LuFisto turned back at US border?

lufisto.jpegLuFisto has posted more on the notice on the Chikara board regarding her being turned back at the Canada-US border.

I got so many freaking e-mails that I will answer everybody here…

As stated on the Chikara board…

Four of the scheduled performers on today’s Season 8 kickoff in Philadelphia will be unable to appear, due to circumstances beyond our control, and we wanted to advise our fans of this as quickly as possible. Due to new immigration policies being observed between the U.S. and Canada that went into effect with the New Year, Buck Hawke, LuFisto and the Super Smash Bros. will be unable to appear on our card this afternoon. While we are optimistic that this can be resolved in the coming weeks, we are unable to address their status right now.

I won’t go into details but in ten years of visiting the States for wrestling training or just wrestling, everything had been fine. I’ve spoken with many US Customs personnel to make sure what I was doing was right and so far, everything had been cool! But, not anymore!

Anyway, I won’t comment more… All I will say is that the Canadian Customs Guard couldn’t believe what I was telling him… He laughed his ass off when I told him what had happened… Shows you how stupid this is!

Much love and my sincere apologies to Chikara, Sara del Rey and all the fans…

Damn, I’m so upset.

Lu xxx

Super Hardcore Anime comes to CHIKARA!

lufisto1.jpegLuFisto was happy to post Jan 2, 2009:

Signed for “Revelation X” is a never before seen bout between two of the hardest-hitting women in the world as CHIKARA’s Sara Del Rey will face a firm test in the form of the wild LuFisto.

A former winner of various deathmatch tournaments and holder of titles such as the CZW Iron Man Title, LuFisto is well-travelled and has wrestled in promotions such as SHIMMER, PWG, CZW, IWS and IWA Mid-South, making her a more than suitable challenger for Del Rey, who has been the dominant female performer in the company for well over a year since she ousted Daizee Haze in August 2007.

These two fiercesome femmes have been trying to arrange a match for close to a year, and now LFC and the Board Of Directors have finally managed to broker a deal that will bring it to fruition.

Who will stand tall in this fight to determine the toughest female grappler in North America?

***LuFisto is happy, happy about this match! Yeah!*** 😛

We’re happy to hear about this, too. Sara Del Ray versus LuFisto? This is going to be a great matchup. If you like women wrestling, don’t miss this!


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