America’s Most Wanted with Gail Kim versus Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles with Sirelda

Hey, back when TNA had it’s own product, they tried some mixed wrestling matches! This match was recently put up in Youtube- its America’s Most Wanted with Gail Kim  versus Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles with Sirelda, from Victory Road 06. It’s worth watching because it features Gail Kim kicking some butt, and the match is quality until the over-booked finish. Classic TNA!

Thanks goes to ajsemprini.

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WWE Diva Kelly Kelly debutes on Smackdown

Congratulations to Beth Phoenix for becoming a 3-time Women’s Champion this Sunday at the WWE PPV Extreme Rules! Nice to see the Women’s Championship belt change hands in a match, versus a gameshow…

This match features Kelly Kelly’s debute on Smackdown and I gotta point this out- Michelle McCool worked with Kelly Kelly to get her over. I repeat, McCool got another Diva over. Hell froze over. And she sold Kelly Kelly’s moveset. Mind boggling.

Michelle McCool may be having a tough time getting over with the crowd, but she is working hard- with great physicality in the ring, and some great ideas to bring as much content to the Diva’s short time slot as she can. The T-shirts are great. Michelle and Layla, with Vickie Guerrero at the ringside- is a great Diva stable. Yup, I admit it, I like what McCool brings to the table.

Beth as a face on Smackdown is kinda creepy. I mean, the Glamazon can lift me over her head in a clean jerk and she’s got that plastic smile plastered over her features. What dork backstage insisted she had to smile like a stepford wife?

Gail Kim vs Jillian Hall on WWE Superstars

WWE Divas Jillian and Gail had a really good match on Superstars this week. Lillian spent most of the match throwing Gail around, until Gail moved out of the way of a spear and Jillian put her shoulder into the ringpost, giving Gail the opportunity she needed to finish Jillian with her signature move, “Eat Defeat.” You can hear the crowd calling out the three count at the end, which is great. Good to see the crowd enjoyed the match.

Raw House Show 8/2/09 Divas match part 2

Second part of Devontnt’s upload of Mickie, Kelly & Gail vs Alicia, Beth, and Rose 8/2/09 SUmmerslam TOur

Raw House Show 8/2/09 Divas match part 1

Devontnt posted up Mickie James, Kelly Kelly & Gail Kim vs Beth Phoenix, Alicia Fox & Rosa Mendes (Live Event 8/2/09).

Daffney versus Raisha Saeed

Wow! What a great match. The women wrestlers coming out of Shimmer are amazing. WWE fans who talk about the golden era of women wrestling only need to check out SHIMMER- and TNA since they’re utilizing SHIMMER women athletes every chance they get to see what they loved during the attitude era.

TNA Live featuring ODB and Cody Deaner

Jeremy Borash plugged some upcoming live events, including a show in Abbotsford and Penticton, BC before interviewing ODB and Cody Deaner. Apparently ODB has decided to train Cody Deaner and get her man ready for a shot at the title.

TNA Tara aka Victoria on this week’s iMPACT!

On this week’s TNA iMPACT!, The beautiful people tried to get even with Victoria, now known as Tara, by ganging up on her backstage in the weight room. The makeover went horribly wrong when Tara got the upper hand and doused Bob at sky in garbage. Angelina love, in her efforts to get away from the misfire, turned, then face first into a locker and nearly knocked over the cameraman in her efforts to escape. You can watch the clip here.

Former WWE Victoria’s debute on TNA

To which we say, wow…Victoria looks great and kicked this feud with Angelina Love straight into gear with her arrival. Victoria’s training in MMA has her looking incredible…and that friggin’ widow’s peak on Angelina was just sick.

TNA: Hermie’s Hotseat With Sojo Bolt

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