Candice Michelle Update

michelle8398.jpgCandice Michelle recently updated her blog on, and here’s what she said about her injury(after the post theres some pictures. Just click read more for more pics).
The doctors told me I’d be out for 6-8 weeks at the emergency room. Then, the orthopedist said 8-12 weeks. Now, it’s at 14 weeks and the fracture is still not fully healed. I had my X-rays a week ago, and while it is healing, the rate has been slowed down. Right where the break is, my chest muscle attaches to my collarbone. Normal daily activities move this area, and the process takes more time. I also had an MRI of my shoulder and biceps muscle, and they found contusions in both. Thankfully, they are minor and will heal with time, too! The doctor has said it could be a few weeks or a month – but I don’t know what to believe when it comes to time frames. It’s very frustrating and mostly disappointing to me. I promise I will be back as soon as I can. “Faith!” I apologize to the fans who have expected me to be back already due to time frames, but believe me, I’ve tried to push the doctor to get me back. (Not even flirting works! LOL.) The bottom line is this fracture healing and coming back healthy and strong. michelle084l.jpg
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Funny Video, Torrie Wilson Interview, Pics

torrieautoshow5.jpgI know this has nothing to do with womens wrestling but there is an very funny short video of a mma fight(made up) between Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir, with special guest Fedor at Tiny Joke. You can check it out by clickinghere
Jason King of Yahoo Sports recently did an interview with Torrie Wilson. Here’s what was said,and i’ve included some pictures at the end(hit read more for more pics)

