What’s next for Melissa Anderson aka SHIMMER Cheerleader Melissa?

Slam! Wrestling had the privilige of a great interview with Future Legend Cheerleader Melissa at the Cauliflower Alley Club reunion. We get to read about Cheerleader Melissa’s reasoning for leaving TNA and what’s she’s been up to.

Slam! Wrestling reports that it was changes on the creative side, including the departures of Dutch Mantell and Scott D’Amore, that contributed significantly to the move.

“It was the changes behind the scenes, and nothing more. It was a very mutual split and it was time to move on. TNA is going forward with their direction as a whole, as a company, and I saw all the other opportunities.”

Cheerleader Melissa has set her sights on Lucha Libra.

“I’m in light talks with Mexico, and that’s something that I would really love just to add to my career. I spent a lot of time in Japan, the United States, Canada, a lot of time in Europe. I never really gave Mexico a shot, so that’s a personal goal for myself right now.”

Another project in the works is a working agreement between the various promotions worldwide that showcase women’s wrestling.

“The new project I’ve been working on is the Female Fight League, which the announcement was just made during the Cauliflower Alley convention, the Baloney Blowout. Basically, it’s going to be a female version of the NWA. The details are still being worked out. We really want to do something to boost female wrestling as a whole throughout the world, and, mainly, the United States.”

Slam! Wrestling asked Melissa if the Female Fight League perhaps a reaction to the state of women’s wrestling at the moment?

“There’s a lot of people that have been coming up to me that are a little bit frustrated with the state right now. Is it going up? Is it going down? I can’t really speak on that. But there’s a lot of frustration, and there are a lot of wrestling fans that are big fans of female wrestling.”

Slam! Wrestling lists off Femmes Fatales in Montreal, ChickFight in California, SHIMMER out of Chicago, WSU in New England, and Pro Wrestling EVE in England and says that not all of the companies are on board yet with the Female Fight League.

Melissa explains, “It’s very, very good that we have those companies out there, and we hope for, with the Female Fight League, that these companies are able to work together to make it bigger in the United States. Our companies, they’re so spread out, we’re not really in competition with each other, so we need to find a way to work together to put a lot more focus on it.”

You can read the whole article at Slam! Wrestling.

In our opinion, Cheerleader Melissa is in the right track in regards to women wrestling. Women’s wrestling is in a niche market within wrestling. The best company models for women wrestling are going to be small, lean and mean, and no one company is going to threaten the market share of another company. There’s only so much growth for women wrestling and that limits the threat of new promotions popping up to steal market share for any established company. An alliance, then, with each company taking a region and working together to promote all women wrestling makes sense.

We just posted up our thoughts on what Lisa Marie Varon should be doing next. In our opinion, Lisa Marie Varon could up her game and work more on the business side of wrestling. Lisa doesn’t have anything else to prove in-ring. Her rub and her connections in the industry, including ex-divas like Trish Stratus, Stacy Keibler and now Mickie James, could make a tremendous difference in getting a time slot for independent women wrestling on TV. A show where creative control isn’t in the hands of Jimmy Hart, or Vince McMahon, and there’s adequate funding for a quality product.

What’s next for Lisa Marie Varon aka TNA Tara?

lisaconnectedLisa Marie Varon and TNA have failed to come to terms over a modest increase in wages and Lisa has given her fans her two week notice on MySpace. TNA has been adament about not increasing the wages for the Knockouts, who also happen to be their top draw. Awesome Kong left, Sarita and Wilde are rumoured to be planning on leaving as well. Our favorite energizer bunny, Christy Hemme, meanwhile has apparently had her wage increased to triple what her other- wrestling- padres are earning. What reason does Lisa Marie Varon really have to stick around?

TNA is not doing well in the ratings. This Monday’s TNA iMPACT! scored an 0.50 cable rating with 739,000 viewers.

This is not yet the end of the world for TNA. Every wrestling promotion has these dark days in which the promotion struggles to find the right story and right wrestler to connect with their audience and fill the seats. The story goes, ‘one day someone walks out and does something that gets over with the audience and the promotion’s owner hears the crowd cheer- or boo- and he realises they’ve found the next Big Thing.’ The angle, and the wrestlers involved, is worked to death. The promotion finds its stride, its identity, and its followers for a time. And the savvy owner is always looking for the next Big Thing after this Big Thing runs its course…and that’s how a wrestling company stays afloat. Sometimes every promotion has to be kissed by the angle of death in its darkest hours before it can find the next Big Thing. Sometimes the threat of impending doom is needed to force the promoter to take a reality check. Promoters with egos think they know what the fans want better than the fans themselves. TNA’s bound to get its reality check before the money runs out.

Unless the next Big Thing involves a girl wrestling.

