WWE Diva Candice Michelle happy to be back on RAW

candicemichelle234.jpegWWE Diva Candice Michelle, the GoDaddy Super Bowl girl is back from the sidelines and ready to continue her feud with Beth Phoenix. As we reported previously, Candice has broken her collarbone twice this year. The first injury was against Beth and took her out of action for 14 weeks. Candice admits she rushed her return to the ring, resulting in the second injury shattering her clavicle into four pieces that required surgery. The surgery has been a success, Candice has a battle scar over her shoulder that she’s proud of and she’s ready to take back her title. Candice can be found in the fan nations forums with a new blog she calls ‘Defining Beauty.’


I can’t express in words how excited I am to FINALLY be back on Monday Night Raw! So many things have been rushing through my mind, so I think it’s time to update everyone here on Fan Nation! After being out of action for 10 months, the feeling of being back is tremendous! Through the blood, sweat, and tears, I am excited to start this new chapter of my career! I have been envisioning coming back for some time now, so for it to be reality is still setting in! It was an amazing challenge to face so many of my fears getting back into the ring! There is nothing like facing your fears head on to make your dreams come true!

I actually enjoyed seeing Beth Phoenix again! I know she may have thought she ended my wrestling career but it has only begun! Seeing her face-to-face stirred up old emotions and memories inside! Letting her know that I am back was beautiful in itself! That night when I returned may not have been my perfect match, but I did make my presence known! A good friend gave me some advice. She said, “I have to walk before I can run!” As much as I want to sprint right now, I realize time will get me there!

I have never been a patient person; patience is a virtue, I am learning! The day that the doctor released me to train, I let WWE know … and that day, not the next week or month, I had travel in place to train at FCW! I had the privilege of training at Steve Keirn’s school with amazing agents and talent! I owe a huge thanks to Billy Kidman, who came early for me, stayed late, and even came in on his day off because I wanted to get as much training in as I could! I flew home to see the doctor and got amazing news; I was medically cleared to return! AHHH, I thought this day would never come! I then traveled to Denver where I had a great experience at the DNC, then right onto my first road trip! It was awesome. I somehow finagled my way into wrestling on the house shows before my return! I was like a little kid when I found out I was wrestling! Woooooohooooooooah!

Now that I am back, I don’t expect things to get any easier! I see the WWE Universe and WWE have high expectations of me and I love it! The critiques keep me on my toes and make me fight harder! Beth Phoenix has set standards high for me as well as the other competitive Divas! She has something that once was mine, and I will do whatever it takes to earn it back! I have been knocked down several times and even taken out a few times, but each time I come back better and stronger than before! I have been gone for a long time and can’t prove myself overnight, but whether you love me or hate me, I will work to earn your respect!

It’s not about how many times you fall or how hard; it’s about how gracefully you get back up! It’s about being brave to face those fears, get past the negative and still fight for your dreams! Is the risk worth the reward? … Without a doubt in my mind! I will risk trying new things to become better! If I fall, I’ll get right back up till I can do it!! I have made it back and have a starting ground! My stars are aligned with love and gratitude! I will give no less than 110 percent as I reach for the stars!!

“The gracefulness of getting back up when you’ve fallen and having the faith to learn from your mistakes is, DEFINING BEAUTY!”

Thank you for the love and support,

Candice Michelle


Candice Michelle Candy Coated

candicemichelle-wwe-sexy.jpgDear fans,

It’s been awhile since I have written a blog for Candy-Coated for so many reasons! To start off, I have been through an absolute whirlwind of a journey and have so much to say that when I start to write I have a whole different story to tell! First of all, my blog title of Candy-Coated really doesn’t fit what I have to say anymore. I wasn’t really candy-coating much of anything, and now after this journey, I’m not about to continue that! It’s the new person I’ve developed into, the reality of who I am!

I’m going to take it back to my first return about a month before WrestleMania. As you know, I broke my clavicle in October, which crushed more than a broken bone, it was my heart! I was finally getting the opportunity that I worked so hard for, and felt like I was busting my ass for this dream and to earn the respect in this business of my peers and fans! Then in a moment, it was swept away from me. I came back because the whole time I was working towards that huge match of earning a right to be in WrestleMania! I did everything I could to be there, but when I was back on TV, I was miserable! It’s not that I wasn’t thankful, it’s just that I still wasn’t healed, but my heart wanted to do whatever it took to be involved in WrestleMania!

