Kharma (Awesome Kong) proves that Kharma is a (expletive) at Extreme Rules 2011

What a crazy night for the Divas at Extreme Rules 2011!

Layla and Michelle McCool, unable to reconcile their issues in spite of multiple sessions with a relationship counsellor, fought in tonight’s PPV in a ‘Loser quits’ match. Layla pulled through and won the match by countering a faithbreaker for a pinfall! Layla then left in tears as her ex-BFFF Michelle cried her tears out in the ring. What happens next sent shivers down my spine…

Somebody left the rear door unwatched, because Awesome Kong -now calling herself Kharma- slipped inside and is now in the WWE. Kong/Kharma isn’t a beauty pageant contestent, she’s a monster heel! And a girl! In the WWE? The rumour is that Jim Ross and Steve Austin held the emergency door open for her. Kudos to Kong and thanks to Jim Ross and Steve Austin!

The WWE has been promoting her debute for several weeks now on RAW, SMACKDOWN and SUPERSTARS. In these insightful videos, Kong lays out her strategy for the divas. Kong’s strategy is to pop the heads and legs off the barbie doll wrestlers in the WWE. While laughing maniacally.

Michelle McCool should have run for the front exit when Kharma’s music hit after Layla left because what happens next ain’t pretty. Kharma marched down the ramp to the ring, grabbed Michelle and gave her an implant buster, laying her flat out. Then she laughed maniacally. Kong then left the ring, mercifully leaving a laid out Michelle McCool her head and legs.

Folks, what a great moment for the Divas. I wasn’t sure what the WWE had in mind for Kong and how the audience was going to respond to Kharma, but what I saw I liked! Every division needs a giant, and now the Divas have Kharma!

There has been speculation that Michelle was planning on stepping away from WWE. This really makes a person wonder about Michelle’s other half, known in some circles as the Undertaker. With Michelle evidently planning for life after wrestling, it’s a strong signal that the deadman’s career clock has hit the number 11. Even time tolls for thee, Deadman.

Michelle being buried by Kharma on her way out was a fantastic way to debute Kong. Kudos to you, Michelle for giving that bump perfectly! Now, I have to admit in the past I bought into the rumors about Michelle’s attitude backstage. In restrospect, what I’ve always seen from Michelle has been a serious attitude about the business and becoming as good as she could be in the ring, on the mic, in a promo and with the fans. Michelle may not have gotten over with every fan, but she did win me over. Love her or hate her, we should acknowledge that Michelle approached wrestling as a professional, she loves wrestling and gave her opportunities 100%.

Thank you, Michelle McCool!

Layla apologized to the Divas in the locker room after the match for the way she acted. Does this mean Layla’s going face? Well, before that happens, I expecting Layla to continue to show loyalty to her ex-flawless friends and call Kharma out for that implant buster! Poor Layla, so full of personality, but just not that sharp a tack. PREDICTION: Layla will become the second Diva to be laid out by Kharma. Whatever else happens, I hope WWE continues to give Layla opportunities to hold a mic…and I hope she can still chew food after Kharma’s done with her…

Last question is about the future direction of the Diva division. I guess we’re going to be seeing plenty of ‘Instant Kharma’ around the divas on RAW, as Kong is going to be beating (expletive)’s dead. We’re going to get some amazing matches involving Kharma versus Natalya, Beth Phoenex, Melina, and maybe even a Gail Kim versus Kong, round 2? As for Kelly Kelly, Alicia Fox, the twins, and others…better reserve a bed in the local emergency room, ladies.

Kharma’s goinna getcha!

TNA Knockout ODB gone from TNA

One Dirty B

One Dirty B

ODB has twitted her departure from TNA on Monday, saying it was her decision. This isn’t much of a surprise, as ODB had been benched for several months after publically making negative comments about a Knockout match. ODB has suggested she is interested in working in movies. We wish ODB the best of luck in whatever she chooses to do next.

