World Women’s Wrestling to Participate in 18th Annual Hot Dog Safari This Sunday

World Women’s WrestlingNew England Championship Wrestling and World Women’s Wrestling will once again be a featured part of Eddie Andelman’s 18th Annual HOT DOG SAFARI, Sunday, June 3 at Suffolk Downs in Revere, MA.

The Hot Dog Safari is the brainchild of Boston sports talk radio legend Edie Andelman. The idea for the Hot Dog Safari evolved back in 1990, when during his program Eddie wondered aloud to his audience about the ultimate sports food: the hot dog. Nominations for the best hot dog were forthcoming. Heated challenges ensued. Eddie resolved the debate by organizing a bus trip for 200 people to visit certain locations to sample various hot dogs. As Eddie told his listeners: “We are on a Hot Dog Safari”. The money from ticket sales went to benefit the Joey Fund.

In year two, the Hot Dog Safari grew to an attendance of 3,000 people when it was decided to offer the various hot dogs in a single location. Hot Dog Safaris III and IV yielded progressively higher attendance. Now in the (18th) year, the attendance at Suffolk Downs should be at an all-time high. Last year’s attendance was estimated at 12,000.

Broadcast and advertising trade magazines have often referred to the Hot Dog Safari as one of the biggest and best radio promotions ever developed. More importantly, in a single day, well over $150,000 was raised to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis; a cure that the medical experts say is only a few years away.

100% of the proceeds from this Sunday’s event benefit Cystic Fibrosis/The Joey Fund. The day long event features all the hot dogs, sausages, ice cream and more you can eat, plus live entertainment, athlete appearances and a day long combined wrestling event from NECW & WWW. Gates open at 9:00 AM. Wrestling will begin at 10:00 AM. The event continues until 4:00 PM.

The stars of New England Championship Wrestling and World Women’s Wrestling will be out in force with 16 matches and more than 40 stars on hand. Just some of the feature bouts signed for the Hot Dog Safari include:

NECW Triple Crown Champion, D.C. Dillinger in a non-title match against “The Real Deal” Brandon Locke. Dillinger refused to put his title on the line for this match, citing that he did not have to put his title on the line against anyone who was not a “top contender.” Brandon Locke will be out to prove he really is “The Real Deal,” Sunday, June 3 in Revere.

World Women’s Wrestling Champion, Tanya Lee defends her title against Cha Cha, a star who has enjoyed ever-increasing popularity since debuting for WWW.

In a special challenge match, it will be former Triple Crown Champion, “The Human Nightmare” Evan Siks squaring off against Handsome Johnny, one of the competitors in the upcoming IRON 8 Championship, June 9th in Brockton.

In a special World Women’s Wrestling tag team challenge match, former WWW Champion, Nikki Roxx teams with “The Portuguese Princess” Ariel to face The Daughters of Darkness (Della Morte and Mistress Belmont)

In a battle of #1 contenders to the NECW Triple Crown Championship, Big Rick Fuller battles “Straight Edge” Brian Fury.

Former NECW Television Champion, “The Talent” T. J. Richter collides with IRON 8 Competitor, Gary Cassidy of Ireland who will be making his U.S. debut on this event.

All these stars, plus The Canadian Superstars, 2D Edge, Triplelicious, The Baker Boys, Max Bauer, and many more.

In addition, this year’s HOT DOG SAFARI will be televised from 1PM to 3PM on Comcast’s CN* channel throughout Eastern New England. A live remote radio broadcast on 1510 The Zone will also be taking place.

Join us this Sunday for the greatest day of sports, entertainment and HOT DOGS in history – and all for a great cause! Tickets and details are online at

Former WWE Diva on Billboard

Lauren Jones BillboardFormer WWE Diva Lauren Jones may have the distinction of being the first ever woman in wrestling, past or present, to ever appear on a billboard. In the town of Tyler, Texas, there is a billboard of her that says “SHE’S COMING.” Jones is coming to the Fox station KYTX to become a reporter for a reality show.

The series “Anchorwoman” is scheduled to premiere this summer on Fox. It will be kind of like “The Simple Life” but in a TV station setting.

Random News: Michelle McCool, Candice Michelle, Stacy Keibler, & More

Michelle McCool– Michelle McCool will be having a special photo shoot that should be on WWE’s website in the future. The photo shoot was awarded to her after she won the Memorial Day Bikini Beach Blash Battle Royal on RAW. WWE’s website has an article on this topic.

– WWE Diva and Playboy Playmate Candice Michelle was on hand at this past weekend’s Indianapolis 500. Candice was there with whom sponsors female racecar driver Danica Patrick.

– Former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler made an appearance last week at the Pirates of the Caribbean 3 film premiere at Disneyland in California.