I was cleared to do minimal things and they gave me an inch, and I took a mile. I thought I could do it even though the fracture wasn’t completely bridged. WWE gave me a match and I took full advantage of it, but it didn’t work out to my advantage. With being in the ring only about five seconds, I did a dropkick which I decided to change in mid-air (not a smart idea). Not only did I botch it, but I instantly knew I had re-broken my clavicle! To let you know how much I wanted this, you can review the match. I wasn’t going to let anything stop me! I finished the match – with what I know now was a shattered collarbone in four spots – because I knew it would be the last time I could be in front of the fans for a while. I really have learned so much from the Superstars at WWE who have been injured like Triple H, HBK, and recently Randy Orton, that the injury doesn’t end the match. Then, of course, it set in that I would need surgery and most importantly miss WrestleMania!

I did the WrestleMania press conference and a major question for Big Show and Floyd Mayweather was is the risk worth the reward?!? Some people have asked me this same question knowing that I was the one taking the risk. Without a doubt, or a slight question in my mind, it was absolutely worth it! I would have never known if I didn’t try. I gave 110 percent and that can never be taken away from me.

WWE.com asked me to do an interview on my status, so I thought it’s time to start writing again! They asked what one thing I would say to Beth Phoenix, the Diva who took me out, is. Unforgettable – it’s like, Glamazons and stones may break my bones but that will never stop me! I think she is quite aware that I am coming back to claim what I lost. I am holding that rope tight and the fight of my life is still ahead of me. I will be ready. I just hope she is! It’s not a surprise that a rematch is in order and I won’t sneak up from behind, this time its face-to-face, head on. And who will win? What do I say when Beth questions my toughness and durability?

Ha! I can trash talk all I want, but you’ll see in the ring! I have been through a broken nose, fractured and shattered collarbone, and still finished the match. If that’s not durable, then what is! Not for one second have I thought this isn’t the sport for me. Instead, she has built me up to withstand the odds that were placed against me. In other words, I thank Beth Phoenix because she too will have the fight of her life!!!

My best wishes go out to Melina for her recent injury. I don’t wish this journey on my worst enemy. It was nothing less than brutal. A true fighter will survive, and I don’t see her giving up!

After the surgery I got a call from “Stone Cold” Steve Austin! Now if that doesn’t put a smile on your face, I’m not sure what will! He had read my interview after the incident and said he was so proud of me that I said nothing will keep me away from WrestleMania! Laying here on my couch feeling like it was my death bed, I thought how am I going to fly to WrestleMania in a few days! But he was right, I said I would, and by God’s grace, I did! I wanted to be there for the support of my fellow Superstars and to see that many fans!

It’s been about 14 weeks since my surgery and many wonder when I will be back. Well, the first time around I would inform everyone what the doctors told me and I personally got my hopes up for those dates! It kept getting pushed back and my heart kept getting crushed. I will let you know that I had a cat scan two weeks ago and things are looking great and I’m feeling even better! All the bones are connected and healing and are in perfect alignment. Bones have a time frame of there own, different for everyone in healing. I am in physical therapy and will be back very soon! Although it seems like an eternity, I promise you, it will be worth the wait!

This journey has had many lows both mentally and physically for me. I have had to do a lot of soul searching on why this happened, who I am, and what I will learn from this! I realized that God took this away from me to show me how much I really want it. You can see that I have fallen in love with this business! I have learned a lot about patience, dedication, determination, desire, and keeping the “faith.” That tattoo will never get old and it’s a constant reminder to me that everything is going to be okay! It has made me see what real beauty is all about! You can look at 100 hot girls and only some have the “it” factor! There’s so many levels I’m going to define beauty on and it starts on the inside. It’s the part of me that sparkles and makes people laugh. It’s the real me that wants to come out and shine!

Defining beauty is never giving up, giving more than receiving, always giving 110 percent, living each day as it were your last, and have fun doing it! My new blogs will be called “Defining Beauty.” As I experience it, I’ll share it with you. You guys have helped me through this journey and I can’t express in words my dear gratitude, but I can give you the best show I can when I return!!

Coming up in the Summer Skin launch on WWE.com you will see a snippet of Defining Beauty. Everyone’s used to hiding scars, but they’re truly unique and beautiful! I have earned my battle wound and will proudly show it off. I will never cover it up, it is uniquely mine … and quite frankly pretty bad ass!

Candice Michelle
Defining Beauty

(source: fans.wwe.com)

Candy Coated #7 from WWE.com

Candice MichelleThis week: Heart is more powerful than experience.