What is surprising is Roxxi’s departure (again) from TNA after wrestling a match against Madison Rayne Sunday at TNA’s Slammiversary. The rumour about backstage is that Roxxi was only  told about the stipulation her career would be on the line when she arrived before the show Sunday.

Since the start of 2010, Awesome Kong, Alissa Flash, ODB, Roxxi, Tara and Traci Brooks have  left TNA. Taylor Wilde and Hamada are all MIA. Daffney and Angelina Love are just getting back after being sidelined with injuries.

TNA has hired Lotta Love to fill the void. Now, Lotta Love is big, but its like the women wrestling talent in TNA is hissing out the ruptured hull of a direlect spaceship in the cold void of space.  Lotta Love isn’t going to plug this hole.

WWE Diva Kelly Kelly debutes on Smackdown

Congratulations to Beth Phoenix for becoming a 3-time Women’s Champion this Sunday at the WWE PPV Extreme Rules! Nice to see the Women’s Championship belt change hands in a match, versus a gameshow…

This match features Kelly Kelly’s debute on Smackdown and I gotta point this out- Michelle McCool worked with Kelly Kelly to get her over. I repeat, McCool got another Diva over. Hell froze over. And she sold Kelly Kelly’s moveset. Mind boggling.

Michelle McCool may be having a tough time getting over with the crowd, but she is working hard- with great physicality in the ring, and some great ideas to bring as much content to the Diva’s short time slot as she can. The T-shirts are great. Michelle and Layla, with Vickie Guerrero at the ringside- is a great Diva stable. Yup, I admit it, I like what McCool brings to the table.

Beth as a face on Smackdown is kinda creepy. I mean, the Glamazon can lift me over her head in a clean jerk and she’s got that plastic smile plastered over her features. What dork backstage insisted she had to smile like a stepford wife?

What’s next for Lisa Marie Varon aka TNA Tara?

lisaconnectedLisa Marie Varon and TNA have failed to come to terms over a modest increase in wages and Lisa has given her fans her two week notice on MySpace. TNA has been adament about not increasing the wages for the Knockouts, who also happen to be their top draw. Awesome Kong left, Sarita and Wilde are rumoured to be planning on leaving as well. Our favorite energizer bunny, Christy Hemme, meanwhile has apparently had her wage increased to triple what her other- wrestling- padres are earning. What reason does Lisa Marie Varon really have to stick around?

TNA is not doing well in the ratings. This Monday’s TNA iMPACT! scored an 0.50 cable rating with 739,000 viewers.

This is not yet the end of the world for TNA. Every wrestling promotion has these dark days in which the promotion struggles to find the right story and right wrestler to connect with their audience and fill the seats. The story goes, ‘one day someone walks out and does something that gets over with the audience and the promotion’s owner hears the crowd cheer- or boo- and he realises they’ve found the next Big Thing.’ The angle, and the wrestlers involved, is worked to death. The promotion finds its stride, its identity, and its followers for a time. And the savvy owner is always looking for the next Big Thing after this Big Thing runs its course…and that’s how a wrestling company stays afloat. Sometimes every promotion has to be kissed by the angle of death in its darkest hours before it can find the next Big Thing. Sometimes the threat of impending doom is needed to force the promoter to take a reality check. Promoters with egos think they know what the fans want better than the fans themselves. TNA’s bound to get its reality check before the money runs out.

Unless the next Big Thing involves a girl wrestling.

TNA is apparently filled with egos fixated on ‘what ought to be’ over the reality of ‘what is.’ To paraphrase Eric Bischoff, if the audience isn’t connecting with the product, it’s because the audience are idiots. So what? PT Barnum would have been tap dancing in the back to discover he’s got a room full of suckers to hock his wares to. There are terrible ideas as to what TNA needs floating around in the back of this promotion, being pushed by people whose egos exceed their business savvy. The emperor has no clothes, and all messengers- even the paying messengers in the audience- are being shot.

