Diva NXT and an opportunity to shine

There’s been a flurry of opinion pieces posted on the internet over the last week regarding WWE’s NXT Season 3. The buzz is around the WWE’s choice to build Season 3 around the WWE Divas. People are blogging that the “pros” have a lack experience to be taken seriously as pros. There is some suggestion that WWE has all but given up on NXT (as they struggle to find a new channel to broadcast NXT on) and this season is a throwaway. There has even been the suggestion that this is a hidden threat to the current Diva roster to shape up, or they will be replaced. Many, many marks say that NXT Season 3 is going to flop.

Not so, not so, I’m thinking! There’s plenty of opportunity here for the Divas to step up and shut up their biggest detractors.

We’ve blogged here before at womenswrestlingxposed that women’s wrestling needs to tap into ‘reality TV’ to build its storylines. Now, we said this in context to SHIMMER and other indie promotions, suggesting that a ‘reality TV’ format built around a former WWE Diva (such as Lisa Marie Varon) could succeed because the cost of production and the originality of the content would allow to the show to survive in a specialty niche. Women’s wrestling should be seen as heavenly content to cable providers because it’s cheap and should appeal to young male demographics.

WWE has a style that relies on drama and storytelling to bring the audiences into what happens in the ring. The biggest failure the WWE Divas have is that in being hired at the top based on looks and not skill, the Divas can’t be trusted with airtime to sell the WWE product. The Divas are in the big times without the skills to be anything more than eye candy. Not that the Divas aren’t trying, they’re stuck in a vicious circle. Let that be a lesson kids, earn your way to the top- don’t rely on superficiality to make your way and you won’t get caught like that.

The listed ‘pros’ are hardly on their own here. It’s safe to assume that other WWE Divas and stars are going to be involved as well. You can bank on the Glamazon, LayCool, Gail Kim, Eve, Jillian and Natalya making appearances. I personally would love to see Golddust interacting with the Divas (“May I smell your hair?”). We might even see a cameo with Trish Stratus sometime during the competition!

I like what Chris B from Bleacherreport.com said regarding the Divas:

“basically, WWE isn’t expecting Diva NXT to work. Even worse, they aren’t expecting anything from Diva NXT. This brings about the question, why should the Divas themselves care then?
|Well, I think they should care because if they bring in the ratings they’ll catch WWE’s attention. If the women can keep NXT’s ratings the same as before, or increase them, WWE might want to invest more in them. They might be able to flourish once more, and a new, better era of women’s wrestling in WWE can start. It’s a good chance for these girls to get over as well”

I agree also with Chris B other points, first one that the Diva’s sex appeal will bring in male viewers. And we cannot undervalue what time given to the Divas can do for the Divas. The Divas have the chance here to show their skills and actually try to get over with the crowd through promos. Finally, Chris points out that there is a large following of women wrestling fans online- although I’m not certain we make up 30% of the WWE’s fan base (Unless Chris is referring the 30% of fans who don’t go to the washroom at a live event when the Divas are wrestling?) I kid, as Chris has a point that if the online fans do their part to pump up NXT Season 3, we could have an impact on the ratings, absolutely.

The FCW’s smaller venue will also work well for the Divas. Women’s wrestling, in my opinion, simply works better with a smaller crowd. The TNA studio’s size actually works to the Knockouts advantage. One reason I think this is because there’s no way to take the sex appeal of women who are fit out of the equation- but distance from the ring is a hindrance for ogling fans. The other reason is that large venues work with characters that are larger than life and the average women wrestler weighs in at less than 120 pounds- the big venues just eat them up. What I’m trying to say is that women wrestlers are more engaging the closer you are to them and so smaller venues are better.

So fellow women wrestling fans, here’s our chance to stand up and be proud to be a fan of women who wrestle. The Divas have a chance here to shake things up in WWE and take a more active roll- provided they prove they can get over with the fans. Tell your friends to tune in and let’s give our favorite Diva ‘pros’- and the ‘rookies’- our support.

