What’s next for Lisa Marie Varon aka TNA Tara?

lisaconnectedLisa Marie Varon and TNA have failed to come to terms over a modest increase in wages and Lisa has given her fans her two week notice on MySpace. TNA has been adament about not increasing the wages for the Knockouts, who also happen to be their top draw. Awesome Kong left, Sarita and Wilde are rumoured to be planning on leaving as well. Our favorite energizer bunny, Christy Hemme, meanwhile has apparently had her wage increased to triple what her other- wrestling- padres are earning. What reason does Lisa Marie Varon really have to stick around?

TNA is not doing well in the ratings. This Monday’s TNA iMPACT! scored an 0.50 cable rating with 739,000 viewers.

This is not yet the end of the world for TNA. Every wrestling promotion has these dark days in which the promotion struggles to find the right story and right wrestler to connect with their audience and fill the seats. The story goes, ‘one day someone walks out and does something that gets over with the audience and the promotion’s owner hears the crowd cheer- or boo- and he realises they’ve found the next Big Thing.’ The angle, and the wrestlers involved, is worked to death. The promotion finds its stride, its identity, and its followers for a time. And the savvy owner is always looking for the next Big Thing after this Big Thing runs its course…and that’s how a wrestling company stays afloat. Sometimes every promotion has to be kissed by the angle of death in its darkest hours before it can find the next Big Thing. Sometimes the threat of impending doom is needed to force the promoter to take a reality check. Promoters with egos think they know what the fans want better than the fans themselves. TNA’s bound to get its reality check before the money runs out.

Unless the next Big Thing involves a girl wrestling.

TNA is apparently filled with egos fixated on ‘what ought to be’ over the reality of ‘what is.’ To paraphrase Eric Bischoff, if the audience isn’t connecting with the product, it’s because the audience are idiots. So what? PT Barnum would have been tap dancing in the back to discover he’s got a room full of suckers to hock his wares to. There are terrible ideas as to what TNA needs floating around in the back of this promotion, being pushed by people whose egos exceed their business savvy. The emperor has no clothes, and all messengers- even the paying messengers in the audience- are being shot.

Here’s what everyone but the management in TNA realise:

Fact: TNA management scurries to hire every future endeavoured WWE talent.

Fact: TNA promotes every geriatric, overexposed piece of WWE-kissed product they overpay to acquire over their own talent.

Assertion: TNA management thinks that the WWE product is better than their own product.

Quote: “Every battle is won before it is fought.” – Sun Tzu

Assertion: TNA cannot win head-to-head with a company that is bigger and better than they are. TNA management cannot even assert that they thought they had something better and were proven wrong. They knew they were outgunned going into the fight.

Conclusion: TNA lost this battle before they shifted to Monday nights.

Assertion: TNA has absolutely no logical reason to go head-to-head with a company that is bigger and better than they are at this time.

Conclusion: TNA management is absolutely delusional.

(We’re going someplace with this)

Fact: TNA top draw is consistently the Knockouts.

Fact: TNA management isn’t willing to pay for their women wrestlers.

Fact: TNA management believes that their labour budget should be used to hire outsourced WWE talent.

Conjecture: TNA management, being delusional, refuse to believe that people want to The Knockouts product- fit women who can wrestle and just happen to be sexy because they’re fit- over washed-out WWE talent.

Fact: TNA is using the Knockouts for sex appeal with the thinking that cleavage and tummy will get the target audience to tune in, and then the WWE talent can step in and hold the audience’s attention.

Fact: This strategy doesn’t work. The cable ratings plunge after the focus is off the Knockouts.

Conclusion: TNA is totally ruining The Knockouts division in their efforts to cram ex-WWE talent down the throats of their fans.

Okay, we can go on here. But, why bother?

We’re fans of female wrestling because of the total women wrestler package. Fit women are sexy, athletic women are sexy, but we’re fans because women wrestlers who can cut a promo are entertaining; women wrestlers who can wrestle are entertaining! The coolest women wrestlers project confidence, power and danger to the audience. That’s actually part of the fun. Forcing women to flaunt it in front of a crowd to get people to pay attention is exploitive, creepy and weak. Whatever happened to girl power? We’re fans of the total package and we want The Knockouts to be entertaining, sexy and we want them to kick butt!