Here’s what everyone but the management in TNA realise:

Fact: TNA management scurries to hire every future endeavoured WWE talent.

Fact: TNA promotes every geriatric, overexposed piece of WWE-kissed product they overpay to acquire over their own talent.

Assertion: TNA management thinks that the WWE product is better than their own product.

Quote: “Every battle is won before it is fought.” – Sun Tzu

Assertion: TNA cannot win head-to-head with a company that is bigger and better than they are. TNA management cannot even assert that they thought they had something better and were proven wrong. They knew they were outgunned going into the fight.

Conclusion: TNA lost this battle before they shifted to Monday nights.

Assertion: TNA has absolutely no logical reason to go head-to-head with a company that is bigger and better than they are at this time.

Conclusion: TNA management is absolutely delusional.

(We’re going someplace with this)

Fact: TNA top draw is consistently the Knockouts.

Fact: TNA management isn’t willing to pay for their women wrestlers.

Fact: TNA management believes that their labour budget should be used to hire outsourced WWE talent.

Conjecture: TNA management, being delusional, refuse to believe that people want to The Knockouts product- fit women who can wrestle and just happen to be sexy because they’re fit- over washed-out WWE talent.

Fact: TNA is using the Knockouts for sex appeal with the thinking that cleavage and tummy will get the target audience to tune in, and then the WWE talent can step in and hold the audience’s attention.

Fact: This strategy doesn’t work. The cable ratings plunge after the focus is off the Knockouts.

Conclusion: TNA is totally ruining The Knockouts division in their efforts to cram ex-WWE talent down the throats of their fans.

Okay, we can go on here. But, why bother?

We’re fans of female wrestling because of the total women wrestler package. Fit women are sexy, athletic women are sexy, but we’re fans because women wrestlers who can cut a promo are entertaining; women wrestlers who can wrestle are entertaining! The coolest women wrestlers project confidence, power and danger to the audience. That’s actually part of the fun. Forcing women to flaunt it in front of a crowd to get people to pay attention is exploitive, creepy and weak. Whatever happened to girl power? We’re fans of the total package and we want The Knockouts to be entertaining, sexy and we want them to kick butt!

The way TNA is using the Knockouts is a far cry from the Awesome Kong and Gail Kim feud back in 2008. The product has lost its way.

So, to wrap this up: Lisa, you’re talented, beautiful and sexy. You have a good mind for business, too. You came to TNA to wrestle in a good women’s division and that opportunity isn’t there anymore.

Why not start your own promotion?

You’re looking for a vehicle for a reality show? Hook up with Trish Stratus, Stacy Keibler, Lilian Garcia, and Mike Adamle and build your own division. Get talent like Cheerleader Melissa, Dark Angel, Hamada, Daffney, Taylor Wilde, and Amazing Kong on board. Go on an extended tour of North America, Mexico and Japan and produce the show on the road. Use a documentary/reality show style between matches and you’ll create a great product on a shoe string budget. Keep the roster small because you’ll have talent to use and showcase everywhere you go. You can feature different women wrestlers from different regions each episode, and build entire episodes AROUND women wrestlers like MsChif, Sara Del Ray, and LuFisto. Watch season 1 of ‘Lost’ and build back stories leading up to every match (one weekend show could unravel over several episodes). Have fun mixing kayfabe and straight shoots. Have fun being in control of the creative process for once. There are so many great stories deserving to be documented in women’s wrestling. This would be an amazing reality show.

The other option is for women wrestlers like yourself to always be stuck trying to prove yourself to washed-up, delusional chauvinists that you’re a top draw. If TNA management didn’t get it after years of the Knockouts getting top ratings, they’ll never get it. So, forget them. Take the bull by the horns yourself and your destiny into your own hands.

