Diva News: Update on Family Feud/WWE and Amy “Lita” Dumas Interview

Former WWE Diva & Possible New TNA Knockout LitaWWE’s Family Feud specials featuring Superstars vs. Divas will air on November 5th through the 9th. Videos have surfaced online of Batista, King Booker, Jonathan Coachman, Kennedy and Ric Flair taking on Queen Sharmell, Michelle McCool, Brooke, Layla El and Maria. In one clip, Maria basically gives away an answer with one of those “Maria moments.”

Amy “Lita” Dumas and her boyfriend/bandmate Shane Morton are profiled in a new article on stompandstammer.com. Dumas talks about getting into the wrestling business and the controversial storyline with Matt Hardy and Edge. The former WWE Women’s Champion says she made enough money with WWE that she doesn’t have to work another day if she doesn’t want to. She is currently focusing on her band, The Luchagors and running her own animal rescue group, ADORE (Amy Dumas Operation Rescue & Education).

Former WOW Star, Erica Porter, to Sign New Book in Chicago

Erica PorterFormer Professional Wrestling Women’s Champion and Spiderman Star Erica D. Porter will be at Chicago’s Better Your Body Fitness Expo on September 29th and 30th for a Book Signing

Erica D. Porter will be at Chicago’s Better Your Body Health and Fitness Expo for a book signing on September 29th and 30th, booth 803 from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. each day.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) September 26, 2007 — Erica D. Porter will be at Chicago’s Better Your Body Health and Fitness Expo for a book signing on September 29th and 30th, booth 803 from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. each day. www.eatthatmonkey.com, www.junglegrrrl.net

“Eat That Monkey’s combination of factual and insightful content and the author’s endearing personal examples make it an extremely effective must read for those looking to successfully make positive and permanent healthy lifestyle changes,” Violet Zaki, Nike Elite Athlete and top NYC fitness professional.

“If you are interested in achieving lasting good health and making healthy living a habit, Eat That Monkey: Now Is the Time to Change Your Life will be a cornerstone of your efforts,” Michelle Bisnoff, Clinical Pharmacologist.

Erica’s book Eat That Monkey: Now Is the Time to Change Your Life! is a passionate look at our 21st Century lifestyles and why so many are unhappy with their bodies and physical abilities. Erica helps the reader identify and manage the root causes of the poor choices that keep so many of us from achieving our true goals and desires.

In addition to critical nutrition and exercise information, she provides all sorts of practical insight that empowers the reader to effectively navigate the diet, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

Erica has been a leader in the fitness industry for fourteen years; from personal training, group instruction, and Lifestyle/Weight Management Specialist, to professional wrestling technique trainer. Most importantly, Erica has a beautiful relationship with her own body and has shared her secrets in her book.

Erica D. Porter is a fun personality whose appearance commands credibility. Meeting her at this event will be time well spent.

World Women’s Wrestling Returns to MA This Sunday

World Women’s WrestlingAfter last month’s wild night of women’s wrestling, which resulted in the crowning of a new champion, World Women’s Wrestling makes its return to live action this Sunday night, September 30th with a 7 PM bell time at Good Time Emporium, 30 Assembly Square Drive, Somerville, MA .

New World Women’s Wrestling Champion, Lexxus has issued an open challenge for her championship on Sunday night, September 30th. Lexxus has told WWW officials that she intends to be a fighting champion and she doesn’t care who she has to face. There are many possible contenders for the coveted title and they have all petitioned the championship committee for a shot at the gold belt. Lexxus will not know who her opponent will be until the night of the event.

As for the contenders who could be getting their chance at WWW’s top prize, former champion, Nikki Roxx will be making her return to World Women’s Wrestling after a few months absence. What does she have in store for the women of WWW? Could Roxx be the one to challenge her friend Lexxus?

Alicia also returns to WWW on Sunday night, September 30th. While The Jezebel from Jersey has unsettled issues with Nikki Roxx, she is scheduled to be facing former NECW & PWF Women’s Champion, Natalia in a special challenge match.

The self-proclaimed World Women’s Wrestling Tag Team Champions, The Daughters of Darkness (Currently, no tag team champions are officially recognized) take on the Soul Sistahs (Jana & Luscisous Latasha).

Also signed for Sunday, September 30th, the Native American Princess, Alere Little Feather battles Violet Flame.

