WWE Diva Chyna Update, Wrestlemania Guest Hostess, WWE Diva Candice Michelle Special

candice-michelle2039lk.jpgDid anyone catch the finale of VH-1’s Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew? The nineteenth day was graduate day for the cast. Chyna, who questioned why she was on the program, was confronted on the show to admit that she may be an addict. Chyna finally admitted that she might be an addict. She wouldn’t, however, agree to a three month sober living program, which was highly recommend by Dr. Drew Pinsky. Former UFC champion Ricco Rodiquez also opted not to enter the three month sober living program, even though the living quarters would be funded by the program.
Kim Kardashian will be the guest hostess for this year’s Wrestlemania. Kardashian’s claim to fame includes a sex tape with rapper Ray-J.
According to WWE.com, Candice Michelle will be featured on the E! channel’s special, Byte Me: 20 Hottest Women of the Web. Candice is ranked No. 13. The show airs Saturday, March 8 at 5 p.m. ET., and will likely replay several times during the forthcoming weeks.

source: gerwick.net

Former WWE Diva Trish Stratus Wrestle’s Again,Former WWE Diva’s Updates, Lita Update

trishstratus122ds.jpgFormer WWE Diva and yoga expert Trish Stratus returned to the ring recently in the strangest of places: Iceland. That’s right the hot diva hit the ring in Iceland to fight Icelandic Women’s Champion Svana Hronn. Trish lost the match which was filmed for her upcoming Canadian reality show which features her touring the world.
Former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler has recently finished shooting a commercial for Reebok and continues to audition for lots of different roles. In case anyone forget Stacy will be on October Road’s season finale. In other wwe diva’s news, Chyna has recently finished shooting a Celebrity Rehab reunion show, which should be quite interesting.
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has an article on former WWE Diva Lita and her band The Luchagors. When asked if she would have rather started with punk rock than professional wrestling, Lita said, “No, no, not at all. I loved all the experience and my time in the WWE. This has always been a part of my life as well. With as much neat stuff I’ve done in my life, this is something I couldn’t not to do.”

WWE Divas BackStage, Mellisa Coates Update, Big Match For Destination X

coates83k.jpgWWE Mobile released a video the other night of Melina and Beth Phoenix backstage. The two were griping about fellow diva Maria being in Playboy and talked about the Bunnymania match at Wrestlemania with Maria and Candice. The segment also included an upset Santino Marella, who joined the divas in complaining about Maria and Candice.

Here’s the latest on Melissa Coates:

From Melissa Coates: Lots on the horizon too – going to be working for a new fed this
(www.gcwpro. com), Tuscaloosa, Alabama, watch me take on Genni at the
Tuscaloosa Fairgrounds. Should be a good one! Genni is supposedly
a ref turned wrestler, I’m going to show her she doesn’t belong in
the ring going up against the likes of ME!!!

And of course I have NWA:ANARCHY every first and third Sat of the
month in Cornelia GA. And this month we have a bonus BIG SHOW,
HARDCORE HELL on Sat mar 22~ Our shows are considered the best in
the country, and our big shows are THAT MUCH BETTER! You fans are
going to get spoiled! Going to be a lot of brutality at this show,
the name HARDCORE HELL pretty much says it all!

Speaking of brutality, I think there is going to be a great deal of
that going on between Don Matthews and Brodie Chase, members of the
ANGER ALLIANCE. As you know Don has has been crushing on me the
past few months, and taking my slaps and punches as love taps. Well
he keeps trying to impress me, and honestly I like a man who can
take my abuse. Plus he dishes out some pretty good abuse in the
ring as well….hmmmm. So last Sat Don was beating on Jesse, and I
happened to come down during his match to check it out. Well Brodie
Chase, took it upon himself to start hitting ON ME!!!! This, after
having insulted me for months, and even punching me in the face a
month ago during a match. Like he’s going to get any action from
me! Ha!

This didn’t sit too well with Don, and he got out of the ring to
voice his displeasure to Brodie. He also lost track of the count and
got counted out, thus losing the match… Things don’t look too good
for this partnership –

Keeping on with the ABUSE theme, I have a “Cruel to be Kind” photo
set up for you in the MEMBERS area and a couple of hot sample shots
in the udpates section. As my hotpants say, this set is really BAD
ASS! Those of you who have seen my cool ANARCHY montage, will
recognize this outfit. We shot it for the montage and I thought the
pix so good I would use them for an update set.

Come back real soon!