The way TNA is using the Knockouts is a far cry from the Awesome Kong and Gail Kim feud back in 2008. The product has lost its way.

So, to wrap this up: Lisa, you’re talented, beautiful and sexy. You have a good mind for business, too. You came to TNA to wrestle in a good women’s division and that opportunity isn’t there anymore.

Why not start your own promotion?

You’re looking for a vehicle for a reality show? Hook up with Trish Stratus, Stacy Keibler, Lilian Garcia, and Mike Adamle and build your own division. Get talent like Cheerleader Melissa, Dark Angel, Hamada, Daffney, Taylor Wilde, and Amazing Kong on board. Go on an extended tour of North America, Mexico and Japan and produce the show on the road. Use a documentary/reality show style between matches and you’ll create a great product on a shoe string budget. Keep the roster small because you’ll have talent to use and showcase everywhere you go. You can feature different women wrestlers from different regions each episode, and build entire episodes AROUND women wrestlers like MsChif, Sara Del Ray, and LuFisto. Watch season 1 of ‘Lost’ and build back stories leading up to every match (one weekend show could unravel over several episodes). Have fun mixing kayfabe and straight shoots. Have fun being in control of the creative process for once. There are so many great stories deserving to be documented in women’s wrestling. This would be an amazing reality show.

The other option is for women wrestlers like yourself to always be stuck trying to prove yourself to washed-up, delusional chauvinists that you’re a top draw. If TNA management didn’t get it after years of the Knockouts getting top ratings, they’ll never get it. So, forget them. Take the bull by the horns yourself and your destiny into your own hands.

Hemme news

christyhemmesmall2.jpegWednesday, July 01, 2009
Hello everybody!! Soooooooo… it is official, I have a brand new official fan site, YAAAAAAAA!! This is a special invitation for all of you to go check it out at-


It is ran by two amazing people, Beth and Dan, they ROCK!! They are currently building the Official band site as well so I will let you know when that is up 🙂 I also want to thank Carol and Ang for the 5yrs of support they gave being my first official fan site… thank you girls!!

ALSO… playing at the Social in Orlando Fl on July 3rd this friday with Exit the Ride! So come on down, say hello and listen to some killer music, just saying, kinda awesome hehe! As far as wrestling goes, keep your pants on cuz we are talking about the big TNA come back right now… love you all and thank you for all your kind and supportive words!! XOXO Christy

Article, “Heroines wanted” highlights

wrestlegasm.jpgWhat a great article from wrestlegasm.com, a site devoted to wrestling from a woman wrestling fan’s perspective. This is a really nice site! The article is titled “Heroines Wanted: Apply within….” Here’s some highlights,

Back in the day, when my love affair with wrestling was at its climatic peak, there were three kinds of women in the WWE/F. These were the times when, in my eyes, it could do no wrong. Every twist and turn delighted me and I overlooked even the most ludicrous storylines. Ah, memories. As I said, there were three kinds of ladies back then.

1) Girls Who Look Like Boys (The Chynas)

You remember them, right? Overdeveloped, manly, muscle machines with chins that would put Edge to shame. They usually got to work with the guys, because physically they were evenly matched. We’ll call them The Chynas.

2) Pretty-Girl Wrestlers (The Trishes)

The women who seem able to maintain their femininity but still manage to pull off hot-shot, eye popping wrestling moves. Like Trish Stratus. We’ll come back to Trish later.

3) The Fluff (The Keiblers)

I doubt this category really needs any explanation, but basically the girls who look drop-dead gorgeous but have extremely limited wrestling skills. Stacey Keibler: Hot pins, bad at pinning.

Fast forward to today’s bizarre state of WWE affairs and one category, The Chynas, has completely disappeared. Times have changed. Vince McMahon and his production staff’s job is to make money. They seek to pinpoint the most bankable trends in popular culture and apply them to their own product. We live in a celebrity obsessed world. For women, you’re not accepted if you’re not the perfect height, the perfect weight, the perfect amount of pretty, just the right amount of sexy.

The Keiblers are still there. Occasionally it bothers me, but not that much. It would be great if every woman employed by Vince McMahon had a fantastic, athletic, in-ring presence, but not everyone is made for taking bumps. They play their roles just like everyone else. The trend seems to be to get all women in to this middle ground of beauty and athleticism. Some just excel at being beautiful but can’t pull off top moves. And that’s fine. The fact that they’re out there trying and giving it their best to entertain makes me really happy. And who could possibly hate Kelly-Kelly anyway? She’s so damn cute. She’s like a cupcake with pink frosting and a cherry on top.

