WWE Diva Returns, WWE Diva Maria Playboy News, Brooke Hogan Talks Hulk’s Affair

kanellis831.jpgWWE Diva Candice Michelle will be returning to the ring for a house show this Friday against Beth Phoenix. Candice was seen recently on WWE’s Raw, but the womens wrestler/diva has not done any in-ring work since her injury.

Its been announced by WWE that Maria will be signing copies of her Playboy on Thursday, March 13th from 7-9 pm at the Virgin Megastore at Hollywood Highland, LA. The release of the issue comes in one week.

Brooke Hogan recently posted on her myspace, in regards to her fathers affair with her friend:

“When your best friend and one of your closest family members that you have loved unconditionally since your first day on this earth betrays you together, you could maybe find it in yourself to forgive one day, but you will never forget the hurt they caused you and how it hurt the people who mean the most to you.”

Shelly Martinez Second DVD, Maria’s Cover News, Lita Band News

shelly83sk.jpgIts being reported that TNA Knockout Salinas (aka Shelly Martinez) has a second DVD coming out, this one is part of Highspots.com’s special edition disc entitled “Dangerous Divas.” The DVD warns of potential adult language and wardrobe malfunctions. It will cost $15 and will have Martinez wrestling with Bobcast, Daffney, Francine, Lacey and Payton Banks.

It was announced that next week’s Raw will unveil Maria’s new Playboy Cover.

Lita and her band, the Luchagors, are being advertised to be performing this Friday, February 29th at the Carl Perkins Community Center in Morehead, KY. Tickets cost $10 and doors open at 6pm. Here’s the poster:


GLOW Greatest TV Moments DVD Review

glow-dvd-review22.jpgWomens Wrestling Xposed brings you all the Glow reviews including this one, for their Greatest TV Moments DVD Boxset:

“Direct from the fabulous Riviera hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, It’s the show that’s got it all! Action, Laughs, Excitement, and the world’s favorite feisty, funny females.. The All New GLOW!” It was the famous opening words of the syndicated Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling television program which would then be followed by the GLOW girls singing the theme song puns and all. But when the “Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling” first hit the airwaves in the late 1980’s, I was too young to watch and appreciate what GLOW had to offer, But in recent years when I would speak with those a few years older than I, they often put over the very unique product that GLOW had to offer.

Now those who once loved the cultural phenomenon that was GLOW, or for those like me, who never got a chance to see these ladies in action, Big Vision Entertainment has put together a 3 DVD boxset highlighting the greatest TV moments of the 1980’s classic. This set is a collection of Volumes 1 through 3 of the Very Best of GLOW, which had been released in separate volumes last year. Each DVD contains a complete 45 minute episode of GLOW, which features all the classic characters, their well known segments and of course the in ring action.

For those who have never seen GLOW this truly is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. The show is a mix of female wrestling action and Saturday Night Live Comedy Skits. A typical episode would open the way I described off the top of this review and would then feature a GLOW Gossip segment hosted by Tiffany Mellons where some corny jokes would be made in relation to the stories mentioned. For example “Roxy Astor just broke up with her recent boyfriend after he claimed to be a diamond cutter, but that was only half true as Roxy found out that he actually mows the lawn at Yankee Stadium” Other well known segments include Godiva’s bare facts, Zelda’s Zingers and An examination with Doctors Fiel and Grope. They are all ways to tell super corny jokes, but in a very odd way this is entertaining. The announcer Mike Morgan is full of corniness throughout his description of the matchups as well.

The most important of all segments is the weekly installment of “Life in the GLOW house” which is a look in on the latest happenings where the girls of GLOW all live. More on this in a moment.

The matches are also very 1980’s TV style but with a twist, As the girls don’t have intro music, instead a pre tape video plays of them singing a rhyming theme song that in one way or another describes their character. The matches are not overly long running about 5 minutes in length. Also if you remember WWF Superstars, and how a promo cut by the superstar wrestling in the ring at the time would play in a small picture in picture video box, there is also one here in GLOW, except the promos are cut on the opponents they are currently facing.

