What’s next for Melissa Anderson aka SHIMMER Cheerleader Melissa?

Slam! Wrestling had the privilige of a great interview with Future Legend Cheerleader Melissa at the Cauliflower Alley Club reunion. We get to read about Cheerleader Melissa’s reasoning for leaving TNA and what’s she’s been up to.

Slam! Wrestling reports that it was changes on the creative side, including the departures of Dutch Mantell and Scott D’Amore, that contributed significantly to the move.

“It was the changes behind the scenes, and nothing more. It was a very mutual split and it was time to move on. TNA is going forward with their direction as a whole, as a company, and I saw all the other opportunities.”

Cheerleader Melissa has set her sights on Lucha Libra.

“I’m in light talks with Mexico, and that’s something that I would really love just to add to my career. I spent a lot of time in Japan, the United States, Canada, a lot of time in Europe. I never really gave Mexico a shot, so that’s a personal goal for myself right now.”

Another project in the works is a working agreement between the various promotions worldwide that showcase women’s wrestling.

“The new project I’ve been working on is the Female Fight League, which the announcement was just made during the Cauliflower Alley convention, the Baloney Blowout. Basically, it’s going to be a female version of the NWA. The details are still being worked out. We really want to do something to boost female wrestling as a whole throughout the world, and, mainly, the United States.”

Slam! Wrestling asked Melissa if the Female Fight League perhaps a reaction to the state of women’s wrestling at the moment?

“There’s a lot of people that have been coming up to me that are a little bit frustrated with the state right now. Is it going up? Is it going down? I can’t really speak on that. But there’s a lot of frustration, and there are a lot of wrestling fans that are big fans of female wrestling.”

Slam! Wrestling lists off Femmes Fatales in Montreal, ChickFight in California, SHIMMER out of Chicago, WSU in New England, and Pro Wrestling EVE in England and says that not all of the companies are on board yet with the Female Fight League.

Melissa explains, “It’s very, very good that we have those companies out there, and we hope for, with the Female Fight League, that these companies are able to work together to make it bigger in the United States. Our companies, they’re so spread out, we’re not really in competition with each other, so we need to find a way to work together to put a lot more focus on it.”

You can read the whole article at Slam! Wrestling.

In our opinion, Cheerleader Melissa is in the right track in regards to women wrestling. Women’s wrestling is in a niche market within wrestling. The best company models for women wrestling are going to be small, lean and mean, and no one company is going to threaten the market share of another company. There’s only so much growth for women wrestling and that limits the threat of new promotions popping up to steal market share for any established company. An alliance, then, with each company taking a region and working together to promote all women wrestling makes sense.

We just posted up our thoughts on what Lisa Marie Varon should be doing next. In our opinion, Lisa Marie Varon could up her game and work more on the business side of wrestling. Lisa doesn’t have anything else to prove in-ring. Her rub and her connections in the industry, including ex-divas like Trish Stratus, Stacy Keibler and now Mickie James, could make a tremendous difference in getting a time slot for independent women wrestling on TV. A show where creative control isn’t in the hands of Jimmy Hart, or Vince McMahon, and there’s adequate funding for a quality product.

Lena Yada visits Lisa aka ‘Tara(ntula)’

lenayadasmall.jpegWe’re glad to hear that Lena’s freindship with Lisa Marie didn’t fade post-WWE. Lena posted that she visited her WWE chum recently. We thought we’d post it so Lena Yada fans can keep up with the latest on their favorite asian sensation!! Rumours are that Lena is now in negotiations with Wrestlicious.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Me and Lisa aka Victoria aka Tara-Rizing

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Hadn’t seen my homegirl Lisa in a long time, so I decided to pay her a visit in Louisville, KY this past weekend. It was so much fun chillaxin and catching up with her. People used to call us 2 peas in a pod, so it was good to be reunited with my pea! LOL!! What did we do? The usual chick stuff. Shopping, watch movies, go out to eat, and lay poolside. But we also stopped by her shop Black Widow Customs and her gym, CORE Gym. I knew she was doing MMA, but I had to see it with my own eyes. CORE is beautiful and it offers just about everything, classes in Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu to wrestling and boxing. Her instructors Trey, Rolando, and Alex were awesome as well. I got to see Lisa in action and lemme tell ya, she is fierce! I’m really impressed with how far she has come.