TNA is apparently filled with egos fixated on ‘what ought to be’ over the reality of ‘what is.’ To paraphrase Eric Bischoff, if the audience isn’t connecting with the product, it’s because the audience are idiots. So what? PT Barnum would have been tap dancing in the back to discover he’s got a room full of suckers to hock his wares to. There are terrible ideas as to what TNA needs floating around in the back of this promotion, being pushed by people whose egos exceed their business savvy. The emperor has no clothes, and all messengers- even the paying messengers in the audience- are being shot.

Here’s what everyone but the management in TNA realise:

Fact: TNA management scurries to hire every future endeavoured WWE talent.

Fact: TNA promotes every geriatric, overexposed piece of WWE-kissed product they overpay to acquire over their own talent.

Assertion: TNA management thinks that the WWE product is better than their own product.

Quote: “Every battle is won before it is fought.” – Sun Tzu

Assertion: TNA cannot win head-to-head with a company that is bigger and better than they are. TNA management cannot even assert that they thought they had something better and were proven wrong. They knew they were outgunned going into the fight.

Conclusion: TNA lost this battle before they shifted to Monday nights.

Assertion: TNA has absolutely no logical reason to go head-to-head with a company that is bigger and better than they are at this time.

Conclusion: TNA management is absolutely delusional.

(We’re going someplace with this)

Fact: TNA top draw is consistently the Knockouts.

Fact: TNA management isn’t willing to pay for their women wrestlers.

Fact: TNA management believes that their labour budget should be used to hire outsourced WWE talent.

Conjecture: TNA management, being delusional, refuse to believe that people want to The Knockouts product- fit women who can wrestle and just happen to be sexy because they’re fit- over washed-out WWE talent.

Fact: TNA is using the Knockouts for sex appeal with the thinking that cleavage and tummy will get the target audience to tune in, and then the WWE talent can step in and hold the audience’s attention.

Fact: This strategy doesn’t work. The cable ratings plunge after the focus is off the Knockouts.

Conclusion: TNA is totally ruining The Knockouts division in their efforts to cram ex-WWE talent down the throats of their fans.

Okay, we can go on here. But, why bother?

We’re fans of female wrestling because of the total women wrestler package. Fit women are sexy, athletic women are sexy, but we’re fans because women wrestlers who can cut a promo are entertaining; women wrestlers who can wrestle are entertaining! The coolest women wrestlers project confidence, power and danger to the audience. That’s actually part of the fun. Forcing women to flaunt it in front of a crowd to get people to pay attention is exploitive, creepy and weak. Whatever happened to girl power? We’re fans of the total package and we want The Knockouts to be entertaining, sexy and we want them to kick butt!

The way TNA is using the Knockouts is a far cry from the Awesome Kong and Gail Kim feud back in 2008. The product has lost its way.

So, to wrap this up: Lisa, you’re talented, beautiful and sexy. You have a good mind for business, too. You came to TNA to wrestle in a good women’s division and that opportunity isn’t there anymore.

Why not start your own promotion?

You’re looking for a vehicle for a reality show? Hook up with Trish Stratus, Stacy Keibler, Lilian Garcia, and Mike Adamle and build your own division. Get talent like Cheerleader Melissa, Dark Angel, Hamada, Daffney, Taylor Wilde, and Amazing Kong on board. Go on an extended tour of North America, Mexico and Japan and produce the show on the road. Use a documentary/reality show style between matches and you’ll create a great product on a shoe string budget. Keep the roster small because you’ll have talent to use and showcase everywhere you go. You can feature different women wrestlers from different regions each episode, and build entire episodes AROUND women wrestlers like MsChif, Sara Del Ray, and LuFisto. Watch season 1 of ‘Lost’ and build back stories leading up to every match (one weekend show could unravel over several episodes). Have fun mixing kayfabe and straight shoots. Have fun being in control of the creative process for once. There are so many great stories deserving to be documented in women’s wrestling. This would be an amazing reality show.

The other option is for women wrestlers like yourself to always be stuck trying to prove yourself to washed-up, delusional chauvinists that you’re a top draw. If TNA management didn’t get it after years of the Knockouts getting top ratings, they’ll never get it. So, forget them. Take the bull by the horns yourself and your destiny into your own hands.

Former WWE Diva Torris Wilson takes second place on reality TV show

torriewilson.jpgTorrie Wilson on her experience in a reality TV show posted on MySpace:Costa Rica baby!

Current mood: contemplative

Hey guy’s!