Also appearing, “The Portuguese Princess” Ariel, former WWW Champion,Tanya Lee and more! It will be another wild night of action where anything can happen!

Quick Note: Ashley Massaro Booted Off Survivor

WWE Diva Ashley MassaroOn tonight’s episode of Survivor: China on CBS, WWE Diva Ashley was eliminated after a noble fight, and an unfortunate conflict with fellow tribe mate.

On day four at the Zhan Hu tribe’s camp, tensions arose as Self-appointed leader, Dave, bossed around his fellow castaways, who were hungry and forcing them to build a fire pit before eating rice. “We got the flint last night at Tribal Council, and we haven’t even attempted to make a fire, and we’re starving,” Ashley explained. “It just seems like we take the longest route possible to make something happen. I’m losing faith rapidly.” Ashley urged Dave to get a fire started before the rain started to fall, but Dave refused, antagonizing Ashley. “How many fires have you lit, sweetheart?” he asked her. “I don’t want to fight with Ashley. If she wants a fight I can give her a fight. The rest of the team is great. Ashley…” Dave secretly said, shaking his head. After her departure, Ashley left a few thoughts, including some wise words for the Zhan Hu tribe leader, Dave. “I think I got voted out because of a personal conflict with our leader, and Dave is going to show them the reason that he shouldn’t be in control. And I guarantee you I’ll see him on the flip side way sooner than he imagines,” Ashley warned. “Dave – if I had one word to describe him, he’d be a tool. Because that is the perfect word for him, he’s a tool.”

Former WWE Diva Talks About Return, Losing Weight, & More

Tammy Sytch/SunnyTammy Sytch appeared on Pro Wrestling Insider on Sports Talk Cleveland with Paul Belfi and Buck Woodward in the second hour. Paul mentioned an appearance at Mulberry’s in Cleveland in October 10th. There is a meet and greet before the show. Tammy talked about WWE. She says that she doesn’t watch WWE and the storylines aren’t interesting for her.

Tammy says that for the past couple of years she’s kind of been staying away from wrestling. She went back to school and did an indy show here and there. She said that her new boyfriend got her back in the gym and she’s lost a ton of weight and looks like the old Sunny. She says that she’s been keeping busy and is booked through May.

Paul asked if she’d be interested in coming back to WWE or go to TNA. Her preference is WWE because she could use the name Sunny. She said that she’s only 34 years old and she thinks she still has a couple of good years left. Paul referenced a picture that was posted on Sports Talk’s message board showing Tammy back in Sunny shape. Tammy says that she’s only 10 pounds away from being the same weight she was when she was Sunny.

Tammy says that because of that she’s getting booked. She’s going to England, Germany, and Scotland before May. She said that she kind of hated the business for a while but she’s loving it again.

Paul mentioned that she was the single most downloaded person in 1996-97 on AOL and received awards from AOL. Paul asked about her thoughts about how they use women in the business these days with little or no wrestling experience. Tammy said that she is not a fan of the diva search concept because she’s not a fan of having too many girls around. Tammy said that back when she was around there were only a 2 or 3 females around and it was a big deal and now there seems to be a girl in every segment so it doesn’t mean anything.

She believes TNA is going in the wrong direction with all the women. She’s also not a fan of women’s wrestling. She said she’d much rather manage. She said the only person that she could watch is Trish Stratus because she came from nowhere and worked so hard and respects the business.

Buck mentioned that he saw her at a convention in Long Island and mentioned that Tammy knows the words to the AWA WrestleRock Rumble song. They played it and she sung to some of it. Funny stuff.

Paul asked if she keeps in touch with people in the business. She still talks to Terri Runnels and Dawn Marie. She is very good friends with Traci Books. She mentioned that she talked to Al Snow yesterday. She talks to Terry Funk and Sabu. Paul wrapped up the interview and plugged the event this Sunday.

Tammy said that she would make an announcement on the show and mentioned the matches. There is a meet and greet around 6pm with Tammy. Show is at 7. Tammy sounded great.

Trish Stratus Update: Future Plans, WWE Return, Cribs, & More

Trish StratusWWE.com has posted their final part in a three-part interview with Trish Stratus. Here are some highlights from that interview which can be read on WWE.com.