I don’t even mind that guys drool over them. It would be wholly hypocritical of me to be insulted by that kind of behaviour, being that I have a segment in my Smackdown recaps which charts the weekly colours and contents of CM Punk’s trunks.

So what’s my problem? My problem is that when it comes to storylines, screen time and ring time, the women of the WWE are second class citizens. This is not a feminist rant. I just want to see the ladies getting a fair crack of the whip. They are skipped over on several Pay Per Views, they have significantly less time in the ring, bearly enough mic time for us even to know what their voices sound like and non-existent storylines. It’s disappointing and an insult to the intelligence of those us interested in more than just the fact that Maryse wants a man who takes regular showers.

I sometimes wonder if the writers don’t give the women any storylines because they don’t believe anyone would care. Nonsense. People don’t care RIGHT NOW because there are NO storylines. Everyone knows that when wrestling/sports entertainment is good, the balance between dramatics and athletics is bang on. At the moment, there are NO female storylines and a tiny blot of athletics. It doesn’t work.

Wrestlemania. The grandest stage of the them all. The highlight of the wrestling calendar. Millions of people watching around the world. And who won the Miss Wrestlemania contest? A man in a skirt and a wig with a chin strap. I get the joke. Really. I do. But what a waste. Santino Marella is a great comedian. He’s a natural. I’ve laughed with him at certain points through this whole Santina story. But seeing Beth Phoenix chasing him/her around for the past six weeks is a major let-down and a shameful waste of her talent. She is one of the most accomplished female athletes in the company and yet her skills are bearly tapped in to.

Maybe the WWE believes that female fans wouldn’t support female superstars if they upped their profile and marketed the directly to women. There is this odd myth that all women hate each other and that ladies will only cheer for male wrestlers. That’s incorrect. Those women do exist, but I’d be unpleasantly surprised if they made up the majority. If the female fanbase really is 40% of the entire WWE Universe, give us the same role models and heels the male fans have. Build feuds. Create identities and heroines. Give us characters to look forward to seeing and discussing and supporting. There are some amazing women in the WWE. It would make my day to see little girls wearing Mickie James t-shirts. Those shirts don’t exist. Little girls wear Jeff Hardy shirts because WWE promotes him to that market. Promote the women to women and young girls and I guarantee it will get a favourable response. Allow young girls to see the female wrestlers succeeding in the same way and at the same level their male counterparts do and it will give them a work ethic to aspire to.

I can’t speak for any of the female talent. I don’t know them. I haven’t met them. Even if I did I highly doubt they would be so unprofessional as to air any personal grievances in front of fans. But it’s got to be frustrating for them, hasn’t it? As a woman, the lack or interest the WWE shows in its Women’s Division sometimes makes me feel like it doesn’t care about me either. So, apart from the obvious, why should I keep coming back?

Ashley Massaro hints at WWE return?

ashley1.jpegOur favorite Dirty Diva Ashley Massaro hinted last week on her MySpace that she had a talk with John Laurinaitis, WWE’s Senior Vice President of Talent Relations.

Massaro’s chances of a return to WWE at this time are unfortunately pretty slim. Ashley left the company to take care of her sick daughter, but- she also left under the cloud of a scandal. WWE is going family freindly these days, the Diva Search seems to be in limbo and WWE seems to be distancing themselves from Playboy. That adds up to three strikes for the scandal singed- Diva Search winner-and former Playmate.

Ashley Massaro is top shelf in our books and a great self-promoter. ‘Bangin’ with Ashley’ has been our favorite blog and we love following Ashley’s career. We hope Ashley can be organic in her approach to moving her career forward, as other former WWE talent have done. Talent like Gail Kim and Krissy Vaine.

Ashley’s recent blog posts have been pretty dark. We know that Ashley isn’t the kind of person to hold stuff in, or hold onto negativity for long.

Keep your chin up, Ashley!


Former WWE Diva Ashley Massaro update

ashley-massaro23.jpgHappy New Year!! New Years resolutions…oh and SINGLE again!

