Lena Yada visits Lisa aka ‘Tara(ntula)’

lenayadasmall.jpegWe’re glad to hear that Lena’s freindship with Lisa Marie didn’t fade post-WWE. Lena posted that she visited her WWE chum recently. We thought we’d post it so Lena Yada fans can keep up with the latest on their favorite asian sensation!! Rumours are that Lena is now in negotiations with Wrestlicious.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Me and Lisa aka Victoria aka Tara-Rizing

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Hadn’t seen my homegirl Lisa in a long time, so I decided to pay her a visit in Louisville, KY this past weekend. It was so much fun chillaxin and catching up with her. People used to call us 2 peas in a pod, so it was good to be reunited with my pea! LOL!! What did we do? The usual chick stuff. Shopping, watch movies, go out to eat, and lay poolside. But we also stopped by her shop Black Widow Customs and her gym, CORE Gym. I knew she was doing MMA, but I had to see it with my own eyes. CORE is beautiful and it offers just about everything, classes in Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu to wrestling and boxing. Her instructors Trey, Rolando, and Alex were awesome as well. I got to see Lisa in action and lemme tell ya, she is fierce! I’m really impressed with how far she has come.

I’m sad that I had to leave so soon. Three days wasn’t enough. But it makes me look forward to the next time I see her when she visits me in LA 🙂

Lena Yada

SHIMMER Champion “Your Soul’s Tormentor” MsChif interview

clockworkmschif.jpgCaptured-Beauty.com recently conducted an interesting interview with MsChif. Here are some highlights:

How did your MsChif gimmick come about, did you think of it or was it somebody who gave you the idea?

The promotion I debuted with had asked for me to be a crazy character. Crazy, I just didn’t quite have in me though. So instead trying to be something that just wasn’t me, I let surface what was awaiting inside. The gimmick was born in my 1st match. I went out to the ring and gave them what I had and it has just developed along since.

Who’s your favorite female athlete to work with, and if so — Who’s your least favorite female athlete to work with?

This has to be one of the hardest questions to answer. Seriously. By what terms would one base this on? How good they are technically? Challenging? Best in working against my character? Their psychological ability? How colorful of a character they display? The hilarity or brutality in their character’s nature? I could easily come up with about a dozen different women all based on different reasons.

We’ve seen some of your stellar matches against the likes of Lacey, Amazing Kong, Cheerleader Melissa just to name a few. Out of all the matches you’ve done, what is your favorite match?

I’d have to answer this as the SHIMMER vol.9 match against Amazing Kong. Simply because she presents a challenge that no other woman can. If I can survive through the punishment of Kong, I can survive through anyone.

If you could wrestle someone that you haven’t wrestled yet, who would that be?

Clarifying in a singles match, Sara Del Rey. Also, LuFisto, well other than on Fire Pro Wrestling Returns!

How did Diabolic Khaos come about and can we expect a reunion? Maybe with Daffney as your manager?

Delirious and I debuted together. Who can tell what the future will hold. We have actually had a couple reunions already. In the NWA midwest as well as back in our old stomping grounds of the St. Louis area.

You have had both male and female opponents throughout your career thus far. Do you feel as though male vs. female matches work as well as say male vs. male or female vs. female?

Sure they do. What’s the difference from fighting a guy, or fighting a bigger and stronger woman? I just look at matches as wrestler vs. wrestler.

We have watched you wrestle in a variety of matches – Falls Count Anywhere matches, Cage matches and more. What stipulation do you feel most comfortable with, or is it traditional singles matches that do it for you?

I love wrestling in stipulation matches though I draw the line on death matches. I just have no interest in them for myself. While traditional matches can still be great, I love wrestling in any match different from the norm. I don’t think I’ve ever been uncomfortable when given any type of stipulation match.

What was it like to wrestle in Japan? Was there anyone out there you really enjoyed to wrestle against during your stay? Any chance of you going to Japan again in the future?

Awesome! I loved wrestling against Yoshiko Tamura, she’s a fantastic wrestler. I really enjoyed wrestling Tanny Mouse as well. She’s just hilarious and fun.

How did you get started in the wrestling business? Was there anything in particular that really attracted you to wrestling and made you think “Yeah, this is what I’m supposed to be doing”?

I had always been a fan of wrestling. Someone had once asked me, “If there is one fun thing you’d like to do in your life what would that be?” I told them become a wrestler. Shortly after that I looked up the nearest wrestling school and went to check it out.

What are your thoughts on Daffney and who came up with the idea to pair you guys together? Would you ever be interested in having a match against her in Shimmer?

I love being paired with Daffney. I believe we were once conjoined twins separated at birth. I would never want to wrestle her in SHIMMER because I’d never want to leave her side.

MsChif and Daffney- conjoined twins at birth?

Holly Hearse post on MySpace

hollyhearse.jpgWe thought we’d pass this along. What do you think? A little strange?

S’More Fun
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So I was at work….yes, I have a desk job outside of modeling shoots and tv show gigs. Le sigh. And…all of a sudden I had a craving for s’mores that just hit me out of no where. There is a Long’s a few doors down so I told my coworker I was stepping out for a few minutes. I bought a whole bag of marshmallows, a box of graham crackers, and a bar of hershey’s. I also bought a holiday candle and a lighter. I came back and sat at the desk and proceeded to light the candle, untwist a paper clip and place the mallow on the end, and began roasting the marshmallow over the tiny candle. I then made two s’mores and ate them both. My coworker couldn’t stop laughing. Sometimes I wonder if I’m a little strange.

Daizee Haze in middle of Love Triangle Feud

Daizee HazeShe’s a lover, not a fighter. But she does enjoy a good, clean wrestling match! Meet Daizee Haze…the groovy, high-flying, peace-loving, hippy chick who is making a big splash in rings across North America. While she may be one of the smaller girls on the indy scene today, Daizee makes up for her lack of size by leaving the mat and taking some major air to deliver stunning blows to her opponents. And all those muscles built up from her daily training regimen help a lot, too. Sure she may be a peace-nik outside the ring…but once the bell sounds, expect a good, hard, clean wrestling match from Daizee Haze!”