KOTR: How did you get into the wrestling business?
TORRIE: I moved from Idaho to Los Angeles to pursue acting and fitness. I used to compete in fitness competitions. Anyway, my boyfriend at the time was a huge wrestling fan. He took me to my first wrestling show, which was a WCW show. We happened to know someone that knew all the wrestlers, so they got us backstage. Kevin Nash was back there, and he’d seen me in a fitness magazine. He approached me and said, ‘Hey, you look like you belong in wrestling. Would you be interested in doing a three-month storyline with us?’ I was like, ‘Sure, I’ll try it out.’ I fell in love with it.
KOTR: What did you like about it?
TORRIE: I grew up in a town of 2,500 people – McCall, Idaho. The fact that I got to fly to all these different cities every week was really exciting. I had probably only been on a plane twice before that experience. And, of course, walking out into those arenas full of people was crazy. It was almost like being a rock star. Even if you’re not wrestling – even if you’re just standing there – the feeling of the crowd and the energy is just indescribable.
KOTR: You mentioned fitness competitions and the attention you pay to your body. When did that become important to you?
TORRIE: In high school I had an eating disorder. I was anorexic for about two-and-a-half years. I just decided that I didn’t want to do that for the rest of my life. All I did was think about food and how I was going to starve myself and stay skinny.
KOTR: What made you become anorexic in the first place?
TORRIE: I went to a modeling agency in Idaho and they told me I needed to lose a few pounds. Then they were going to take me to New York to meet with some other agencies, and they said I needed to lose some more weight before I went up there. To me, if you tell me lose 10 pounds, I think, ‘Twenty would be better.’ That’s what happened. In that industry you get positive feedback for being so thin. It all just snow-balled. “I’m extremely sensitive. I’d read way too far into everything. It was ridiculous. Someone would tell me I was looking healthy and I’d take that to mean that I looked fat.
KOTR: What was the turning point? When did you realize that what you were doing was unhealthy?
TORRIE: I started to become bulimic. It was the most disgusting thing in the world. That’s what opened my eyes. I was like, ‘What am I doing to myself?’ I was tired all of the time. I was always thinking about food. That really bothered me. I wanted to think about other things than how many calories everything had or how I could trick myself into thinking I wasn’t hungry.
KOTR: What was the key to changing your lifestyle?
TORRIE: I started reading fitness magazines and admiring the bodies of some of the women fitness competitors. Not the big bulky women, but the girls that had muscle that still looked feminine. I used to hang their pictures up on my wall and I would copy their diet plans. Their diet plans were obviously way different than the one I was used to, which was basically an apple a day.
KOTR: So what happened when you started working out?
TORRIE: I started seeing results that I liked. Getting into fitness helped me in so many ways. It helped me get out of an eating disorder and into a healthier lifestyle. Then I just progressed from there. I decided I wanted to compete in fitness competitions. At my first fitness competition I was discovered by three photographers and started shooting for fitness magazines. Pretty soon I was doing shoots with the girls I had posted up on my wall. I was about 21 at the time.
KOTR: Excited as you were to get into the wrestling business, did you ever think you’d actually get to mix it up in the ring?
TORRIE: Never. I was initially hired as a manager, so all I did was walk a wrestler to the ring and cheer him on. Sometimes I’d help him cheat to win. It was very easy and a good way to start. The wrestling industry was completely different than I expected. I never would’ve dreamed that I’d become a part of wrestling. I used to tease my boyfriend for watching it. Then I became a wrestler. Watching some of those girls beat each other up and throw each other around was not my idea of fun.
KOTR: But it ended up happening anyway.
TORRIE: Yeah, slowly they started asking me to learn how to take a back bump and other small things to protect myself in case I ever had to get in the ring. When you don’t know what you’re doing and you get thrown in front 10,000 people, it’s very terrifying. That was enough for me to take a little more interest in learning the craft. It’s not something that came natural to me. I’m not a naturally aggressive person. I’m still learning. I feel like just now, in the last year or two, I’ve finally started to get it. It’s definitely hard on your body. I’m a girly-girl. It took a lot of getting used to, landing on your back and building up certain muscles. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world now. Once I started getting in the ring and feeling what the energy is like when the crowd is going ‘oh’ and ‘aahh’ and buying what you’re doing … you just want to do it more and more.
KOTR: Do you think people realize the toll wrestling takes on your body?
TORRIE: Sometimes I wonder. Some people say, ‘Oh, it’s just a show. But everything we do is very physical and very athletic. You have to be an athlete. I just had four big shots in my back for a nerve block. I’ve got two herniated discs and a bulging disc. And that’s just me. I’m just a girl that doesn’t wrestle half the amount that the guys wrestle. Some people’s bodies take it better than others. I guess I’m just a little more fragile than most people.
KOTR: Who trained you? And is there anyone particular that you like to wrestle?
TORRIE: Fit Finlay is a wrestler on SmackDown. He’s been in the industry a long time and he’s taken a particular interest in helping the girls. Ricky Steamboat has been really helpful and Arn Anderson has, too. Anyone will help a girl if they ask for advice. I always have my best matches with Victoria. She’s a very close friend of mine. We’ve known each other from way back when we used to compete against each other in fitness competitions. She’s such a good wrestler and a good teacher. Most importantly, she’s not afraid to make me look good. A lot of people don’t like to do that, because in return it makes them look a little less. But she’s so confident in her abilities that she’s not afraid to look bad.
KOTR: Everyone talks about the hectic lifestyles that wrestlers lead. Tell me about your schedule.
TORRIE: The schedule can be pretty hectic. It’s a year-round sport. We’re on the road four days a week, every week. If you’re there you want to work. This isn’t a long-lasting career, so you’ve got to get it while it’s hot and do it while you can. Everyone that’s on the road pretty much wants to be on the road. We can’t wait to get back out there. There are days that you miss family outings, but that happens with any job.
KOTR: Do you travel with anyone?
TORRIE: I ride with a couple of my girlfriends. We fly in, share a car, find a gym, work out, check into our hotel and then go to the show. That’s what it is on the road. Sometimes we’ll have a fun night on the road and experience the night life in Knoxville, Tennessee or wherever we are. It’s so exciting, though. I’ve probably visited just about every single city in the United States, and I’ve been in a lot of different countries.
KOTR: Including Iraq, is that correct?
TORRIE: Yes it is. I’ve been there three times. It was an amazing experience. They were so thankful that we came and visited them. That was one of the most precious gifts that I ever could’ve received. Seriously, how many people can say that they went and visited troops in downtown Baghdad? I think it was really fun for them. They’re off in far off country. They don’t get to see American people all the time. It’s exciting when people come in and put a show on for you. Even the ones that weren’t wrestling fans were genuinely excited to see us. We were there because we appreciate what they’re doing. We’d go to the small places in the middle of nowhere that usually don’t visitors.
KOTR: You make a lot of public appearances and do a lot of autograph signings. What’s the strangest gift or request you’ve received from a fan?
TORRIE: I’ve been given a lot of panties. Hopefully they’ve never been worn. People have asked me to sign their babies. I think every celebrity has funny, odd stories. I’ve got quite a few. I enjoy all the people I meet on the road – even the odd balls. They’re giving me some great stories to tell my grandchildren someday.
KOTR: Speaking of the future, what do the coming years hold for Torrie Wilson?
TORRIE: I’d like to stick with wrestling as long as I can. I don’t know how much longer my body can hold out. I opened my own clothing store in The Woodlands (a suburb of Houston). It’s been open for about two months now and we have men’s and women’s clothing. I’m also launching my own clothing line. It’s coming out soon and it will be on my website, We’ve got really fun shirts for Valentine’s Day. Really cute, thermal shirts with hearts … lots of fun, girly stuff. I’m really, really excited about it. I’m having my first fashion show at the end of the month in Houston. So far the feedback has been unbelievable.
KOTR: Aside from your own clothing line, what else do you have in your store?
TORRIE: We have other labels, stuff like Ed Hardy, Rock & Republic and True Religion … all the fun stuff people wear these days. We’ve been open about two months now and it’s been amazing. The first week we were open I went in the back and cried because I just couldn’t believe that so many people were coming in and how many people were so excited about what I had to offer them. Things are going really, really well right now.