Hope everyone had a sick time @ NYE! And all uour wishes come true this year without sounding too corny! Big Plans this year, starting the year out big with my clothing line about ready to debut! I’ll let you know all of the details asap. I really truly thisnk you are gonna love this stauff that I’ve come up with completely on my own, it may be one of my most proud ventures! I’m so stoked!

So, like I said above , it’s true I am single again and I couldn’t b happier about it, its time for a change which I think could be right around te corner, who knows, you just never know when loves gonna come right back round the bend!

I’ve got my little toes in much this year and I can’t wait to share it all with you guys! I know my punks will enjoy it and be proud of it all!

Anyway gotta run to pick up Xamot and Peanut from the groomer. I’ll hit you back asap!

Remember its 2009!!! Follow your dreamsssssssssssssssszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! It’s never over until you say it is!

I love u!

the one and only

post song- Let it ROCK KEvin Rudolf ft Lil Wayne………..”because when I arrive.. I bring the fire!”

The Dirty Diva Ashley Massaro posts

ashley_massaro.jpgEveryone who’s wondering what’s new with Ashley, the Dirty Diva posted on MySpace:

Friday, December 19, 2008

Lots of stuff!

Well, its been a hell of a month…but I think I got through it. I can’t really express the gratitude I Have for yall about tomax. I’m not over it dont know that I will be, I must say ‘I miss Tomax’ at least one time day to anyone I talk to but somethig the things you guys said were so sweet and it really truly did help. It’s amazing, I’ve had so many deaths of close friends a family members which were devastating but this hurts just as much and you don’t think it would and
I can’t expain why. I just loved him, that’s all. so to sum it up. Thanks you. Especially for the rainbow poem. I really enjoyed that.
Another great things is that Lex has gotten so much better ! Yay!!
I’m so glad you have no idea.
We just went on a lil mini vacation to go see my brother, he’s doing awesome, and together were working on a clothing line, wait’ll it drops its SOOO Sick!
So I can’t wait for Christmas, I think this going to be the start of a big year for me, that’s what my manager tells me anyway. So keep up cuz I got a bunch of cool stuff comin at ya, ofcourse the appearances, as well as music! Just getting my very first dg equipment, can’t wait to start messin with it, It’s my christmas present to myself, I don’t really buy to much stuff for me. I’m a pretty simple person, i think of some random shots floating around you can see that I dont look so fashionista most of the time hehe.

So thats why I’m, getting my own gift, I think I’d be awesome spinning, thats one thing I can say is that I have pretty good taste when it comes to music, and I can be versatile, on my myspace it’s my opinion of what I like, but I can use any kind of music because I listen to everything under the sun.
So I think this week I might head down to the ring here and work out some, just for fun for now, havent been in one in a while and I feel like messin around. So I may hittin you up Amber and Yamaha! Oh I’m going back to Shannon’s shop to get some new ink! YAY!
Also who ever made this pic of me I thought it was really cool, so much so that I made it default so thank you dude.

I’m sending some Christmas donattions to several different chldrens homes were to give something back during the holidays to kids who are an orphanage, so near where I grew up there is a place called Little Flower Chldrens Home and I was thinking if any of you could would like to send or donate too, you can got to www.littleflowerny.org a small gift that would be so awesome. I’s a tradition I’ve had for years. Or you could even look into Chldrens homes near you!

So I’m wishing you guys the best of holidays, I know they can be rough at times…believe me, but try and have a great holiday, i’ll be grinning my way through it, :oP
But I get to spend New Years Eve with my most beautiful boy in the world so that should be fun. I’m sure Ill [post again soon, but in case I’m working or traveling I will say Merry christmas, Happy Chanakuh no idea how to spell that so sorry, and Happy KWanza (that either) And Happy New Years all in one. Thanks for always sticking around you huys rock. Seriously.

Love The Dirty Diva
post song this guys in love with you by Mike Patton



hemme.jpegBy Christy Hemme

Being a women in the wrestling business means you need to wear a thick skin. Sometimes your skin gets so thick, vulnerability and willingness to give all of yourself hardens to the cement of protection. When I first got into the business I could feel a deep passion for something so special that I had never felt before. I gave everything I had to give to this new found love. The same way you do when you fall in love with a man or women.