– Stratus will be featured on MTV Cribs in the near future. She and her husband will be featured in 2 Magazine, and she’ll be presenting at the Gemini Awards — Canada’s version of the Emmys.

– Trish is currently planning to open a yoga studio in North Toronto this winter called “Stratusphere Yoga.” It will offer three different disciplines of yoga under one roof.

– Trish will join other celebrities in a Tri4Dignity triathlon race in the Turks & Caicos Islands on Dec. 1. The former Women’s Champion’s leg of the triathlon is the 13-mile half-marathon road course. The event raises money for Dignitas International, an international medical humanitarian organization.

– When asked about her WWE return, Trish said “[The fans] all want to know about a comeback and when’s it going to be. I don’t know. I left with such a fantastic farewell, that I don’t ever want to spoil that. It was so sweet.”

Trish says she still keeps in touch with some of the Divas and watches the occasional RAW and checks out WWE.com. But she warned the other Divas, “If someone started talking (expletive deleted) about me and calling me out, you know, I’d have to come back.”

Tons of Diva News: Dawn Marie, Beth Phoenix, Diva Magazine, and More

Beth PhoenixWWE has released another WWE Divas magazine. However, it’s not like a bikini photo shoot magazine, but rather, a pictures and information magazine. It’s called the WWE Divas Annual – 2008 Edition. The magazine features pictures, profiles, career highlights and little tidbits on all the WWE Divas.

Shelly Martinez, the former Ariel in ECW, will be appearing in Fox’ latest reality show “The Search For The Next Elvira.” The show airs 10/13 on Fox Reality. She is also booked for TNA’s Bound for Glory that weekend.

Expect TNA to build the new Women’s division around Gail Kim, being the top babyface. If Gail doesn’t leave the Bound for Glory Women’s Gauntlet match as the first champion, then look for her to be the first one to chase the belt. Jackie Moore and Roxxy Laveaux are expected to take the title if Kim doesn’t as they are considered the other two favorites in the match.

TNA ended up not bringing in women’s wrestler Sarah Stock (Dark Angel) of CMLL in Mexico. They were just looking for five bodies to fill spots in the Knockouts Gauntlet match as opposed to bringing in girls to create new stars. Also, Stock lives in Mexico City and TNA felt there was no point in going through all the trouble to bring her to the U.S. for what probably was going to be a one time deal.

Sky Sports Magazine has an interview with Beth Phoenix in this month’s issue called “I’d Love To Whup Posh Spice!”

The WWE website features a “where are they now” interview with former WWE Women’s champion Trish Stratus. Interesting to note is that Paul Heyman was the one who suggested Stratus to producers of the CBS “Armed and Famous” reality show, where Stratus and other celebrities became police officers in Muncie, Indiana. The website is teasing a third part to the interview where she will discuss potential return plans. I don’t see that ever happening, but you never know.

Former WWE Diva Dawn Marie will be appearing at the Chiller Theatre Expo at the Hilton Parsippany in Parsippany, N.J. from October 5 through October 7.

WWE and Universal Music Latino Release Lilian Garcia’s “¡Quiero Vivir!”

Lilian GarciaProduced by World Wrestling Entertainment and set to release on Universal Music Latino, WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia’s debut album “¡Quiero Vivir!” will hit music stores around the country on Tuesday, October 9.

“¡Quiero Vivir!”—produced by George Noriega (Ricky Martin, Jon Secada, Gloria Estefan) and Tim Mitchell (Shakira)—features a duet with Latin superstar Jon Secada entitled “Adonde,” the English version of the Spanish song, ‘Where Did Love Go?.’ The album contains a total of 10 Spanish and 2 English tracks. Lilian wrote and co-wrote 11 of the tracks, 3 of which she co-wrote with Jon Secada.

“This record truly showcases Lilian’s incredible vocal abilities, and the music fans around the world better be ready to rock!” said Neil Lawi, General Manager, WWE Music Group. “Lilian has been working on this project for quite some time and I am pleased to be working with Universal Music Latino and have the world hear her voice on this record and every episode of Monday Night RAW.”

“It’s an honor for us at Universal Music Latino to take part in the release of this album,” said John Echevarria, President, Universal Music Latino. “It’s always an exciting experience to take part in the development of such a talented artist. Lilian is already a celebrity in her own right and we are sure she will rise to the top.”

