Gail Kim to Raw, Alicia Fox to Raw, Natalya to Smackdown

gailkimnadia.jpegDonald Trump’s brief tenure as the owner of raw continues to pay out interest(ing) dividends for WWE fans. On on Monday’s episode of raw it was announced that the Donald has arrange the trade of more than a dozen superstars throughout all three WWE brands. That’s the excuse WWE is using to implement another draft after saying there would be no more cross brand appearances by wrestlers and each brand would be complete and of itself. Okay I guess Donald Trump is also responsible for the hall passes for Jericho and Hardy.

At the top the list moving to the Raw roster is none other than Gail Kim. So, Gail Kim is excited about the upcoming two week tour including Hawaii, Japan and the Phillipines. Tomorrow Gail Kim and Alicia Fox may get a chance to respond to the unexpected brand swap during the tapings for this Friday’s Smackdown. Then, after the tour ends Gail Kim and Alicia Fox will join the main event! The two may continue their feuding when on Mondays..which we don’t mind at all. Alicia Fox has shown us, the fans, that she’s willing to sell and work to get us into her matches and we think she’s quickly establishing herself as a rising star.

Gail Kim posted on her MySpace on Sunday, June 28, 2009,

HEY! ITS ME!!!! 🙂

Hey guys!! Its been a minute since Ive actually posted anything with the exception of the rare message on my site, but I had to clarify that I DO NOT have a twitter account or a Facebook account!!! If I ever choose to have one I’ll let everyone know…so if you think its me, its a FAKE!

Im off to the west coast now then Hawaii, Japan and Phillipines!!! Never been to all three places….soooo excited! GIRL TIME! and some adventures…..:)

Other WWE talent being shuffled around are Brie and Nikki Bella- who will be moved to the ECW Roster and another big play that has us gushing- Natalya is moving to Smackdown!

That’s right! The Hart Dynasty will be joining the best WWE programming on TV at this time. David Hart Smith, Tyson kidd and Natalya will add much appreciated Canadian content to Smackdown.

That means the McCool will have Natalya in her heel corner. The two of them together are going to give Melina, Eve and Laya(?) a pretty hard time.

We won’t see a McCool Gail Kim feud, but we may get to see a Beth versus Gail Kim program- which, after Gail Kim’s failed launch on Smackdown and Beth’s humiliation over the last few months, both wrestlers could really use to get the train back on the track! We’ve finally got a reason to watch women’s wrestling on Raw again…

Divas on Monday’s RAW, Divas at WWE SmackDown/ECW Live

maryse.jpegMaryse and Jillian vs. Mickie James and Kelly Kelly

WWE Divas Champion Maryse is in the ring with after we return from commercial. She’s speaking in French and says if she wasn’t Maryse, she would want to be. Out comes Mickie followed by Kelly. Jillian and Kelly start the match off and Jillian gets taken down by Kelly.

Kelly hits a few counters and a nice head scissors move. Maryse distracts Kelly and Jillian drops her with a clothesline for a 2 count. Jillian in control now. Maryse is tagged in and they double team Kelly. Maryse applies a chinlock on Kelly. Kelly gets to her feet but Maryse drops her using her hair. Mickie comes in and goes to work on Maryse with her usual offense. Mickie hits the big Thesz Press off the top but only gets a 2 count as Jillian makes the save. Kelly dumps Jillian to the floor and clotheslines her off the apron. Maryse goes for her DDT in the ring but Mickie counters it. Mickie ends up hitting her DDT and getting the pinfall for the win on Maryse.

Winners: Mickie James and Kelly Kelly

Beth Phoenix vs. Santina Marella

Back from the break and Beth Phoenix comes out with Rosa at her side. Beth looks pissed. The music hits and out comes her opponent, Santina Marella. Santina plays around to start the match. Beth rocks her with shots and goes to work with shoulders in the corner. Beth clotheslines Santina to the floor and goes after him. Beth lifts Santina above her head and throws her back in the ring. Beth with stomps and kicks now.