Since a week ago, I have been preparing to defend my championship at The Great American Bash. If I thought making it to where I am now was hard, the real work has only just begun. I swear every moment is consumed with preparation for this match. I had a vision of winning the championship before Vengeance, and now I have expanded that vision.

A vision is more than just seeing. I had envisioned myself winning it several times. I pictured the three-count, the championship in my hands, and the emotion of holding it up for the first time. I even saw myself walking back up the ramp as the new WWE Women’s Champion. However, it took more than that vision to make it a reality. I knew I was ready to make sacrifices, and dedicated myself to the vision I had written on the tablet of my heart. My vision has expanded to being a great champion. In being a great champion, I will give it everything I have. I have learned that heart is more powerful than experience. I am gaining experience on a daily basis, but you can’t gain heart! (Sorry, Melina.)

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t think Melina has worked hard to get where she is, or that she doesn’t give it her all. One thing I will never do is underestimate my opponent. This has obviously been a drawback for Melina, seeing as she still doesn’t take me seriously. You think she may have learned something after Vengeance! I am going into this match with desire, passion and a positive heart. Melina may have dedication and be determined, but she’s going in with desperation. With that in mind, I will be ready for anything she brings my way!

Being from Wisconsin, I have grown up wearing my heart on my sleeve. I come from a place where you trust and respect one another. In this business, wearing your heart on your sleeve can be very dangerous, and I’ve had it smacked around a few times. I thought for a while that I can’t be this way if I want to stay on top. Then, I realized that I am not going to change who I am. I am not going to succumb to the negative energy and childlike games. I am going to stand up for who I am and what I believe in.

With heart, there are no limits to what I can do, and no one can take that away from me. With The Great American Bash right around the corner, my vision is set, and I will be ready. I will be wearing my heart on my sleeve, and will defend my championship!

It’s a wrap!
Sweet Dreams,
Candice Michelle
“The Champ!”

Candy Coated #6 from WWE.com

Candice MichelleThis week: The new Women’s Champion faces the giants.

I am excited to write my first blog as the new WWE Women’s Champion. This has been a true underdog story, and a new chapter has just begun.

Going into the Vengeance match, I knew that I had my work cut out for me. I had many “giants” to face. I faced Melina’s training history. I faced everyone saying that I would never be a contender in the ring — just eye candy. I faced peer pressure, long-held wrestling traditions and my own self-worth as a wrestler.

I decided a few months ago in my heart of hearts that going for my wrestling dreams and winning the championship was what I wanted. I dedicated everything to getting ready for my match at Vengeance! One thing I knew, going into this match I was ready to give everything I had. I was not going to let myself down. On my days off I did everything I could to prepare in the ring so I could take everything I learned into this match.

Going into Vengeance to face my “giants,” I was no longer scared. I was ready to look every one of them in the eye, knowing I was ready. I was mentally prepared, physically trained and prayers made me ready to do battle. I knew that at this Night of Champions, one way or another I was going to be victorious.

The moment that I won the gold, so many feelings poured out of me (literally). I felt proud, was excited, shocked and had tears of joy. This was the first time I held the title, and it was due to hard work and dedication. I fought with all I had, and to be victorious gives me chills as I write this. When my hand was raised and the championship was handed to me — my hands began to tremble. (All I could think was, “Please don’t drop it! Hehe.”)

Since my career began in WWE as a contestant in the Diva Search contest (where I didn’t even make it through the top 20) to winning the title, it has truly been a dream come true. When I was offered a spot in the WWE, I knew this is where my dreams lay. Almost three years later, I am now living my dream. (Big smile on my face! :))

I had no idea how hard this would be, but I have only begun to show you what I have to offer. To be able to crumble the “giants” I faced was history in the making.

This week at WWE, I have been on an emotional rollercoaster, and I have faced “giants” on many levels. I have realized I don’t need to face these “giants” alone: God is ready to do battle with me. I can only imagine the “giants” that I will have to face now that I am champion. But,

I will not back down
I will stand up and fight and
I will face the giants head on!!!!!!

So if you’re not ready to bring it, bounce ‘cause I’m bringing it. Who will go mano a mano conmigo?!? (Give me your best shot!)

To the fans, thanks for your support, and I will bring my heart to the table for you, that’s my promise!

The champ,

Candice Michelle

Candy Coated #5 from WWE.com

Candice MichelleThis week: Candice let’s the Women’s Champion know how she really feels.

Hey everyone!

I’m sure that you’re wondering why you haven’t seen any new editions of Candy-Coated lately.

Well in this edition, I am not going to candy-coat much of anything!