TNA Knockout Awesome Kong requests release

kongTNA managment is demonstrating a lack of business sense. We are writing about how TNA’s handling Bubba the Love Sponge comments regarding aid to Haiti have led to Awesome Kong asking for her release from TNA. It would seem that Hogan bringing in his long-time friend Bubba the Love Sponge to use his controversial style to generate controversy and publicity for TNA has backfired on the company. The experiment is over and Bubba should be sent packing down the road and we are blown away that TNA’s management hasn’t grasped this yet.

“I say (expletive) Haiti,” Bubba commented on his Twitter account. “Why do we have to take care of everybody (when) our country is in shambles?”

These remarks came out as the full scale of the disastrous earthquake that struck Haiti became known. While the world scrambled to get aid to Haitians to head off a historical disaster, Bubba thought it reasonable to express in Twitter how he believed many Americans felt about Haiti.

Bubba later made an apology, to try to head off a backlash, stating, “Sometimes you say things that you can’t take back. So I’m man enough now to say I’m sorry for those I offended.”

Then Bubba’s remarks took a swerve from the controversial right into the ‘say, what?’ territory. The disc jockey then claimed his statements on radio were misconstrued. Bubba maintained that efforts to raise money for disaster relief in Haiti were misguided and that the funds might be better spent in this country. Now, ready for this?

“Maybe this is actually a good thing,” Bubba the Love Sponge said live on his show. “Here’s the thing, we would all agree that Haiti is just in shambles, it’s just a horrible country, it’s just dirt, it’s poverty stricken, they need a cleansing, maybe a half a million Haitians that will end up not being around tomorrow … It’s a cleanse.”

Then Bubba tries to play the victim in this situation. “I shoot hard from the hip and Mrs. Carter (although I have tons of respect for her) has never had a guy that is as outrageous as I am. And what does my Haiti comments have to do with TNA wrestling? I didn’t say them on Dixie’s air … Some people can’t handle the truth.”

Bubba, did you just endorse an ethnic cleansing of the Haitian people right on your friggin’ radio station? And you think this isn’t TNA’s business?

We suggest you cancel any trips planned for Canada, Bubba. Canada actually treats remarks like that as a hate crime. ‘In Section 319 the Code punishes anyone who “advocates or promotes genocide” with genocide defined to require that acts be committed “with intent to destroy in whole or in part any identifiable group”. “Identifiable group” is defined as “any section of the public distinguished by skin color, racial group, religion, ethnic origin or sexual orientation.” Civil remedies are also available in Canada for discriminatory acts (Wikipedia).’ We thought it would be nice to point out the last line there for any Canadian-Haitians who find Bubba’s opinion less than reasonable. As Bubba’s show has reach into Canada, he’s not as immune from civil action for remarks that can be construed as a hate crime as he thinks he is.

Then Kong, who’s be driving hard all last week to raise funds for Haiti emergency relief in the wrestling community goes to confront Bubba backstage for his remarks and winds up beating the hell out of the shock jock. This looked so bad professionally for Kong and that lack of control must have been humbling and devastating for someone who had worked so hard to save the lives of Haitians victimized by the earthquake.

What’s amazing is that TNA has not fired Bubba for his remarks. Sure, he got grief from the company backstage leading to his whining that TNA is no longer fun, but essentially he got away with his twitter. His explanation for what he was thinking is completely unacceptable. We cannot fathom that anyone in TNA would accept that his remarks were on his show and therefore did not reflect badly on TNA.

By not responding to Bubba’s remarks, TNA has effectively endorsed that the humanitarian disaster in Haiti might be for the best because it will lead to a good ‘cleansing’ of the black nation of Haiti. Doesn’t TNA have any friggin’ lawyers watching out for them?

TNA president Dixie Carter has stated otherwise on TNA’s Web site. “The photos and video from Haiti are tragic. We want to help. We have to help. The money raised at The Impact Zone is just a start of TNA’s plan to help the country of Haiti.” Fine, Dixie, but your shock-jock backstage interviewer thinks that Haiti needs an ethnic cleansing. And the public face of your company completely supports Bubba.