Lilian Garcia’s vocal talents have been showcased at such events as the Macy’s Day Parade, the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta and “Live with Regis and Kathy Lee.” She has also sung the National Anthem at WrestleMania in 2000 and 2005 as well as at numerous MLB, NFL and NBA games. Additionally, Lilian’s performances can be seen on the WWE Anthology and Originals CD’s and past WWE programs where she has entertained the U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Lilian Garcia has been singing since she was a small child in Madrid, Spain. In her early teens, Garcia’s family (of Puerto Rican descent) relocated to Columbia, South Carolina. There, she was singing with a band at local clubs while her mom chaperoned. Garcia went on to graduate cum laude from the University of South Carolina.

In conjunction with the album release, five different mobile phone ring tones will be made available on WWE.com. Fans can pre-order the album on WWE.com and tune into Monday Night RAW to see her every Monday.

WWE Diva Kristal Marshall To Marry on TV

Kristal MarshallProfessional wrestler Kristal Marshall is scheduled to step into the ring at Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia on tonight (September 21, 2007) to receive a wedding ring from her fiance since June 22, 2007– SmackDown’s General Manager, Theodore Long. R&B group Jagged Edge will perform for the crowd before the bridesmaids, fellow wrestling stars Michelle McCool, Torrie Wilson and maid of honor Vickie Guerrero, enter the arena in sky blue, floor-length dresses ahead of the bride, who has chosen a traditional white wedding dress with a form-hugging bodice and a ballgown skirt for the occasion.

Will the bride and groom get hitched, or will there be a hitch to the ceremony? The world of wrestling is known for theatrical twists, and WWE fans will have to tune in to SmackDown on The CW Network to see if the wrestling diva gets to say “I do.”


The wedding has started. Comedian Bruce Bruce is the Reverend. Vince McMahon, Arn Anderson and performers from all three brands are present as guests. Teddy dedicates “Let’s Get Married” by Jagged Edge to Kristal. Jillian Hall comes out and says that they were terrible and starts to sing. She is dragged off by several other Divas. They continue…but…

The Godfather, accompanied by several Hos, comes out and stops the ceremony. Godfather got all the male guests, including JBL, to leave with him to “ride the Ho Train”. Hornswoggle crawls under Kristal’s dress and is chased to the back by Jonathan Coachman and Vince McMahon. The crowd is chanting, “We want wrestling.”

Teddy and Kristal start to exchange vows. Long passes out while giving them and medics rush down. They carry Long out on a gurney.

Breaking News: Ariel & Six Other Divas to Debut for TNA

Shelly Martinez aka ArielTNA will be crowning their first ever Women’s Champion in a 10-women gauntlet match at their annual Bound For Glory pay-per-view next month in Atlanta.

Jim Cornette noted that the match would feature “five girls you know” and “five girls you don’t know.” Christy Hemme, Gail Kim, Ms. Brooks, Jackie Moore and Roxxi Laveaux are pretty much locks to appear in the match.

According to WrestlingInc.com, the five other names contacted and likely booked for the match include Northeast women’s wrestler Talia Madison, former ECW Diva Shelly “Ariel” Martinez, ODB (who regularly appears on OVW shows, but is without a WWE developmental contract), Angel Williams, and international women’s wrestler Amazing Kong. According to WrestlingInc.com, Talia Madison and Shelly “Ariel” Martinez have been 100% confirmed to appear in the match.

The girl who seems to have the best chance at securing a permanent spot in the company is Martinez because TNA is already thinking about using her as a valet for LAX or James Mitchell’s group. Also, TNA is very interested in using Angel Williams and also feel that Amazing Kong would be make for a great addition to the company.

Other names being tossed around for the women’s division/gauntlet match include April Hunter, Sarah Stock and So Cal Val. Val would probably only be used as a backup in case someone can’t make it. Sarah Stock is a pretty girl that works under the name “Dark Angel” for CMLL in Mexico. WrestlingInc.com is reporting that TNA would like to bring her in for the women’s division, but there could be a hold-up due to the transportation costs if she chooses stay in Mexico City.

It should be noted that no one has been signed to a contract as of yet, just contacted and possibly booked. The gauntlet match will be a “tryout match” of sorts for the five uncontracted ladies. Depending on how things go during the match, the girls who put on the best performances will likely be offered contracts.

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