WWE Bella Twins are pros, but not Gail Kim and Natalya?

Botchedspot.com may be in hiatus until September 6, but they posted this hilarious comic regarding the Divas taking the driving seat of NXT Season 3. We haven’t seen much of Gail Kim for the last couple of weeks and considering the short shelf life of a WWE Diva, that makes us nervous. Then again, Gail was looking relaxed and happy in a recent interview with Arda Ocal at the Score charity golf tournament for testicular cancer, which you can check out by following this link, so we’re assuming all is well for Gail Kim.

Botchedspot.com did comment on the comic and Gail not being a part of NXT Season 3.

NXT Season 3 HAS to be a slap in the face for poor Gail Kim! While watching the pros and rookies get named for the third season of the show all I could think about was how depressed she must be! Kelly Kelly as a pro? Primo? The Bella twins? And I thought calling Zack Ryder a pro was pushing it! I understand the scripted nature of wrestling, but they’re really pushing my suspension of disbelief by telling me that the Bellas are going to be teaching anyone anything.

Overall I like the concept of an all-diva season, mostly because I’m curious about how they’re going to pull it off considering the divas on Raw and Smackdown already get so little time. I thought it was just going to be used as a format to build up Aloisia, but apparently Vickie Guerrero has just “fired” according to wwe.com, so who knows. Like most people, I hated the diva search segments that used to fill up Raw a few years back, but considering these rookies have a little more background and have a hour long show to fill, I’m interested to see what it’ll be like.

Check out the rest of the article and botchedspot.com by clicking here.

Kelly Kelly tribute to the troops jigsaw puzzle

Kelly Kelly has a smoking smile

Kelly Kelly has a smoking smile

Season’s greetings!

We thought it would be fun to post up a jigsaw puzzle of WWE Diva Kelly Kelly! Have fun with it and leave a comment about your best time to beat!

Emerging WWE Smackdown Diva feud between Layla and Eve

wweeve.jpegThere’s an interesting feud building up between Eve and Layla on Smackdown. This would be the first clear feud for the Smackdown Divas since the Draft. Fans were treated to a really good dance contest between the two talent search winners. Both Divas are trained dancers and former professional cheerleaders. Layla was even the acting choreographer in Extreme Expose.

The dance off was judged by Cryme Tyme. The two, dressed to show off their dancing physiques, put on some great moves. Many people live report that Layla won the crowd vote, but Eve as the face won. The crowd got behind this segment. Layla then pretended to be in on Eve’s victory dance only to slap her and get into a cat fight. The crowd began to chant “Let them Fight” as Cryme Tyme held them apart.

The spoilers for Smackdown are reporting that this competition isn’t over yet, as the Divas will be squaring off in competition again this week. This is a pretty fresh feud, as both Eve and Layla have had little time in the ring wrestling. The crowd got behind the ladies once, will it happen again? We’re curious to see what happens when the two step in the ring after the crowd invests in their feud emotionally.

WWE signs April Jeanette aka Miss April.

missapril.jpegWWE has signed April Jeanette, 22, who is known as Miss April in the independent circuit.

Jeanette is reportedly dating three-time TNA X-Division champion Jay Lethal.

National Wrestling Superstars who issued the following statement,

National Wrestling Superstars management along with the entire locker room sends congratulations to Miss April on her WWE contract.

April, who was the winner (along with TNAs Jay Lethal) of the NWS King & Queen Tournament just this past April has been a bright note on the indy scene where women have a hard time competing with men for the spotlight.

April, along with her partner Brooke Carter, won the WSU tag team titles from Roxxie Cotton and Annie Social at an NWS event held in Edison this past February.

Ms April is also the second NWS King & Queen winner to move on to the WWE as was Kara Slice aka Cherry Pie as both these female dynamos made many a stride whilst in the NWS territory.


