Sunny Comes Out for WOW

914sun.jpgSunny(Tammy Lynn Sytch), is scheduled to make an appearance for WOW on December 1st. Sunny, an original WWE Diva, will make a rare appearance at WOW’s event in South River, NJ. She will be joining Roxie Cotton, Gina Nicole and Foxy Foxxy in the ladies division. After leaving the WWE, she had a short stint with the ECW as a valet, and is now accepting bookings for January, February and March 08.

Random Diva News: April Hunter Retiring, Stacy Keibler a Mom, and More

April HunterApril Hunter has announced that she will be retiring from professional wrestling. Hunter made the decision after going to numerous doctors in the United States and Canada who told her she needed to stop wrestling. The doctors told her that due to an accumulation of spine injuries that she could end up crippled or could even end up having internal organ failure. She said she took too many bumps from wrestlers’ badly trained girlfriends and her back and neck are trashed. Hunter will be moving to Louisville, Kentucky and will be working as a full-time pro wrestling manager.

Former WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus is working on opening a yoga studio in North Toronto called “Stratusphere Yoga.” Stratus’ ultimate goal is to franchise it.

Stacey Keibler has a role in the upcoming sports movie spoof “The Comebacks.” Keibler will be playing the character “All-American Mom.”

Amy Dumas (aka Lita) is currently planning another road tour for her punk Rock band “The Luchagors.”

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

WWE’s Newest Diva Gone from the Roster Already – Asks for Release

Krissy VaineKrissy Vaine, who just debuted on the Smackdown brand on 9/28 in an angle where she laid out Torrie Wilson, is already gone from World Wrestling Entertainment. The word going around within the company is that Vaine and Ryan O’Reilly (who are involved) both asked for their respective releases because of the travel and distance apart while working the main roster.

Vaine signed with WWE in January 2006 and had worked for Deep South Wrestling and Florida Championship Wrestling while under her developmental deal. Before signing, she was a regular in the Mid-Atlantic independent scene, most notable as one half of the Team Blondage tag team with Amber O’Neal.

Ryan O’Reilly signed with WWE in August 2005 and at one point, was slated to be part of the revived ECW brand when it launched a year later as part of a tag team with Derek Neikirk. He never made it to WWE TV as a regular performer but was a major part of DSW during its time as a WWE developmental area and was in FCW in recent months.

O’Reilly had just been sent on the road in recent weeks for the Raw brand. Vaine was set to be on the Smackdown side of the roster, so the reality of that time and distance apart is said to have prompted the couple’s decision to approach the company and ask to be let go from their deals.

As you can imagine, there were quite a few developmental performers rolling their eyes at the couple in recent days, feeling that they worked to get a shot with the company, only to waste WWE’s time and throw all that work away just as they were about to benefit from that time and work. In the couple’s defense, if they mutually decided to walk away because it’s what they wanted for their personal and professional lives together, you can’t begrudge them and can only wish them well.

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Dangerous Women of Wrestling Return to Live Action After Over a Year Hiatus

Some hot pieces of ass from Dangerous Women of WrestlingJust when you think you could stick a fork in them and they would be dead… The Dangerous Women of Wrestling return to LIVE action, Friday, August 31st, 2007 at ALFIES 2417 Welsh Road in Northeast Philadelphia, PA. Doors open at 8 PM, Belltime is 10 PM.

There will be drink and food specials running on this night also.

Some of you may remember this place as Dublin’s Irish Pub which saw three DWOW live events back in 2004.

Tickets officially go on sale this Wednesday on our website EXCLUSIVELY at

Stay tuned for a lineup of who is confirmed and get the latest scoop on our message board at

We hope to see you there, because who knows when we are going to run another live event!

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