Ashley Massaro hints at WWE return?

ashley1.jpegOur favorite Dirty Diva Ashley Massaro hinted last week on her MySpace that she had a talk with John Laurinaitis, WWE’s Senior Vice President of Talent Relations.

Massaro’s chances of a return to WWE at this time are unfortunately pretty slim. Ashley left the company to take care of her sick daughter, but- she also left under the cloud of a scandal. WWE is going family freindly these days, the Diva Search seems to be in limbo and WWE seems to be distancing themselves from Playboy. That adds up to three strikes for the scandal singed- Diva Search winner-and former Playmate.

Ashley Massaro is top shelf in our books and a great self-promoter. ‘Bangin’ with Ashley’ has been our favorite blog and we love following Ashley’s career. We hope Ashley can be organic in her approach to moving her career forward, as other former WWE talent have done. Talent like Gail Kim and Krissy Vaine.

Ashley’s recent blog posts have been pretty dark. We know that Ashley isn’t the kind of person to hold stuff in, or hold onto negativity for long.

Keep your chin up, Ashley!


Former WWE Diva Ashley Massaro update

ashley-massaro23.jpgHappy New Year!! New Years resolutions…oh and SINGLE again!

Hope everyone had a sick time @ NYE! And all uour wishes come true this year without sounding too corny! Big Plans this year, starting the year out big with my clothing line about ready to debut! I’ll let you know all of the details asap. I really truly thisnk you are gonna love this stauff that I’ve come up with completely on my own, it may be one of my most proud ventures! I’m so stoked!

So, like I said above , it’s true I am single again and I couldn’t b happier about it, its time for a change which I think could be right around te corner, who knows, you just never know when loves gonna come right back round the bend!

I’ve got my little toes in much this year and I can’t wait to share it all with you guys! I know my punks will enjoy it and be proud of it all!

Anyway gotta run to pick up Xamot and Peanut from the groomer. I’ll hit you back asap!

Remember its 2009!!! Follow your dreamsssssssssssssssszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! It’s never over until you say it is!

I love u!

the one and only

post song- Let it ROCK KEvin Rudolf ft Lil Wayne………..”because when I arrive.. I bring the fire!”

The Dirty Diva Ashley Massaro posts

ashley_massaro.jpgEveryone who’s wondering what’s new with Ashley, the Dirty Diva posted on MySpace:

Friday, December 19, 2008

Lots of stuff!

Well, its been a hell of a month…but I think I got through it. I can’t really express the gratitude I Have for yall about tomax. I’m not over it dont know that I will be, I must say ‘I miss Tomax’ at least one time day to anyone I talk to but somethig the things you guys said were so sweet and it really truly did help. It’s amazing, I’ve had so many deaths of close friends a family members which were devastating but this hurts just as much and you don’t think it would and
I can’t expain why. I just loved him, that’s all. so to sum it up. Thanks you. Especially for the rainbow poem. I really enjoyed that.
Another great things is that Lex has gotten so much better ! Yay!!
I’m so glad you have no idea.
We just went on a lil mini vacation to go see my brother, he’s doing awesome, and together were working on a clothing line, wait’ll it drops its SOOO Sick!
So I can’t wait for Christmas, I think this going to be the start of a big year for me, that’s what my manager tells me anyway. So keep up cuz I got a bunch of cool stuff comin at ya, ofcourse the appearances, as well as music! Just getting my very first dg equipment, can’t wait to start messin with it, It’s my christmas present to myself, I don’t really buy to much stuff for me. I’m a pretty simple person, i think of some random shots floating around you can see that I dont look so fashionista most of the time hehe.

So thats why I’m, getting my own gift, I think I’d be awesome spinning, thats one thing I can say is that I have pretty good taste when it comes to music, and I can be versatile, on my myspace it’s my opinion of what I like, but I can use any kind of music because I listen to everything under the sun.
So I think this week I might head down to the ring here and work out some, just for fun for now, havent been in one in a while and I feel like messin around. So I may hittin you up Amber and Yamaha! Oh I’m going back to Shannon’s shop to get some new ink! YAY!
Also who ever made this pic of me I thought it was really cool, so much so that I made it default so thank you dude.

I’m sending some Christmas donattions to several different chldrens homes were to give something back during the holidays to kids who are an orphanage, so near where I grew up there is a place called Little Flower Chldrens Home and I was thinking if any of you could would like to send or donate too, you can got to a small gift that would be so awesome. I’s a tradition I’ve had for years. Or you could even look into Chldrens homes near you!