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Shelly Martinez Update, Melissa Anderson Update, Lacey Von Erich News,

shellymartinez231.jpgShelly Martinez (the former Ariel in ECW) will be going by Salinas as it sounds more Hispanic, and she is part of LAX.
The masked manager of Amazing Kong is independent star Melissa Anderson (Cheerleader Melissa)
Lacey Von Erich apparently isn’t done with wrestling. She posted this on her myspace page:
“I’m living in L.A. and love traveling and wrestling with different federations… W.W.E. introduced the moves to me while being in their developemental program in Tampa, Fl.”

Christy Hemme Update

hemme84384.jpgIt seems the ladies of TNA really like to auction stuff off, or maybe women’s wrestling attire is really, really popular. Anyways this time its Christy Hemme, and shes selling her WWE ring worn boots. Be warned, the starting amount for the auction(which were also worn by Stephanie McMahon(see below))which includes the boots, 8 by 11 pic(both signed if wanted) and a phone call from Christy herself(only in US), is $1995 or buy it now for $2995. The item number is: 200194685991
Here’s Christy’s own words about the auction, after which i’ve included pics(hit read more a more pics)

A big “H-e-l-l-o” shout out to all my fans throughout the world!
It’s your girl, Christy Hemme here!
Welcome to Christy Hemme Powered on on ebay!
For those of you out there asking yourself “is this really her on ebay?”.
Let me assure you…it’s really me writing this.
I started my ebay site last summer and just love it! You guys rock! Ebay has proven to be a great way for me to interact with my fans around the world and offer them personalized autographed photos, trading cards, magazines, one of a kind items, as well as, some really cool wardrobe items right out of my closet! 🙂
I hope you will visit with me often! I personally answer all my emails, but I ask that you keep the questions ebay related as I have limited time to do this due to my busy work schedule.
Many of my fans email have been emailing me asking when I will be offering my wardrobe items. Well, the answer to that is simple…NOW! Let’s get the party started baby! 🙂
So, I’ve decided to give one lucky ebayer the chance to win a really choice wardrobe item from my WWE career!
~Today’s Auction~
My ring boots worn in all my WWE matches!
This includes my match against Trish Stratus at Wrestlemania 21 on April 3, 2005.
Now here’s some trivia for ya about these boots. Stephanie McMahon & I both wear the same shoe size! She wore these boots in her matches as well!
Want me to sign them?
No problem!
I’ll be happy to autograph them with a silver sharpie, if requested.
My hand signed “Christy Hemme Powered” COA, as shown here, will accompany the boots.
And, you’ll also receive an 8×11 collage photo (shown above) hand signed by me!
But that’s not all!
The winner will also receive a phone call from me to personally thank you and show my appreciation!
Phone call applies to U.S. only.
I personally answer all my emails, but I ask that you keep the questions ebay related as I have limited time to do this due to my busy work schedule.
Check back soon for more wardrobe item offers!