– www.glorywrestling.com

Daizee Haze, former IWA Mid-South Women’s Champion and APW ChickFight 6 Tournament winner, is a mainstay in SHIMMER Women Athletes. Daizee Haze actively works the indy circuits, has made several appearances on TNA and has a recent interview by Jeremy Borash on the May 1, 2008 edition of TNA Today.

Daizee Haze’s troubles come out of the work she does for ROH. Daizee has found herself in the middle of a storyline love feud and the situation ain’t pretty. Daizee’s mentor and friend Delirious developed a crush on her and just couldn’t seem to work up the guts to ask her out. Daizee has always considered herself ‘just on of the guys’ and has a reputation for being a straight arrow in the locker room, never even dating another wrestler. A feud in wrestling required a heel and that heel is Rhett “Addicted To Love” Titus, who would come out to the ring to interrupt Delirious’s efforts to ask out Daizee and hit on Daizee himself.

2.jpgRhett Titus has been trying to be the ‘first wrestler to get with Daizee’ and has even gone as far as to change his look and try trickery and subterfuge to get past Daizee’s guard. Delirious finally disposed of his rival and ask Daizee out, only to get the ‘friends’ letdown from Haze.

Now a few weeks later, Titus has started showing everyone backstage footage on his cell phone that he claims is proof that he scored with Haze. Daizee denies “Addicted to Love’s” claims. The crowd has been giving Haze heat, who think she should have agreed to a date with Delirious.

Delirious, meanwhile, hurt and confused, has fallen in with Jimmy Jacobs and his The Age of the Fall stable. Recently Delirious got even with Titus, busting his head open in the ring. Unfortunately, the unstable Delirious also showed how heartless he has become when he ended the career of former partner Pelle Primeau in Chicago at the urging of Jacobs.

‘The worst part in all this is that Haze now realizes she made a mistake by giving Delirious the “friend” line. It might be too late as Jacobs has a firm influence on Delirious. Daizee now finds her reputation in shambles and she has lost a friend. Delirious has become a monster in The Age Of The Fall.’

Next time your freind complains about the lack stories in ROH, give him this ‘Dangerous Laisons’ epic.


Finishing Moves: Mind Trip (Snapmare driver), The Daizee Cutter, The Heart Punch
Favorite Moves: The Daizeecanrana , Missile Dropkick, Yakuza kick

Cheerleader Melissa Injury Update

cheerleader.jpg Cheerleader Melissa, also known as TNA’s Raisha Saeed, post an update on her blog. Women’s Wrestling Xposed had previously reported that Cheerleader Melissa had been injured and would be unable to wrestle at the latest Chickfight. Melissa managed to visit Chickfight at our San Francisco studios during the ChickFight tapings and was happy to meet Holly Hearse, the new host of ChickFight.

06 Aug 2008

Feeling Better

Hi friends! I just wanted to say Thank You for all the get well messages. I was able to get plenty of rest over the weekend and my leg injury seems not to be as serious as we first thought it was. It’s a big relief and I should be back to my old self in no time! I’m finally moving around and was even able to attend and watch the next set of ChickFight tapings. I can’t tell you how happy I was to finally meet Holly Hearse in person! She’s awesome and is perfect for ChickFight TV! The tapings went really well and I hope to co-host the show with her some time in the future.

That’s it for now. Thank you for all your support. It means a lot to me. Especially when I was down and out.

Take Care and keep checking for more updates on www.ChickFight.TV for the latest news about the show!

Cheerleader Melissa

ChickFight Eden Black tribute online, Cheerleader Melissa Injured

melissavswesna.jpgAll female wrestling company ChickFight have uploaded an episode of their television show ChickFight TV to be viewed on their website at www.ChickFight.tv/tv . Chickfight broadcasts on MavTV in the USA, BITE TV in Canada and Pulse TV in the UK.

The episode primarily focuses on Eden Black who will be wrestling her last match this Sunday and focuses on her career in ChickFight. The episode features matches against TNA Knockout Awesome Kong, ROH’s Lacey, plus highlights of her matches with Daizee Haze and Cheerleader Melissa.

ChickFight’s next event is this Sunday Aug 3 in Ipswich, UK and is to feature the final match of Eden Black as she battles Jetta.

Cheerleader Melissa and Wesna Busic were to do battle in a 2/3 Falls Match in Ipswich. Unfortunately, Chickfight posted the following message today:

‘We have received word that Cheerleader Melissa suffered a serious leg injury yesterday during a routine workout at her gym. Melissa contacted us late last night with the bad news and has been told that she needs to stay off the leg for 7 to 10 days and any travel is out of the question. Based on this information, we have no choice but to report that Cheerleader Melissa will be removed from the August 3rd ChickFight show in Ipswich, UK.

‘Melissa was very upset over the news and we encourage all her fans to visit her website at http://www.cheerleadermelissa.com and send her well wishes. Cheerleader Melissa is never one to back down to a challenge and promises to make it up to her UK fans.’

ChickFight Recap

1tna2.jpgChickFight Episode 14 on Mav TV

ChickFight 8 was filmed at the Liquid Nightclub in Gloucester, England, on April 22, 2007.

ChickFight appears on MavTV in the US on Wednesdays at noon, 5 p.m., and 8 p.m., Thursdays at 2 a.m., Fridays at noon and 5 p.m., Saturdays at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m., Sundays at 10 p.m., and Mondays at 2 a.m.

NEW! ChickFight appears on X-League TV, Sky Channel 208, in the UK with new episodes every other night at 11 p.m.
Week starting Monday 11th Feb.
Tuesday 11 p.m. X-League TV Sky Channel 208
Thursday 11 p.m. X-League TV Sky Channel 208
Saturday 11 p.m. X-League TV Sky Channel 208
Week starting Monday 18th Feb.
Monday 11 p.m. X-League TV Sky Channel 208
Wednesday 11 p.m. X-League TV Sky Channel 208
Friday 11 p.m. X-League TV Sky Channel 208
Sunday 11 p.m. X-League TV Sky Channel 208

Episode 14 includes the quarter final matches of ChickFight 8. Fans in the UK are starting from the beginning of the ChickFight series, so they will be seeing earlier shows.

