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RINGDIVAS™ XPOSED! Introducing Katie Summers

behindthescenes-02-032809.jpgIts been a longtime coming but after a year of training Kati Summers is ready to shine.

Yes we know. It is hard to read the article without staring at the mega hot photos of RingDivas newest addition to the roster but trust us when we say the best is yet to come. The sultry blonde bombshell Kati Summers has officially arrived.

Thoughts on getting the call?
I was sitting at home having dinner with my parents when I got the call. RingDivas was setting up the upcoming Diva Rumble PPD event and they were looking for fresh faces to take part in the rumble. I was so SO happy! 🙂 I have been training for so long! All I’ve wanted to do is get a chance and I knew that if that chance came I could really show them that I’m tough enough to mix it up with the best of them.

Hardest part of training …
All of it!!! LOL. Training is tough and the environment is a bit stressful too. We are all lodged in a home and the training is done on a daily basis. Also having all those girls living under the same roof and the drama that goes on isn’t a picnic either. The RingDivas camera crew follows us around and tapes our sessions and the drama that happens before and afterwards. I made a joke to the boss that he should edit the video and sell it as a RingDivas reality show. Not sure if he liked the idea or not but I think the fans would love to see what REALLY happens during our training sessions.

Kelly Kati Summers?!?
LOL. Yes I get that all the time. Its cool. I’m not ashamed to admit it. I love Kelly Kelly and I’m a huge fan of hers. I guess everyone starting out in the business will model their style after someone that they love to watch. Most people won’t admit it but I don’t care. Kelly Kelly is hot, athletic and she’s a huge fan favorite. Nothing to be ashamed of if I’m trying to achieve those same goals. Oh did I forget to mention her wardrobe is awesome too???

Future World Champion?
That’s a tough one. I know that I want to be a World Champion someday but if you look at the RingDivas roster and the challengers that are already in a heated dogfight for the title I just know that I would be eaten alive. I think its definitely a goal for me, but I know well enough that its way too soon for me to start thinking about that. One day I will be the World Champion. But, keep in mind that it will happen when it is supposed to happen.

Debut singles match
I am so SOOOOOOOO excited. I do believe that my first singles match will be at Divamania. I’m not 100% sure who I’ll be wrestling but I’m pretty sure it will be at Divamania. Not sure if I’m aloud to tell that to anyone but heck if I’m not supposed to they will edit this out :o)

Lingerie matches and customs?
Yeah. I’ve been talking to the boss man about wanting to change things up a bit. I’d love to do custom matches with a twist. I don’t think that I’ve seen any of the RingDivas doing custom matches with actual lingerie. I know that the Bra and Thong customs are a huge hit but I don’t think anyone has done sexy lingerie. I’m hoping to talk them into letting me do a lingerie custom series for the fans. I know they would love it and it would be totally hot. I’ve got some really great ideas for outfits that I can put together. Can you tell I’m excited??? :o)

Fan Support and Feedback
I’m a huge fan of well…. fans!!! I posted on the message board the other day and the boss contacted me right away. It was a hilarious conversation I thought. Its starts out with. Hey did you post on the boards? Someone is posting claiming to be you. We have to delete them if its not you. And I’m like um… yup that was me! Guilty as charged lol. Then he’s like… um… ok. Well that’s new. And I go on to tell him that I’m all about talking to fans. Its just my style. He gave me the long be careful spill and all that jazz. I’m a big girl and I can handle myself. So that was that. He said have fun posting and I plan to do just that. I think if the fans get to know me, they will enjoy watching my matches more. It’s a new way of thinking but hey that’s how I roll!!!

Opportunity of a lifetime.
I am so grateful and I won’t let the fans down. You’ll be seeing a lot of Kati Summers and I hope your ready for an awesome ride!

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RingDivas Divamania 2009 Main Event has been set!!!

rd_hotnews-001-0323091.jpgIf you got a chance to see the outstanding 8 woman Diva Rumble match then you already know that the main event for Divamania 2009 has been officially set! With the Womens World Championship title on the line World Champion Suicide will face Former FightGirl World Champion Jessicka Havoc one-on-one at Divamania 2009!!!

Suicide has faced Jessicka Havoc one-on-one twice and she has lost both times. Jessicka Havoc has faced past opponents for the World Championship and she has also failed. Who will attain there destiny and acheive their dreams of gaining or retaining the Womens World Championship title? Don’t miss this HUGE blockbuster event and find out!!!

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Final card for 2009 Diva Rumble


New comer Kati Summers is the surprise addition to the Diva Rumble and she is just as excited as anyone for the opportunity. Kati has just graduated from our womens wrestling training center in Charlotte, NC and she now has the opportunity to secure a spot on the main roster!!! So far announced we have Sensational Sam Sexton, Tina Lockhart, Jessicka Havoc, Racquel Colon, Hazel, Destiny Dumon and Kati Summers! Along with the two new huge matches that were announced this card is shaping up to be a great one!!!