So I’m wishing you guys the best of holidays, I know they can be rough at times…believe me, but try and have a great holiday, i’ll be grinning my way through it, :oP
But I get to spend New Years Eve with my most beautiful boy in the world so that should be fun. I’m sure Ill [post again soon, but in case I’m working or traveling I will say Merry christmas, Happy Chanakuh no idea how to spell that so sorry, and Happy KWanza (that either) And Happy New Years all in one. Thanks for always sticking around you huys rock. Seriously.

Love The Dirty Diva
post song this guys in love with you by Mike Patton


Ashley Massaro making a third appearance in Playboy?

ashley.jpegAshley Massaro is throwing out hints that she will be making another appearance in Playboy…or something that starts with a “P”…

Monday, October 13, 2008

were all stars now….in the dope show
Hi! Sorry its been so long been mega busy. I guess thats life though, everytime you think that its time to stop and catch your breath something happens and you got keep going…hard.

So I know from my last blog you guys are wanting to know about the big ole secret ;o) well youll find out soon enough I promise…and in the mean time, I can give you a little hint at a piece of wonderful news I got the other day. I’ll give you a few guesses. Heres your hint, k….it was awesome that I had an opp to do it last time and I loved it…..n….it starts with a capital P :))))))))))
Guess away, but don’t spoil it either for everybody. Trust me when I get the go ahead I’ll be right here on my myspace first to let you guys know before anyone, and that goes for every exciting thing I do.
PS if you can say a lil prayer that I stay strong for all this stuff coming up…its been a lil hard as of late but thats life I suppose. thanks for everything guys. I love you.

post song the dope show- manson

ps b7 luv ya man
and PL I love you…more than you’ll ever know baby.

Ashley knows how to look good for the camera. Wow!

Ashley Massaro Update

ashleypost.jpg08 Sep 2008

just detailed updates and Wrestlers Rescue…
Current mood: Very BLESSED!!!

OK… so Friday night I’ll be at The Crazy Donkey in Farmingdale New York and Saturday I’ll be at Bianco Ultra Lounge in Hauppauge New York. My girl….Playboy Playmate and sexy ass DJ Tamara Sky is gonna get Dirty in the mix and some of my other hottie hunnys are gonna be partying with me.You can see the flyers and get directions and stuff at or (The flyers will be up starting sometime tommorow evening i.e. Monday night). Come out I want to see you guys! ;o)

Now for something a little more important….Sunday from roughly 11am till 4pm I’ll be signing pics at the Wrestlers Rescue Charity Event in Piscataway New Jersey with a ton of celebs and wrestlers even, Torrie Wilson who, I havent seen n ages and am stoked on that. Then that evening at around 5 or 6 I’ll be attending…and probably disrupting…the charity dinner as well. You guys can get get all the dirt at and it’s a perfect opportunity for me to meet a bunch of you and maybe even have dinner with you, and you’ll also be giving to a real great cause and help out so hit up the website and get those tickets cause they’re going fast and let em know that ash buzzed you on the gig. Praise goes to Dawn Marie for having the heart to throw this shindig together. My hotties will be hanging with me at this gig too!

A lot of you keep writing and asking how you can book me… well if you’re serious you can send all those request to the best manager in the biz, Dove of DGI Artist Management. Hit him at

and now last but not least…..”The Secret”. You guys keep asking, and all I can tell you right now is that……… I still can’t tell you. You know I’m dying to so be sure you”ll be the first to hear as always,
You will know all the juicy details soon enough, and trust me, it’s gonna be big! I actually have a bunch of different surprises in the works right now, and you’ll be hearing about them all in the coming months… I promise. If you’ve been keepin your eyes and ears peeled then you’ve probably already heard some hints that have been dropped. so I’ll see you guys soon!



Best Halloween costume ever. You can see more of Ashley at Crazed Babes.

Former WWE Ashley Massaro myspace post

ashley-massaro412.jpgFormer WWE Diva Ashley Massaro posted on Friday, August 22 on myspace that ‘I have got MEGA-FLU, so I am making runs from bathroom to bed non-stop However I promise I will be back in Denver with no flu asap’.

Ashley posted today,

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Te amo mi amor! Muchas Gracias por la amistad!

Hey yall, thanks for understanding, and for those who didn;t ….suck it.