There is big buzz about the upcoming three way match between TNA Champ Awesome Kong and the two number one contenders, Gail Kim and ODB. There all set to battle on Sunday Night’s Destination X pay per view coming from Norfolk, VA.

TNA Knockout Injured, Velvet Sky News, Hulk Hogan’s Alleged Mistress, WWE Diva Maria Cover

talia-madison-522.jpgBryan Alvarez is reporting that Angelina Love suffered a concussion and a broken finger in her match at last week’s TNA Impact taping against Awesome Kong. If Alvarez is correct and Love did have a concussion this would not be the first Knockout injured while working with Kong. Christy Hemme was said to have suffered a concussion in a match with Kong as well as Gail Kim.

Velvet Sky is currently featured in a full-page spread in the newest issue of Fighting Spirit Magazine. Sky did an interview with the publication which is now available on newsstands in the United States and United Kingdom.

Due to popular demand, we have a picture of Christiane Plante, who is former friend of Brooke Hogan, and alleged affair partaker with Hulk Hogan.

Underneath the pic is the WWE Diva Maria Kanellis Playboy Cover.

TNA Knockout ODB Interview

TNA.com has added an interview with ODB, here’s some of the good parts of the interview:

JEVEC: How exactly did you get the name O.D.B.?
O.D.B.: Well, growing up, I would beat my older brother up in front of his girlfriends and he would always scream ‘you’re one dirty bitch’ and I would just laugh in his face! Ha, BAMMMMMMM!
The fans certainly love you and think you belong. Speaking of heading to the ring and entrances, you have what many would consider one of the most unique entrances when you come to the ring. Where do you draw that from?
O.D.B.: Honestly, I was just messing around one day being goofy or drunk and doing the Boogie Woogie Man dance. (laughing) And I kinda made it my own thing.
JEVEC: Would you mind sharing with us all just what is inside that flask you bring to the ring?
O.D.B.: Don’t you worry about it!
JEVEC: You are the first TNA Knockout to have your very own shirt for sale. How does that feel and what do you think of the shirt?
O.D.B.: Well, I’m hated by most girls for it!! (laughing) But I like it. It’s pretty cool that TNA decided to give a bitch a shot. There will be more to come.
JEVEC: A little word association: in just one or two words, give your thoughts on the following Knockouts:
Velvet Sky?
JEVEC: Angelina Love?
JEVEC: Traci Brooks?
JEVEC: Payton Banks?
JEVEC: SoCal Val?
JEVEC: Karen Angle?
JEVEC: Roxxi Laveaux?
JEVEC: Jacqueline Moore?
JEVEC: Sharmell?
JEVEC: Rhaka Khan?
JEVEC: Gail Kim?
JEVEC: Awesome Kong?

WWE Diva Ashley Massaro Injury, Stephenie McMahon Update, Brooke Hogan Update

ashleyinjured321.jpgIt was reported recently that WWE Diva Ashley Massaro had been “sent home” from the WWE, but in truth it has to do with her injured wrist. Here’s what she posted recently:

I keep getting these questions from yall about being sent home??? People come up with the dumbest shit ha Sent home from where exactly hehe cuz Im in LA right now. I didnt go to tv, this week or the passed few, somethings up with my hand. I have to fix it. 🙁 They wont let me wrestle with the way it is so as soon as its all fixed Im comin back yall! Dont worry about a ting…..cuz every little ting is gunna be ireee…
k nuff singin
Im headed back to TX this weekend and seeing the orth surgeon again, hopefully hell have some good news this time .
love u guys talk soon…

Stephanie McMahon has not been on the road with the WWE the last couple of weeks, and speculation is that the pregnancy is the cause.

Sources are reporting that Brooke Hogan is currently living with her best friend, Miami socialite Amber Ridinger at her family’s estate ,and that Brooke will soon move into her on place at Mosiac on Miami Beach. Brooke has begun filming for the new season of Hogan Knows Best which will focus on her move to Miami.

Former WWE Diva Sunny News, Beth Phoenix Website Gone, SoCal Val Selling Worn Lingerie

phoenix83kk.jpgTammy Sytch has been telling people that she hopes to be back in WWE before the end of 2008. In a recent interview with the Winnipeg Sun, Sytch said that she has a “good feeling” that she will be back in WWE before the end of the year. Sytch is said to be good friends with WWE divas Maria and Melina.
Recently the webmaster for Beth Phoenix’s website put out a statement letting people know that the website will come to an end. Here’s the statement:

From Rob (Webmaster): Just Wanted To Send Through The Following Statement…

Sadly After Over 10 Months Of Being Online, We Have Decided That bethphoenixglamazon.com, The Official Website Of WWE Diva, Beth Phoenix, Will Come To An End.