Well I am finally back home from the Costa Rican jungle where I was filming the show

“I’m a celebrity, get me outta here!” 30 days of living in the jungle and eating mostly rice and beans sure made me appreciate my home sweet home! I had a great time and made tons of good friends..and was really happy that I got to show people who I really am! I definitely underestimated how hard it was really going to be, by day 3 I found myself looking around camp going “wow, this is gonna be much harder than I thought!” I used my inner strength to get me through and realized I am much more fierce than I ever thought. Quitting was NEVER an option. I want to live by the 2 little words “NO REGRETS” everyday of my life. I hope that I can be a positive influence in many people’s lives by demonstrating that you can do anything if you put your heart and soul into it and don’t give up! I had a few day’s when I was miserable and homesick but without those bad days I would not have walked away from this experience a changed person and appreciated it so much. Nothing is ever easy in life and how boring would it be if it always was?

I came in 2nd place behind Lou Diamond Philips and it was ridiculously close. Only less than 1/10th of 1% of the votes separated us and I later heard they had to do a recount because I was in the lead the previous day. Lou definitely deserves the crown, he’s a great guy and a hard worker…I am elated to have made it to the very last day and owe all of you that voted a big huge THANKYOU!!!! I have the best fans and friends in the world!!

I am very excited about the opportunites coming my way and will of course keep you all posted……working on the first in a series of workout videos already and am so excited because this is something I have ALWAYS wanted to do! I love working out and have so many great tips and tricks to share!

Thankyou God for my friends new and old..and for giving me such a beautiful life changing experience.

mucho kisses!


Congratulations Torrie on a great showing! Some fans claim they couldn’t phone in their vote on the final night as the line to vote for Torrie was busy and considering how close it was- who know? Maybe you should have won it?

Vickie retires, Lena Yada in a Chickfight, Torrie Wilson up for elimination!

vickiebigshow.jpegOn Monday night Raw Vickie surprised us and announced her retirement from the WWE as general manager of Raw. It seemed like just yesterday Vickie was wallowing in mud and pigs, defending her miss WrestleMania title against Santina (oh, yeah, she was). Well, that’s a great sendoff for Eddie’s widow and a woman could draw more heat by asking the crowd to be polite than Jericho in a full-blown tirade. Vickie is said to be set now for finances and wants to spend more time with her daughters.

After her announcement, edge came out, roasted her and demanded a divorce. The key is said to have been fine with all that, after all humiliation is part of the traditional sendoff. Vickie may appear on Smackdown before the end of the month. We just want to say toVickie Geurrero, great job and there’s going to be a big gap Monday nights where you used to be.

Former WWE Diva Lena Yada returned to the ring for Pro Wrestling Revolution in a match that was promoted as a “ChickFight” on Saturday, June 6. Lena Yada won over Cristina Von Eerie.

Former WWE Diva champion Torrie Wilson is up for elimination! Don’t forget to vote to keep Torrie in the jungle!

Torrie Wilson fans get ready to vote!!!!

torriewilson.jpgTorrie Posted on Myspace onSunday, May 17, 2009

Please support your fave ex diva!!!

Current mood: adventurous

Hello my friends!

Gosh it has been forever since I have checked in with you guy’s and I am so sorry! It seems like just when I thought I couldn’t be busier I have done just that….gotten busier! I had a great time at Wrestlemania this year although I wasn’t extremely thrilled with my role. It was what it was…but many people didn’t even know I was in the Diva’s match! I think it was a great way for me to at leaste have a little closure since I had quit while healing from back surgery and basically just called them up and said I didn’t want to go back on the road again feeling the way I did. I felt like I was walking through my old Mcall-Donnelly High School when I was going through the building seeing all my old friends…that was fun and sure did make me realize I miss a lot of my good friends so much!

…So I am going on this reality show called “I’m a celebrity get me out of here!” that will be airing starting June 1st on NBC and will be airing 4 days per week..mon-thurs. the entire month of June. Part of every show is actually going to be live and I will pretty much be living in the jungle in Costa Rica for as long as possible without much to live on! I want to stay until the very end because my chosen charity will be given a large donation on behalf of me if I do! This is where all of you come in……I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!! PLEASE VOTE FOR ME ANY CHANCE YOU CAN!!!! My “celebrity status” as we say…has been questioned by many people saying that I don’t have the following that some of my cast members do and I need all of my loyal wrestling fans to prove them wrong! I keep telling everyone that you can NEVER underestimate the power and loyalty of wrestling fans. I am tired of people ignoring the fact that wrestling is a HUGE sport! ….with an unbelievable amount of fans! That “wrestling chic” wants to go to the jungle and show em how it’s done! I am going to do my best and all that I ask for from all of you is to PLEASE support me LIKE YOU ALWAYS HAVE AND I WON’T DISAPPOINT YOU!

I will touch base with you again before heading off to Costa Rica but for now have a wonderful night and God Bless!! xox -Torrie

Okay, there you have it, let’s prove Torrie right and help her win for her charity!


