Francine’s Latest Bulletin

francine-fournier-leather-couch.jpgFrancine posted on MySpace today. Here’s the good stuff:

I will be working for WEW (my favorite company!) on December 14th in Philly.
I really love working there. I get to have a slumberparty with my best
girlfriends and I really enjoy working with everyone. It’s such a good time!
Speaking of December 14th, we will be doing another round of custom videos.
If you are interested, please e-mail with your
questions and request. All payments and scripts must be received by December
Her role on the 14th is as a Special Guest Referee, to hold law & order and breasts in place. Good luck with that one Francine.

Random Diva News: April Hunter Retiring, Stacy Keibler a Mom, and More

April HunterApril Hunter has announced that she will be retiring from professional wrestling. Hunter made the decision after going to numerous doctors in the United States and Canada who told her she needed to stop wrestling. The doctors told her that due to an accumulation of spine injuries that she could end up crippled or could even end up having internal organ failure. She said she took too many bumps from wrestlers’ badly trained girlfriends and her back and neck are trashed. Hunter will be moving to Louisville, Kentucky and will be working as a full-time pro wrestling manager.

Former WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus is working on opening a yoga studio in North Toronto called “Stratusphere Yoga.” Stratus’ ultimate goal is to franchise it.

Stacey Keibler has a role in the upcoming sports movie spoof “The Comebacks.” Keibler will be playing the character “All-American Mom.”

Amy Dumas (aka Lita) is currently planning another road tour for her punk Rock band “The Luchagors.”

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Women’s Extreme Wrestling PPV Taping Results – Red, White, Black & Blue

Women’s Extreme WrestlingWEW held their PPV Tapings on 7/12/07 at The New Alhambra Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania entitled “Red, White, Black & Blue”

Referees for the night: Mike Kehner, Derek Sabato, Isis, Mary Alejo, Stevie Wonderful, Lilly & Bunny Love

Show starts with Ring Announcer Eddie Cruise coming to the ring along with Jewelz & Kera

Lucy Furr def. ODB in a ” If I Beat You You Have To….Loser Must Do Something Of The Winners Choice Match!!”
ODB came down to the ring and explain the stipulation of the match that if she beat Lucy Furr, she would have to do something that she could not even mention in the arena. Lucy Furr then came down to the ring and told her that if she beats ODB then she had to show her old dirty balls to the entire arena and everyone else watching on PPV. At this point, ODB would no even let Lucy enter the ring for about 5 minutes, Lucy tried to enter the ring only to have ODB chase her to the back, finally Lucy snuck under the ring while ODB was looking for her, only to be suprised that Lucy was in the ring on the other side, Lucy came and did a roll-up to win the match.

Referee Bunny Love def. Referee Lilly in a Stripper Pole Referee Dance Contest
Referees Mary Alejo & Lilly & Bunny Love came out with Mr. Stevie Wonderful in a referee dance off to be hosted by ring announcer Eddie Cruise. The contest was between Bunny & Lilly and was to be judge by Stevie (Who is Blind), each girl danced in the ring, then Eddie says that part 1 of the dance off was a draw and that they would settle their differences on the 15ft high stripper pole. Both girls did stripteases in the pole, and Bunny was judge as the winner.

Missy Sampson def. T.H.A.I in a “Bitch In A Box Match”
The rules of the match was that the winner was going to be decided whenever somebody stuffed a “bitch” in a 7ft wooden crate box. Missy dominated T.H.A.I which brought out Roxxy Cotton to try to save T.H.A.I, only to get beat up by Missy and put in the wooden box for the win.

Laurenn Looselips and a unknown girl got in a catfight in the ring.
Laurenn come down and started talking trash to the locker room she said somebody has been talking trashed about her and she wanted to know who was it, out comes this unknown girl and both got in a catfight in the ring.

“Rockstar” Roni Jonah & Principle Lazarus def. Amy Zidian & Annie Social to capture the WEW Tag Team Titles
Sumie Sekai couldn’t be at the show, forcing Annie to pick Amy as her partner in the match. Roni & Lazarus kept beating up Amy Zidian in the corner the whole time for most of the match until Annie Social got the tag and came in and cleaned house, Amy found her self back in the ring only to get hit be a double rocker drop while referee Mike Kehner was attending to Annie Social’s hurt knee, Roni & Lazarus pinned Amy.