– TNA iMPACT will feature a women’s match (finally) in the coming weeks, pitting Ms. Brooks (Traci Brooks) against Gail Kim. From what I am hearing, the match (which was taped yesterday) is very good…albeit very short.

Ariel (Shelly Martinez) Comments Further on Her WWE/ECW Release

Shelly Martinez aka ArielShelly Martinez (formerly WWE/ECW’s Ariel) has posted a message on her official website,, regarding her recent departure from the fed. Martinez wrote:


I just want to thank all those who fully supported me through my career both in wrestling and modeling. There are a lot of rad things in store for me so don’t feed bad for my departure with WWE. It was for the best. I’m sure you all have had your concerns on why. All I have to say is I enjoyed my time with WWE and my coworkers in WWE/ECW. No hard feelings. I just am the type to stand up for what I believe in, lets just end it at that. Now I will have more time to dedicate to the site and start the growth of what my fans want to see. Sweet pictures, info on my events and signings all that good stuff. I will always finally update my photo galleries and photos that you can purchase. Again, please don’t feel bad or sorry for me. I am not. Bloody kisses….xo Shelly.

Candy Coated #5 from

Candice MichelleThis week: Candice let’s the Women’s Champion know how she really feels.

Hey everyone!

I’m sure that you’re wondering why you haven’t seen any new editions of Candy-Coated lately.

Well in this edition, I am not going to candy-coat much of anything!

I had written my last blog right before WrestleMania, which wasn’t published! I was really frustrated, and quite frankly, pissed off. I like to let the fans who support me know what’s going on in my career and my feelings.

I had a lot of choice words for Melina. I am sick and tired of the B.S. I was so frustrated that the person who thinks she can walk all over everyone thinks that she is a true champion. I believe in working to get to the top. Melina took the easy way out. The lying, the cheating, backstabbing… Even the people she thinks like her – she treats like crap. I think Nitro lost his voice or maybe his b*lls!

This is a competitive world and it’s based on the survival of the fittest. It is a great feeling being the underdog. I am the girl that not many people believed was athletic or wanted to be in this business for the right reasons. I have read and heard what people have thought about my wrestling skills and chances of being a competitor in this business. These people are the ones that motivate me. It doesn’t hurt me, it makes me stronger. It gives me something to prove.

I have been training for the past two years. I have trained by watching every match, learning the rules of this game, practicing Muay Thai kickboxing, Krav Maga, and then getting in the ring!! (Special thanks to those who have stepped up and helped me in the ring, you know who you are!)

I have also had the opportunity of working beside real champions like Trish Stratus and Mickie James. I am more fired up than I have ever been!

It’s great that Melina thinks that I am not much of a challenge, but expect the unexpected. I have a lot to prove and a lot to learn still, but I am determined and dedicated with one goal in mind. I am a rhino and I’m charging after you – so watch out now!

‘Til next time, sweet dreams

Candice Michelle

P.S. About the comment on my spare tire… Is this really the best you could come up with?!? I have attached a recent photo for you to look a little bit closer at. (This photo has not been touched up!) Melina, jealousy’s a b*#ch!

WWE Announces Diva Pudding Match for One Night Stand

Candice MichelleIn a night of Extreme Rules matches full of chairs, barbed wire, ladders and steel cages, this match might have the oddest, yet most anticipated ingredient of the night.

Pudding. Lots of it.

In a pool full of enough pudding to make Bill Cosby water at the mouth, WWE Diva Candice Michelle will battle the Women’s Champion Melina in a non-title match in hundreds of gallons of the sweet slippery substance.

Candice has been on a roll of late, gaining pinfalls on Melina in tag team and singles action in consecutive weeks.

Can lightning strike thrice for the spirited challenger, or will Melina drown Candice’s rising star in gooey dessert?

We all find out June 3 at One Night Stand.


Reason for Angel Williams Release – You Aren’t Gonna Believe This!

Angel WilliamsAngel Williams had been in WWE’s developmental system for about two and half years and just wasn’t able to make it to the main roster for one reason or another. She was really close to being called up on at least two occasions, but it seems like something would always come up at the last minute to prevent her from finally breaking through into the big leagues.

Williams was on the brink of being called up to the SmackDown roster in January 2006 to replace Jillian Hall as JBL’s consultant, but her knee blew out at a Deep South Wrestling show a few days before her scheduled WWE debut. Also, Vince McMahon was impressed with how Jillian Hall reacted to The Boogeyman biting the cookie-like “growth” one her face on TV, so he changed his mind on replacing her. She was then close to being called with The Gymini, but the team didn’t impress management in their dark matches late last year, and they were subsequently let go about two months later.