Chynna Mai is the host.

Jade, with Kelly Adams, Defeats Violet

After some nonsense from Jade, they start the match with a collar an elbow tie up. Violet grabs a wrist lock, takes it behind Jade, and switches to a headlock. After wrenching on that for a bit, she goes back to the wrist lock. Jade escapes when Violet tries backing her into the ropes and whips Violet across the ring, but Violet comes back with a head scissors take down and then splashed Jade in the corner. Violet follows up with a bulldog but gets only two on the pin attempt. At this point Kelly Adams tries sneaking into the ring, and the referee does nothing, so Violet tells her to leave. This allows Jade to hit Violet from behind and grab a wrist lock.

Jade yanks on Violet’s arm to send her to the mat, and then does a flip over her, again yanking hard on the arm. Jade continues to yank on the arm and then does her trick of biting Violet’s fingers while the ref isn’t looking. After the ref makes her stop, she goes back to wrenching on the arm and takes Violet back down to the mat with a heel trip as the fans begin encouraging Violet to make a comeback. They return to their feet and Jade goes to choking Violet in the ropes while yelling at the cameraman that Violet’s not pretty. When the ref finally makes her break, Kelly Adams starts choking Violet in the ropes and punching her in the back.

Finally Jade tries for a pin but gets a two count. After abusing the ref, she shoves Violet into a corner and starts choking her with a foot to her throat, and once again the ref takes forever to break it up. Jade yanks Violet back down to the canvas and rams her knee several times into Violet’s shoulder, still working the arm. Then she drops the leg onto the shoulder while shrieking “Give up!” When Violet tries to use the ropes to stand up, Jade stomps her in the back, then yanks on her hair to snap mare her back down. Jade then stomps on Violet’s shoulder several times, yanks her up by the hair, and starts wrenching her arm over the ropes. Then she and Kelly Adams do the choking in the ropes bit again. Jade’s matches would be a lot more interesting if she would add some variety.

Finally Jade comes back over to Violet, picks her up and slams her, then goes back to the wrist lock, followed by kicking and yanking on the arm again. Finally Cheerleader Melissa runs out and slaps Jade, who flees the ring. For some inexplicable reason, the referee, who has allowed all of Jade’s cheating up to this point, decides to disqualify Violet and award the match to Jade. Cheerleader Melissa then beats up Violet with a series of forearms and a huge power slam.

Cheerleader Melissa Defeats “The Jezebel” Eden Black to Become the First TransAtlantic Women’s Champion

Melissa towers over Eden Black, but that doesn’t stop the Jezebel from starting off with several hard forearms to the Cheerleader’s face. Melissa comes back with forearms of her own, and the women continue to smash each other with forearms and chops until Melissa knocks Jez off her feet and proceeds to stop her viciously. Melissa then tosses Black to the floor and follows in spite of the ref trying to stop her. They women continue their brawl on the floor. Melissa scoop slams Jez, stomps her and then stands on her face. They brawl up to the bar area, where Melissa tries to put a leg hold on Jez, possibly a scorpion deathlock, but Jez fights her way out before Melissa can lock it in.

Melissa then drags Black by her hair and picks her up into a sort of wheelbarrow position with Black’s legs back around Melissa’s waist, and slams Black’s head and upper body into the wall several times before dropping her. She then grabs a metal pipe and tries to use it as a weapon, but the ref stops Melissa, so she grabs Jez by the hair and again drags her, first to the ring, where Melissa rolls in and back out, and then over to a small stage area. Melissa tosses Jez onto the stage and follows.

Melissa goes to put a leg hold on Eden, but Eden manages to get an ankle lock on Melissa first, and holds on for all she’s worth, as Melissa struggles to escape. Finally Melissa pulls herself over to a railing, which she uses to pull herself up and kick Jez off with her free leg. Melissa gets Jez into a reverse Texas cloverleaf and lifts her up to make it worse, even using her strength to knock Jez into a wall!

After arguing with the ref, Melissa dragged Eden back to the edge of the stage by her foot and hit her with a forearm. Jez managed to grab the arm and get a wrist lock on at the same time as she locked her legs around Melissa’s head, and then she wrenched Melissa’s arm. In her struggles, Melissa pulled Jez off the stage to the floor, but still Jez held on. Melissa finally escaped by pulling her legs up underneath her and powering up to her feet, lifting Jez with her, then slamming Jez to the floor! The women return to exchanging chops, kicks and forearms until Jez hits another ankle lock. Melissa powers out and slaps Jez in the head, then tosses her back into the ring. Melissa enters the ring as well and tries for a pin, but gets two.

They exchange a series of forearms. Melissa takes Jez down with a clothesline and gets another near fall. Jez blocks a suplex attempt and rolls up Melissa for two. Melissa goes for a chin lock, but Black forces her way up to her feet and fights back forearms to the ribs. Melissa tries for a Samoan drop, but Jez reverses it into another roll up for a near fall. They battle on, and Jez escapes another attempted Samoan drop and comes off the top onto Melissa for another near fall. Jez goes for a flying crucifix, but Melissa turns it into an Air Raid Crash and gets two near falls.

Jez grabs a wrist lock and Melissa escapes by rolling her over, then hits the curb stomp twice, but when she goes for the pin, Eden has her foot in the ropes. Melissa splashes Black in the corner and then unleashes a fury of forearms. Jez sinks to the mat, seemingly out cold, and Melissa drags her to the center of the ring, slapping at her head, then stomping it. Melissa continues to punish the unconscious Jezebel until the ref calls for the end of the match due to Black’s inability to respond.

MsChif Defeats Kelly Adams

Kelly Adams has Jade with her for this match, but even the two of them together will be at an experience and skill disadvantage against the formidable MsChif. The two girls screech insults at the fans as MsChif paces the ring restlessly behind them. After the introductions, MsChif screams at both girls, who shrink into their corner in terror. Finally Kelly gets up the nerve to scream back at MsChif, and tries three times with little success, until the Goth screams back at her.