I’m sad that I had to leave so soon. Three days wasn’t enough. But it makes me look forward to the next time I see her when she visits me in LA 🙂

Lena Yada

A Real Blog from Sara Del Ray

kongray.jpegSara Del Ray recently posted on her myspace,

Hey all!!!

Here is a real blog about the happenings of my world.

As most of you know last weekend was SHIMMER and WOW what a fun time. My first match was vs. a very very great talent from Australia Madison Eagles. To say she is good is an understatement she is phenomenal! I wish I could wrestle her everyday of the week she just gets it!

Speaking of getting it…some people don’t! It blows my mind and I don’t want to bury anybody so I’ll leave it at that. I once heard someones wrestling style described as insulting and yes folks I have been insulted by many women.

Back to Shimmer…The rest of the weekend I teamed up with the Amazing Awesome Kong. This might be bold but I say we are one of the top 10 female tag teams of all time…Maybe even top five. We are GREAT and we look GREAT. I had a picture up here for “a hot minute” so anyone who caught it could vouch how BAD in a good way we looked! Our matches all went real well and super easy… not that our opponents were not challenging because they were. It was just that I felt completely on the same page with my partner and things just seemed to happen. So go us…anyone have a name idea????

I have been messaged by many people saying paypal has been having problems so if you are one of them you can still order just send the correct payments to dgxgirl@hotmail.com and let me know what you want.

Speaking of what you want if you ever though to your self…Hey, I would look good in that…or Hey, that would look cool on my wall…or Hey, I wish I could burn that…Here’s your chance I am selling some of my gear. first time ever and maybe last so if you have ever asked yourself one of the above questions this is for you. Contact me here!

I got to see the pilot for Wrestlelicious lat weekend and it was great! Say what you want but I was entertained. The wrestlers were able to wrestle and I think everyone will appreciate the effort put forth by all the girls.

This weekend (tomorrow) I am wrestling my new tag partner for JAPWD. If anyone wants to check it out:

JAPW returns with the Women’s Division superstars at the Rahway Rec Center, 275 East Milton Ave. Belltime: 4:00pm

Hope to see you all there!


Wrestlicious swimsuit promo

Madison Rayne looks smoking hot in her bikini and yeah…that’s Lacy Von Erich in a green bikini at the end of the clip. Ashley Lane did some work for Wrestlicious before being hired by TNA.

YouTube Preview Image

Marley Sabastian aka Daizey Haize on Wrestlicious Promo

Daizy Haize is on Wrestlicious. Okay, it’s getting to be impossible not to anticipate watching this show in spite of the wall of hair raising, eye watering segments we’ve been subjected to in these promos. Wrestlicious is shameless camp and beautiful women wrestlers. They fight, they rap, they all have colorful personas.

YouTube Preview Image

Another Wrestlicious Promo

For better or worse, Wrestlicious is being compared to GLOW. As in the title, this part of the show are a collection of short comedy skits.

YouTube Preview Image

Lacey Von Erich and Wrestlelicious

wrestlicious.jpgLacey Von Erich, was a special guest on Monday Night Mayhem, hosted by The Big Mosh & Blade. Lacey discussed her family’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame and ‘Wrestlicious.’

Lacey explained a little about the secrecy around Wrestlicious. “We were sworn to secrecy. The only I told was my family & my very close friends, not co-workers…Nobody else I told about the show, and all the girls did the same, because that was our contract — Do not talk.” She went to add that the show is “Saturday Night Live with women wrestlers.”