Some of the famous GLOW girls are Babe The Farmer’s Daughter, Hollywood who is constantly stealing things from people, And the most famous of all GLOW girls has to be Tina Ferrari who would later be known as Ivory in the WWE.

Looking at each specific volume you can expect the following matches…

Volume 1 : Babe “The Farmers Daughter” vs MTV (Melody Trouble Vixen) , Hollywood vs Roxy Astor and Libert & Justice vs Daisy & Dementia. Plus the big main event of a 21 girl 10,000$ Battle Royale.

The subject of “Life in the Glow House” on this volume sees Big Bad Mama upset that the house’s trash had not been taken away by the city so she decides to run for mayor and challenges the current mayor to a debate. It’s a udder classic! As is the Don’t Drink and Drive Promo thrown in to close out the episode.

Bonus Materials include a GLOW scrapbook, which is actually very cool as it has real newspaper clippings about GLOW. Also two bonus matches are on Vol.1 which has Broadway Rose and Hollywood against Thunderbolt and Lightning, Also in a handicap match, Mt. Fiji VS The Widow & Star.

Volume 2 features The Widow vs Ninotchka, Tulsa & Babe vs Beastie & Daisy, Tiffany Mellon vs Tanya, Big Bad Mama, Hollywood & MTV vs Thunderbolt, Lightning and Mt Fiji. And the main event for the GLOW crown of Rubies, which is their version of a world title, see’s Godiva vs Cheyanne Cher.

The bonus materials are important as Tina Ferrari, who as I mentioned would later be known as Ivory in the WWE is featured in two matches, one against Attache in a submission match and the other has Ferrari teaming with Ashley and Little Fiji to take on Angel, Hollywood, and Vine.

Volume 3 features Vicky Victoria vs Daisy,Big Bad Mama & MTV vs Zelda & Mt Fiji, Cheyanne Cher vs Beastie and Godiva vs Ninotchka. The single’s matches are part of a tournament to crown a new champion.

The episode of Life in the GLOW house is a must see as it’s entitled “A date to remember” where Big Mama, Stinky and Hollywood trick Daisy into thinking that Donald Trump has asked her out on a date!!

Bonus matches include Beastie and Star vs Mt Fiji, and Big Bad Mama with MTV against Cheyanne Cher and Vicky Victory.

I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the footage, as this 1980’S series has transferred and held up well on DVD. If you’ve never seen GLOW, for the price it costs, Id recommend picking up a copy, its literally a wrestling treasure. If you watched it back in the day, then this will be your blast from the past.
The GORGEOUS LADIES OF WRESTLING’S GREATEST TV MOMENTS BOXSET is now available from Big Vision Entertainment for the impressive price of 19.98$, for more information head on over to www.bvdvd.com or check out the promotion’s official site at http://www.gorgeousladiesofwrestling.com and feel free to stop by The Main Event’s Reviews section at http://www.maineventradio.com/reviews.htm for tons of other DVD and Book Reviews.

WWE Divas Birthday, Leticia Cline Update, Former WWE Diva Trish Stratus Update, Playboy Mania Match

maria93211k.jpgToday Maria Kannellis turns 26. Happy birthday from Womens Wrestling Xposed.

Former TNA interviewer Leticia Cline has finished filming for the new season of Beauty and the Geek which premiers on March 11th at 8 est on CW.

Get ready to see former WWE DivaTrish Stratus back on television. This week she begins taping a new show entitled, “Stratusphere” which will air on the Travel Channel. Stratus will be travelling around the world, exploring countries and cultures, and hopefully giving us some nice beach shots. The scheduled air date is sometime in August.

At todays WrestleMania XXIV press conference it was announced that Maria and Candice Michelle with be involved in a Playboy Bunny Match at WrestleMania, against unnamed opponents.

Angelina Love Profile And New Pictures

love83kk.jpg We’ve recieved some requests to do short profiles of either TNA Knockouts or WWE Divas each week and try to include a few pictures that most people might not have seen. We shart with TNA Knockout Angelina Love:

Angelina was born in Toronto Ontario, Canada, on Sept. 13, 1981 and is 5’6″ and weighs 118 lbs. Her eyes are listed as grey, and her weight listed at 118 lbs. She debuted in August of 2000, and was trained by Rob Etcheverria, and her signature moves include the Camel Clutch, the Top Rope Crossbody, and the Hurricanrana.