The green haired MsChif takes Kelly down with two quick arm drags, followed by a drop toe hold, and Adams rolls to the outside to regroup. Both girls run away from the ring, and the ref has to order Kelly back repeatedly. When she finally returns, they tie up and MsChif grabs a wrist lock. Kelly reverses it and goes behind MsChif’s back, but the Goth ducks under to reverse it and go behind Adams. Adams finally reverses it again, but MsChif quickly escapes and they struggle for advantage until Kelly gets an arm bar on MsChif, then goes behind her and appears to be trying for some kind of suplex, but MsChif breaks her grip and goes behind Kelly to lock in a full Nelson.

MsChif releases the Nelson after a while and pounds Kelly’s back with a series of forearm shots. When she tries to come off the ropes, Jade grabs her leg and tries to trip her, but just gets one of MsChif’s screams in her face. The distraction allows Kelly to reverse MsChif’s next move into a neck breaker and then follow with a suplex for a near fall. Kelly tries for a bow and arrow type submission, but she can’t get the hold on, so she pushes MsChif’s face into the canvas and gets up. She sits down hard on MsChif, and gets rolled up into a pin for a two count. They roll through a couple of near falls and then both women get to their feet.

Kelly heel trips MsChif and gets her in a submission hold with one leg locked around MsChif’s neck, but MsChif rolls over to reverse it, and then Kelly rolls back again, so MsChif fights her way out and screams into Kelly’s face, then gets two with a quick pin attempt. The Goth takes Adams down with two flying clotheslines, but when she tries for a third, Adams gets her with a sit out power bomb. Kelly locks in a submission hold from the power bomb, but has to change it twice when MsChif struggles, until MsChif uses her power to bridge out and slam Kelly’s face into the mat. She whips Kelly into a corner and punishes her with a series of forearms to the face, only breaking for the ref’s count. When Jade tries to interfere, she gets a scream in her face. MsChif finishes Kelly off with a piledriver out of the corner. MsChif gets the pin and goes on to the second round.

Jetta Defeats Skye

Jetta cinches in a head lock right off the bat, and grinds Skye’s head with her arm as she does, until Skye picks her up for a back body drop to escape. Now it’s Skye’s turn to punish Jetta with a head lock, but when Jetta tries for the same escape, she can’t lift Skye, so she resorts to punching Skye in the stomach to get away. Skye takes Jetta down with a clothesline and follows up with a drop kick, so Jetta bails out of the ring and takes a sip out of a fan’s cola. Fan favorite Skye holds the ropes open, inviting Jetta to return, but Jetta pretends she doesn’t trust Skye, just to stall longer. When she finally does get back into the ring, she kicks the rope Skye is holding for her so it snaps up and hits Skye.

Jetta grabs Skye by the hair to get another head lock on her, but Skye powers out and grabs a wrist lock that she uses to bend Jetta’s arm backward and work her shoulder. Then she takes the wrist lock behind Jetta, who reverses it and goes behind Skye. The trade reversals a few more times until Skye reverses with a cartwheel and gets a head lock on Jetta. Skye hip tosses Jetta to the mat, still holding on to the head lock, and gets a near fall. Jetta manages to reverse into a head scissors hold on Skye, then changes her mind and yanks on Skye’s hair to move into a submission hold with one knee locked around Skye’s neck. Skye bridges up to escape and tries to get her own submission hold on Jetta, but Jetta manages to get into the ropes.

Jetta attacks Skye with a knee lift, several slaps, and then a snap suplex, but gets only a two count. She follows with some chops and a couple of shoulder blocks in the corner, then Irish whips Skye into the opposite corner. Jetta tries for a splash, but Skye gets her foot up, and when Jetta tries for a spear, Skye goes up and Jetta hits the ring post. Skye sunset flips Jetta into a near fall, rolls her up into a second two count, and tries for a third near fall with a back slide, but Jetta escapes and hits her with a drop kick. Jetta then drop kicks into Skye’s back, but again can only get a two count. Frustrated, Jetta pounds her forearms into Skye’s back over and over. She hits Skye with two snap suplexes then pulls both of Skye’s arms backward in a submission hold.

Skye fights out and they run the ropes until Skye takes down Jetta with a cross body for one and side slams her for two. And neck breaker gets Skye another two, and then Jetta retaliates by raking Skye’s eyes. A clothesline gets a near fall for Jetta. Skye fights back with a couple of forearms, but then Jetta blocks a suplex attempt and takes Skye down by driving both knees into her back. Jetta locks in a sitting double chicken wing, and Skye has no choice but to submit.

Special WWE Diva Program, ChickFight Update

1tna2.jpgWWE Smackdown! in the UK announced that SKY and WWE will be airing a special Diva show entitled “WWE Diva Diaries.” The idea is to give us an all access type of feel for the Diva’s home life, and will broadcast soon, as its geared to help with Wrestlemania promotion.

Here’s the latest from Chickfight:

ChickFight: Female Pro Wrestling

Forget everything you know about female pro wrestling. ChickFight is starting a new revolution in the sport of wrestling. No longer are women treated as eye-candy and fluff. In the world of ChickFight, females reign supreme. These women know how to dish out the punishment and they know how to take it as well. We are now entering a new era in professional wrestling. Welcome to ChickFight!

The next ChickFight event will take place on May 4 in Ipswitch in the UK at the Ipswitch Caribbean Centre. Doors open at 5:00pm and the show starts at 5:30pm. The show will feature former WWE Women’s Champion JAZZ taking on the “Croatian Panther” WESNA; also appearing will be Cheerleader Melissa and the return of Irish sensation Rebecca Knox! Tickets available at ChickFight.TV

Black Pants Inc. president Jason Deadrich is available for radio interviews to promote ChickFight and various other BPI projects such as ClickWrestle.com, the Cauliflower Ally Club, and OnlineWorldofWrestling.com. Arrangements can also be made for other ChickFight personalities such as Cheerleader Melissa or any other current ChickFight competitor. Other guests can be negotiated to hype the upcoming CAC convention in Las Vegas. Jason Deadrich can be reached at deadrich@blackpants.net

Don’t forget you can order ALL ChickFight DVD’s from www.ChickFight.tv priced $14.95 each

Divas Need Not Apply
Pro wrestling is about more than just looks.
If you don’t know how to wrestle, move along. The girls of ChickFight are all highly trained professional wrestlers. If you can’t wrestle, we don’t want you.’