Santina manages a reversal but Beth catches him in a full nelson. Santina tries to power out and eventually breaks the hold. Beth mounts Santina with rights and lefts. Beth smacks and punches him, saying this has embarrassed her too much. Santina rolls Beth up out of nowhere to get the pin and the win.

Winner: Santina Marella


Gail Kim & Eve Torres d. Natalya & Layla.

You could blatantly tell at moments that this was the experienced workhorse girls trying to teach the green girls on the job. The execution wasn’t the best at times, but this was when it became obviously clear that only the best guys on your average independent show (if that) are as sound as the worst workers in WWE, as this was the worst match on this show, but this was technically fine, in terms of the timing and pacing of things. There was one really scary moment towards the finish where Layla was late breaking up a neckbreaker spot and threw a dropkick anyway, landing on Gail Kim’s head in a similar fashion as when Chris Nowinski took the double dropkick at Royal Rumble ’03 that concussed him.


RingDivas Shoot with Blue Meanie & Jasmin St. Claire

jasminebluemeanie_small.jpgBlue Meanie talks about his training at Al Snow’s gym and life on the independent scene. Meanie then discusses life in ECW, including the forming of the BWO, life with Stevie Richards, and the problems back then between Stevie and Raven. Find out why he left ECW, and great stories when he was in the WWF. Jasmin on the other hand talks about her past career as an adult video star. Find out all the stuff you wanted to know about her past profession, including the famous World’s Greatest Gang Bang Video. Find out the darker side of the adult film business, including the drug use and prostitution of some of the girls, and just the horrors that are associated with that business. Find out what adult video superstars are cool, and who are not as Jasmin talks about all. Also what was it like to do the Howard Stern show frequently, and how was Howard off the camera? Jasmine also talks about how she met The Meanie, and her days in the wrestling business with XPW. Both of them talk about their careers now in ECW and their futures. This is a truly unique interview with great ECW stories, plus get all the dirt on the adult video business!

DOWNLOAD – Shoot with Jasmin St. Claire (Copmlete Interview)

RingDivas shoot with Dawn Marie

dawnmarie_small.jpgWhat doesn’t Dawn Marie cover in this two hour, in-debt interview? Dawn Marie covers,

How did you get started in wrestling
What was your background in modeling
Were you a fan before you got involved
Is it true that you worked in real estate before wrestling
Where did you go for training
Was it difficult being a girl in a business with so many men
How did you wind up in ECW
Initial impressions of Paul Heyman
Initial impressions of Lance Storm
How did you guys develop chemistry
Memories of your feud with Tammy
Memories managing Simon and Swinger
Thoughts on Tammy
Was she helpful at all to you
Was it hard when you would start getting more over than Pat
What were some of your favorite angles in ECW
Any good road stories from ECW
At what point did you realize it was serious and ECW was in jeopardy
Did Paul say anything to you or the locker room at the last PPV
How tough was it to pay your bills
Did you have any discussions with WCW
Did you think about a career outside of wrestling
How did you wind up coming to the WWE
Initial impressions of Vince
Thoughts on the Rock
Thoughts on Undertaker
How different was the dynamic in the WWE locker room
Were you well received by the locker room
Were the other girls helpful
Did anyone mentor you there
Was it hard on your relationship that you got a deal and Pat didn?t
Is it hard to keep a healthy relationship while being a full time WWE talent
When you came in were you expecting to be back with Lance Storm
Whos idea was it to put you in as Vince?s accountant
Memories of doing skits with Vince
Is Vince approachable
Memories of your first angles with Torrie
Who taught you how to wrestle in the WWE
Who?s idea was the whole Al Wilson angle
Do you think it ever got too ridiculous
Thoughts on Torrie
Memories of AL
Thoughts on being involved in a feud that lasted 9 months
Memories of your match with Torrie
Were you ever approached to do Playboy
Was there any jealousy from the other girls over all the time you were getting
Memories of when Sable came back
Thoughts on her
Memories teaming with Nidia
Memories of wrestling Gail Kim
What is your favorite place you got to travel to with the WWE
How different was WWE from ECW
Who were your favorite wrestlers to watch
Thoughts on Triple H
Thoughts on Stephanie McMahon
Was Paul Heyman an ally to you
Do you think it hurt the product when the WWE got far away from girls with wrestling backgrounds as opposed to the models
Memories of your angle with Charlie Haas
Thoughts on working with Jackie Gayda
Memories of your feud with Michelle McCool
Some former Divas complained about Randy Orton, did you have any problems with him
Memories wrestling Moolah and Mae
Are you surprised as to how popular ECW still is today
Have you talked to TNA
What advice do you have for women who want to get into wrestling
What do you miss most about the business