Anyways, the reason given for Angel Williams’ firing is that well, management just didn’t feel that she was pretty enough to be a WWE Diva, and thus she was let go. also reported that she had a bit of an attitude problem at times while in DSW, although it doesn’t look like she was necessarily released for that.

Furthermore, a person in the know with things down in Ohio Valley Wrestling said that Williams burst into tears upon receiving the news of her termination from Stephanie McMahon, who personally informed her that she was being let go from WWE. After her meeting with Stephanie, “she was blubbering like a baby,” the source said.

Source: Wrestling Observer

SoCal Val Checks in with News About the Ms. Bikini World Contest

SoCal ValWhat’s up, fans? Hope you all are having a great Memorial Day and enjoying the great weather outside. As for all of us here at Women’s Wrestling Xposed, we are monitoring the ‘net as always waiting to bring you all of the news and rumors from the lovely ladies of pro wrestling.

Our good friend, TNA Knockout & RingDiva superstar SoCal Val, just sent us a little note that she would like us to pass on to her many fans out there, concerning the voting for the Ms. Bikini World Contest that she is entered in…

Hey friends! Just a friendly reminder that the Ms. Bikini World contest will be ending in just a few short days! (May 31st) I am doing so well in the contest thanks to your votes, but my #1 spot is slipping! Please feel free to repost this, forward this link to your friends and vote often! Thanks so much!! xoxoxo

So whatcha’ waiting on…go vote for this lovely lady and let’s make sure that one of our own wins this contest! Val is a beautiful and charming young lady who deserves it. And hey, if you wanna see SoCal Val in something even sexier, don’t miss the SoCal Val sexy lingerie video exclusively at

Less Than One Week Until SHIMMER Crowns Their First Champion

SHIMMERWe are under a week away from SHIMMER – WOMEN ATHLETES crowning its first champion during two consecutive nights of tapings in the Chicago area. The last taping sold out, and we had to turn people away at the door. Do you have your title tournament tickets yet?

SHIMMER returns to live action on Friday Saturday, June 1st 2nd, at the Eagles Club (6309 26th Street) in Berwyn, IL. Bell time on Friday night is 7:30pm (Doors 7pm), and on Saturday night is 4pm (Doors 3pm).

Featured during the course of the weekend will be the 2 night, 16 woman, single elimination tournament to crown the SHIMMER Champion! The tournament will begin on Friday night, and conclude during the first half of Saturday’s taping. After intermission on Saturday, we will then film another DVD release in the SHIMMER series!

General admission 2 night ticket packages are still available at $30 each ($15 per night). You can either make payments via PayPal or via mail order (check or money order). To order tickets by mail order, email us at for details. To order tickets by PayPal, send payment to the PayPal account, or use the Buy Now buttons at

Since the shows are less than a week away, those who purchase advance tickets during the next several days will simply have their tickets held under their name at the door, rather than having them sent through the mail. Those who purchase advance tickets will be guaranteed admission to the events on the chance of another sellout.

If any tickets remain on the day of each event, single night tickets will be offered for $15 at the door each night. We are not selling single night tickets in advance.

Already signed to appear during the course of the weekend…

“The Jezebel” Eden Black, Cheerleader Melissa, Allison Danger, Serena Deeb, “American Angel” Sara Del Rey, Lexie Fyfe, Daizee Haze, Malia Hosaka, Josie, Lacey of “The Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew”, “Your Soul’s Tormentor” MsChif (with Daffney), Portia Perez, “Portuguese Princess” Ariel, Rain of “The Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew”, Tiana Ringer, “The Definition of Technician” Cindy Rogers, Nikki Roxx, and Alexa Thatcher.

Sixteen wrestlers will appear as part of the tournament itself, with additional talent involved in non-tournament action on just the Saturday show. One of the sixteen tournament slots will be filled by a wildcard entrant. You will see some undexpected, unadvertised new faces added to the SHIMMER mix at the tapings as well!

Mark your calendars! The first SHIMMER Champion will be crowned June 1st 2nd in Berwyn!

SHIMMER Launches Brand-New Website

SHIMMERHey fans! Just wanted to let you know that SHIMMER, the dominant force in women’s wrestling, has just launched a brand-new, info-packed, cool as hell website!

As many of you know, the old site has been down for quite some time, and going to just took you to the message board. Well, not anymore…SHIMMER’s new site is totally awesome!

The SHIMMER site features news on upcoming events, profiles of all of the wrestlers, photos, videos, and whole lot more! And of course, the SHIMMER Forum is still there as well, so all of you fans can talk about your favorite…or not so favorite…SHIMMER superstars.

So, check out SHIMMER’s brand-new site…and be sure to tell them that Women’s Wrestling Xposed sent ya’!

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