboy Bunny Mania Lumberjill match, which rapper Snoop Dogg will be hosting. Kardashian is known for her attractive figure and sexuality, and for her private sex video with hip-hoper Ray J. Kardashian, who also has shot a cover for Playboy, spoke on MTV’s TRL and confirmed her involvement in the show.

WWE Diva Melina Talks Batista, Lita Radio Interview, Ashley Massaro Update

wwe_diva_melina2ss.jpgRecently WWE Diva Melina did an interview with phillyburb.com and answered a question regarding her relationship with WWE Superstar Batista, and whether she was surprised that it became public. Here’s what she said:
“Kind of yes and kind of no. Like, I was surprised to see it but knowing him, he wears his heart, he’ll tell people how he feels. He doesn’t hide anything, and he didn’t say as much as he would have said, and for reasons I guess? But in his way, he put the most important people in his life in that book, and that’s his way of saying that I’m an important person in his life.”

This morning former WWE Superstar and current touring Rocker Lita(Amy Dumas) was interviewed by Y101(Richmond, VA). The host was insistant on Lita talking about her private life, but Dumas held her ground and said she would have none of it. She was asked about Edge and whether they were dating, Lita said she wouldn’t answer even if she was as she had learned her lesson last time. It seemed that Lita seemed uncomfortable, and that the interviewers were almost verging on rude at times, even calling her a bad interview guest. They also asked about the recent suspension of WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy, and she replied that she hadn’t heard about it but that “it sucks.” Overall I thought the interview was a little harsh, and that Lita was basically forced onto the defensive for parts of it.

WWE Diva Ashley Massaro has added another post to her MySpace Blog, and here it is(slightly censored):

Don’t believe everything you hear…lets clear some sh** up, shall we…

So, I guess everyones taking their turn at trying to be a reporter huh. HA!
The latest questions I’ve been getting from yall, dang, everything from Playboy nums (which is a load of crap btw n I know for fact) down to rumors about me. Just take comfort in knowing, and I mean KNOWING, that none of that s*** is true…hehe absolutely none. I suppose people would be pretty embarassed if they were called out on this so sorry to everyone who thinks starting rumors about s*** they know nothing about is their job…
Just wanted to rest the onslaught of questions I’ve been getting from yall. Rest assured, everything is DY-NO-MITE! So chill you lil freaks talking junk about me. Or I’ll take this cas and shove so far up your…whoops just kidding…hahah got carried away I suppose…
Anyway, that oughta clear things up for now, nothin but love for ya my punks!

PS- I dont have a single other account NOT BEBO, NO OTHER MYSPACE, NO FACEBOOK, NOTHING, I promise you, I barely have time for this one!!
Catch up with yall later, love ya
The dirty diva

The Playboy reference seems to be concerning reports coming out that her Playboy Cover was the lowest selling so far, as referenced by Womens Wrestling Xposed at a previous post.

WWE Diva Ashley Massaro Injury Update, Jackie Gayda News

massaro882kd.jpgThere’s a few tidbits of news surrounding WWE Diva Ashley Massaro. Dave Meltzer is reporting that the WWE sent Massaro home several weeks ago, when she was in shape at catering, and that the WWE isn’t expected to bring her back anytime soon. The former Survivor and Womens Wrestling Champion posted this on her MySpace Blog:

To bang or not to bang….that is the question…

OK, so I wanted to see what yall thought, since I’ve finally got some free time back on my hands, I was wondering if I should kickstart Bangin w Ashley again? Whatcha think? Let me know yall, consider this the poll. Or I could change it up a bit, lets hear some suggestions :o)

Ughh Flts are awful today :o/

I got a bit of good news today, getting my cast off around march 25th! Yay! Apparently I broke it and tore 2 tendons. Not sure when but it had been bugging me for a hot minute. By the time I finally got it checked that was what was wrong. At least it comes off soon, feels like its been forever. Le me tell you, showering is a bitch with a cast, I HATE IT.
I have a few more things goin on this week, back to TX and back to LA :o)
Can’t wait to get back to work and to see yall again.
PS gained five pounds, ha, how ya like that…. shakakhan!!
alright, thats it for now, not really much I wanted to say but felt like just sayin hi.

She has also mentioned in a previous blog that she was thinking about bring back bangin’ with Ashley, which sounds good to us. Womens Wrestling Xposed hopes that that the Dirty Diva gets better soon.

Former WWE Diva and TNA Knockout Jackie Gayda is being reported as being pregnant for a second time. Gayda and husband Charile Haas had their first child, a baby girl named Kayla on December 14th, 2006.

Playboy Cover Details, Stacy Keibler Update

keibler8331k.jpgHere’s a list of the best selling WWE Diva Issues of Playboy Magazine. Its surprising that the eighth wonder of the world is number one and that current WWE Diva Ashley Massaro is last. Its interesting to note that Ashley Massaro still has some time left so she could make some ground up.