Well I have to be honest… I had never let myself fall in love with a man before. I grew up with one of those strong women attitudes that I could do everything myself. Don’t carry my bags, don’t open my door, don’t pay me a compliment, I don’t need it because I don’t need anyone to help, care about or love me. Even though I could consciously keep myself from being in a truly intimate relationship with a man I didn’t realize I could fall for this secret world that we all love, wrestling.

My departure from WWE was on my own terms because I stuck to my guns on my morals and values as a human being. I knew in my gut that it would be the end, but I also knew that carrying guilt for knowingly doing something against what I believed wasn’t worth getting ahead. Leaving broke my heart… but doing the right thing is something I will always be proud of.

Going to TNA, I went in with all intentions of not letting my experience at WWE effect what I still felt compelled to do. I could feel the heart of this company was good and held an unspeakable magic. I unknowingly had the outwardly reaction of a guarded rebounder. I never lost my passion because I don’t believe you can when it is a part of your being… but I did bury it under my thick skin. It was so obvious to me that everyone could sense my protective layer, but at the same time I felt paralyzed in allowing love to escape my pores because having your heart broken feels like you lose a part of yourself.

Life is so full of surprises. My heart was recently broken once again. Surprisingly, my recent feeling of loss gave me a unexpected gift. This heartbreak shattered the protective skin I used as a wall from my emotions, allowing me to connect more than ever before. Sometimes it takes something really big to knock down the wall of protection you create and show you where you are. My feelings of loss were only the exertion of energy it takes to protect myself from the unknown. My wall is GONE and I feel so humbled to be more open, eager, hopefull, excited and passionate than I have in my entire life.

My passion for wrestling is exploding from being held for so long. I do have to say, sitting on the sidelines has been extremely beneficial. Its like I spent all that time downloading info that I can now deliver and express in a way I couldn’t keeping the wall I did. I’ve started training again, and have to give HUGE thank you’s to AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Jimmy Rave… hurting has never felt so good!

It was never really my bag to just be the hot girl anyways…

So watch out Knockouts (especially Awesome Kong!) because HEMME POWERED is back!

(source: tnawrestling.com)

Ashley Massaro making a third appearance in Playboy?

ashley.jpegAshley Massaro is throwing out hints that she will be making another appearance in Playboy…or something that starts with a “P”…

Monday, October 13, 2008

were all stars now….in the dope show
Hi! Sorry its been so long been mega busy. I guess thats life though, everytime you think that its time to stop and catch your breath something happens and you got keep going…hard.

So I know from my last blog you guys are wanting to know about the big ole secret ;o) well youll find out soon enough I promise…and in the mean time, I can give you a little hint at a piece of wonderful news I got the other day. I’ll give you a few guesses. Heres your hint, k….it was awesome that I had an opp to do it last time and I loved it…..n….it starts with a capital P :))))))))))
Guess away, but don’t spoil it either for everybody. Trust me when I get the go ahead I’ll be right here on my myspace first to let you guys know before anyone, and that goes for every exciting thing I do.
PS if you can say a lil prayer that I stay strong for all this stuff coming up…its been a lil hard as of late but thats life I suppose. thanks for everything guys. I love you.

post song the dope show- manson

ps b7 luv ya man
and PL I love you…more than you’ll ever know baby.

Ashley knows how to look good for the camera. Wow!

“Brooke Knows Best” Brooke Hogan news

brooke-hogan-swimwear-showing.jpg “Brooke Knows Best”, Brooke Hogan, was spotted hamming it up at the Bejeweled Swimwear show as part of Funkshion Fashion Week in Miami, Florida on October 1st.

FOX Pop Tarts’ Hollie McKay apparently overheard Brook respond to a question about her love life, “What love life? I’m not gay but I might as well be. I’m the [woman] of the group. We live a gay lifestyle.”

Brooke also talked about how she protects herself from the media. “I never read tabloids, I never buy books or go on Perez Hilton and I never ever watch the news. All news is bad. You never hear them say, ‘This dog gave birth to six puppies today.’ It’s always negative, like, ‘All these people got killed.’ I stay totally away from it.”

Brooke has been taking heat for avoiding politics and current news. In another interview, Brooke explained her attitude. “It’s a lot easier when you don’t listen to what people say. Sometimes it gets to me, but most of the time I can just let it roll off my shoulder. The emotional baggage does add up and explode sometimes, but I try not to dwell on the negative.” Brooke is learning to generate news as a celebrity while keeping the news out of her personal life. Put that way, we say good for her.