Former WWE Diva Search winner Amy Weber Pregnant

amywebersmall.jpegHappy news from former WWE Diva Amy Weber who has announced she is expecting her first child.

Amy Weber wrote on her blog: ” am pregnant! It is such an exciting time in my life as I never thought that I would be one of those lucky women to experience motherhood. I am thrilled beyond belief and anxious too..I have been so focused on my career over the last several years, that having a family was put on the back burner, but it is finally here and I feel so blessed and just want to do this right! Most importantly, I can’t allow old patterns of how I was raised to carry on.. I had a horrible childhood and can only hope that I have truly learned from the mistakes those people that raised me made. I know for sure that I have learned that you must support your children and encourage them to be all that they can be, let them know that all is possible and love them unconditionally. Kids don’t need all the new toys and fancy shoes, they just need you and your attention.. they want to know that you have their back I think..They want to trust you and respect you and your rules but not be painfully afraid of you. I absolutely plan on going back to work at some point and actually haven’t stopped working since being pregnant! I am being represented by an agency that specialized in pregnant models so we shall see what happens. Any other advice from all you parents out there would be great.. all that I know about what to give your children is exactly what I didn’t get growing up.. so let me know how you feel and any advice is truly appreciated!!!”


Ashley Massaro hints at WWE return?

ashley1.jpegOur favorite Dirty Diva Ashley Massaro hinted last week on her MySpace that she had a talk with John Laurinaitis, WWE’s Senior Vice President of Talent Relations.

Massaro’s chances of a return to WWE at this time are unfortunately pretty slim. Ashley left the company to take care of her sick daughter, but- she also left under the cloud of a scandal. WWE is going family freindly these days, the Diva Search seems to be in limbo and WWE seems to be distancing themselves from Playboy. That adds up to three strikes for the scandal singed- Diva Search winner-and former Playmate.

Ashley Massaro is top shelf in our books and a great self-promoter. ‘Bangin’ with Ashley’ has been our favorite blog and we love following Ashley’s career. We hope Ashley can be organic in her approach to moving her career forward, as other former WWE talent have done. Talent like Gail Kim and Krissy Vaine.

Ashley’s recent blog posts have been pretty dark. We know that Ashley isn’t the kind of person to hold stuff in, or hold onto negativity for long.

Keep your chin up, Ashley!


Maria on Summerskin

maria.jpgYou know summer’s coming to an end when the last WWE Diva is posted on Summerskin. Where did it all the time go? Summerskin wraps up in style with WWE Diva Maria. Here’s some excerpts from her article at wwe.com.

“Passion is my motivation and that’s what drives me.” Maria’s passion has led her to becoming one of the most recognized Divas in WWE, being on the cover of Playboy, and countless other successes.

Maria, her brother and her father would all wrestle on the living room floor while watching Superstars like WWE Hall of Famers Hulk Hogan and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.

After years of watching, Maria fell in love with former WWE Divas Lita and Trish Stratus.

“I remember thinking to myself, what powerful women.”

She had no idea of how to get involved with WWE herself, but then she heard about Diva Search. She entered the competition on the last day possible and within a week, she saw her photo on TV when she was watching Raw.

Maria’s brother spent nearly a year serving the United States military in Iraq. He motivated her to attend every tour to visit the soldiers and to put smiles on their faces. Maria’s sister is the one who keeps her morally sound, as her mother drives her to continuously push forward, and her father makes sure she stays strong inside and outside of the ring.

Although she hopes to have her own clothing line someday, Maria desires to be a Diva for as long as possible.

“I made it to Diva Search and I’m a wrestler,” she said. “Even if I’m not always in the ring, I hope to be part of WWE forever – no matter what form or fashion.”

If you want to relive how you spent the summer (oogling the Divas on Summerskin) click on our link.