1-Chyna (November 2000)
2-Torrie Wilson (May 2003)
3-Sable (April 1999)
4-Sable and Torrie Wilson (March 2004)
5-Candice Michelle (April 2006)
6-Christy Hemme (April 2005)
7-Ashley Massaro (April 2007)

Recently Stacy Keibler did a quick question and answer, here’s what she said:

“Q What’s become of leggy wrestler Stacy Keibler, my all-time favorite on Dancing With the Stars?—Cara Faucette, Oxford, N.C.

A “I retired from wrestling to focus on acting,” Stacy, 28, tells us. “I have an ABC sitcom development deal—which is perfect, because I have a silly personality and love to make people laugh.” This month, Stacy will appear on ABC’s October Road as the ex-girlfriend of series star Geoff Stults, her real-life boyfriend.”

Chyna Update, Amy Dumas Update, Lady Victoria Post About Tracy Brooks, April Hunter Appearances

lita338kd.jpgThere are reports coming in that former WWE Diva Chyna(Joanie Laurer) has been signed to appear on another reality television show, this one with the major NBC network. The show’s entitled “Celebrity Circus” and is scheduled to debut on 6/11.

Former WWE Diva Lita(real name Amy Dumas) was recently scheduled for a concert with her band the Luchagores in Pittsburgh but the band cancelled after saying that Dumas was in no condition to perform. Initially it was speculated that Dumas was in the hospital for something serious, but a recent post from her band Myspace and written by her cleared up the matter. Here’s what was said:

Date: Mar 10, 2008 1:47 PM

Body: Whoa!, What a way to wake up! I got tons of calls and texts this morning hoping I got out of the hospital soon. What? I’m not in the hospital! I lost my voice. That’s it. Our booking agent called the club to cancel the Imperial,PA show because I couldn’t talk over a whisper, but that’s it. No fever. No laryngitis. I don’t know where anything else came from. We have a day off today so I am going to continue to rest up and get ready to rock out in West Virginia tomorrow. I am on everything holistic and over the counter you can think of, so I am hoping to be at least 80% by tomorrow. I appreciate everyone writing in to check up on me, and as far as all the phone calls- I will return those when I get my voice back. It’s pretty annoying not being able to talk, by the way. I am going crazy!!! All that aside, we are all still having a great time on tour. We all had a blast with the guys from Ashers in New Hampshire and Mass, but I’m going to go ahead and say it was those bastards that got me sick!!! ha, ha- See you guys somewhere out on the road real soon!! – xxoo, Amy

Here’s a post from Lady Victoria who does custom matches, as she talks about Tracy Brooks and other things.

Tracy Brooks
Lexi Lane
Angel Williams
Lady Victoria

Tracy is adjusting her schedule to be here the end of March. She and Angel do not have any customs together anywhere. There is not much time to get scripts and funds in. Please contact me. Click below to read how
this works. Tracy Brooks is very busy these days. This may be her last visit for a while. I would love to get some matches with Angel, and Tracy. There are none out on the market at all.

– Upcoming April Hunter appearances:

March 21st: MMA convention, Frankfort KY
April 5th: Ring of Rage, MMA, Bardstown, KY
May 26-27: Anime North Convention, Toronto Canada

Christiane Plante Talks Hogan Affair, Dawn Marie, Awesome Kong, Lacey Von Erich Wrestle

While Women’s Wrestling Xposed is dedicated to the Divas, the Knockouts, and other womens wrestlers, our readers have expressed more than a passing interest in Hulk Hogan’s affair with Christiane Plante. Here’s what the latest is on her:

Celebrity blogging website PerezHilton.com is reporting that Christiane Plante – the women who Hulk Hogan had an affair with last year while still married – sent the site an e-mail to clarify the situation about the National Enquirer story. Plante said that she didn’t reveal anything to the Enquirer and the reporter just showed up at her door with the information, saying that someone else must have given it to him. When the reporter asked
about their relationship, Plante said that they’re just friends but the reporter asked her about the letter she wrote to Brooke two nights before. “You won’t find me signing a deal for a tell-all book on the Hogans, pimping
out juicy details of the affair, appearing on television to milk this 15 minutes for all it’s worth or anything of the sort. You can’t even find any pictures of me online,” she added. (thanks to Colin Vassallo)

WSU First Anniversary Show, Despite the Rain, The Fans Still Came Out In Droves

Despite the totally shitty weather, the ECPW Arena was packed. This speaks volumes about how good this promotion has become as fans braved the wizard of oz like rain and wind to get to this show. I was “drafted” to work security , like these ladies need any security. They could kick my ass, your ass, and everybody in the buildings ass. Since I was ring side all night, here is what went down

Ring Announcer Destiny welcomes the fans to the show.