Worldwide Talent
ChickFight is not your typical local wrestling promotion. We feature talented female wrestlers from around the globe. Women from Japan, UK, Mexico, Germany and US have all competed in our tournaments.

TV, DVD and Video on Demand
Watch ChickFight on MavTV in the US, X-Leauge TV in UK and worldwide on ClickWrestle.com. All shows are available on DVD in our online store.
Join Team ChickFight
ChickFight is growing fast and we’re looking for dedicated, passionate people to join our team. If you think you have what it takes to be part of the next big thing, contact us today and join the Revolution!

ChickFight Episode 16 Recap

106k.jpgHere’s the recap from ChickFight Episode 16:

ChickFight Episode 16 on Mav TV

ChickFight 9 was filmed at The Suncastle in Skegness, Lincolnshire, England, on August 26, 2007.

ChickFight appears on MavTV in the US on Wednesdays at noon, 5 p.m., and 8 p.m., Thursdays at 2 a.m., Fridays at noon and 5 p.m., Saturdays at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m., Sundays at 10 p.m., and Mondays at 2 a.m.

NEW! ChickFight appears on X-League TV, Sky Channel 208, in the UK with new episodes every other night at 11 p.m.
Week starting Monday 11th Feb.
Tuesday 11 p.m. X-League TV Sky Channel 208
Thursday 11 p.m. X-League TV Sky Channel 208
Saturday 11 p.m. X-League TV Sky Channel 208
Week starting Monday 18th Feb.
Monday 11 p.m. X-League TV Sky Channel 208
Wednesday 11 p.m. X-League TV Sky Channel 208
Friday 11 p.m. X-League TV Sky Channel 208
Sunday 11 p.m. X-League TV Sky Channel 208

Episode 16 includes the preliminary matches of ChickFight 9. Fans in the UK are starting from the beginning of the ChickFight series, so they will be seeing earlier shows.

Chynna Mai is the host.

Blue Nikita defeats Jetta

Nikita, announced as being from Greece, is the clear fan favorite here, getting cheers as Jetta whines about the ring announcer’s statement of her won-lost record in ChickFight. An opening collar and elbow tie up turns into a test of strength that ends in a draw, with both women breaking away. They circle each other and go for another tie up, this time ending in Jetta getting a waist lock on Nikita. Nikita somersaults out and grabs a wristlock on Jetta. Jetta reverses that into a seated submission hold, but when that doesn’t work, she rises back to her feet with a wrist lock on Nikita. Nikita slides over Jetta’s back to reverse the hold and make it a wrist lock on Jetta instead.

The women continue reversing the hold on each other through a series of clever flips and twists until Jetta flips Nikita to the mat, puts her feet on the Greek’s shoulders, and pulls back on her arms to work the shoulders. Nikita keeps raising one shoulder to avoid a three count, until finally she flips over and pins Jetta, getting a two count.

The match picks up speed at this point, with the women trading forearms and chops, as well as some flips. Nikita gets a sunset flip pin on Jetta, again for two. Jetta goes for another shoulder submission hold, breaking off at times to stomp on Nikita’s shoulder to deliver more pain. Jetta also uses the ropes for more leverage, and keeps claiming to the ref that Nikita is really giving up, claiming that her “no’s” are really “yes in Greek.” Finally Jetta gives up and goes for a suplex, but that only gets her a two count.

Now Jetta goes for an arm bar type hold, and bites Nikita’s fingers every time the ref isn’t looking. When she breaks that hold, she goes for a knee to Nikita’s face and another near fall. This time, Nikita escapes and sends Jetta to the corner, where she punishes her with a knee to the face, and follows up with a suplex for a near fall.

Jetta regains the advantage and holds Nikita an a corner by pulling her hair a number of times, then bulldogs her out of the corner for two. The women battle on, with Jetta continuing to break the rules by pulling hair, choking Nikita in the ropes, etc, to maintain her advantage. Finally Nikita breaks out, and the women trade forearms and clotheslines through a series of near falls until Nikita goes up, hits Jetta in the face with a boot as she charges, and then scores a centon for the pin.

Skye and Chelsea “Bubbles” Cartwright go to no contest

So far, neither woman has a win in ChickFight. They start off with a collar and elbow tie up and Bubbles grabs a wristlock that Skye soon reverses on her. Skye turns it into a headlock and takes Bubbles to the mat. Bubbles fights to her feet and breaks the hold. The women run the ropes and Bubbles takes down Skye with a drop toe hold, then several clotheslines, but Skye keeps bouncing right back up till Bubbles hit her with an avalanche and a bulldog for a near fall.

Bubbles goes up, possibly for a moonsault, but Skye knocks her down into the tree of woe and climbs up herself to deliver several kicks to Bubbles’ knees, followed by a drop kick to her thighs, before finally releasing her. Skye continues working Bubbles’ thing and knee with elbow drops, submission stretches, kicks, and pulling her knee over the rope. The ref repeatedly warns her, but does nothing when she totally ignores him.

Finally Bubbles gets a foot up when Skye charges her in the corner, but that does little good, as Skye comes right back to pull on her foot and then snap her leg down to further punish the knee. Skye maintains her dominance, continuing to viciously work her opponent’s knee. Eventually she gets Bubbles in an STF variation, but still Bubbles won’t submit, so she goes back to working the knee. At this point, Bubbles can’t even stand on her left leg, and fans are yelling at the ref to stop the match, but he refuses. A pin attempt after a snap mare still gets only two.

