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christyhemmesmall2.jpegWednesday, July 01, 2009
Hello everybody!! Soooooooo… it is official, I have a brand new official fan site, YAAAAAAAA!! This is a special invitation for all of you to go check it out at-


It is ran by two amazing people, Beth and Dan, they ROCK!! They are currently building the Official band site as well so I will let you know when that is up 🙂 I also want to thank Carol and Ang for the 5yrs of support they gave being my first official fan site… thank you girls!!

ALSO… playing at the Social in Orlando Fl on July 3rd this friday with Exit the Ride! So come on down, say hello and listen to some killer music, just saying, kinda awesome hehe! As far as wrestling goes, keep your pants on cuz we are talking about the big TNA come back right now… love you all and thank you for all your kind and supportive words!! XOXO Christy


hemme.jpegBy Christy Hemme

Being a women in the wrestling business means you need to wear a thick skin. Sometimes your skin gets so thick, vulnerability and willingness to give all of yourself hardens to the cement of protection. When I first got into the business I could feel a deep passion for something so special that I had never felt before. I gave everything I had to give to this new found love. The same way you do when you fall in love with a man or women.

Well I have to be honest… I had never let myself fall in love with a man before. I grew up with one of those strong women attitudes that I could do everything myself. Don’t carry my bags, don’t open my door, don’t pay me a compliment, I don’t need it because I don’t need anyone to help, care about or love me. Even though I could consciously keep myself from being in a truly intimate relationship with a man I didn’t realize I could fall for this secret world that we all love, wrestling.

My departure from WWE was on my own terms because I stuck to my guns on my morals and values as a human being. I knew in my gut that it would be the end, but I also knew that carrying guilt for knowingly doing something against what I believed wasn’t worth getting ahead. Leaving broke my heart… but doing the right thing is something I will always be proud of.

Going to TNA, I went in with all intentions of not letting my experience at WWE effect what I still felt compelled to do. I could feel the heart of this company was good and held an unspeakable magic. I unknowingly had the outwardly reaction of a guarded rebounder. I never lost my passion because I don’t believe you can when it is a part of your being… but I did bury it under my thick skin. It was so obvious to me that everyone could sense my protective layer, but at the same time I felt paralyzed in allowing love to escape my pores because having your heart broken feels like you lose a part of yourself.

Life is so full of surprises. My heart was recently broken once again. Surprisingly, my recent feeling of loss gave me a unexpected gift. This heartbreak shattered the protective skin I used as a wall from my emotions, allowing me to connect more than ever before. Sometimes it takes something really big to knock down the wall of protection you create and show you where you are. My feelings of loss were only the exertion of energy it takes to protect myself from the unknown. My wall is GONE and I feel so humbled to be more open, eager, hopefull, excited and passionate than I have in my entire life.

My passion for wrestling is exploding from being held for so long. I do have to say, sitting on the sidelines has been extremely beneficial. Its like I spent all that time downloading info that I can now deliver and express in a way I couldn’t keeping the wall I did. I’ve started training again, and have to give HUGE thank you’s to AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Jimmy Rave… hurting has never felt so good!

It was never really my bag to just be the hot girl anyways…

So watch out Knockouts (especially Awesome Kong!) because HEMME POWERED is back!

(source: tnawrestling.com)

Christy Hemme sizzles in ‘Loaded’ Magazine, Signed ‘Fallen Angels’ Prints for Sale


Christy Hemme, valet for the Rock ‘n Rave Infection, has a painfully sexy photoshoot in UK magazine ‘Loaded’. Christy has posed in men’s magazines before, notably Playboy back as a WWE Diva. Christy made the mistake of getting serious about wrestling back in 2004 at the same time that WWE decided to clean their house of women wrestlers and build the Diva division. Hemme spent two days at the OVW training camp before she recieved her walking papers. The decision by WWE didn’t make sense then and still doesn’t make sense today.

