Kharma (Awesome Kong) proves that Kharma is a (expletive) at Extreme Rules 2011

What a crazy night for the Divas at Extreme Rules 2011!

Layla and Michelle McCool, unable to reconcile their issues in spite of multiple sessions with a relationship counsellor, fought in tonight’s PPV in a ‘Loser quits’ match. Layla pulled through and won the match by countering a faithbreaker for a pinfall! Layla then left in tears as her ex-BFFF Michelle cried her tears out in the ring. What happens next sent shivers down my spine…

Somebody left the rear door unwatched, because Awesome Kong -now calling herself Kharma- slipped inside and is now in the WWE. Kong/Kharma isn’t a beauty pageant contestent, she’s a monster heel! And a girl! In the WWE? The rumour is that Jim Ross and Steve Austin held the emergency door open for her. Kudos to Kong and thanks to Jim Ross and Steve Austin!

The WWE has been promoting her debute for several weeks now on RAW, SMACKDOWN and SUPERSTARS. In these insightful videos, Kong lays out her strategy for the divas. Kong’s strategy is to pop the heads and legs off the barbie doll wrestlers in the WWE. While laughing maniacally.

Michelle McCool should have run for the front exit when Kharma’s music hit after Layla left because what happens next ain’t pretty. Kharma marched down the ramp to the ring, grabbed Michelle and gave her an implant buster, laying her flat out. Then she laughed maniacally. Kong then left the ring, mercifully leaving a laid out Michelle McCool her head and legs.

Folks, what a great moment for the Divas. I wasn’t sure what the WWE had in mind for Kong and how the audience was going to respond to Kharma, but what I saw I liked! Every division needs a giant, and now the Divas have Kharma!

There has been speculation that Michelle was planning on stepping away from WWE. This really makes a person wonder about Michelle’s other half, known in some circles as the Undertaker. With Michelle evidently planning for life after wrestling, it’s a strong signal that the deadman’s career clock has hit the number 11. Even time tolls for thee, Deadman.

Michelle being buried by Kharma on her way out was a fantastic way to debute Kong. Kudos to you, Michelle for giving that bump perfectly! Now, I have to admit in the past I bought into the rumors about Michelle’s attitude backstage. In restrospect, what I’ve always seen from Michelle has been a serious attitude about the business and becoming as good as she could be in the ring, on the mic, in a promo and with the fans. Michelle may not have gotten over with every fan, but she did win me over. Love her or hate her, we should acknowledge that Michelle approached wrestling as a professional, she loves wrestling and gave her opportunities 100%.

Thank you, Michelle McCool!

Layla apologized to the Divas in the locker room after the match for the way she acted. Does this mean Layla’s going face? Well, before that happens, I expecting Layla to continue to show loyalty to her ex-flawless friends and call Kharma out for that implant buster! Poor Layla, so full of personality, but just not that sharp a tack. PREDICTION: Layla will become the second Diva to be laid out by Kharma. Whatever else happens, I hope WWE continues to give Layla opportunities to hold a mic…and I hope she can still chew food after Kharma’s done with her…

Last question is about the future direction of the Diva division. I guess we’re going to be seeing plenty of ‘Instant Kharma’ around the divas on RAW, as Kong is going to be beating (expletive)’s dead. We’re going to get some amazing matches involving Kharma versus Natalya, Beth Phoenex, Melina, and maybe even a Gail Kim versus Kong, round 2? As for Kelly Kelly, Alicia Fox, the twins, and others…better reserve a bed in the local emergency room, ladies.

Kharma’s goinna getcha!

WWE Diva Michelle McCool the Unified Diva’s Champion

Michelle McCool defeated Diva’s Champion Melina thanks to some help from the other half of team LayCool, WWE Diva Layla to become the first Unified Divas Champion. The match took place September 19, 2010 during the WWE Night of Champions PPV event. Congratulations to Michelle, as she continues to rip through her competition and continues to prove that she is the top Diva in WWE!