RingDivas® Presents… Diva Rumble 2009 (Mar 14)
Don’t miss this event available exclusively at

Sam Sexton, Tina Lockhart, Jessicka Havoc, Racquel Colon, Destiny, Hazel & Kati Summers!!!

Undisputed World Champion Suicide vs. Destiny Dumon

“The Japanese Fighting Monster” Ultimate Gojirah vs. Abbey Rhodes

RingDivas Xposed! Magazine – Jessica Havoc

behindthescenes-02-012809.jpgSitting in the locker room, the German Giant was no longer brooding.

Sweat still ran down her face from the hard-fought battle from that night, but the aggression and ferocity she exhibited in the ring, gave way to a moment of quiet reflection as she toweled off and slid off her boots.

The Rise of Havoc

A year ago, success stood in front of Jessicka Havok. Always considered a force in the ring by her peers, Havok’s intimidation factor was escalated by her stand-out ability in RingDivas’ “Fight Girl” division.

A Big Part of my Life

Jessicka: I take this very seriously. It is a very important part of my life. I know that I am one of the best and I prove it every single time I step foot in that ring.

Anyone who has ever stepped in the wrestling ring with the German Giant can attest to her unique, methodical approach, but the Fight Girls division saw even further distinction between Jessicka and the other competitors.

The Dominant Champion

Jessicka: I saw myself as a dominant, champion-caliber talent compared to the rest. It was clear that I was stronger then most of the talent that stepped foot in that ring. The Fight Girl title was always in her sights, and so focused was Havok that she took on the training assistance of long-time rival, then RingDivas World Champion, Sensational Sam Sexton; but it was that same union which would ultimately come back to blur Jessicka’s championship vision. Sam did this because she is intimidated, she is scared, and she needs someone on her side. When she did that to me, it was the ultimate slap in the face!

Undisputed World Champion

It was around this time that the Board of Directors decided to unify the two titles into one Undisputed World Championship; and the title would be decided at Cyberstorm 2008 in a Four-Way bout in which the first woman to score a submission or pinfall victory would be crowned the “undisputed” unified champion. Two of those four spot in the championship match belonged to the two champions at that time- Sam Sexton and Tina Lockhart, and the German Giant was anxious to get revenge on Sensational Sam – AND wear the Undisputed Title she felt she deserved.

Match of the Year

The Four-Way Championship bout at Cyberstorm 2008 was bittersweet for Jessicka; falling short in her bid for the title, but brightened by the surprise victory of her friend, Suicide- RingDivas newest Undisputed World Champion.

Focused on the World Title?

I won’t lie… I was angry at first… But as I said before, she is my friend.

And seeing her so happy that she cried, made me realize that this is her time. That being said… Suicide, I love you like a sister, but my time is coming. And in 2009, I will have my Championship title back. And I will be the number 1 representative of this company. It’s business… Nothing personal.

Fan Support and Dedication

Her optimism for 2009 is well-founded. While in the past it was the German Giant alone in her confidence, now Jessicka Havok finds herself with a quickly-growing fan-base; and the angelic smile that spreads across her face as she reads an email from a fan and admirer is a stark contrast to the hard demeanor for which she is known in the ring. Honestly, I love it. Not that I cared what anyone thought of me before. People have hated me my entire life, so I am used to it. But the feeling of being admired is wonderful to me. RingDivas has some of these most loyal, dedicated, fans. Fortunately for her many fans, Jessicka Havok has no plans to leave RingDivas; claiming the competition is the toughest and the women are by-far the most beautiful.

2009 Resolutions

My goal. To be the Undisputed Women’s World Champion and to be the best undisputed champion in RingDivas history. And to fulfill my vendettas against the ones who have wronged me in the past…. And they know who they are!

Battle Angels Sam Sexton versus Demon in mixed wrestling

pleaseknockmeout.jpegPlease Knock Me Out Vol.1

In this 20 minute boute it’s Sam Sexton versus Demon. This is a nasty one sided boute that leaves Sam Sexton completely annihilated.

Fans of mixed wrestling will want to check out this beat down.

RingDivas Exposed featuring World Champion Suicide

ringdivassuicide.jpg“Where is the poll for super- star of the year… and not the superstar of all time???” Says, talent instructor Chuck LeGrande. You really need to put up a poll for superstar of the year because hands down Suicide wins that poll. Take a look at how she took a hold of this company and shook it to its very foundation giving it what is currently known as “The Greatest Moment in RingDivas History”… that girl is on fire. You should REALLY put up a superstar of the year poll.

Ask anyone of our fans or staff members and they will tell you that hands down, Current Undisputed World Champion Suicide is our bonified Cinderella story. Although her rockstar like status rising from obscurity to becoming the World Champion has not been an easy road, Suicide has without a shadow of a doubt captured the hearts and minds of fans all around the world.