Hulk Hogan goes on Bubba’s show and backs up his good buddy Bubba. Hulk states that Awesome Kong should have been fired on the spot for attempting to knock sense into Bubba. Next thing, Hogan is blaming Bischoff for getting Kong worked up and is essentially trying to create a wrestling angle out of the incident. Even Bubba is smart enough to steer clear of a wrestling angle with Kong. Hogan, we cannot even begin to explain just how badly you botched this one.

We have to say more on Awesome Kong, who posted a comment on Twitter explaining her reasoning for the way she handled Bubba.

“Kongfucious says: Sometimes you must feed someone a fist to make them eat their own words.”

Both Bubba and Kong were sent home from the tapings following the altercation. Kong faced no discipline for attacking Bubba and returned to the tapings the next day to tape a match for iMPACT. The TNA locker room is reportedly in support of Kong.

However, the altercation backstage is apparently the final straw for Kong being in TNA. The Wrestling Globe Newsletter’s Mike Aldren reported more on Kong. Mike Aldren quotes from a source, “Kong is really disappointed in the fact that this company that once had class has turned into a paranoid backstabbing contest because people in management are too worried about keeping their jobs to really voice their opinions or represent the talent appropriately. They sold all the talent that they were a team [before Hogan/Bischoff arrived]… but then moved forward without rewarding anyone, and benched half of the original roster on top of that.” Kong cited a lack of sleep, mostly from fundraising all weekend raising funds for the victims of the earthquake and was also dealing with the loss of her mentor, wrestling promoter Ed Chuman. Kong reportedly said she meant to talk to Bubba, but delirium took over and she ended up smacking Bubba. One of Kong’s friends also noted to us that she is furious with Bubba for ripping her on Howard Stern, and for attempting to make an angle out of the situation on his own radio show. She is now back at home pondering her future. She was originally booked for the upcoming European tour but won’t be making those dates any more. (Source: the Wrestling Globe newsletter)

We’ve been in absolute shock watching this story unfold over the last week. It’s going on six days now and TNA still hasn’t woken up to the very public stance they’ve taken in regards to Bubba the Love Sponge’s very public remarks regarding Haiti. Hulk Hogan is the face of TNA and Hogan was on Bubba’s show backing up his buddy Bubba who has now gone on record twice as being in support of letting the earthquake in Haiti ‘cleanse’ the populace of Haitians. TNA hasn’t done anything public yet to distance themselves from Bubba’s remarks and that’s the same as letting the remarks stick to the company.

TNA is courting Spike TV officials to consider giving the company a permanent Monday night time slot. The argument is that that the team that gained so many ratings for Turner Broadcasting ten years ago on Monday nights is together again on TNA and this time, they can win the Monday Night war. Eric Bischoff thinks that if Turner Broadcasting hadn’t cut him off at the knees ten years ago, he would have beat Vince McMahon. Maybe, but what Eric should have realized with ten years of experience is that broadcasting companies may want ratings, but deep down inside, even television producers have scruples (Maybe Tina Fey will pick up on this observation and use it for fodder on 30 Rock). The fight got too dirty for Turner Broadcasting and they backed out. Now, two weeks into January, TNA is showing the same scruples that lost WCW its backing on public television. TNA is at a place in their growth where they have to demonstrate an ability to act professionally on the big stage at all times…or TNA is simply going to disappear. If Dixie Carter cannot keep her talent from publically associating the company as- of all crazy things- being in favor of ethnic cleansing, does she seriously think Spike TV officials are going to gamble on TNA?

Diva Champion Mickey James retains against #1 Diva Contender Gail Kim on RAW

WWE started Summerslam on RAW with two title defences, including Mickey James defending against #1 Contender Gail Kim.