Layla’s willingness to help Michelle McCool seems pretty foolish and shows a gullibility in Layla that’s going to lead to some hard life lessons. On Friday’s WWE Smackdown, Layla agreed to decide who would fight Melina at the PPV by drawing a name from a hat. Layla discovered after McCool won the draw that all the names in the hat were McCool: she rigged the vote. Layla resolved on Friday not to help McCool during the lumberjill match.

But, now WWE reports that this was all a ruse and Michelle McCool and Layla had this swerve planned for the Night of Champions.

We’re not so sure that Layla was in the know- we just think Layla was doing what friends do for freinds. The problem for Layla is, now that Michelle McCool has the title- is she really willing to share the belt with Layla? Knowing just how rutheless McCool can be- we’re betting this freindship is over as of next Smackdown.

What could really come out of this- something that would really show McCool’s heel nature- would be that Michelle dumps her BFF for the belt and treats her ex-freind like crap until Beth Phoenix returns. If McCool then turns back to Layla for help against the Glamazon, she will look like a total…heel.

WWE Diva Kelly Kelly debutes on Smackdown

Congratulations to Beth Phoenix for becoming a 3-time Women’s Champion this Sunday at the WWE PPV Extreme Rules! Nice to see the Women’s Championship belt change hands in a match, versus a gameshow…

This match features Kelly Kelly’s debute on Smackdown and I gotta point this out- Michelle McCool worked with Kelly Kelly to get her over. I repeat, McCool got another Diva over. Hell froze over. And she sold Kelly Kelly’s moveset. Mind boggling.

Michelle McCool may be having a tough time getting over with the crowd, but she is working hard- with great physicality in the ring, and some great ideas to bring as much content to the Diva’s short time slot as she can. The T-shirts are great. Michelle and Layla, with Vickie Guerrero at the ringside- is a great Diva stable. Yup, I admit it, I like what McCool brings to the table.

Beth as a face on Smackdown is kinda creepy. I mean, the Glamazon can lift me over her head in a clean jerk and she’s got that plastic smile plastered over her features. What dork backstage insisted she had to smile like a stepford wife?

Gail Kim to Raw, Alicia Fox to Raw, Natalya to Smackdown

gailkimnadia.jpegDonald Trump’s brief tenure as the owner of raw continues to pay out interest(ing) dividends for WWE fans. On on Monday’s episode of raw it was announced that the Donald has arrange the trade of more than a dozen superstars throughout all three WWE brands. That’s the excuse WWE is using to implement another draft after saying there would be no more cross brand appearances by wrestlers and each brand would be complete and of itself. Okay I guess Donald Trump is also responsible for the hall passes for Jericho and Hardy.

At the top the list moving to the Raw roster is none other than Gail Kim. So, Gail Kim is excited about the upcoming two week tour including Hawaii, Japan and the Phillipines. Tomorrow Gail Kim and Alicia Fox may get a chance to respond to the unexpected brand swap during the tapings for this Friday’s Smackdown. Then, after the tour ends Gail Kim and Alicia Fox will join the main event! The two may continue their feuding when on Mondays..which we don’t mind at all. Alicia Fox has shown us, the fans, that she’s willing to sell and work to get us into her matches and we think she’s quickly establishing herself as a rising star.

Gail Kim posted on her MySpace on Sunday, June 28, 2009,

HEY! ITS ME!!!! 🙂

Hey guys!! Its been a minute since Ive actually posted anything with the exception of the rare message on my site, but I had to clarify that I DO NOT have a twitter account or a Facebook account!!! If I ever choose to have one I’ll let everyone know…so if you think its me, its a FAKE!

Im off to the west coast now then Hawaii, Japan and Phillipines!!! Never been to all three places….soooo excited! GIRL TIME! and some adventures…..:)

Other WWE talent being shuffled around are Brie and Nikki Bella- who will be moved to the ECW Roster and another big play that has us gushing- Natalya is moving to Smackdown!

That’s right! The Hart Dynasty will be joining the best WWE programming on TV at this time. David Hart Smith, Tyson kidd and Natalya will add much appreciated Canadian content to Smackdown.

That means the McCool will have Natalya in her heel corner. The two of them together are going to give Melina, Eve and Laya(?) a pretty hard time.