Becoming the World Champion

Suicide: The feeling is still surreal. It just doesnt feel like this was going to happen for me. Dont get me wrong, I have all the confidence in myself. I wouldnt be here if I wasnt confident, but take a look at the landscape of the RingDivas roster. You have some really REALLY talented girls that all want to be No.1. They all want to be the Undisputed World Champion.

Greatest moment Evarrrrr…

Suicide: Yeah, after I came off the top rope I was spent. I told myself give it everything you have. And when the ref counted three, I was in a complete state of shock. Then the flood of tears came and they never stopped.

Crying like a little girl…

Suicide: Hahahaha, what can I say. Winning the title, being on top of the mountain.. it means the world to me. Knowing that all my hardwork has brought me to this place. You would have cried too! Besides, I am a girl! 🙂

Making history at Cyberstorm

Suicide: Yeah well, one night I got a call from the owner and we talked for a bit and he sprung the news on me that the fans had voted for me to be one of the participants in the four way match. I was like what!?!?! I was so surprised. Not because I didnt feel like I deserved it. Its just that Sam and Tina are so hot these days. And I was expecting to see something between them.

Things were like a whirlwind then. I was trying my best to get wins under my belt to impress management and the boss man. Things werent at all going my way alot of the times. But needless to say, I never quit. I just kept plugging away until the opportunity came for me and I took it. Honestly, I wasnt even supposed to be in the match… and I won!!! Its like Holy Sh*t!!! Im the Mutha Fuggin Champ Bitchas!!! I owe it all to the fans though. They gave me the opportunity and Ive never looked back since then. I Luv my FANS!!!

What the future holds…

Suicide: I want to be the best that I can be. Now that I am the champion I want to prove that it wasnt a fluke victory. Sam and Tina can make all the statements they want that Im not worthy of the title. But I know that isnt the case. Because if that was the case, I wouldnt be where I am today…


RingDivas Racquel Colon Bra & Thong Destruction Vol.2

brathongdest2.jpgWith the huge success of volume 1 RingDivas comes back with the second edition of the fan favorite Bra and Thong Series. This time Racquel Colon sports and even skimpier outfit in shiny Red!!! Watch as Jessicka Havoc takes out her frustrations and COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY DESTROYS RACQUEL COLON!!! In crystal clear high definition you get to see every inch of the beautiful Racquel Colon!!! Don’t miss this unbelievable custom between these top two Battle Angels Superstars!!!

DOWNLOAD – Gang Violence Vol.2 (Sam v Tina Racquel Destiny Jess)

RingDivas Chloroform Vol.1 Destiny Dumon vs. Tina Lockhart (Fantasy Custom) Download

chdes2.jpgFormat/Length: Download (Hi-Res 1024×576) – 23:10 Minutes

This match concept features the following: two beautiful women in bikinis wrestling and a bottle of cholorform. If you like what you’re hearing it’s worth checking out…if you feel a little creeped out, just remember it’s a fantasy custom match for the fans!

Fan favorite Destiny Dumon takes on Former FightGirl World Champion Tina Lockhart for the first time and this matchup gets crazy! Destiny Dumon picks up a bottle of chloroform and knocks out Tina Lockhart half way through the match and proceeds to give Tina a brutal beatdown. Perhaps out here in the mundane world we’d need an ambulance for both wrestlers from all the chloroform they suck in this match. In professional wrestling, chloroform is something to shake off and Tina does just that, regains consciousness and then uses the chloroform to KO Tina!

The matches goes back and forth and you wouldnt believe the outcome! Don’t miss this entertaining custom between these top two Battle Angels Superstars!!!

DOWNLOAD – Chloroform Vol.1 Destiny vs. Tina (Fantasy Custom)

RingDivas Gang Violence Vol.2 (Sam vs Tina Racquel Destiny Jessicka) Download

gv2b.jpgTitle: Cast: Sam Sexton, Tina Lockhart, Destiny Dumon, Racquel Colon, Jessicka Havoc
Format/Length: Download (Hi-Res 1024×576) – 23:10 Minutes


Description: After Sam recruited some of her friends to beat down on Tina in the first edition of Gang Violence Tina knew she had to get revenge. So what did she do? She upped the ante getting not 3 but FOUR GIRLS TOGETHER TO BRUTALLY BEAT DOWN SAM SEXON IN HER STREET CLOTHES!!! If you thought Sams beat down on Tina was bad… you aint seen nothing yet! This is by far one of the most systematic beat downs RingDivas has ever recorded. Four way beatdowns in just about every possible scenario you can think of!!! Watch as Tina, Racquel, Destiny and Jessicka COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY DESTROY SAM SEXTON!!! Don’t miss this unbelievable 4-on-1 beatdown!!!

DOWNLOAD – Gang Violence Vol.2 (Sam v Tina Racquel Destiny Jess)

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