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WWE Diva Ashley Massaro MySpace Blog, TNA Knockout SoCal Val Blog, Image Gallery News

socal38sd.jpgComing off last week’s Raw victory, WWE Diva Ashley Massaro wrote recently on her MySpace blog about her experience at Wrestlemania, and other women’s wrestling stuff. Here’s the post:

Hi! So, wow, Wrestlemania…was…HUGE! That was probably one of the most awesomest experiences I’ve ever had in my entire life. Just being there, I mean BEING there for Ric’s retirement, I mean, this is just wow, Ric has always been such a great friend AND the life of the party since I arrived here at WWE and its so heartbreaking to see him go, but it really was pretty amazing to be there for his final match against Shawn.
And as for our match, it was amazing I mean truly amazing to wrestle out there under the stars and the fireworks with close to 80,000 people there. It was sick! I mean what a rush. I had a match last year agaisnst Melina at Mania at Ford Field and there were 80k people there too but didnt this Mania just FEEL BIGGER??? It did to me, I walked back soooooo slow after the match trying to take it all in. I know it sounds silly to describe it this way but I’m glad someone was recording it because it prob will be one of the best memories of my entire life.
So, anyway, headed to the UK babyyyyyyy! Gonna see all my Londonites! can’t wait!
I’m actually heading over there with a friend of mine and then were heading directly to Prague and the Czech Republic right after so I’m so stoked on that, I’ve never been there! Very excited! Then off to Denver to see a couple shows then back to good old Greenville, SC for RAW on Monday!
My very good friend Jamie and her fiance Carmine, also an old friend, are getting married on Thurs in NY and I’m headed up there today for that, I’m super excited for her, should be awesome!
So lots on the horizon! Peanut, Tomax and Xamot are doing AWESOME, thanks for asking! Peanuts been on the rd for a hot sec. Shes already an old pro. She loves it, soooo good travelling.
Alright well just wanted to say hey and drop a lizine!
Talk soon, Later taterz! PS Im getting on Bangin I promise this week I’m finishing it for sure! Love you guys!


TNA Knockout(and frequent RingDiva Womens Wrestler) SoCal Val recently updated her MySpace Blog, here’s some of what she said:

I just completed a vintage fashion shoot with old war planes for the cover (and full page feature) in “Osceola Oasis” magazine which is a local magazine in Florida focusing on style, fashion, the latest hot spots etc. I will be sure to post the pictures here and on my website when they become available to me. I will be in the Summer issue, so it may be a few months. This was probably one of my favorite shoots I’ve ever done, if not my favorite ever….simply because the focus was fashion! Not bikinis, lingerie, sexy glamour etc. I do enjoy those shoots (obviously) but it was so refreshing for me to do a shoot in which…..well…..in which I wore clothing. :o) Point being, it was a different kind of glamorous and I can only compare it to “The Aviator” in terms of styling and clothing for the shoot. You’ll see what I mean!

Women’s Wrestling Xposed is working on the image galleries, and will be doing a major update as well as some big changes to the way the women wrestler’s galleries are done. The galleries will be up as soon as possible.

Tiny Joke Is Funny

banner20211.jpgIts not often Womens Wrestling Xposed talks about other websites, but Tiny Joke is a great site, and one that I have found extremely funny. Here’s a picture I took from their website, its amusing to say the least. Check out more at Tiny Joke , or just click on the picture and it will take you to their site. Their site is clean, non invasive, and has no pop-ups or spyware.

TheMMANews.Com Up And Running, WrestlingConfidential.com Update

logo222.jpgIts almost christmas, and womens wrestling news is slowing down, at least for today, so i thought it would be a good time to announce the launch of The MMA News.com, our new blogsite. This site will be dedicated to MMA, and will eventually feature articles on both men’s and womens fights, and fighters. I hope you guys check out the site.
In other site news, Wrestling Confidential.com has been steadily moving up the wrestling website ranks, and now gets the news out even quicker, and seems to have gathered a good amount of readers.
With all three sites we plan on getting the latest news, rumors, and interviews out in the cleanest format possible. Thanks from everyone at Womens Wrestling Xposed.

Wrestling Confidential News

logo6.jpg WrestlingConfidential.com has the latest SmackDown spoiler up. Check it out if your interested. They also have an interesting article on Bret Hart’s ex, and the new Hart family reality show, and an update on Diamond Dallas Page, among other things.

Womens Wrestling Site News: Image Galleries Update

We’ve updated the Image Galleries and are starting to work on profiles for the Women. Here’s the list:
Ashley Massaro
Beth Phoenix
Candice Michelle
Carmella DeCesare
Christy Hemme
Gail Kim Read more »

Site News: Wrestling Confidential

logo2.jpgWe here at Womens Wrestling Xposed just wanted to let you know that our other site,WrestlingConfidential.com has posted a recap of RAW in case you missed it, and also spoilers for Smackdown, and the next two TNA Impact Shows.

Image Gallery Update

ashley-massaro2123.jpgWomen’s Wrestling Xposed has added the following wrestlers pics to the Image Gallery:

Amy Weber pics
Ashley Massaro pics
Brooke pics
Candice Michelle pics
Christy Hemme pics
Chyna pics
Dawn Marie pics
Gail Kim pics
Ivory pics
Jacqueline pics
Jazz pics
Jillian Hall pics
Joy Giovanni pics
Lauren Jones pics
Layla pics
Lilian Garcia pics
Lita pics
Maria Kanelis pics
Maryse pics
Michelle McCool pics
Mickie James pics
Miss Jackie pics
Molly Holly pics
Nattie Neidhart pics
Rochelle Lowen pics
Stacy Keibler pics
Torrie Wilson pics
Trish Stratus pics
Victoria pics


Site News: Image Section Online

logo5.jpgFinally, we’ve started adding an image section. We only listed a few so far, but check them out. Just click on Images under navigation, select who you want and enjoy. Over the next few weeks we will be adding more Wrestling ladies, and more pics for the ones we have now.

Site News: Wrestling Confidential

logo2.jpgI just wanted to post that we have our other site,WrestlingConfidential.com up and running at full speed. Much like this site it limits the amount of ads(with no popups, or spyware etc.) and makes the information easy to access. The site is updated often, and I hope you enjoy it.

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