Bubbles makes a sort of comeback by grabbing Skye’s leg and tripping her, then delivering a drop kick that barely gets any elevation due to her bad leg. They struggle on for another minute or two, until Cheerleader Melissa runs in and attacks both women, ending the match as a no contest. Melissa takes out Bubbles with a firemen’s carry slam, then runs off two male wrestlers with kicks and stomps. Another male wrestler runs in before Melissa can slam Skye, but Melissa takes him out with a low blow and a Kudo driver, and then leaves as the fans applaud.

“The Jezebel” Eden Black defeats Jade

Eden Black is the clear fan favorite here, and she also has an experience advantage over Jade. A fan chants, “Jez is gonna kill ya,” even though Black is smaller than Jade. They start with a collar and elbow tieup, but Jade breaks immediately, claiming that the Jezebel pulled her hair. She then slaps Eden’s face and gets a series of hard elbows to her own face in response. Jade manages to escape and bails to the floor. Jez follows and chases her around the ring, so she ducks back inside and tries to drop an elbow on Jez as she reenters. Black is too smart for that, and waits until Jade hits the mat before she goes back into the ring.

Black slams Jade to the mat several times with a series of arm drags, and then locks in an arm bar. Jade reverses it into a wrist lock, but Jez skillfully reverses it again into a wristlock on Jade, and adds some martial arts kicks as well. After another set of reversals, Eden locks in a full Nelson on Jade. Then she goes for a headlock and takes Jade down into a pin but gets two.

They struggle back to their feet with Jez maintaining the headlock. Jade escapes with some blows to Eden’s ribs and goes for the wrist lock again.
She jerks on Black’s arm to take her to the mat and then viciously kicks the arm as she holds it. She goes back to the wrist lock and then an arm bar, and starts biting Black’s fingers. Jade gets a waist lock on Jez, who forces her back into a pin, but Jade forces her back up at two. Black then resorts to rolling around the ring in a circle to try to break the waist lock. Jade resorts to hair pulling, but the ref catches her this time, and Jez again forces her back into a pin, but she pushes back up at two and grabs handfuls of Eden’s hair and pulls, screaming at her to give up.

Jez attacks Jade with elbows. Jade makes the mistake of rolling over to try to pin Jez, but Jez sits up and grabs Jade’s wrists, pulling her back into a bow and arrow. Then Black brings up one leg and kicks Jade in the back of the head several times. Finally Eden goes for the pin but gets two. They stand up and Black gets a side headlock on Jade, then hip tosses her to the mat, still keeping the head lock on. Jade escapes by pulling Black’s hair again, and gets a head scissors hold on Black. With the fans clapping encouragement, Eden rolls up into a headstand and escapes, slapping Jade’s face hard as she does.

The women trade chops to the face, and go to brawling. Jade gets Black on the mat and stomps her a number of times, then chokes her in the ropes till the ref makes her break. She pushes Jez to the corner and chokes her till Jez fights out with some kicks to the midsection and legs. followed by forearm shots to the face. After some wild, tumbling brawling, Jez locks in an arm bar, but Jade gets into the ropes. Jez holds on and drags her back to the center of the ring and locks in the arm bar again. Jade pushes Jez back into a pin and forces the break. Jade goes for a sunset flip, but Jezebel sits on her and gets the pin to go on to the second round.

Amazing Kong defeats Blue Nikita

This is the first of the semifinal matches. Kong had a bye in the preliminary round. The referee opens the match by telling Nikita, “May God have mercy on your soul.” Nikita doesn’t seem daunted by the fact huge size advantage Kong has over her, and gives this match her all.

The women circle each other warily at first, sizing each other up. Kong asks for a test of strength, but Nikita declines. Kong insists, so Nikita approaches tentatively, then thinks better of it and chops Kong on the chest and tries to lift her for perhaps a slam, but gets nowhere. Nikita tries the chop an lift again, still getting nowhere. A third chop is answered by Kong picking Nikita up like a rag doll and slamming her hard to the mat. Kong goes to pick her up by the hair, but Nikita slips between her legs and goes behind to apparently try to suplex Kong, again with no success. Even when Nikita pulls herself up and hangs on to Kong’s back, Kong strolls casually around as if carrying a backpack.

Kong pushes Nikita off, shrugs off a charge by shoving Nikita to the mat, and then splashes her for a pin attempt, but gets only two. Kong pulls Nikita up by her hair, twists it, and then biels her across the ring by her hair. Kong follows that up with a knee into the corner and then a foot to Nikita’s throat, broken only because of the ref’s count. Nikita fights back with some slaps that don’t appear to have much affect, and Kong answers with a loud chop to her chest. That is repeated, and then Kong knocks Nikita to the mat with a forearm shot and follows up with a leg drop. The pin attempt again gets two, and Kong warns the ref to count faster.

Kong straddles Nikita and chokes her several times, breaking each time at the ref’s count. Then she applies an odd submission move, apparently smothering Nikita by using a headlock to press Nikita’s face into her chest. Finally Nikita gets her foot into the ropes and the ref forces a break. Kong whips Nikita into a corner and follows with an avalanche. Nikita falls to the may and Kong stands on her hair, pulling up on her arms till the ref forces a break.

Back on their feet, Nikita kicks Kong and then tries foolishly for a sunset flip, allowing Kong to just sit on her. Nikita manages to get a shoulder up at two. Kong picks her up and then sends her back down with a vicious blow to her back. Kong sets Nikita on the top turnbuckle and charges, but Nikita kicks her, then comes off the top and hits a hurricanarana on Kong, to the cheers of the fans. Nikita goes back up and takes Kong down again with a missile drop kick, but then Kong knocks her down with a clothesline.

Kong drapes Nikita across the ropes and hots her with a chop, then a running clothesline. Kong goes for another charge, but this time Nikita steps aside and pulls down the rope, sending Kong to the floor. She next goes up top and back flips onto Kong on the floor. Next she climbs up the lighting rig and leaps off onto Kong. She chops Kong a number of times and tells the fans to get out of their chairs, but it’s Kong who sends Nikita into the chairs with a spinning back fist. After a couple of kicks, Kong drags Nikita back to the ring by her hair. Kong lifts Nikita for a power bomb, but Nikita instead gets in a head scissors takeover and goes up top, but Kong catches her and delivers an implant buster. After picking Nikita back up and spinning her around, Kong gets the pin with a brutal sit out powerbomb.

