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WWE Diva Ashley MassaroOkay guys, well I assume you’ve heard I’m shooting the cover of Playboy, but in case you didn’t, how rad is that?! So, I’ve been busy with all kinds of stuff related to that, but def can’t neglect Bangin,’ so let’s get started with the latest edition.

I’ve been completely obsessed with the song “The Suffering” by Aiden lately. I know those guys pretty well, and hearing this song off their new EP Rain in Hell, which was released Halloween 2006, well, it gave me chills. I’ve always been a fan of Aiden, and its first two albums, Our Gangs Dark Oath and Nightmare Anatomy, contain some of my favorite songs. I’m sure you knew this already because I’ve mentioned Aiden in a few magazine interviews, including a recent one with WWE Mag.

Anyway, after hearing “The Suffering,” it’s just so apparent the band has grown to a new level. But Aiden hasn’t strayed too far from its original style which catapulted it into an underground fan-following, leading up to many successful tours and album sales. I just dig this song. I’d really like you guys to listen to it and let me know what you think. I’m going to start taking on a few questions a week to see what bands you’d like to discuss with me or interview. I think it’d be fun. I’m big into interactive-ness. I think it’ll be a nice addition, getting some input from what you guys want to hear about.

+44’s debut album was released Nov. 14. In my opinion, the band will most likely have a strong carryover of fans as two of the members came from the Blink 182 trio (one of my personal favorites). They got me that way at least. Hehe! When Your Heart Stops Beating is a combination of punk, pop and synth rock. I totally dig it, and recommend checking it out.

I have been waiting for the culmination of this project since Blink broke up and there was talk of Travis Barker (drummer of both bands) creating a new band with a female singer. Well, needless to say, female punk rock vocalist Carol Heller dropped off the project, and the band is now comprised of Mark Hoppus (in my opinion one of the more interesting humans on this planet), Shane Gallagher and Craig Fairbaugh (who was also the touring guitarist for Barker’s other project, The Transplants). Give it a listen…

The other night a few of the guys and me were on the road in a packed-out, sweet minivan (ha). I fell asleep, my face pressed against the window, while listening to Bury Your Dead or Darkest Hour or something similar blasting through the iPod. Gregory Helms joked that I’m the only person who falls asleep listening to death metal. Haha. I told him it relaxes me for some reason, especially on a plane or car ride.

Speaking of Bury Your Dead, the singer just left the band! Just like that. They had a tour coming up with Killswitch Engage and the Haunted, and it’s done. They’re off the tour and the band is now auditioning new singers to take Mat’s place as the front man. Maybe I should try out? Or you? Hehehe. Anyway, my favorite Darkest Hour song is “Pay Phones and Pills” off the album Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation. My fave Bury Your Dead track is probably “Mirror, Mirror” off of Beauty and the Breakdown. I dig that whole album a lot. Damn shame the kid’s leaving the biz. He says he wants to go back to college, become a teacher and marry his girlfriend. Respectable goals, I suppose.

Okay so when I was a kid, I was absolutely head-over-heels in love with Rage Against the Machine. I never missed a show in the tri-state area, and was a firm believer in everything Zack de la Rocha preached. I think I dug the band so much because there were strong political opinions in every song, and de la Rocha was so passionate about his causes. Rage always had literature of whatever cause de la Rocha was standing behind, and the band opened my wide 15-year-old eyes to the harsh realities of the hardships other people endured across the globe. I immediately fell for them and have been a lifelong fan ever since. De la Rocha allowed me to take an active political role in causes I probably wouldn’t have been aware of had it not been for him.

After listening to Trivium’s latest album, The Crusade, I’ve realized part of the reason I’m liking it so much is because I see a little bit of Rage in it. Trivium’s songs have meaning and purpose, which rules. When a band has a combination of solid tunes and songs with profound lyrics, that’s just what gets me. I love The Crusade and recommend you check it out.

So Lita had her farewell match at Survivor Series. And now, Amy Dumas will be the front woman of her band, The Luchagors. It’s comprised of drummer Troy, guitarist Shane and bassist Jake. Amy wanted her first interview to be for WWE fans, which is why she waited to do this one. So let’s get to it already, Amy’s first exclusive interview about The Luchagors:

Ashley: How did the idea for The Luchagors start?
Amy: Basically these friends I know called my bluff on saying I wanted to be in a band for a million years, threw me in a practice space and put a mic in front of me.

Ashley: How did you come up with the name “The Luchagors”?
Amy: Our bass player, Jake, is kinda silly, and after about 100 names that we were like, “Okay, just stop.” I’d get texts randomly throughout the night until he came up with The Luchagors, with a “just kidding” afterward. I was like, “No, I like that.” It is a combination of two words: “Lucha,” meaning fighting, and “gors,” like horror movies, which I’ve been a fan of my whole life.

Ashley: What are some of your musical influences?
Amy: 7 seconds, The Misfits, Descendents, Lunachicks, Juliette and the Licks. The drummer and the guitar player are big metal fans, so that kinda creeps in there, too. Jake… we won’t even talk about his music taste. Shaq has some rap CD and he likes to play it, which he thinks is funny, but it is for 30 seconds, not the whole CD.

Ashley: What’s up with the makeup?
Amy: Those pictures (on our MySpace site) are from our Halloween show we played where we all dressed up as skeletons. It’s not something we plan on doing every show, but it was for Halloween. Shane, our guitar player, has done special effects on horror films, so we were all victims of his that night.

Ashley: When can we catch you on tour or hear your music?
Amy: Our stuff is available now on our MySpace, which is myspace.com/theluchagors13.
I don’t think Troy’s ever even turned on a computer, but Shane, Jake and I are the only ones running it. We don’t have anyone managing it or whatever, so you know it’s us. Right now we have had two shows booked in Atlanta, one with the Bouncing Souls and the Circle Jerks. In January, we’re going to record a full length CD and tour with that in the spring.

Thanks for the interview, Amy. Good luck with everything. You’re gonna do great.

Well, you know I always give you one of your fave Superstar’s musical tastes at the end of each Bangin’ and well, I decided who better than Lita to complement her interview above so here goes…

”My most listened to song in my iPod is “Luxury Problem” by Lunachicks.

”My fave CD to relax to is Esquivel’s Other Worlds, Other Sounds, Best of Elvis or any CD from the Ultra Lounge especially, Spacecapades.

“A CD you would not expect me to own is Outkast’s Speakerboxx and The Love Below double album. (I’m a huge Andre 3000 mark.)”

So there you have it. That about wraps things up. Next time, I’ll have another interview from a band that’s doing awesome for themselves right now, another peek in one of the Superstar’s iPods and an all around good old time right here at Bangin’ with Ashley.

Catch ya later punks.
Dirty Diva

A-Tunes for the Day
1. “Weight of the World” (live version) – Blue October
2. “Tears Don’t Fall” – Bullet for My Valentine (It’s my ringtone right now.)
3. “Waiting Room” – Fugazi
4. “Tara Reid is a Whore” – Head Automatica
5. “Take this Bottle” – Faith No More

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