I had written my last blog right before WrestleMania, which wasn’t published! I was really frustrated, and quite frankly, pissed off. I like to let the fans who support me know what’s going on in my career and my feelings.

I had a lot of choice words for Melina. I am sick and tired of the B.S. I was so frustrated that the person who thinks she can walk all over everyone thinks that she is a true champion. I believe in working to get to the top. Melina took the easy way out. The lying, the cheating, backstabbing… Even the people she thinks like her – she treats like crap. I think Nitro lost his voice or maybe his b*lls!

This is a competitive world and it’s based on the survival of the fittest. It is a great feeling being the underdog. I am the girl that not many people believed was athletic or wanted to be in this business for the right reasons. I have read and heard what people have thought about my wrestling skills and chances of being a competitor in this business. These people are the ones that motivate me. It doesn’t hurt me, it makes me stronger. It gives me something to prove.

I have been training for the past two years. I have trained by watching every match, learning the rules of this game, practicing Muay Thai kickboxing, Krav Maga, and then getting in the ring!! (Special thanks to those who have stepped up and helped me in the ring, you know who you are!)

I have also had the opportunity of working beside real champions like Trish Stratus and Mickie James. I am more fired up than I have ever been!

It’s great that Melina thinks that I am not much of a challenge, but expect the unexpected. I have a lot to prove and a lot to learn still, but I am determined and dedicated with one goal in mind. I am a rhino and I’m charging after you – so watch out now!

‘Til next time, sweet dreams

Candice Michelle

P.S. About the comment on my spare tire… Is this really the best you could come up with?!? I have attached a recent photo for you to look a little bit closer at. (This photo has not been touched up!) Melina, jealousy’s a b*#ch!

Candy Coated #4 from WWE.com

Candice MichelleThis Week: Hey, ladies – it’s the secret surprise dinner that will win your man’s heart!

I cooked up this sweet edition of Candy-Coated for all the ladies. Guys, if you like this idea, make sure it gets into the hands of that special woman.

Ladies, here is the special recipe I wanna give you —make it for that special man, and it will surely win him over! It’s inexpensive and very creative.

Begin by making a poster board of what’s going to be on the menu. Write it out starting with his choice of beverages, then appetizers, main course, and my favorite, dessert.

Be creative with your wording. For example, with beverages include water, his favorite drink, and something like — special juices! (Use your imagination, they will love it!)

Then we have appetizers, (a kiss with fresh bread works well) and the main course.

This doesn’t have to be fancy if you don’t want it to be. Make (or order) his favorite food. If it’s pizza, get it from his favorite restaurant! Store the meal in the oven. This recipe is all in the delivery – that’s what really matters.

Now, tie an apron around your waist with nothing on underneath! Always wear your stilettos; you will look so tasty he may not be able to finish the main course.

**Caution!** (Make sure you don’t burn yourself or put the outfit on just when you need to pull it out of the oven!)**

This leads us to my favorite — dessert!

You may have some fresh cookies and milk, but always have the option for him to have you and milk. Set the mood with a candle and some soft music. I love Marvin Gaye’s, “Let’s Get It On.”

Remember, it’s a surprise and it doesn’t have to be for any one particular occasion.

His mouth will water like you have never seen before, and you will excite his taste buds in a whole new way. He will never forget you — or this night.

Sweet dreams (if you’re able to get any sleep)
— Candice Michelle

Candy Coated #3 from WWE.com

Candice MichelleThis Week: Some belated Valentine’s love and the differences (or similarities) between the “Candy-Clutch” and “California Dreaming”

Welcome to a sweet and sour edition of Candy-Coated! I hope that love was in the air for everyone and you had a fabulous Valentine’s Day! xoxo

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Candy is sweet, but
Candy-Coated reveals the inside scoop for you!

A few weeks ago I tried to publish a real Candy-Coated blog that was not allowed on WWE.com. I took this blog straight to the top and thankfully got approval for you guys to read! I wanted to share my real feelings and thoughts with the fans.

A few weeks ago when I was away from Raw to film Greatest Super Bowl Commercials with Daisy Fuentes, I had mentioned how I TiVo’d Raw to watch when I got home.

What you didn’t get to read is my reaction to the women’s match, Melina vs. Maria.

I was so fired up to see the finisher that Melina tried to claim as hers was a move that I had come up with and been using on previous live events!

I had called it the “Candy-Clutch,” while she stole it and called it “California Dreaming.” I think she was confused ‘cause I reside in California, and maybe she was dreaming of being me!!!

