TNA Live featuring ODB and Cody Deaner

Jeremy Borash plugged some upcoming live events, including a show in Abbotsford and Penticton, BC before interviewing ODB and Cody Deaner. Apparently ODB has decided to train Cody Deaner and get her man ready for a shot at the title.

Win a date with TNA Knockout ODB

You ever wonder just how wild a night out with ODB could be? If you think you can keep up with the relentlessly shocking ODB, here’s your chance. We’re hoping this is some kind of set up and a ringer from Team 3D’s academy will spend the evening with ODB. TNA didn’t put up a disclaimer that the fan would assume full responsibility for shock, trauma and bodily injury, after all.

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TNA Knockout ODB on Gail Kim leaving TNA for WWE

odb.jpegWho’s Slamming Who podcast had TNA Knockout ODB on their show this past Monday. When she was asked about Gail Kim leaving TNA for WWE. ODB said:

“Well I actually think she kept it a secret cause I didn’t know what, ya know. Obviously negotiations come in, you gotta go where you gotta go sometimes but it was a shock to me, like all the internet crap I’ve been hearing, but I don’t really listen to the internet but I was getting text messages from everyone like “Oh is she going over there?” and I’m like I don’t know. And then she made the choice to go over there and good for her, she has to.. you know it’s about making money in this business too. And she’s been in both places, and ya know, she’s gotta think about her future now. I think she’ll do good over there, she’ll fit right in and she’s a Knockout in her heart but I guess she’ll be a Diva for a little bit.”

ODB was also asked if she could choose three WWE Divas, who would she bring to TNA. ODB chose Beth Phoenix, Natalya and she also said she would bring back Gail Kim.

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