Pryme Time” Amy Lee def. Black Barbie (Trenesha from Deep South Wrestling) & Simply Luscious in a Triple Threat Falls Count Out Anywhere Match
This match took place throughout the whole arena, Barbie & Luscious try to dominated Amy Lee, but Amy Lee fought back heavily beating up Luscious, once she took care of Luscious she went straight to Barbie, and won the match.

Jazz def. Angel Orsini w/ Francine as Special Guest Referee in a TLC Match to become the No.1 Contender for the WEW World Title
Before the match, Noel Harlow (Talia Madison manager) *The Current WEW World Title Holder* came out and announced that Talia was in vacation in Europe and couldn’t defend the WEW World Title but that she wished good luck to Jazz & Angel. This was one of the best matches of the night, finish came when Jazz threw Angel through a table.

There was an intermission, with the WEW stars signing autographs.

Ring Announcer Eddie Cruise came out again with Jewelz & Kera.

Simply Luscious def. Black Barbie (Trenesha From Deep South Wrestling) in a Texas Death Match
The rules announced of the “Texas Death Match” is that it featured no count outs and no disqualifications and it must be pinfall or submission. Good tough back and forth match, athletic and physical, bodyslams, suplexes, stiff closelines. Finish came when Luscious did her “Luscious Landing” finishing move to Barbie.

Referee Bunny Love vs Laurenn Looselips in a Stripper On A Pole Challenge ended in a No Contest
While Bunny Love did her striptease, Lauren came out and grabbed Bunny by the hair and took her to the ring for another catfight. Atlas security came and broke it out

Roxxy Cotton def. T.H.A.I
This match up was because both ladies were involved in the “Bitch In A Box Match”. After about the 8 minute mark after a good match, Roxxy pinned T.H.A.I with the small package. Roxxy & T.H.A.I shake hands but then T.H.A.I comes and slaps Roxxy Cotton and gets her in a chicken wing submission move, with Roxxy screaming in pain. Atlas Secuirty came and broke out the fight. Then T.H.A.I grabs the mic and says that she’s very dissapointed with the crowds morals that all they want to see is for her clothes to be ripped off. She also said that she is very vocal about not losing the WEW Heavyweight title because she was never pinned nor submitted and that the title was stripped from her, she finished saying “I am still the WEW World Champion”

Jazz def. ODB
This was billed as the first time ever in America wrestling match featuring both ladies under WEW sanctioning. High Impact Moves in this match with ODB gaining early advantage over Jazz. Jazz comes back on ODB with the “Jazz Stinger” and pins ODB for the victory

Amy Zidian def. Principal Lazarus w/ “Rockstar” Roni Jonah
This match was a match up of revenge due to Amy Zidian being in the tag team match in the previous show . Quick suplexes to Amy by Lazarus, followed by a X-Factor, which caused Amy to go to the outside. Back in the ring Roni & Lazarus are ready to double team Amy again, only to avail that Amy came from behind and hit Roni & Lazarus in the “crotch”. Amy then grabs Roni’s guitar and hits Lazarus in the groin and then rolled her up for the pin.

Angel Orsini def. Annie Social
This was also billed as the first time ever match in WEW featuring both ladies. The match started off hot. At this point Laurenn & Bunny Love are in the audience in a catfight again with their breasts popping out and the thongs being pulled. The finish came when Angel pinned Annie.

“Pryme Time” Amy Lee w/ Lucy Furr def. “Rockstar” Roni Jonah w/ Principal Lazarus & Becky Bayless w/ Francine as special referee
This is the main event of the evening. Amy went ballistic against Roni, beating the crap out of her and Lazarus & Becky by hitting them with steel chairs, cookie sheets, and trash cans. The beating that all 3 took from Amy with the help of Lucy was unbelievable and entraining in a sick way. Objects by Amy were thrown everywhere at everyone including the security guards and camera people. The ring then was filled with A LOT of steel chairs. Crowd started chanting “Holy Shit” and “Amy”. The match finally finish when Amy put Roni through a table.

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