Torrie Wilson in reality show

torriewilson.jpeg– Former WWE diva Torrie Wilson issued the following message to www.T-Wilson.org:

“Hey guys and gals! In case you haven’t heard I am going to be on a new reality series on NBC entitled “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!” I will definitely be testing my survival skills but am feeling confident. I met the cast members this week and have to say I am looking forward to this most likely life changing experience of surviving in the Costa Rican jungle! I really hope you tune in and vote for me in the month of June. It will be airing 4 days per week and parts of each show will be live! I will also be playing for a charity so it’s going to make me even more competitive than I already am! I will keep y’all posted….”

RingDivas Shoot with Torrie Wilson

torriewilson_small.jpgRingDivas has shoot interviews with some of the most over women wrestlers ever!

Torrie Wilson, one of wrestling’s most beautiful divas sat down to conduct her first ever shoot interview! For the first time ever you will get a chance to understand the girl that lies beneath the makeup, glitz, and glamour as Torrie walked us through her entire career.

The interview is one and a half hours in length.

You can get the full interview by following the link here:

DOWNLOAD – Shoot with Torrie Wilson (Complete Interview)

Final 25 Diva Battle Royal Card and predictions

wm251.jpg25-Diva Battle Royal:

The Card: Tiffany, Bri Bella, Nikki Bella, Beth Phoenix, Layla El, Jillian Hall, Alicia Fox, Michelle McCool, WWE Divas Champion Maryse, Mickie James, Eve Torres, Kelly Kelly, Natalya Neidhart, Rosa Mendez, Gail Kim, WWE Women’s Champion Melina, Katie Lea, Maria, Mae Young, Santino Marella, Torrie Wilson, Jackie Gayda, Nidia, Victoria and Tammy “Sunny” Sytch.

Candice Michelle apparently won’t be in the match because of her ankle injury.

What’s surprising is the inclusion of Santino Marella and Mae Young. We’re going to call what happens here. Santino comes out and Mae Young takes him out, with Candice Michelle’s help. Mae Young never enters the ring and therefore, doesn’t get thrown over the tope rope to certain doom.

If Trish were in this match, we would say it’s all her’s, but she’s apparently declined. In a recent appearence on CTV, where Trish called the weather, Trish’s hair was dyed black and she was quoted as saying that a one-time appearence satisfies her itch for wrestling. Some people say the Battle Royal was done with her in mind, so this may be a bad sign.

The next speculation is how Gail Kim will perform. Will she take it? The answer is: the last time Gail Kim came into WWE and won a big match- the Women’s title, the crowd turned on her and she went heel. WWE would be wise to have Gail Kim as the final four and give her time to shine, but ultimately give the belt to another Diva. There would be nothing lost in Gail Kim losing to Torrie Wilson.

We’ve thought about it and our prediction is someone WWE constantly undervalues and completely deserves this accolade: Mickie James!


WrestleMania 25 Updates

wm251.jpgDuring Saturday night’s replay of Raw on the Universal HD channel the 25-Diva Battle Royal graphic for WrestleMania XXV was shown once again, but with two WWE Divas removed. The Gail Kim and Candice Michelle were both gone. Gail Kim will likely be in the match, but she has yet to make her official return to the ring. Kim will be making her television return to the company on this week’s edition of SmackDown, which was taped this past Tuesday. Unfortunately for Candice Michelle, it appears as though that she has been pulled from the match altogether, and will be missing WrestleMania for the second year in a row due to injury.

WWE’s stocks are rising, with their biggest PPV of the year just around the corner. The stock market is surging, gaining 500 points today, and WWE stocks rose with the Dow and closed the day trading at $11.72 a share, up almost 10% from Friday’s closing.

WWE’s public stocks may be rising, but their stocks with Diva fans have definately taken a hit! WWE has scrapped plans for an all-Diva episode of ECW. Our source tells us the thinking is, what build up does a Royal Rumble need? So, the ECW will be building a ECW title match for WrestleMania instead, with some Diva clips thrown in…

WWE has announced that Kid Rock and lead Pussycat Doll, Nicole Scherzinger, will perform at the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania on April 5 at Reliant Stadium in Houston.

Former Diva Ashley Massaro has changed her profile status to being an employee of WWE. Our source tells us former WWE Diva Joy Giovanni was backstage visiting friends at Monday’s Raw in San Antonio, Texas.

Former WWE Divas Champion Michelle McCool appeared on last week’s Raw Live Blog on WWE.com on Monday and was asked about Kim from a fan. McCool responded: “Gail Kim…I always liked watching her, but I don’t think she has what it takes! I mean, she’s ok – but she’s not anything special!” It’s a good heel response from McCool- ‘in the ropes’. The kind of response that’ll draw an answer from Gail, maybe as early as this Friday’s Smackdown…

Check out more Torrie Wilson pictures at Crazedbabes.com!!!

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