I was really amazed at the amount of suipport. Thank you so much and I promise Beta and Casa Bonita I owe them a huge favor and I will not back down from my responsibilities. Ilove you guys and theres nothing more I love than seeing you guys out and about at these apperances. I’ve been feeling soooo much better this morning, finally.

That was jkust plain gnarly and sorry for those who had it too. I think I may have given it to a family member or 2. /Sorry boysss hehe as an old friend used to say. I spoke to Melina about her injury last week. AI know she and I had a quarels in the passed and some weew even shoot, but ?I know how it feels to beinher position and I feel bad for what she is going through.
Also happened to ruin into Lill, Car;y, Tommy, and “Lena in Venice a few weeks back, totally random. Weird. But was so cool to see everyone. It feels like you just left a foster home when you leave the company because theuy were your family for so long. Everylone seems like tey are doing good and Im glad fior that. I wish them all the best and miss them bunches. Most of all miss you guys. Ill see you soon though I’ll post my next app asap and I will not be sick I promise.

love you.

dirty diva

post song
gin n juice- snoop dog- with so much drama in the LBC its kinda hard bein.;…yeah, me. hahah. post again soon!

Ashley Massaro’s latest Blog

ash1.jpgStrip Clubs, Rain, Moving and Casinos

What up yall, damn its been awhile, sorry I was away so long. Everythings been sooooo much better on the home front. Thank you so much for asking and for the well wishes. It takes awhile to figure out whats wrong but when they finally diagnose and start treatment its like amazing things can happen. I’m just in such happy shock. It’s a great day.

So, first things first. Hey a-holes that said I was appearing at a strip club last week. Dead wrong. I was no where nmear nor will I ever be, doing a SIGNING and or appearance in a strip club, UI actually found it quite funny while I was at home updating my myspace. All of these so called news sites saying I would be there. Apparently tmz even wanted to talk about it. So crazy! So, for anybody that actually went there to see me and didn;t, I apologize for the lack of responsibility on many peoples parts. If I had known about this sooner I could have tried to fix it before anyone went there to see me. But alas I was alerted to it probably the same time as you guys. So anyone who went to that place to see me. Sorry you got duped, I’ll be sure to make another app. soon in NY to make up for that.

So, I was in Atlantic City at the Trump Taj Mahal Saturday night for an appearance and it was off the hook! Thanks for coming down everyone, seriously how much fun was that! And as for the 2 appearances Friday that I wasn’t able to make it to, holy cow, every single flight was cancelled! The weather was AWFUL! I spent almost 3 days in the airport. It was brutal never seen any thing like it. So sorry if you came and I wasnt there. Will be made up as soon as possible I promise.

So I moved to the LBC!!! YAY! It’s so rad out here! Gorgeous e veryday, who lives in or near Cali on here???

Never thought I’d be a West Coast girl but its just perfect for everything I’m doing these days, kinda gotta be near LA. But Long Beach and San Diego dang, it doesnt feel anything like LA and it could be the most perfect place to live in the world! Got alot of stuff up my sleeve for you guys. Some awesome big stuff but won’t be able to tell until Fall but keep those eyes open. I’m going to add one of those calendars to my myspace to tell you where I’ll be touring every week. I think I;’m in Denver this weekend so come out all you Colorodians? What? HA

Ok, thats enough for today, I’ll add more later. Miss you guys like crazy and looking forward to seeing you on the rd. :o) Ill put up my sched later!



OH! PS I put up a bunch of new pics!!! Some old some new but fun all the same!


PS for those of us who live for Southpark….

So I told you I have an appearance in Denver, well guess where I’m going cuz its a real place………
…………………………………………..oh yes……………………………………………………..
CASA BONITA!!!! Cliff divers! Sopapitas jsut raise your flag! Pirates Cove, can you friggin believe its a real place I’m like NO WAY!!!
Paul n Brian went. SO jealous. So, I’m making it there this weekend. Go and show ur support for good old Casa Bonita!

This is before my app. If anyne hears where I’m appearing post it up immediatel! Uh just got yhr email from my manager its called Beta in

AND if anyone, and I mean anyone has that episode of SouthPark where Cartman kidnap Butters just to go to Casa Bonita PLEASEEEEEEEEEE post it here n my blog I’ll mark so hard!

Love you guys!


Ashley Massaro News

ashley_massaro_playboy1.jpgFormer WWE Diva Ashley Massaro has posted on her blog on MySpace that she will be back on our television screens “in no time.” Here is what she posted:


The meds are working! FINALLY!! So happy what a hug weight off my shoulders. I cant tell you how rough it was for awhile butt hings are looking up punkers!! I shoud be back o your television screens in no time! I miss you terribly and want to thank everyone ho showed support and love during this hard time. I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. I OVE YA!!!!