I Would Like To Thank A Number Of People Who Helped Out With This Website From The Beginning…
Specifically Beth & Joey, Thank You For The Opportunity…
Kevin Grace, Robin Knightwing & A Number Of People From OVW Who Also Helped Out With The Website

Also Thank You To Anybody Who Donated & Sent In Fan Photos, All Your Help & Support Was Much Appreciated.

TNA Knockout SoCal Val is selling a few different outfits on EBAY, but the worn four to five times lingerie caught my attention. Here’s the description, and the pictures below:

This is an official item from TNA Wrestling Superstar and Model: SoCalVal. This rare collectible is guaranteed 100% authentic, will be autographed and has been worn/used several times by SoCalVal. Specific information about this item is as follows…. This is a sexy white lace top with hook and eye closure in front, and matching white lace panty/boyshort! Winner also gets a free color photo personally signed by SOCALVAL!


WWE Divas Candice And Melina Backstage, TNA Superstar Traci Brooks Interview

melina887ll.jpgWWE Mobile aired a video after RAW the other night of WWE Divas Candice Michelle and Melina backstage. The angle has them talking about their WrestleMania 24 BunnyMania match, after which Candice Michelle slaps Melina and then walks off. Should make for a good wrestling match, if only to see the women and not for the wrestling itself.

TNA Superstar Traci Brooks recently did an interview with the in your head show, here’s how it went:

By Neal Jones

Traci Brooks was the guest on the In Your Head Show hosted by Jack, One Inch Biceps and Barbie Richards at http://www.inyourheadonline.com

Traci is welcomed to the show, Jack offers to cuddle with her to warm her up.

Traci mentions the Wrestlefest March 1st in Newark, Ca which includes a wrestling card and meet and greet. She will be taking on Gail Kim, and many other TNA stars will be there such as Kaz, Christy Hemme along with legends such as Bret Hart, Honky Tonk Man and many more, for more information please visit http://www.btwrestling.com

Callers Jason asks what is is like to break into the business with Gail Kim and now are both in the same promotion. Traci says it was tough splitting up after their first few years in the business together, now they are back together in TNA and are best of friends.

Jason also asks about Traci’s first appearance in TNA with Lolli Pop. Traci says dancing in the cage was the most horrifying thing to do. She still has the Catholic School girl outfit.

Traci talks about having a crush on Ricky Steamboat, and was amazing to work with him in ROH. He and Shane Douglas gave her a lot of good advice, Shane really taught her a lot about being a valet. Traci credits Shane for being where she is now, some people think you just stand there as a valet. She learned when to shine and when to help cover things up, and when to stay low. Traci says Shane and Robert Roode she had such chemistry with they just do what to do.

Traci talks about Elizabeth being the reason she got into wrestling. She hated her as a kid, and wanted to get into wrestling to kick her a$$ for not helping her man. Later on Traci realized how much Elizabeth really did, and wishes she got a chance to meet her. Traci compares Elizabeth and Socal Val, how they can get across such emotion in their faces. Traci tells a story about being knocked out by Jeff Jarrett’s guitar shot, and Socal Val crying backstage.

Jack asks if Traci is in the TNA Video Game. Traci says the knockouts taped a match for it, but only Christy will be a character in it. Next year she hopes they will be.

Traci says she is so happy to see how the Knockout division has been accepted. Traci has been with TNA since the beginning and had faith in the company, to see the Knockout Division do so well is so special to her and all the workers in TNA.

Jack asks if Traci feels proud to be in TNA, and about long time internet rumors TNA was going to close down. Traci says she loves reading negative TNA comments, it proves people are watching it. She says when people bash TNA it just fuels them to succeed.

Caller El TNA Fan asks if the Eric Young Robert Roode feud went on too long. Traci says no, both are great performers and it was perfect good guy vs. bad guy.

Jack asks if it was a blow to the ego to lose a bikini contest to Eric young. Traci says she is still working out because of it.

Caller asks about Curry Man. Traci says Daniels was great and she misses him, Curry Man is very fun and makes her happy.

Incher asks who Traci’s favorite Knockout to wrestle. Traci says she can’t answer that, she has a lot of history with Gail. ODB is her best friend and so charismatic. Kong is so strong. Jackie Moore is the toughest she has ever wrestled. Traci trained with Angelina Love.