On Wrestlicious competing with the TNA Knockouts and WWE Divas. “No, I don’t think it’s competition in any way shape or form.” She continued on by saying that “the WWE & TNA is “a man’s world…We are not trying to be very serious & trying to say this is all real.”

Should WWE have used their women talent differently at WrestleMania? “It’s men’s wrestling, I don’t care how they spin it — This is a man’s world, and women are eye candy.” She went to say that women’s wrestling is not what she thinks it should be & there should more of a focus on the athleticism.

On second and third generation superstars: “I’m so excited that these are the people that are leading our new future of wrestling.” She is very proud that Natalya taught her many things about this business while she was breaking in, including all of the in’s & out’s. “All of us remember when we were younger, and all of us watched our dad’s, uncles, & everyone else. So for us to be leading the future generation (of wrestling), I think it’s the best thing for wrestling…We are gonna’ bring the old-school back.”

The Vivacious Lacey Von Erich.

Fox picks up “Wrestlicious”…so what is Wrestlicious?

wrestlicious.jpgWrestlicious, the brain child of Powerball winner Jonathan Vargas, is touted on the progam’s homepage as “The Hottest action/comedy on TV.” The show’s simularity to GLOW is no accident as Wrestlicious’ Senior Producer is GLOW alumni Johnny Cafarella. The show comes off like a mix of campy 80s music video with over the top women wrestlers reminiscent of comic book characters and high-energy wrestling matches in a customized wrestling ring. Fox has agreed to pick up the show and will run the 13 episodes secretly taped last August this Fall.

Jimmy Hart will be hosting the show alongside 2005 WWE Diva Search runner-up Leyla Milani.

Lacey Von Erich, the 22-year-old daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Kerry Von Erich, is wrestling with her own name and is seen in the video pushing her family ties and finishing maneuver — “The Claw.”

Model Lana Kinnear is also featured in the video and will be wrestling as “Malibu McKenzie.” Kinnear appeared in the short-lived “WOW: Women of Wrestling” promotion as the pink-belted Lana Star. Kinnear also made an appearance on Raw in December 2004 in a limbo contest.

Ohio Valley Wrestling women’s wrestler Roni Jonah appears to be the vampire character “Draculeta.”

Semi-retired adult film actress Trina Michaels looks to be one of the referees.

Also appearing:

Lizzy Valentine,
Daizee Haze,
Portia Perez,
Becky Bayless.

Wrestlicious, “What would you do if you won the Powerball?

wrestlicious.jpgWrestlicious released a newspress today to explain that the new woman wrestling promotion that Jimmy Hart is launching is the brainchild of Jonathan Vargas, 19 year old Powerball winner…


Los Angeles, CA-Saturday March 28, 2008

The Executive Producer of the new Jimmy Hart’s Wrestlicious TV show creating a huge buzz on the internet, 19 year old Jonathan Vargas, is excited about the overwhelming response. Vargas, the youngest Powerball winner ever, won 35.3 million in May 2008, and wasted no time pursuing his dream of being involved the wrestling business. Vargas, who lived in Gaston, South Carolina at when he bought the winning Powerball ticket recently moved to Tampa, Florida to be closer to the Wrestlicious production.

“It definitely always been a dream to be in the wrestling business. I grew up watching Jimmy Hart, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine and Nasty Boy Brian Knobbs, and it seems surreal that they are all part of Wrestlicious now. We have assembled some of the best producers and talent in the business, I know in my heart Wrestlicious will be a home run”

Vargas will appear in the show as “JV Rich”, the laid back and affable Rapper/Owner of Wrestlicious. Regular features will include “JV’s CRIB”, a look at the goings-on inside JV’s mansion frequented by The Wrestlicious Girls.

“I thought he was very nice, and doesn’t seem to be affected at all by his good fortune. He was totally respectful to all the ladies on the set. He seemed to me to be involved in Wrestlicious solely because he genuinely loves wrestling and not as a vehicle to meet young women” said Wrestlicious star Lacey Von Erich.