Here’s a couple of pictures, hit read more for a few more pictures:
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WWE Smackdown Diva Victoria Update, Katie Lea Title News, Beth Phoenix Comments On Trish Stratus

katielea83kk3.jpgWWE Smackdown Diva Victoria recently updated her blog on MySpace and talked about her new venture:

I am about to open a custom car shop in Louisville, KY. I am hoping to have the doors open sometime next month. We just finished our first build, which was customizing my Chrysler 300C. I entered it in a national contest, put on by YouTube and Chrysler, and we are one of 25 finalists. The voting is going on right now, so if you get a chance, you can go to www.black-widow-customs.com and learn how to vote for my car.

WWE RAW Diva Katie Lea defeated Roucka at the OVW TV tapings this past Wednesday night to win the OVW Women’s Championship. Her profile has been added to wwe.com, and the incest angle she’s involved with should heat up within a few weeks. As a note of interest Katie Lea is now officially a WWE Diva, as she has been added to that section of the website also.

Recently Trish Stratus teased her fans with the prospect of fighting Beth Phoenix for the title. Beth played the angle up also, and here’s what she said:
“No one can stand up to me physically – past or present. I would have loved to wrestle Trish Stratus, though, because she’s a seven-time Women’s Champion. She had the spunk to compensate for her lack of size, and I think it would have been great to mix it up with her, even though I’d still dominate.

WWE Divas Picture Video

Womens Wrestling Xposed gives you the good video of the WWE Divas:

YouTube Preview Image

Former TNA Knockout News, Ashley Massaro Superstar 2 SuperStar, Melina Appearance

leticiacline284ke.jpgFormer TNA Knockout Leticia Cline, well known for her recent visit to Howard Stern, has been cast for the next season of CW’s “Beauty And The Geek.”

WWE.com(world wrestling entertainment) has posted another Superstar 2 Superstar interview, this one with WWE Diva Ashley Massaro who speaks with hip-hop legend Darryl “DMC” McDaniels. Ashley and DMC touch on several subjects including his awards, his organization “Felix organization/ Adoptees for Children,” the rock and roll hall of fame and more.

WWE Diva Melina along with Jimmy Hart are scheduled to be at Universal Studios Mardi Gras on Saturday in Orlando.

SHIMMER- Women Athletes Vol. 6 DVD Review

SHIMMERSHIMMER- Women Athletes Vol. 6 DVD Review:
Well, I’m still trying to get caught up on SHIMMER, but with this week’s review of Vol. 6 (they’re up to 15) I reach closer. If you read my review of Vol. 5 last week you already know I had a lot of good things to say about the promotion. From the talent these women have, to the fine job Dave Prazak does on commentary, which should be no surprise to those familiar with his work, to the well booked stories the promotion revolves around. Here on Vol. 6 that trend continues.
I have to admit, as far as pure wrestling in an overall sense this edition is a notch below the previous one, but it still manages to entertain. The undercard struggles a bit here and we get a couple of average matches to start, but the action and quality picks up as the show moves forward. What ends the event is an intense last woman standing match between Cheerleader Melissa and MsChif that is worth going out of your way to see.
With that, I’m switching up the format a little here and will run down the matches by not giving play-by-play, but more of a general opinion approach.
Amber O’Neal vs. Serena Deeb

-This is a rematch from Vol. 5 where O’neal beat the debuting Deeb by pulling the tights.

Amber plays a great heel and it remains on display here. On the other side you have Deeb who works the good girl face role to a T. Amber of course pulls out some dirty tricks, while Deeb consistently remains on the comeback. The match works well playing on the old fashion face and heel roles to get the crowd behind it and get the action rolling. Deeb ends up getting the better of O’neal with an inside cradle out of a suplex attempt in 7:00. (*1/2).