“We actually broke VH1’s history,” she says of her reality show “Brooke Knows Best.” “‘Hogan Knows Best’ broke VH1’s history, and then we broke ‘Hogan Knows Best’s’ history. I told my dad, “Brooke knows best, b—-!”

On another note, Nick Bollea will be released from jail Oct. 21, three months early, after Nick participated in the early release program and worked a prison job. Brooke can’t wait to spring her baby brother and says she plans on helping her brother put back on the pounds he lost in jail. “I’m going to make him anything he wants. We’re just going to chow down because all he’s been eating is yucky jail food.”

— The plot for the season finale of Brooke Knows Best on VH-1 this coming Sunday – “Brooke is at a crossroads with her music career without a current label, manager or distribution deal. When Ashley thinks about going back to college, Brooke is intrigued and goes with her to visit Florida Atlantic University. She attends a Shakespeare class and meets some football players. But could she ever become a student again?”

Brook and the twins looking great in pink.

WWE Diva Candice Michelle happy to be back on RAW

candicemichelle234.jpegWWE Diva Candice Michelle, the GoDaddy Super Bowl girl is back from the sidelines and ready to continue her feud with Beth Phoenix. As we reported previously, Candice has broken her collarbone twice this year. The first injury was against Beth and took her out of action for 14 weeks. Candice admits she rushed her return to the ring, resulting in the second injury shattering her clavicle into four pieces that required surgery. The surgery has been a success, Candice has a battle scar over her shoulder that she’s proud of and she’s ready to take back her title. Candice can be found in the fan nations forums with a new blog she calls ‘Defining Beauty.’


I can’t express in words how excited I am to FINALLY be back on Monday Night Raw! So many things have been rushing through my mind, so I think it’s time to update everyone here on Fan Nation! After being out of action for 10 months, the feeling of being back is tremendous! Through the blood, sweat, and tears, I am excited to start this new chapter of my career! I have been envisioning coming back for some time now, so for it to be reality is still setting in! It was an amazing challenge to face so many of my fears getting back into the ring! There is nothing like facing your fears head on to make your dreams come true!

I actually enjoyed seeing Beth Phoenix again! I know she may have thought she ended my wrestling career but it has only begun! Seeing her face-to-face stirred up old emotions and memories inside! Letting her know that I am back was beautiful in itself! That night when I returned may not have been my perfect match, but I did make my presence known! A good friend gave me some advice. She said, “I have to walk before I can run!” As much as I want to sprint right now, I realize time will get me there!

I have never been a patient person; patience is a virtue, I am learning! The day that the doctor released me to train, I let WWE know … and that day, not the next week or month, I had travel in place to train at FCW! I had the privilege of training at Steve Keirn’s school with amazing agents and talent! I owe a huge thanks to Billy Kidman, who came early for me, stayed late, and even came in on his day off because I wanted to get as much training in as I could! I flew home to see the doctor and got amazing news; I was medically cleared to return! AHHH, I thought this day would never come! I then traveled to Denver where I had a great experience at the DNC, then right onto my first road trip! It was awesome. I somehow finagled my way into wrestling on the house shows before my return! I was like a little kid when I found out I was wrestling! Woooooohooooooooah!

Now that I am back, I don’t expect things to get any easier! I see the WWE Universe and WWE have high expectations of me and I love it! The critiques keep me on my toes and make me fight harder! Beth Phoenix has set standards high for me as well as the other competitive Divas! She has something that once was mine, and I will do whatever it takes to earn it back! I have been knocked down several times and even taken out a few times, but each time I come back better and stronger than before! I have been gone for a long time and can’t prove myself overnight, but whether you love me or hate me, I will work to earn your respect!

It’s not about how many times you fall or how hard; it’s about how gracefully you get back up! It’s about being brave to face those fears, get past the negative and still fight for your dreams! Is the risk worth the reward? … Without a doubt in my mind! I will risk trying new things to become better! If I fall, I’ll get right back up till I can do it!! I have made it back and have a starting ground! My stars are aligned with love and gratitude! I will give no less than 110 percent as I reach for the stars!!

“The gracefulness of getting back up when you’ve fallen and having the faith to learn from your mistakes is, DEFINING BEAUTY!”

Thank you for the love and support,

Candice Michelle


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