Roxy Cotton and Rick Cataldo come out with some gibberish on the mike. Kong comes out to a pop and kills them both. Roxy is power bombed onto to Rick for the win.

Soul Sister Jana beat Annie Social. Annie attacks Jana after the match . A returning Laticia makes the save.

Amy Lee and Missy Sampson come out. Missy explains that due to her recent emergency surgery, she isn’t cleared to wrestle tonight. Mercedes and Angel come out, make fun of Missy , then kick her. Missy says she has a replacement, Awesome Kong. Amy works the bulk of the match , then tags in Kong. Amy takes the pin, but Kong thinks Amy stole the win. The two get in each others face. Amy wants Kong in a no dq on the next show.

Nikki Roxx over Cindy Rogers. Great match, why TNA hasn’t picked up Cindy is a mystery to me. This girl works her butt off in the ring. Nikki gets the win.

Missy’s Manor. Missy has Lacey Von Erich come out. Lacey is a real pretty blonde with model like looks. Missy goes on about the Von Erichs giving her the break to get into the business. She asks Lacey if she can manage her on the next show. Lacey agrees.

Alexa Thatcher vs Alere Little Feather. Good match , Alere has her drinking gimmick going strong. Alexa gets the win, but Nikki Roxx storms the ring , laying out Alere, then pummeling Alexa until Cindy Rogers makes the save and sets up a tag match for the next show. Dawn Marie agrees to ref it.

Intermission: Kong and Mickie Knuckles sign and pose for pictures in the ring. Wrestlers Steve Mack, Kenny Omega, Danny Demanto, Ian Rotten, and Kevin Mathews were hanging out at the show.

2nd Show

Mercedes Martinez defeated Micky Knuckles in what might have been the best technical match of the night.

Alexa Thatcher and Cindy Rogers beat Nikki Roxx and Alere Little Feather. Alere came out with a beer. Nikki pushed her out of the ring. Alere hit the floor, played dead and sipped beer for most of the match. Nikki worked the entire match againth Alexa and Cindy. Alere hooked Nikki’s leg , setting her up for the pin. Alere quickly ran to the back.

Roxy Cotton, Rick Cataldo, and Annie Social vs The Soul Sisters and Alere Little Feather. 3rd match for Alere who came out with two beers. Good tag match with The Soul Sisters and Alere getting the win.

Lacey Von Erich with Missy Hyatt vs Angel Orsini. Lacey ring attire looked like it came out of Victoria’s Secrets. Almost had a wardrobe malfunction as Lacey’s puppies seemed ready to pop out at any moment. Not that myself and the fans didn’t appreciate the view. Missy yelled for Lacey to “use the claw” They brought back the claw, next Ford will bring back the Pinto. You just know Hansen got wood over the claw thing. Angel submitted to the claw.

Amy Lee and Awesome Kong beat the ever lovin shit out of each other. This was one of the best and most out of control brawls I have ever seen. Out of the ring, into the bleaches, chair shots, trash can shots, at one point Kong picked up part of the bleachers and thew it at Amy. They pretty much destroyed the place as they spilled over the guard rails, then just tossed them aside. Amy was busted open. Kong picked up the win. Amy called for a rematch.

Just the fact that fans came out in this crappy weather shows how over WSU has become. I would love to see these shows go monthly. Even though CZW, JAPW, and some others shows were running, the place was almost SRO. Why all these guys run on the same Saturday is crazy. In a perfect world these promoters should try and space out their dates as there are four weekends in a month. I wanted to go to JAPW , but after seing the trees down and power out in some spots, I called it a night. If anyone is going to Monster Mania next week, stop by my table, say hello and buy some of my stuff.

source: gerwick.net

TNA Destination X Knockouts Match

tna20921.jpgWhile the WWE certainly has the edge when it comes to overall rosters, TNA’s womens division, appropriately titled the Knockouts are some of the best in ring performers the TNA has. Here’s what happened on tonights pay-per-view Destination X.

The fourth match of the night is the Knockouts fighting for the Women’s Title: Awesome Kong(the current champion) with Raisha Saeed vs. Gail Kim vs. OBD. At one point in the match ODB holds Kong along the ropes and Gail Kim jumps off the top with a missile drop kick on Kong. Gail Kim then dives off the top but this time the big one, Awesome Kong catches her, but forgets about OBD who dives off the apron and takes them both out. For a while it seems like Kim and ODB try to work together, but the tension is apparent, and soon they can’t get along. Kong ends up hitting a huge splash of the second rope, taking Gail Kim out of the picture, and soon its an Awesome bomb on ODB for the win. While Awesome Kong may not have the best “look” she was “awesome” indeed, playing the role of giant heel well. Overall I thought the match was well done, and it seems that both KIm and ODB played the crowd well.

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