TNA Knockout ODB gone from TNA

One Dirty B

One Dirty B

ODB has twitted her departure from TNA on Monday, saying it was her decision. This isn’t much of a surprise, as ODB had been benched for several months after publically making negative comments about a Knockout match. ODB has suggested she is interested in working in movies. We wish ODB the best of luck in whatever she chooses to do next.

What is surprising is Roxxi’s departure (again) from TNA after wrestling a match against Madison Rayne Sunday at TNA’s Slammiversary. The rumour about backstage is that Roxxi was only  told about the stipulation her career would be on the line when she arrived before the show Sunday.

Since the start of 2010, Awesome Kong, Alissa Flash, ODB, Roxxi, Tara and Traci Brooks have  left TNA. Taylor Wilde and Hamada are all MIA. Daffney and Angelina Love are just getting back after being sidelined with injuries.

TNA has hired Lotta Love to fill the void. Now, Lotta Love is big, but its like the women wrestling talent in TNA is hissing out the ruptured hull of a direlect spaceship in the cold void of space.  Lotta Love isn’t going to plug this hole.

Angelina Love Returning tonight to TNA Impact

Angelina Love We didn’t get to see Angelina return on Monday’s live TNA Impact, but we’ll finally see Angelina back in the TNA fold tonight, after her being dismissed from the company due to a work Visa issue (We thought immigration would eventually see the light and give Angelina a ‘exceptional ability’ green card).

What has Lauren Williams, aka TNA knockout and pivot of The Beautiful People been doing since her unexpected termination? Apparently, hitting the gym and working out some junk in the trunk! Angelina is buff in this picture from Tuesday’s tapings that is circulating around the internet. Angelina is buff like she’s ready for the Miss Fitness competition, or ready to kick some booty.

One of the biggest draws for TNA on Monday was the TBF playing strip poker, with one segment bringing in 500,000 viewers who immediately bailed after the segment. So, TBP are a draw for TNA and you can expect the Knockout’s heel stable to continue to be featured in ridiculous ratings drawing segments that continue to poke fun at bra and panties matches, mud wrestling, or backstage segments designed to draw in young males. For all the work TNA Knockouts have done to differentiate themselves from WWE’s Divas and present women as competitive athletes and characters in wrestling, their top draw is TBP following the ‘sex sells’ marketing plan over in WWE. TBP are a pivotal part of the Knockouts marketing strategy, as TNA can both feature everying that draws in young male WWE fans, while differentiating their Knockouts division from the WWE Divas. In marketing terms, TNA’s found a way to stradle two opposing market segments. We think that’s friggin’ brilliant and so we’re all for TNA to continue to push this angle! Thank you, Kevin Nash!
Angelina love return

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