Sara Del Ray- no time for Chicks!

saradelray.jpgFormer SHIMMER Champion Sara Del Ray posted on her blog,


I often wonder what possesess chicks to do the things they do…..I saw the most ridiculous thing at the gym and it really fired me up.

Much more than Chicks in wrestling (which I will address at another time).

This broad was wearing a freaking push up bra at the gym!!!!!! Sure she could have just gotten off work and forgot a regular bra but I doubt that was the case and considering I have seen her multiple times each in said “gym attire” I ruled that out. I had a lot of time to think on this and it is just one of the stupidest things I have ever seen.

This is what is wrong with the world. People are much more concerned with how they look and trying to bring attention to themselves than taking the task at hand applying themselves and getting the job done.

Screw you Chicks at the gym taking up space, breathing my air. Seriously you are a waste of space…leave the gym for the serious…..If you need to put a full face of makeup on and a push up bra to work out you have deeper issues and should spend time in a mental help facility.

Sara Amatto, who we know as the former SHIMMER Champion Sara Del Ray, has also wrestled as American Angel, Nikki and Nic Grimes. Sara was born in Martinez, California on November 13, 1980. Amatto has been wrestling since 2001 and has been trained by Donovan Morgan, Pro Wrestling IRON Dojo, Antonio Inoki, Bryan Danielson and All Pro Wrestling Boot Camp.

Sara Del Ray is a mainstay for SHIMMER Women Athletes, as well as Mexico’s Lucha Libre Femenil and has appeared for many indepentent promotions in the United States, including IWA Mid-South, Ring of Honor, All Pro Wrestling, CHIKARA and has competed under a mask as Nic Grimes for the MTV promotion Wrestling Society X.

Sara Del Ray defended the SHIMMER title against such notable opponents as Lacey, Amazing Kong, and Sara Stock, before losing the title to MsChif. Sara has been pretty vocal about her losss of the SHIMMER women championship to MsChif and has her targets set on regaining the SHIMMER gold and getting even with MsChif.

Sara Del Ray and Allison Danger make up the “Dangerous Angels” and together they have competed in both SHIMMER and ROH.

Sara is one of the few female mainstays of ROH and is a member of Larry Sweeney’s Sweet & Sour Inc.

Sara works hard and has no tine forchicks.

Breaking News: Ariel & Six Other Divas to Debut for TNA

Shelly Martinez aka ArielTNA will be crowning their first ever Women’s Champion in a 10-women gauntlet match at their annual Bound For Glory pay-per-view next month in Atlanta.

Jim Cornette noted that the match would feature “five girls you know” and “five girls you don’t know.” Christy Hemme, Gail Kim, Ms. Brooks, Jackie Moore and Roxxi Laveaux are pretty much locks to appear in the match.

According to, the five other names contacted and likely booked for the match include Northeast women’s wrestler Talia Madison, former ECW Diva Shelly “Ariel” Martinez, ODB (who regularly appears on OVW shows, but is without a WWE developmental contract), Angel Williams, and international women’s wrestler Amazing Kong. According to, Talia Madison and Shelly “Ariel” Martinez have been 100% confirmed to appear in the match.

The girl who seems to have the best chance at securing a permanent spot in the company is Martinez because TNA is already thinking about using her as a valet for LAX or James Mitchell’s group. Also, TNA is very interested in using Angel Williams and also feel that Amazing Kong would be make for a great addition to the company.

Other names being tossed around for the women’s division/gauntlet match include April Hunter, Sarah Stock and So Cal Val. Val would probably only be used as a backup in case someone can’t make it. Sarah Stock is a pretty girl that works under the name “Dark Angel” for CMLL in Mexico. is reporting that TNA would like to bring her in for the women’s division, but there could be a hold-up due to the transportation costs if she chooses stay in Mexico City.

It should be noted that no one has been signed to a contract as of yet, just contacted and possibly booked. The gauntlet match will be a “tryout match” of sorts for the five uncontracted ladies. Depending on how things go during the match, the girls who put on the best performances will likely be offered contracts.

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