It really bothered me to watch this on TV when the fans don’t realize how much I’m working on becoming a better wrestler. Melina can only steal moves but in reality she can never be me!

Although I was shocked to see this, it gave me extreme pleasure and confidence to know that I am learning this sport. Enough with the BS that the real Divas have to deal with!

The revenge will be sweet, when I can start to show the fans what I have been learning and how I’m improving. Most importantly, I will show the paparazzi what they really wanna see, my sexy new wrestling outfits!

Quote of the day:
If you don’t go for your dreams, someone else will!

Sweat dreams-
Candice Michelle

Candy Coated #2 from WWE.com

Candice MichelleThis Week: When you gotta go, you gotta go and the Candy-Coated Wisconsin girl rubs elbows with the VIPs!

Wow guys, it was a great weekend and I wanted to share it with you. The Super Bowl commercial had an awesome response, and Miami was crazy!

The drive down to Miami from where we stayed in West Palm Beach, Fla., took three hours due to traffic. We were only about 10 miles away on the beginning of the causeway and I had to, well, go like a racehorse.

I couldn’t hold it anymore. So I asked Go Daddy’s CEO, Bob Parsons, if he would fire me if I went on the side of the road. He said he didn’t care if I went on the roof!

So, being the classy lady I am, I slipped my panties off in the car under my dress, climbed out with the glitz and glamour dress I had on – and stopped the car on the side of the road just behind a little wall. What a relief!

When I arrived at the Maxim party, I was feeling like a champ and ready to party. The producer said to me, “I guess you can take the girl out of Wisconsin, but not the Wisconsin out of the girl.”

That’s right!

I then went into the Maxim Super Bowl Party, and have never been with so many celebrities in one spot.

The VIP area where I was standing was packed! The OCC boys, Danica Patrick, Kid Rock, Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo, Snoop Dogg, Tom Brady and Jeff Gordon were all there, and to top it off — Fergie performed! It was awesome.

The next day I felt like a truck ran over me from lack of sleep, but it was worth it.

Thanks to everyone who supports me in my Super Bowl commercials!

I hope you check out the Internet only version and the Basic Instinct one which was rejected! (Too hot for TV!)

Stay classy everyone.

Sweet dreams-
Candice Michelle

P.S. – My prayers are with all of the families affected by the devastating tornadoes that struck central Florida.

Candy Coated #1 from WWE.com

Candice MichelleThis week: Go Daddy goodies and it’s ass-kicking time again!

Welcome to the first edition of Candy-Coated. Even though this blog may have a hard outside shell you will always find something juicy on the inside! Let’s keep it real.

I’m sorry to say I missed all of the wonderful fans this week in Dallas, Texas. Instead I was in Miami, Fla., filming for the show 50 Greatest Super Bowl Commercials (which airs on the CBS network the evening of Feb. 2 – check your local listings).

I am excited to say that I have been invited as a Super Bowl icon. Wow, what an honor! I will be attending the party and I’ll be interviewed by Daisy Fuentes. I was shocked to be called a Super Bowl icon, and flattered to be attending this party with Daisy.

We have done it again this year. Go Daddy had two commercials rejected, (‘cause one was 2hot for TV) but the third one was the charm. We will be in this year’s Super Bowl with another awesome commercial. Not only will we be in it once in the first quarter, but we also have a second spot in the fourth quarter. Yippie!

Also, if that isn’t enough, we’ll top it off with a third one post game.

I am happy to inform you that also featured in the commercial will be Danica Patrick, (Indy racer) and the boys from the OCC (American Chopper).

I had the opportunity to work with all of these guys and it was awesome. We had such a blast filming this commercial. I think we are all racy in our own kind of way. (For everyone over 18, there’s always an Internet only version…Yeeaahhh!).

I hope everyone will enjoy a frosty beverage during the Super Bowl and buy TiVo for the sexiest GoDaddy.com commercial, (it’s sexier in slooooooooow motion!) this Sunday, Feb. 4.

This has been a great month for me. Not only because the Go Daddy commercial was accepted, but I returned to the ring. It was exhilarating to get back especially against Victoria and Melina.

I had never felt anything like breaking my nose when Victoria kneed me in the face. However, I thank her for making me come back stronger than ever. I am pumped up and motivated to kick some ass!

It was sweet revenge to hear the ref count 1-2-3 when I had the “Widow’s Peak Freak” pinned.

In celebration I went out and had the sexiest new wrestling outfits made, so stay tuned for my next match. I said it once before, “You can bet your sweet ass that you haven’t seen the last of me!”

Sweet dreams-
Candice Michelle

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