Gail Kim leaving TNA, meeting with WWE

gailkim.jpgWomen wrestling has been rocked by the news that TNA Knockout Gail Kim had departed ways with TNA and may be headed for WWE. Gail Kim’s profile has been taken down from tnawrestling.com. There has been no official word to confirm it, but inside sources have confirmed that Gail Kim has in fact, been released from her contract with TNA. WWE has been reported to have changed its trademark on Gail Kim from inactive to an active status, which is a strong indication that Gail Kim is headed back to the WWE.

The former TNA Knockout Champion and WWE Women’s Champion Gail Kim’s had signed a contract with TNA on September 6, 2005. Gail’s decision to leave TNA is apparently completely financial. Gail Kim was said to be happy with how she was being booked and presented on television. Gail’s departure has apparently taken most by surprise. People knew that Gail was renegotiaing her contract, but it was assumed that Gail was staying with TNA. There was no indication that Gail was leaving the company at last week’s iMPACT!, nor did she say goodbye to the other wresters.

One source has told us that the negotiation broke down between TNA and Gail Kim on issues regarding her contract. Kim “wanted guarentees TNA was not willing to give” and there were issues regarding a seperate contract she has with a booking agent who puts her personal appearances together, which has created some conflict with TNA.

There are reports that Gail Kim met with WWE talent developer John Laurinaitis in Tampa, Florida on Thursday and that Gail has in fact been offered a very lucrative contract with WWE. Should Gail Kim return to WWE, there is no doubt that this will be a huge coope for the Diva Division. Gail Kim would be one of the few wrestlers to be released by WWE to build up her career outside of WWE and return a bigger star than she left. What’s more, Gail has consistently put on the most amazing matches in the ring, feuding with Jaqueline and Awesome Kong and the Beautiful People and has the selfless ability to put over any wrestler who steps in the ring with her.

Career wise, we at womens wrestling realise that this is the right decision for Gail Kim. Gail Kim has no where else to go at TNA. The talent within the Knockouts will benefit from Gail stepping to the side, as the vacuum created by her departure is room for new talent to grow. Gail has huge opportunities awaiting her with WWE and she deserves a lucrative contract. We are looking forward to seeing Gail go to-to-toe with talent like Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Mickey James and Santino.

Gail Kim’s status on myspace has been changed from ‘happy’ to ‘sad’, Considering Gail Kim leaving TNA is the end of an era for the Knockouts, we can’t help but feel the same way.The good news is Gail Kim is leaving TNA on good terms, with TNA having nothing but praise for Gail and an open door for Gail to return if the future makes for such an opportunity. We know that we’re fans of Gail Kim for life and will be watching her perform wherever she goes.

12-Diva Tag Team Match (and Rematch)

phoenixbethwwewrestlingob0.jpg==Backlash, Sunday, April 27 at the 1st Mariner Arena.
The Glamazon (Beth Phoenix), with Natalya, Jillian, Melina, Victoria and Layla came out on top at Backlash in the first-ever 12-Diva Tag Team Match, beating Michelle McCool, Maria, Cherry, Kelly Kelly, Ashley and James. The action was heated as the Divas’ battle raged in and out of the ring. The rivalry between Michelle McCool and Beth Phoenix flared early in the match, as Michelle McCool looked to prove James deserved to win the Women’s championship two weeks before at Raw. Nayalya gave a great pay-per-view debut at the 1st Mariner Arena.

==Raw, Monday, April 28 at the East Rutherford, NJ
Beth Phoenix and her crew had a short time to enjoy their victory, as the losers from Backlash asked for a rematch and got it on Raw. In a (short and entertaining) five minute boute, the heels- Michelle McCool, Maria, Cherry, Kelly Kelly, Ashley and James- came out on top this time, beating Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Jillian, Melina, Victoria and Layla. Mickie won by rolling Jillian in an awesome bridge pin! Rumour is there’s a storyline meant to be centered around Beth Phoenix and Mickie James and if that’s true, it didn’t sell. That being said, that’s two great high energy matches by the Divas in two nights!

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