We won’t see a McCool Gail Kim feud, but we may get to see a Beth versus Gail Kim program- which, after Gail Kim’s failed launch on Smackdown and Beth’s humiliation over the last few months, both wrestlers could really use to get the train back on the track! We’ve finally got a reason to watch women’s wrestling on Raw again…

WWE’s the bash 2009 PPV results: Melina loses the title to Michelle McCool

mccool.jpegMcCool made history tonight as the first ever to win both the divas and women’s title. In their championship matchup at the bash, Linda came up short in her defense due to injuries and interference from Alicia Fox.

The WWE women’s champion Melina looked hot tonight in her ring entrance. Michelle McCool came out next with Alicia Fox in tow. McCool went for a big move early to Melina turned into a DDT. The divas brawled after that and Melina injures her leg, giving Michelle a target to exploit.

McCool tried to use her styles Clash on Melina, but Melina faught out. They take the fight to the top rope and Melina takes control only to be injured again. Melina gets a two count and Fox stops the pin. Melina kicks Fox through the ropes. This gives McCool the time she needs to counter Melina and get a two count.

McCool counters again and then nails the Faith Breaker to get the pinfall and the win.

Winner and new WWE women’s champion: Michelle McCool

Sensible move to have Mccool take the title as it sets up a possible new feud and push with the badly debuted Gail Kim, or the opportunity for Melina and McCool to continue their feud. The Smackdown Divas have been working hard on the program and it shows. The four-way match on Friday’s Smackdown featured polished moves by all four divas. Of course, we thought the highlight of the match was when Gail Kim got the hot tag from Melina. It was an interesting finish to the match to, having Gail Kim miss the tag and not realize that McCool was legal, giving Michelle a big opportunity to apply the styles Clash on her for the win.

The only possible concern we have is with WWE’s insistence on booking McCool as somehow superhuman. Not only is that not believable, but it makes the other divas and the feuds look week. WWE needs to take a look at the knockouts program where the back-and-forth action between the knockouts has created consistently exciting matches to watch.

Congratulations Michelle McCool on making history!

Smackdown 10.04.09 Gail Kim versus Michelle McCool

YouTube Preview Image

Final 25 Diva Battle Royal Card and predictions

wm251.jpg25-Diva Battle Royal:

The Card: Tiffany, Bri Bella, Nikki Bella, Beth Phoenix, Layla El, Jillian Hall, Alicia Fox, Michelle McCool, WWE Divas Champion Maryse, Mickie James, Eve Torres, Kelly Kelly, Natalya Neidhart, Rosa Mendez, Gail Kim, WWE Women’s Champion Melina, Katie Lea, Maria, Mae Young, Santino Marella, Torrie Wilson, Jackie Gayda, Nidia, Victoria and Tammy “Sunny” Sytch.

Candice Michelle apparently won’t be in the match because of her ankle injury.

What’s surprising is the inclusion of Santino Marella and Mae Young. We’re going to call what happens here. Santino comes out and Mae Young takes him out, with Candice Michelle’s help. Mae Young never enters the ring and therefore, doesn’t get thrown over the tope rope to certain doom.

If Trish were in this match, we would say it’s all her’s, but she’s apparently declined. In a recent appearence on CTV, where Trish called the weather, Trish’s hair was dyed black and she was quoted as saying that a one-time appearence satisfies her itch for wrestling. Some people say the Battle Royal was done with her in mind, so this may be a bad sign.

The next speculation is how Gail Kim will perform. Will she take it? The answer is: the last time Gail Kim came into WWE and won a big match- the Women’s title, the crowd turned on her and she went heel. WWE would be wise to have Gail Kim as the final four and give her time to shine, but ultimately give the belt to another Diva. There would be nothing lost in Gail Kim losing to Torrie Wilson.

We’ve thought about it and our prediction is someone WWE constantly undervalues and completely deserves this accolade: Mickie James!


WWE RAW promotes 25-Diva Battle Royal

During tonight’s edition of Raw, a graphic was shown promoting the 25-Diva Battle Royal at WrestleMania XXV. The graphic featured the following participants:

A graphic was shown during last night’s RAW promoting the 25-Diva Battle Royal at WrestlMania 25. The graphic shows the entire current Diva roster and if you look at the top right corner, you can see Gail Kim!