Christy Hemme may not be the Knockouts top performer in the ring, but she does bring her personality and drive to each match; each appearence by Hemme in the ring is rememerable and entertaining. Hemme overcame her commen sense telling her to run in her match with Kong and turned in an exciting, if one-sided, bout (Kong Bombed). Christy is also flexible on par with SHIMMER MsChif, no small thing. But, there is no way a person can forget just how gorgeous this fiesty Knockout really is.

Along with the pictorial there’s a mainly sex-related interview with the twenty-seven year old with such questions as: Have you been tempted to swing both ways?, What wrestling moves work for you in the bedroom, and How would you seduce a man?

The only pic we dared to post- create your own fantasy caption here.

Christy Hemme myspace post:

Only two days left to order ’The Fallen Angels’ signed by me, Gail and Traci!

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

Only two days left to order a signed ‘Fallen Angels’ print – a new fantasy illustration by artist Jason Beam. It will be signed by myself, Gail Kim, Traci Brooks and Jason Beam – we will be at DragonCon meeting fans and promoting the new print – but if you can’t make the show, you can order it now, we will sign it, and Jason will ship it out after the show.

$49 plus shipping

Click here to order this signed print!


We checked out the website and found this post by Jason Beam.

Christy Hemme has found her way into my work in several other pieces, and I jumped at the opportunity to feature her, along with two other amazing women who share the spotlight with her on Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Joining Christy in this piece is Traci Brooks and Gail Kim – coming together for a demon-themed piece of artwork that captures the dark beauty of all three, with amazing photography work by Kevin Roberts.

If you are attending DragonCon in Atlanta, GA – be sure to come by and visit our tables and have your print signed in person by all three ladies. But if you can’t make the show, here’s a chance for Christy, Gail and Traci fans to get the print signed while I am there, I’ll bring it back and ship them when I return from the show!

Dragon*Con 2008 will be held Labor Day weekend (August 29 – September 1, 2008) in Atlanta, GA. If you’re attending the event, find out what Gail’s up to for us. Thnx.

Playboy Cover Poll Results

christy-hemme2919.jpg As we’ve reported before, Playboy.com has been running a poll asking fans to vote on their favorite Playboy cover featuring a former, or current, WWE Diva. Well the winner is out, and guess what, its not a current WWE Diva, or even a WWE womens wrestler. It turns out that Christy Hemme, currently with TNA as a Knockout, is the winner. Here’s the results:

– Christy Hemme’s April 2005 cover – 119,913 votes
– Ashley Massaro’s April 2007 cover – 70,378 votes
– Torrie Wilson’s May 2003 cover – 41,096 votes
– Chyna’s November 2000 cover – 8,002 votes
– Chyna’s January 2002 cover – 2,230 votes
– Sable’s April 1999 cover – 1,984 votes
– Candice Michelle’s April 2006 cover – 1,870 votes
– Torrie & Sable’s March 2004 cover – 1,266
– Sable’s September 1999 cover – 843 votes

New Hemme Powered Column: One Day In Sturgis…

Christy Hemme(Note: Christy Hemme recently returned from the annual Sturgis Bike Rally in South Dakota. Hemme makes the trip out to the rally each year.)

One day in Sturgis…

There is a place that carries “special” in the air. Spoors of special that are limited to only once a year, if you visit. Imagine if you will; we are riding in the morning of a beautiful August day on your choice of Harley-Davidson, chalk full of all the fixings you please. My arms lay, relaxed on chrome drag bars that sit comfortable on a black Dyna Low-rider. Our very alive bikes sing Harley’s patented sound, as that and the sound of the wind passing our ears is all we can hear. Our hair holds on to its follicles, just to keep up with the pace of the bike and our will to get somewhere. In the middle of this nowhere, without even a sign to guide us, we feel it… somewhere… and close to the Sturgis Bike Rally.