Seriously, you can’t miss this.

You can see it now by clicking here.

Nikki Bella versus Brie Bella on ECW

It’s a fun match…that ends with a roll-up. What the heck is with all the Diva matches ending with roll-ups in WWE?

YouTube Preview Image

WrestleMania 25 Updates

wm251.jpgDuring Saturday night’s replay of Raw on the Universal HD channel the 25-Diva Battle Royal graphic for WrestleMania XXV was shown once again, but with two WWE Divas removed. The Gail Kim and Candice Michelle were both gone. Gail Kim will likely be in the match, but she has yet to make her official return to the ring. Kim will be making her television return to the company on this week’s edition of SmackDown, which was taped this past Tuesday. Unfortunately for Candice Michelle, it appears as though that she has been pulled from the match altogether, and will be missing WrestleMania for the second year in a row due to injury.

WWE’s stocks are rising, with their biggest PPV of the year just around the corner. The stock market is surging, gaining 500 points today, and WWE stocks rose with the Dow and closed the day trading at $11.72 a share, up almost 10% from Friday’s closing.

WWE’s public stocks may be rising, but their stocks with Diva fans have definately taken a hit! WWE has scrapped plans for an all-Diva episode of ECW. Our source tells us the thinking is, what build up does a Royal Rumble need? So, the ECW will be building a ECW title match for WrestleMania instead, with some Diva clips thrown in…

WWE has announced that Kid Rock and lead Pussycat Doll, Nicole Scherzinger, will perform at the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania on April 5 at Reliant Stadium in Houston.

Former Diva Ashley Massaro has changed her profile status to being an employee of WWE. Our source tells us former WWE Diva Joy Giovanni was backstage visiting friends at Monday’s Raw in San Antonio, Texas.

Former WWE Divas Champion Michelle McCool appeared on last week’s Raw Live Blog on on Monday and was asked about Kim from a fan. McCool responded: “Gail Kim…I always liked watching her, but I don’t think she has what it takes! I mean, she’s ok – but she’s not anything special!” It’s a good heel response from McCool- ‘in the ropes’. The kind of response that’ll draw an answer from Gail, maybe as early as this Friday’s Smackdown…

Check out more Torrie Wilson pictures at!!!

Important Smackdown spoiler that we don’t want to post

gailkimnadia.jpegWe’ve got a spoiler from this week’s double header involving a returning WWE Diva that we’re dying to share. Problem is, we don’t want to ruin the surprise for women wrestling fans. But it’s so sweet! Okay, we’ve decided to compromise: the Smackdown spoilers are up at our affiliate site, If you want to find out what’s going on, check out the link. Otherwise, we strongly recommend you watch the 03.27.09 episode of Smackdown!

On another, completely different note, has anyone else noticed that talk about an all-women wrestling show on prime-time TV keep coming up in whatever company Gail Kim’s working for? Anyone who’s watched SHIMMER or JAPW knows that given the opportunity, women wrestlers can put on a hell of a show. There was tonnes of speculation that the Knockouts could handle a regular show on prime time- and then TNA let Gail Kim go. Now we’re waiting for the TNA Knockouts to find their momentum again. With the talent pool the Knockouts can tap into, it’s just a matter of getting the right booker. But, the idea of a TNA all-Knockout wrestling show has cooled for the moment. Now, WWE’s actually going to do an all-Diva show on ECW and as a lead in to a main event at WrestleMania! And the commonality is: Gail Kim.