ChickFight’s website is at http://www.ChickFight.tv/

— Karen Belcher

ChickFight Recap

ChickFight 8 was filmed at the Liquid Nightclub in Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England, on April 22, 2007.

Participants of Chick Fight VChickFight appears on MavTV in the US on Wednesdays at noon, 5 p.m., and 8 p.m., Thursdays at 2 a.m., Fridays at noon and 5 p.m., Saturdays at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m., Sundays at 10 p.m., and Mondays at 2 a.m.

NEW! ChickFight appears on X-League TV, Sky Channel 208, in the UK with new episodes every other night at 11 p.m.
Week starting Monday 11th Feb.
Tuesday 11 p.m. X-League TV Sky Channel 208
Thursday 11 p.m. X-League TV Sky Channel 208
Saturday 11 p.m. X-League TV Sky Channel 208
Week starting Monday 18th Feb.
Monday 11 p.m. X-League TV Sky Channel 208
Wednesday 11 p.m. X-League TV Sky Channel 208
Friday 11 p.m. X-League TV Sky Channel 208
Sunday 11 p.m. X-League TV Sky Channel 208
Episode 15 includes the semifinal and final matches of ChickFight 8, plus two bonus matches, one of which is for the Transatlantic Women’s Championship. Fans in the UK are starting from the beginning of the ChickFight series, so they will be seeing earlier shows.
Chynna Mai is the host.
Wesna defeats Jade
Jade has her manager Kelly Adams in her corner. Wesna is the clear fan favorite here, as the fans start up several chants that upset Kelly and Jade. When the referee tries to start the match, Jade announces that she’s not ready, as she needs to stretch, but he has the timekeeper ring the bell for the start anyway. As the women begin to circle each other, Kelly tries to sneak into the ring, but the ref catches her; however, he does nothing about it. Jade and Kelly charge Wesna from opposite corners, but Wesna easily steps aside, and the run into each other instead. Wesna then grabs Kelly and easily tosses her out of the ring, and hits Jade with her CB4-Driver finisher for a quick win.
MsChif defeats Jetta
MsChif is the fan favorite here, despite the fact that she screams at the ref to keep him from checking her before the match. She screams at Jetta as well, rattling her nerves. They lock up for a test of strength, and Jetta gets the early advantage by forcing MsChif to arch backwards till the back of her head touches the mat, but she laughs too soon, as the Goth soon powers back up and again shrieks in the Brit’s face, sending Jetta flying backwards onto the canvas.
Jetta grabs a wristlock and keeps hold as MsChif struggles. MsChif flips to escape, but Jetta wrenches it right back in and keeps the hold until a series of three hard forearms to the face forces her to release it. Her green haired opponent hits her with one more and sends her to the mat. Jetta retreats to a corner and MsChif charges, but the Brit gets her feet up in time to fend her off, and then takes her down with a clothesline. Jetta follows up with a suplex, and then stands on MsChif’s long hair and twists her feet, kicking MsChif in the head, adding insult to injury. Jetta repeats that, then cinches in what she announces as the “Chinlock of Doom!”
After some struggles, MsChif escapes and twists Jetta into a pretzel with a combination chinlock and leg submission hold. When Jetta won’t submit, MsChif lifts her and then smashes her opponent over her knee, but that doesn’t get her a three count. After MsChif hits her with a series of chops to the chest, Jetta escapes to the outside. When MsChif tries to pull her back in, Jetta grabs her by the ankles and takes her down, then twice smashes her shoulder on the edge of the ring while yanking on her arm.

Jetta returns to the ring and continues to work the arm and shoulder by yanking on it, then locking in arm bar and twisting. MsChif reverses to roll Jetta up for a quick pin attempt, but gets only two, and then Jetta goes back to the arm bar until the ref makes her break because she’s in the ropes. She hits the shoulder with a drop kick and goes back to the arm bar, but this time MsChif gets to the ropes for the break.
Jetta tries for a suplex, but the American fights back with a series of knees to her midsection, and then hits her with a bulldog, getting a two count. MsChif follows a hard chop to Jetta’s chest with a moonsault, but still only gets two. Jetta goes for the Greco-Roman double eye poke to regain the advantage, and hits MsChif with a suplex, but can only get a two count. She grabs the Goth’s hands and goes behind, tying her arms up, but MsChif reverses and slams the Brit with a series of upper body shots followed by knees to her middle. A drop toe hold takes Jetta to the mat, where MsChif locks in a bow and arrow variation to get the submission win.

Pandora defeats Chelsea “Bubbles” Cartwright – Bonus Match
Chelsea starts off charging Pandora, only to get pie faced down onto her back. She bounces up and charges again, with pretty much the same result. A third try gets her a boot to the stomach and a suplex. Pandora goes for a halfhearted pin, only to pull Bubbles up by the hair at two, saying she’s not finished yet. She hits the girl with a devastating power bomb next, and again pulls her up at two. Finally, after an avalanche, she goes for the full three count and the win.

Wesna defeats MsChif to become the ChickFight 8 Champion
This time, the ref doesn’t even try to check MsChif; apparently he’s tired of being screamed at. This is a match of two fan favorites. They start out with a collar and elbow tie up, and Wesna goes for a waist lock that MsChif reverses into a full Nelson. Wesna escapes with an elbow to the Goth’s rib and cinches in a wrist lock. MsChif cartwheels to reverse the hold and put the wristlock on the lady from Serbo-Croatia. Wesna escapes with a somersault and then drops MsChif with a leg sweep and locks in an arm bar.
MsChif powers up to her feet, but it takes a couple of punches and forearms to Wesna’s middle to escape the arm bar. MsChif quickly grabs a wristlock and twist’s it behind her opponent’s back, but Wesna flips her over and to the mat, where she delivers a series of kicks to MsChif’s back, then side. She goes for a pin but gets two.