WWE 25 Diva Royal Rumble!!!!

wm25.jpgWWE has all but confirmed that there are plans in the works for a 25-diva Battle Royal to celebrate the 25th anniversary of WrestleMania next month. WWE has only 18 active Divas on the roster and a few of them are still pretty green to be wrestling at a Main Event at WrestleMania, so expect WWE to fill out the vacent spots on the card with former WWE Divas. That means, for everyone out there who thought that the WWE Diva division peaked in 2003, maybe here’s your chance to watch that most excellent roster meet in the squared circle one more time.

Trish Stratus will most likely be involved. Torrie Wilson confirmed that WWE asked her to be part of the event. Torrie Wilson also confirmed in her myspace blog that former WWE diva Victoria has been contacted to wrestle. This may be a great way to have Gail Kim reintroduced. We would love to see Gail repeat her first WWE debute by winning the Rumble and begin feuding with Maryse for the Divas Championship.

There’ll be no keeping WWE Hall of Famer Mae Young from being there.

Women wrestling fans are speculating that Molly Holly, Tammy “Sunny” Sytch, Jazz, Amy “Lita” Dumas, Ashley Massaro and Chyna and others will be approached over the coming days. Since this is simply huge news for women wrestling, we will be actively reporting on this story over the days leading up to WrestleMania 25!

WWE Diva Michelle McCool fires back

mccool.jpgMichelle McCool did some blogging on and took out time to answer a few questions, share a little and fire some shots back at ‘smarks’ who have been attacking the originality of her move sets.

‘I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season…I know I did! I wanted to start with one of my newest “all-time favourite” pictures (editor we included the picture at the end of the article). The picture taken with the legendary Mae Young was taken just a few weeks ago. Not only was I blessed to have her on my side that night, but was able to spend some extra time with her in the airport and on the flight out to tv. Mae has not lost one ounce of her fire and passion for this business and boy is that refreshing?!! It gives me chills just thinking about it. I’m going to start my blog now, but will get back to Mae in a bit…..’

Beating Maria:

Yes, I beat the heck out of her and, in my mind, deservingly so. I don’t get why everyone likes her so much. She tries to play the innocent card and is constantly getting distracted and screwing things up. That’s exactly what she did to cost me the title. Did you see her taking that long to count for Maryse? No, didn’t think so. It was that one split second when I had enough, that Maryse capitalized and caught me with a mean kick to the head. I give Maryse credit…I’d of done the exact same thing and taken advantage of the opportunity. Had Maria been counting like any normal ref, I would still be Divas Champion and she might not be hurting so bad! Next topic of concern….

New finish

For those of you who love to hate me (which I now embrace, so thank you), I’m sorry if this is going to sound blunt. I truly find if humorous how many of you are so mad about my new finish, using the chick kick, etc… You must not be true wrestling fans or else you would be complaining in cyber space about every single move out there. At some point in time, someone used and/or created everything you currently see.

‘So, for those of you who are apparently so knowledgeable about my move set and want to whine and complain about who may have used them in the past, why don’t you do just a little bit of research. You might find that there are many divas, and other superstars for that matter, who are using/utilizing moves that you may have seen before. Before you know it, I’m sure you’ll be complaining about using a headlock. But hey, whatever makes you happy……’

The infamous “diva search girl” /”McCool is Uncool” comments:

The last is very creative I must add. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it ten more. Yes, yes, yes – I am a diva search reject. I’m a diva search reject who has TRUE passion for this business and, on a whim, (somewhat of a dare) decided to chase her dream.

And, against all odds, I (along with, if I count correctly, 6 other diva search girls) made it! If I’m the only one you hate, I feel kind of sorry for you. I truly believe you should dream big and chase those dreams. Like me or not for doing it, I am living proof that dreams come true….! No matter how you get there, as long as you stay true to yourself, you should do it! Then once you do get there, try your best everyday, count your blessings and believe…

Til’ next time…..”Michelle McCool outside the ropes” reminds you to dream big!

Faith to fight the good fight…heart to believe and soul to search within!

Love, MM

Michelle McCool’s all-time favorite picture.

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