“Mr. Vargas has been a pleasure to work with since he first expressed his interest in women’s wrestling to me last summer” added Wrestlicious Senior Producer and GLOW alumni Johnny Cafarella “He’s a very smart young man and surprising business acumen for a guy his age”

YouTube Preview Image
We have respect for Jonathan Vargas, we think this could be campy fun and hope Wrestlicious- an all-woman wrestling show that will debout on Fox this fall- tremendous success.

SHIMMER Champion “Your Soul’s Tormentor” MsChif interview

clockworkmschif.jpgCaptured-Beauty.com recently conducted an interesting interview with MsChif. Here are some highlights:

How did your MsChif gimmick come about, did you think of it or was it somebody who gave you the idea?

The promotion I debuted with had asked for me to be a crazy character. Crazy, I just didn’t quite have in me though. So instead trying to be something that just wasn’t me, I let surface what was awaiting inside. The gimmick was born in my 1st match. I went out to the ring and gave them what I had and it has just developed along since.

Who’s your favorite female athlete to work with, and if so — Who’s your least favorite female athlete to work with?

This has to be one of the hardest questions to answer. Seriously. By what terms would one base this on? How good they are technically? Challenging? Best in working against my character? Their psychological ability? How colorful of a character they display? The hilarity or brutality in their character’s nature? I could easily come up with about a dozen different women all based on different reasons.

We’ve seen some of your stellar matches against the likes of Lacey, Amazing Kong, Cheerleader Melissa just to name a few. Out of all the matches you’ve done, what is your favorite match?

I’d have to answer this as the SHIMMER vol.9 match against Amazing Kong. Simply because she presents a challenge that no other woman can. If I can survive through the punishment of Kong, I can survive through anyone.

If you could wrestle someone that you haven’t wrestled yet, who would that be?

Clarifying in a singles match, Sara Del Rey. Also, LuFisto, well other than on Fire Pro Wrestling Returns!

How did Diabolic Khaos come about and can we expect a reunion? Maybe with Daffney as your manager?

Delirious and I debuted together. Who can tell what the future will hold. We have actually had a couple reunions already. In the NWA midwest as well as back in our old stomping grounds of the St. Louis area.

You have had both male and female opponents throughout your career thus far. Do you feel as though male vs. female matches work as well as say male vs. male or female vs. female?

Sure they do. What’s the difference from fighting a guy, or fighting a bigger and stronger woman? I just look at matches as wrestler vs. wrestler.

We have watched you wrestle in a variety of matches – Falls Count Anywhere matches, Cage matches and more. What stipulation do you feel most comfortable with, or is it traditional singles matches that do it for you?

I love wrestling in stipulation matches though I draw the line on death matches. I just have no interest in them for myself. While traditional matches can still be great, I love wrestling in any match different from the norm. I don’t think I’ve ever been uncomfortable when given any type of stipulation match.

What was it like to wrestle in Japan? Was there anyone out there you really enjoyed to wrestle against during your stay? Any chance of you going to Japan again in the future?

Awesome! I loved wrestling against Yoshiko Tamura, she’s a fantastic wrestler. I really enjoyed wrestling Tanny Mouse as well. She’s just hilarious and fun.

How did you get started in the wrestling business? Was there anything in particular that really attracted you to wrestling and made you think “Yeah, this is what I’m supposed to be doing”?

I had always been a fan of wrestling. Someone had once asked me, “If there is one fun thing you’d like to do in your life what would that be?” I told them become a wrestler. Shortly after that I looked up the nearest wrestling school and went to check it out.

What are your thoughts on Daffney and who came up with the idea to pair you guys together? Would you ever be interested in having a match against her in Shimmer?

I love being paired with Daffney. I believe we were once conjoined twins separated at birth. I would never want to wrestle her in SHIMMER because I’d never want to leave her side.

MsChif and Daffney- conjoined twins at birth?

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