You feel that “special” air melt into every pore on your body. Even our bikes purr louder as the reuniting asphalt, kisses them hello. The instant you feel the change in the air, you glance around at the beauty of the green trees glowing brighter. We draw closer to the town turned city as friends from all over the world are being carried by the same enticing gust of wind. You nod your head to each person who passes or you pass, showing a mutual respect for them and the road. As you slow to the traffic that runs through Main St., a popular street that flows directly through the town, you look around knowing that you have 750,000 people that you can call friends.

Main Street is lined with thousands of beautiful bikes, cuddled as tightly as they can. People walk casually on the street wearing whatever they please, leather chaps, bikinis, bandanas, jeans and scantily clad anything. The less the better in this August summer heat. Vests with patches showing the other rallies people have been to, give you the impression that this is its own little world and a club that you gave yourself initiation just by showing up. Even this early in the day, the bars are filled with people enjoying the free flowing drinks. Vendors are set up in front of the bars (open only once a year for the rally). Clothing and Harley gear lay on tables and stand proud on hangers, smiling bright, hoping to have a home by the end of the rally. Flavored steam from the fresh cooked food rises under the tents and flows to your nose. The food, fresh air and smell of bike exhaust mixes just perfectly… that oh so fantastic signature smell of Sturgis.

We stop at my favorite bar in town One-Eyed Jacks, to meet my girls (The Purrfect Angelz) and our longtime friends and family in the biker industry, for a drink followed by a ride. Sitting on the wooden deck you enjoy a cold beer, laughing with my already rowdy bunch. With our cohorts ready to take on the roads, we make your way back over to our bikes. Yelping loudly and causing a big scene we take off in a lined group. Outside of the city the landscape opens up to a large green fields. You prepare yourself for curves ahead that weave their way through mountains to a little city called Spearfish. The curves are met by large walls of rock on either side. In between the rock and the road are pine trees and streams of water that stop to feed the lush vegetation. The clear day’s light, spills over the rock walls, to pet your face with warm ray’s of the waking afternoon. As you lean into the curves of the road, your best friend and bike’s exhaust lightly grazes the air skimming the asphalt.

Coming up on the small old town of Spearfish, the nostalgia of the well lived buildings stand tall in the valley they sit in. Big welcome signs, cute little boutiques, ice cream parlors and casino’s create a warm inviting atmosphere. Our posse decides to stop to have lunch in one of the beautiful old hotels, charming with its antique nuances. As we get back on our bike’s we ride in Sturgis’s surrounding adventure until the sun starts to sink in the sky. The air has cooled just enough to be absolutely perfect. It feels very still, as if bracing itself for the nights shenanigans. Quiet and calm it seams to not fight you as you ride, but move with you to enjoy the last few moments of dusk till dark. As we ride to the top of the hill headed back into Sturgis, a view of golden oranges melt around the trees, begging for us to draw closer.

We ride back through Sturgis passing it. With a growing line of bikes, we are on way to the Buffalo Chip, an enormous bar set in a huge field that draws over 30,000 people to it huge concerts. Playing tonight is Velvet Revolver, and by the way we have backstage passes that give us free drinks all night long and the front row VIP view of standing stage left, close enough you can practically smell Slash and Scott Weiland! I LOVE Velvet Revolver!! After a great show we make our way to another huge outdoor bar right next to the Buffalo Chip. The biggest biker bar in the world to be exact, The Full Throttle. Fully stocked with food vendors, clothing and souvenirs, liquor and beer, girls dancing, carnival rides, bike builders, concert stages and live music, mechanical bull riding (and yes, we are getting on that bull!!), a bike burn out pit and of course tons of people ready to just have a great time.

As the perfect day leads to its inevitable end, we all have only a couple hundred feet walk to the cabins we rented on the Full Throttle property. I will let you imagine whatever ending you like, but the only part I will give you is that as you sit on the porch of your small wooden cabin, take a moment to lay your head back, look up at the stars and indulge yourself with a deep breath. Inhaling and appreciating the sweetness of perfection and this very “special” air fills your satisfied lungs, carried only by…The Sturgis Bike Rally.

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