So much to tell you but its a surprize!!!!!!!

Drop a line again super soon promise


WWE releases Ashley Massaro

ashleymassaro2.jpgWe hope the best for your future endevours, Ashley Massaro and your daughter good health. We at Womenswrestlingxposed are going to remember your blog posts, interviews and out of the ring promotions, in which you shine. Bangin’ with Ashley has been one of our favorite wrestling columns. We think your priorities are in the right place and we look forward to seeing you in the limelight again.

by John Waldman

Just a week after posting on her MySpace that she would be leaving WWE, Ashley Massaro’s departure from the Fed was confirmed today in a statement on

As reported in SLAM!’s News and Rumours section on July 2, Massaro asked for her release so she could care for her daughter.

“At this point when she is sick and needs me home I have 2 make the decision 2 bow out of wwe for a while and take care of my daughter,” Massaro said in a posting on her MySpace blog.

Today, WWE confirmed that they had granted Ashley’s request. “World Wrestling Entertainment has come to terms on the release of Ashley Massaro as of July 09, 2008. WWE wishes Ashley the best in all future endeavors,” the company stated through its website.

Massaro’s WWE career began in the second Raw Diva Search competition, which took place in 2005, when she defeated future female competitors including Kristal Marshall. Massaro, already familiar to fans from stints hosting E!’s Wild On television show, defeated Leyla Milani to attain the coveted WWE contract.

Throughout her WWE career, Massaro remained popular with fans and found herself in the midst of feuds with several of the Fed’s top women. Likely her most famous rivalry was with Mickie James in 2006, during the current WWE Women’s Champion’s infatuation with Trish Stratus. Massaro, then an ally of Stratus, was a target of several James attacks. The feud, however, was stopped short due to Massaro incurring a fibula injury in February. Massaro would occasionally appear on WWE TV during her recovery, though.

Ashley returned to WWE in June 2006. Now appearing with the Smackdown brand, Massaro entered into a feud with Marshall, only to sustain another injury – this time a broken knuckle. One month later, she came back as the valet for Paul London and Brian Kendrick, a role she would hold for several months.

In 2007, Massaro was announced as the newest Diva to pose for Playboy. As a result of this, Massaro began feuding with the then-Women’s Champion, Melina. Their rivalry culminated at WrestleMania 23, a match which Massaro lost. Following the feud, Massaro continued to second Kendrick and London before being put on the injured list again, this time to due a screw needing to be re-placed in a plate on her ankle. She would briefly return to WWE before taking a hiatus to appear on the CBS reality series, Survivor.

Massaro returned to WWE in January 2008 and eventually made her second WrestleMania appearance, tagging with fellow Playboy covergirl Maria against Melina and Beth Phoenix in a tag team Lumberjack match. Massaro would again come out on the losing end.

Massaro’s last major WWE appearance was at Backlash 2008, teaming with her fellow Raw Divas in a losing effort to Smackdown’s women contingent.

(source: SLAM! Wrestling)

Ashley Massaro wants an early release

ashley-massaro-_jpg_w300h450.jpgAshley Massaro has posted the following on her myspace page:

’02 Jul 2008

‘some unfortunate news…this is the hardest decision i have ever had to make

‘I have some thing to tell you guys and I wanted u 2 be the first 2 hear it…I tried very hard out of the respect I have for her privacy and not wanting her 2 be exposed in any negative light but I have a 7yr old daughter and I just found out 2day that she not well and I can’t be on the road with WWE when my own flesh and blood needs me…I am a single parent trying 2 juggle taking care of my child and working my butt off for her and now at this point when she is sick and needs me home I have 2 make the decision 2 bow out of wwe for a while and take care of my daughter…I wish I could do both and that there were more ways 2 get everything done but with the severity of the situation I’m going 2 have 2 ask for an early release for now…I may be back if she gets better…please keep her in your prayers…I love the wwe…I love all the talent that works there and most of all I love all the fans…thanks for always being so supportive…so this is me taking a bow and stepping out of the lime light right now to take care of my family…stick with me guys cause I will be back somewhere some how when this is all over…thanks for all your love and support and I’m sorry 2 be the bearer of bad news…thanks and good night my punks…stick with me ill see you soon’


Dirty Dirty

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