Gail Kim and Mickey James put on a great back and forth with each Diva at times mirroring each other’s moves. The end came when Gail went for a cross body on Mickey that Mickey rolled under. Gail landed hard on her jaw and was basically out of it. Mickey attempted to DDT a dazed Gail Kim only to have Gail counter the DDT on instinct. Mickey’s follow up with a lose spinning leg kick and an elbow toppled Gail backwards onto the mat. It took Mickey a moment to realise Gail wasn’t getting back up before Mickey covered Gail Kim for a three count.

After the match, Mickey helped Gail stand and when she still wasn’t responding, Mickey lifted Gail’s hand with her’s to the crowd.

It looks like Gail really was knocked senseless by the crossbody and we’re hoping she’s alright. Both Mickey and Gail were feeling each other out throughout this rushed 3:30 title defense and we think both girls could put on one hell of a program against each other.

While some people refer to Mickey’s ending elbow as the ELBOW of doom, we seriously think Mickey could have bowled Gail over with the FINGERPOKE of doom at the end. Great match, tough ending and a tough crowd still punch drunk from the return of DX and the beatdown by Legacy.

Good match, Divas, and we seriously hope Gail Kim’s allright.

Victoria aka TNA Tara blogs about her head injury

victoria-tara-tna.jpgWe cringed when we saw Tara land on her head after taking out TBP with a crossbody dive from the top rope. Apparently so did Lisa Marie when she watched iMPACT! last night.

From Tara’s MySpace:

Long time, no blog. So I forgot about this until I saw it, which is kinda funny and kinda concerning. But I banged the holy heck out of my head on last night’s TNA Impact. There is definitely a little adjustment as I get into the more hardcore style of wrestling on TNA. Well TNA veteran ODB went to the top rope and jumped onto Kong. It pumped me up so much that I went to the top rope and tried to jump onto the Beautiful People who were outside the ring. Well they are so caked up with makeup and fake tan and herpes creme that I shot right through them, and banged my head on the concrete floor. Next thing I know, referee Earl Hebner was standing over me, asking, “Should I stop this and get the medics?”. I told him that I thought I was okay, but it hurt!!! But the important thing is that I came to my senses, got back in the ring, and pinned Kong. And the fans were chanting “That was awesome”…which was a tremendous feeling. It was an honor to be part of an amazing hardcore match where some of the best female wrestlers worked to their potential and thrilled the fans. I know they rerun Impact during the week. If you didn’t see it last Thursday night, it’s worth catching.

Saturday Night two of the best female fighters in the world will be facing off in the Stikeforce PPV on Showtime. I don’t have Showtime. I’m not home enough to watch it. But I think I may actually get Showtime just for this fight. It’s gonna be a major event in Women’s MMA. Gina Carano and Christiane Santos aka Chris Cyborg. Cheesecorn and Women’s MMA…now that’s a Saturday Night.

Later Beefsteak Tomaters, Lisa Marie aka TNA Tara

Tara is adjusting quickly and well to TNA’s wrestling style. Everytime she comes out, she gives a little more, a little better than before. Tara’s showed a lot of rust in her first appearance and her first couple of promos backstage were really rough. That being said, her performance tonight was great. First backstage with Lauren when asked about Kong derailing her momentum- to which Tara responded, “Derailed? More like hit by a 2 tonne truck.” That’s a great line. Tara then finished the interview saying she came out to be the best and that means beating the best. Tara even put Kong over as the greatest wrestler ever. Okay, we’re sure she meant greatest female wrestler ever- which is amazing accolades for Kong, considering that’s Lisa Marie talking. While Tara is ready to throw down with the Knockouts and is doing great, we hope Tara remembers to be careful in her adjustment to the Knockout Style.

WWE’s the bash 2009 PPV results: Melina loses the title to Michelle McCool

mccool.jpegMcCool made history tonight as the first ever to win both the divas and women’s title. In their championship matchup at the bash, Linda came up short in her defense due to injuries and interference from Alicia Fox.