We’re just saying.

Divas March Madness, All Divas ECW show?

smoking.jpgDivas March Madness

The new March Madness Divas special photoshoot on features the Sexiest Women on Television sporting their gear in honor of the NCAA basketball tournament. Just check out the pic on the left- do we need to say more?

The WWE Divas are taking over the ECW show next Tuesday.

It’s strange to think that a year ago it was the TNA Knockouts who were speculating on what they could do with a one hour all women wrestling show on prime time TV. Let’s move forward a year back to the present. The WWE, to build up momentum for the 25 Diva Rumble at WrestleMania, announced on this week’s ECW tapings that next week’s ECW on Schi-Fi will be an all-Divas special. It’s an exciting opportunity for the Divas, and a necessity for WrestleMania. WWE hasn’t done junk in years to build backstories and interesting feuds with the Divas. Michelle McCool turned heel on the rumour of heated backstage reported by wrestling sites. Seriously, the only feuding we hear about comes from the Divas locker room. So, with weeks left before we get to check out the biggest WWE PPV of the year, WWE’s got to rip open the Divas closets and air some skelitons.

So, how much of ECW will be wrestling and how much backstage segments? Mostly backstage, but that’s not a bad thing. This could be a lot of fun to watch, if the WWE plans the hour right. There should be eighteen scheming, backstabbing Divas maneuvering for the biggest match of the year and a collection of simple-thinking men who, on this occasion, are going to find themselves completly outmatched. Remember, the order that Divas come out is going a long way to determine who wins and becomes Miss WrestleMania. And nobody’s going to outmaneuver Mae Young. And only Michelle McCool’s got Undertaker in her corner. And the Glamazon is simply expecting a top seed and will make sure Santino explains that to management. And how can we tell one Bella from another? Everyone will have strengths and cards to play. See where I’m coming from? The question is how to pack it all into an hour.

The ECW taping is scheduled to be held prior to Raw next Monday in Kansas City.

Remember, there’s a great reason to watch ECW next week on Sci-Fi; it’s for the chance to spend an hour with the beautiful Divas of WWE.

Alicia Fox profile on

alicia-fox.jpegNice to see a profile up for Alicia Fox, who has been valet for DJ Gabriel on ECW. The lines between reality and performance are really blurred by her Bio! So, in the tiny WWE universe wrestlers also plan weddings? It almost makes sense…Fox will do anything to get into WWE…even make out with Edge! Wow! That is desperate!

That means there are now nineteen Divas on the roster and one injured Candice Michelle. If WWE is planning on bringing in seven former divas and if Candice is ready to wrestle at WrestleMania, there’s one extra. That’s not a bad idea to have some extra Divas ready for WrestleMania, just in case.

“Introduced to the WWE Universe as the wedding planner for Edge & SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero’s nuptials, Fox has quickly made a name for herself – albeit one she may not want.

With an extremely hands-on approach to planning the wedding, Fox was caught on video in Edge’s hotel room, where the two exchanged a passionate kiss – and ruined the reception on SmackDown.

Fox, distraught by the mess between Edge and Vickie, moved her business to the UK where she met a talented up-and-comer, DJ Gabriel. She and Gabriel returned to the States and joined ECW where they have been dancing their way to the top.

The Diva has certainly shown the WWE Universe that she will do whatever it takes to prove she belongs in WWE.”


Sad News about Former ECW Francine

francine.jpgWith regret and sadness we pass on the news that former ECW star Francine has lost both her father and sister to cancer. Francine was at father’s wake when she found out her sister had passed on. We can’t imagine what this would be like and only wish Francine the best in her time of need.

You can offer your support to Francine on her MySpace by clicking here.

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