Next Wesna tries a headlock, but MsChif finally escapes by dropping to her knees and flipping Wesna to the canvas, where she cinches in a chinlock and drops Wesna to the center of the canvas. Wesna’s fans clap to rally her, and she powers to her feet and escapes by delivering several knees to MsChif’s stomach. They battle on with a series of reversals, till Wesna gets MsChif in a leg lock on the mat. MsChif slaps Wesna’s face, Wesna slaps back, and the women continue to exchange vicious slaps until they break and both are lying on the canvas holding their faces in pain.

The ref begins a count and both rise at three and go at each other till MsChif slams Wesna to the canvas with a waist scissors and locks in her Gates of Hell II submission hold. Wesna drags herself to the ropes to break the hold, but MsChif hits her with a couple of blows to the back and then a standing moonsault onto her back as well, before locking in another innovative and painful submission hold, this one involving a combination of a chicken wing and bending Wesna backward in a kneeling position. Finally she releases that and goes for a rollup into a pin, but gets only two.

The women speed things up and battle on. Wesna hits a fireman carry slam and a back drop onto MsChif, but gets only two, so she tosses MsCHif to the floor, where she tries a submission hold, but MsChif escapes and the women brawl around ringside, to the delight of the fans. Both make creative use of various railings, counters, bar implements, and other fixtures in the club to abuse each other as the ref pleads with them to return to the ring.
Eventually Wesna throws MsChif back into the ring and hauls a massive metal extension ladder out from under it. She props the ladder up horizontally between the ring edge and the ring rail, which is an impressive feat in itself, considering the size and weight of the 3-decker ladder. As Wesna tries to reenter the ring, MsChif charges her twice and knocks her backwards onto the ladder. Wesna rolls off, so MsChif hauls her back into the ring, then goes over to the sound and video guy and demands that he get up. When he just looks at her, she shrieks in his face and he quickly leaves, allowing MsChif to grab his chair. It’s an office type swivel chair with wheels, and she heaves it into the ring.
By this time, Wesna has recovered and forces MsChif into the chair, where she delivers a series of kicks to her chest. Wesna then goes up to the top and flips off onto MsChif on the chair. That looks to be just as painful for Wesna as MsChif, but she goes for the pin and gets two. She throws the chair to the floor and advances on MsChif, who goes for the green mist, but sprays the ref instead when Wesna ducks. She hits Wesna with her Code Green (leg trap sunset flip powerbomb), but there’s no one to count the pin, as the ref is still struggling with the green mist in his eyes. She tries for a second Code Green, but this time Wesna blocks it and pile drives MsChif to get the pin and the ChickFight 8 Championship when a second referee runs out to the ring.

Cheerleader Melissa defeats Wesna to retain the Transatlantic Women’s Championship
Melissa doesn’t wait for the ring announcer or the bell to start off this match! As Wesna enters the ring, the Cheerleader charges and takes her down with vicious stomping kicks first to her knees, & then, as Wesna sinks down in the corner, to her body and shoulders. The match is announced and the bell rings as Melissa stomps away. Looking to make short work of the woman from Serbo-Croatia, she follows up her attack with a fireman’s carry slam and goes for the pin, but she fails to cinch in the legs and gets only two, as Wesna kicks out.
The American then adds insult to injury by first standing on and walking over Wesna’s head, and then kneeling with one calf across her throat, breaking only for the ref’s count. After dropping the knee across Wesna’s neck and shoulder a few more times, she goes for another pin but gets two. Now Melissa picks up Wesna by her hair, but Wesna steps back and answers with a forearm shot to the face. Melissa answers with one of her own, and they continue to trade shots until Melissa runs back and charges coming off the ropes, right into a big boot from Wesna.
Wesna pauses, holding her head, as Melissa rolls out of the ring. As the ref tries to get Melissa to return, Wesna follows her around a corner, only to have a metal step ladder thrown into her face by Melissa. The Cheerleader then throws the step ladder on top of Wesna, and follows up by lifting and slamming it onto Wesna three times, as the ref pleads with her to return to the ring.
Melissa rolls into the ring and right back out, then drags Wesna to another area, where she hoists her up onto one shoulder, spins her around, and then slams her to the floor – an impressive display of strength, as Wesna is actually a little bit bigger than Melissa (one inch taller, and a few pounds heavier). As Wesna tries to get up, Melissa chokes her with what appears to be a napkin from the club while rapidly kicking her numerous in the back, as the fans yell for the referee to do something.
Melissa grabs Wesna by the hair to lead her to another part of the club, but Wesna escapes and slams Melissa into a wall. Turnabout is fair play as Wesna stomps the American, grabs her by the hair, and delivers her own series of brutal kicks to Melissa’s back.
Wesna grabs Melissa by the hair and leads her back to the ring, but she escapes and whips Wesna into the metal extension ladder that was still propped up between the ring and the rail from the previous match between Wesna and MsChif. Melissa suplexes Wesna onto a sort of counter and then climbs up onto it with her. Both women remain there on their knees, trading a long series of hard forearm shots and chops. At last an exhausted Wesna climbs down, and Melissa follows, but they still don’t heed the ref’s pleas to return to the ring. They continue to brawl around ringside, using weapons including a plastic bucket, bar stools, and the metal ladder.
Finally they return to the ring, where Wesna’s Perfect Plex gets a two count. The brawl continues with the women exchanging vicious forearm shots and chops. A big boot followed by a sit out powerbomb from Wesna gets only a two count, and a belly-to-back suplex into a bridging pin by Melissa gets the same. The exhausted women struggle on through more near falls, and the ref goes to check on Melissa after a piledriver by Wesna. Behind his and Melissa’s backs, MsChif runs out and spits her green mist into Wesna’s face. Melissa gets up and hits Wesna with a Kudo driver for the win, retaining the Transatlantic Women’s Title.

There is no play by play announcer now, but you get to hear all of the fan reaction and everything the wrestlers and the ref say, so it’s more like the experience of being at the match in person.

ChickFight’s website is at http://www.ChickFight.tv/

— Karen Belcher

source: gerwick.net

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