The WWE women’s champion Melina looked hot tonight in her ring entrance. Michelle McCool came out next with Alicia Fox in tow. McCool went for a big move early to Melina turned into a DDT. The divas brawled after that and Melina injures her leg, giving Michelle a target to exploit.

McCool tried to use her styles Clash on Melina, but Melina faught out. They take the fight to the top rope and Melina takes control only to be injured again. Melina gets a two count and Fox stops the pin. Melina kicks Fox through the ropes. This gives McCool the time she needs to counter Melina and get a two count.

McCool counters again and then nails the Faith Breaker to get the pinfall and the win.

Winner and new WWE women’s champion: Michelle McCool

Sensible move to have Mccool take the title as it sets up a possible new feud and push with the badly debuted Gail Kim, or the opportunity for Melina and McCool to continue their feud. The Smackdown Divas have been working hard on the program and it shows. The four-way match on Friday’s Smackdown featured polished moves by all four divas. Of course, we thought the highlight of the match was when Gail Kim got the hot tag from Melina. It was an interesting finish to the match to, having Gail Kim miss the tag and not realize that McCool was legal, giving Michelle a big opportunity to apply the styles Clash on her for the win.

The only possible concern we have is with WWE’s insistence on booking McCool as somehow superhuman. Not only is that not believable, but it makes the other divas and the feuds look week. WWE needs to take a look at the knockouts program where the back-and-forth action between the knockouts has created consistently exciting matches to watch.

Congratulations Michelle McCool on making history!

More talk about Linda and drug use

brook-hogan.jpegHow else can anyone explain Linda Hogan’s behavior?

The Wrestling Globe Newsletter reports that Hulk Hogan through his lawyer, David Houston, released a statement today in response to Linda Hogan claiming to have passed a drug test. The statement reads: “Linda Hogan?s drug test is absolutely meaningless without proper tracking and verification. If Linda Hogan wants the world and the courts to believe that this is a valid drug test, she must prove that it was a legally supervised medical test taken at random. The document she distributed to the media states that she took a medical test which means that she took a urine test with no verification of urine?s source. Anyone can walk into a clinic and take a test, but without supervision we only have her word to go on and that is questionable. If Linda wanted us to believe she was clean, she should have taken advantage of the $100,000 offer by a national radio show for a random legally supervised drug test as opposed to the farce she has perpetrated upon the public.” The offer was made recently on the Tampa radio show, Bubba the love sponge by Hogan himself.

Remember kids, it’s never a good idea to get involved in somebody else’s divorce.

That being said, there’s this point when the reasons for going through a divorce court seem to have been forgotten and have been replaced by the simpler system of getting even for remembered grudges. Boy, does Linda have a good memory for grudges. Linda Hogan excels as a woman scorned and her campaign against Hogan seems to know no boundaries. What’s sad is the catalyst – Nick’s accident and the legal and civil nightmare that followed in its wake. Linda claims Hogan’s infidelity led to this divorce, but if that’s true, we notice that as long as the nest was well lined, Linda appears to have turned a blind eye to Hogan’s behavior. We would like to believe that Linda’s decisions stem from her belief that Hogan failed her son. But everything Linda has done has been for herself and she has put her children a distant second. Now Linda’s crusade has estranged her from her daughter and possibly her son as well. Linda has also managed to bury herself in the public eye.

Linda’s choices have fueled recent speculation that she is on drugs.

What we can only say is that it is a tragedy that the money that Linda chases is a barrier between everything that Linda needs at this time and Linda. Linda needs an intervention but as long as she has the money to buy lawyers and pool boys who will act as a barrier for a fee, we fear that Linda won’t hit the bottom.

Daffney versus Raisha Saeed

Wow! What a great match. The women wrestlers coming out of Shimmer are amazing. WWE fans who talk about the golden era of women wrestling only need to check out SHIMMER- and TNA since they’re utilizing SHIMMER women athletes every chance they get to see what they loved during the attitude era.

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