Jack asks if it was a proud feeling seeing Kong vs. Gail Kim main event TNA Impact. Traci said she was in tears. Traci tells a story about watching the first Gail Kong match with Jim Cornette and Jim saying “that’s girls doing that” in response to the fan reaction.

Traci puts over the TNA locker room, saying they are all very supportive. They all do their best for the fans and all the locker room.

Jack asks if Traci enjoys doing the fanfests. Traci loves it more now that she is a baby face. She had a hard time being mean to people when she was a heel. She always goes out of her way to sign things for fans.

Traci says she looks at Jim Cornette, Freddie Blassie and Bobby Heenan to be a better manager.

Jack asks Traci if she would want to pursue being an in ring worker or manager/valet. Traci says that is a hard choice. She loved getting booed with Robert Roode, and seeing him do his job as a heel so well. She loved doing all the the gimmick story lines with bikinis and storylines.

Caller Dan from Buffalo asks about upcoming TNA live events. Traci says to check out www.tnawrestling.com to see where they are. Jack asks if it is good to see TNA branch out to other venues. Traci says it is the best thing TNA has ever done. She feels their live shows have all been great, and they stay after the show to talk to the fans. Traci says she has been surprised by the reactions in some towns, that the characters get great reactions out of Orlando. Jack puts over seeing TNA live on Cape Cod.

Caller Taso asks if Traci watches Japanese wrestling and if she would want to wrestle any of the Japanese wrestlers. Traci says she hasn’t wrestled there, she does watch it and it scares her, they are awesome. She would like to work Aja Kong some day. Traci would like to experience wrestling there.

Traci talks about wanting to be the TNA women’s champion someday. She would consider that the biggest honor of her career.

Jack asks if Traci will ever bring the Pie in the Sky finisher back. Traci says she used it at a current PPV, and Don West missed it.

Caller El Santo mentions seeing Traci wrestle in AAA. Traci says she was in Mexico before as Konnan’s manager. She trained in a lucha libre school in Canada with Gail Kim. Traci saya it was incredible being there with 18,000 fans.

Caller The Flea asks if Traci prefers being a heel or baby face. Traci says both. She enjoys the baby face now quite a lot, and the turn was really good. Traci says it is hard being a face today because people want to cheer the heels. She did have fun being a heel and being booed, but she really enjoys fan interaction.

Traci tells all her fans to come see her at her appearances, and asks if it is a compliment or an insult to tell her “you’re more beautiful in person than on TV”. The IYH crew thanks Traci for coming on, and reminds everyone to go see her at the BTW Wrestlefest March 1st and to check out TNA every Thursday on Spike and www.tnawrestling.com

You can listen to the full-length 30 minute interview and other current interviews with TNA Knockout ODB, Chikara’s Mitch Ryder, RVD, Juventud Guerrera, Manny Fernandez and D-Ray 3000 at http://www.inyourheadonline.com and new episodes Wednesdays at 8 PM EST.

WWE Diva Returns, WWE Diva Maria Playboy News, Brooke Hogan Talks Hulk’s Affair

kanellis831.jpgWWE Diva Candice Michelle will be returning to the ring for a house show this Friday against Beth Phoenix. Candice was seen recently on WWE’s Raw, but the womens wrestler/diva has not done any in-ring work since her injury.

Its been announced by WWE that Maria will be signing copies of her Playboy on Thursday, March 13th from 7-9 pm at the Virgin Megastore at Hollywood Highland, LA. The release of the issue comes in one week.

Brooke Hogan recently posted on her myspace, in regards to her fathers affair with her friend:

“When your best friend and one of your closest family members that you have loved unconditionally since your first day on this earth betrays you together, you could maybe find it in yourself to forgive one day, but you will never forget the hurt they caused you and how it hurt the people who mean the most to you.”

Shelly Martinez Second DVD, Maria’s Cover News, Lita Band News

shelly83sk.jpgIts being reported that TNA Knockout Salinas (aka Shelly Martinez) has a second DVD coming out, this one is part of Highspots.com’s special edition disc entitled “Dangerous Divas.” The DVD warns of potential adult language and wardrobe malfunctions. It will cost $15 and will have Martinez wrestling with Bobcast, Daffney, Francine, Lacey and Payton Banks.

It was announced that next week’s Raw will unveil Maria’s new Playboy Cover.

Lita and her band, the Luchagors, are being advertised to be performing this Friday, February 29th at the Carl Perkins Community Center in Morehead, KY. Tickets cost $10 and doors open at 6pm. Here’s the poster:


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