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Leticia Cline Too Sexual For WWE?

leticialcine092.jpgIts a strange world you live in when you find a girl that is too “sexual” for WWE, but Leticia Cline seems to be that girl. Leticia was recruited for TNA Wrestling originally but she was critized for not taking the time to learn about the personalityies she was assigned to interview, and that her looks and overall “hottness” would get her by. She was released last year, and made an appearance on the Howard Stern showk, and even Stern was taken aback by her agressiveness, and her overly sexual appearance. She would work for the WWE, she has stated, on a reduced schedule, but i think that with Vince’s current urge to make the WWE Divas less sexual, she just wouldn’t fit the build. Anyways, here’s some pics(click read more for more pics)
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TNA KnockOut Of The Year,Angelina Love & Velvet Sky Photo Shoot Video

TNA’s year end award winners were announced, and here’s the Top Three Knockouts:

Winner: Gail Kim
Runner Up: Christy Hemme
Third Place: Traci Brooks

Here’s a photoshoot video of Angelina Love and Velvet Sky.
YouTube Preview Image

WWE’s Upcoming Incest Storyline

katwat0321.jpgsource: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Wow, Vince is crazy thats for sure. Check out this story:

Vince McMahon has given his approval for a storyline involving incest. We first reported on the angle tat would involve Ohio Valley Wrestling wrestlers Katie Lea and Paul Burchill last week. The angle would likely take place on either ECW or Raw, because there is some concern that it would get the wrong kind of heat if it were to take place on SmackDown — which is on network television.

McMahon has wanted to do an incest angle for years. He once suggested that he be the father of his daughter Stephanie’s baby. As revealed on the McMahon DVD, Stephanie turned down the angle. According to her, Vince was to reveal himself as the father of her baby; when she said no, he pushed for Shane to be the father, but she turned that idea down as well.

The incest idea was first batted around in 1999 where Ken Shamrock and Ryan Shamrock (his storyline sister) would end up as lovers. Ken nixed the idea and that was the beginning of the end of his push at the time. There is some irony in the angle as Ken and Ryan ended up as a real-life couple at around the same time frame.

Christy Hemme Video

Seeing as how she’s one of the most popular Women Wrestlers, we decided to post a video of Christy Hemme. Enjoy
YouTube Preview Image

Candice Michelle On Tom Green, WWE Divas Commercial, Beth Phoenix Signing Session

kellyso2.jpgCandice Michelle was a guest on the new Tom Green show along with Mark Walberg. You can watch the show in its entirety by clicking here.. Candice is due back very soon, and in fact has been advertised for the WWE Japan tour for February 11th/12th.
Two weekends ago a commercial was filmed on St. Petersburg beach for WrestleMania which features WWE Womens Wrestlers Maria, Carlito, Kelly Kelly and Mae Young. Maria is shown giving a guy mouth-to-mouth and Mae Young shoves her aside and jumps on him and starts giving him mouth-to-mouth.
On Sunday, January 27th, WWE Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix and Brian Kendrick are signing autographs at AT&T, 209 W. 34th Street, NY, from 10am till noon

Sam Sexton the hardest working World Champion in the business???

Battle Angels
Ever since Sam Sexton captured the Womens World Championship she has been on a mission to prove that she is the best. Taking on only the best of the best competition. We caught up with Sam Sexton this evening to get a quote to post here on

“Alot of people had reservations about previous champions in this business. How many of them won a title but didn’t defend it. At least not against credible opponents. The fact is no one will ever make the mistake of confusing those amateurs with this professional. I am a champion. I was born to be a champion. This title belt is my life. Any and everything I do is to prove that I AM the best.

Tracy Brooks was said to be one of the best. I killed her. I mangled her. I f*cking destroyed that b*tch. And guess what? Lacey’s ass is next. And so on and so on. I will find and “put down” any worthy competitors.

News flash. People want to know where Sayuri is? Why she is gone? Well here is a break in kayfabe. She disrespected me backstage and I beat her f*cking ass LEGITIMATELY. Print that shit. I’m sure they will make you edit that out but believe Sayuri is laid up somewhere or working on some movie. She’s sacred. OF ME! And rightfully so because anyone I step into the ring with will get their asses handed to them. PERIOD!!!”

– Womens World Champion “Sensational” Sam Sexton.

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