Amazing Kong, Lexie Fyfe, Malia Hosaka vs. Ariel, Josie, Cindy Rogers
-On Vol. 5 Fyfe & Hosaka got the best of Ariel & Josie.
After seeing Cindy Rogers for the first time on Vol. 5, I came away impressed and it’s easy to figure out why they call her the “definition of technician.” She plays a limited role here in a 6-woman tag, but still gets to show off her skills. Kong who I hadn’t seen until she debuted in TNA shines here again, as she did on Vol. 5, but again in a smaller role.

This match is mainly dominated in action by “The Experience,” Fyfe and Hosaka who are long-time veterens. Josie plays the face-in-peril for most of the match, while the heel team of Fyfe & Hosaka work her over using all the heel tactics in the book. This is where the match drags a bit as “The Experience” know how to do all the heel things right, but their offensive repertoire fails to grasp my interest much. This comes off as one of the longer squash matches you’ll ever see, as after the action breaks down Fyfe, Hosaka and Kong get the victory in 17:00. (*1/2).

Lorelei Lee vs. Nikki Roxx

This is a face vs. face battle where the two women are fighting to move up on the card. Roxx was coming off a strong match with Kong on Vol. 5 that she lost, while Lee was coming off a loss to Rain. Roxx is talented and it’s easy to see why TNA would put some investment in her as she is currently playing Roxxi Laveaux there. Not that Lee isn’t talented, as she can hold her own as well. They have a quality match here, but I have to say I was expecting more. Nikki picks up the win and moves up the card in 8:00. (*3/4).

Nikita vs. Daizee Haze

Nikita debuted on Vol. 5 with an immediate push and win over Lacey. SHIMMER wastes no time moving her up the card in a match with “The Haze” here on Vol. 6. With Nikita’s abilities it should come as no surprise, and you can find her now on Monday nights playing “Katie Lea.” I hope her storyline with Paul Burchill let’s her wrestle soon enough, as she would instantly improve the diva division on Raw. Daizee’s a great talent too from getting the crowd involved to the ring work. If this were baseball she’d be a 5-tool prospect type talent.

This was a good match with smooth reversals and counters and good mat work by both to start. Once they both got back to their feet and stood toe to toe they shook hands and when Daizee turned her back, Nikita went heel and laid into the Haze with forearms. From there Nikita dominates the match for a while, until Haze makes a big comeback. In the end though Nikita’s big push continues and she gets the win in 12:00 with a side slam backbreaker move. (**1/4).

Rebecca Knox vs. Allison Danger- Pure Wrestling Rules Match

-The challenge of a pure wrestling rules match was made by Danger on Vol. 5 after Knox beat Daizee Haze by holding the ropes. Danger was fed up with Knox using these kinds of tactics and here we are. In case you don’t know, the basic rules are each wrestler gets 3 rope breaks and once a wrestler’s opponent uses all of their ropes breaks, they can hold the ropes on submission holds and pin attempts, while their opponent without any rope breaks, can’t break counts with the ropes. Closed fists are illegal too, and after the first one it’s a warning, then you start getting charged rope breaks for the act.

This is another match that drags a bit and only saved by the fact that Knox plays her heel role so damn well. She’s a lot of fun to watch and I can’t really say anything bad about her. Not that I dislike Allison Danger, but it seems like something is missing with her and I can’t quite figure out what it is.

The highlight of the match is when the ref is distracted Knox hits Danger with a couple of closed fists. An infuriated Danger comes back with one of her own right as the ref is looking and gives her a warning. When the ref is letting someone know on the outside that Danger has been officially warned Knox again comes back with closed fists. An even angrier Danger comes back with closed fists of her own again just in time for the referee to turn around and see and loses a rope break. It’s good stuff.

The action here really picks up when they get down to one rope break apiece. As you would expect with this kind of match it comes down to the end with Danger out of rope breaks and Knox with one to spare. She doesn’t even need it and beats Danger in her own match, much to my gratification in 24:00. (**1/4).

Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew (Lacey & Rain) vs. Mercedes Martinez & Sara Del Ray

-This one in ways had been brewing since Vol. 1. Martinez and Del Ray went to a time limit draw, which lead to a no time limit match on Vol. 5 that Del Ray won. She offered Martinez a rematch anytime, anywhere out of respect. After the show Lacey made a challenge to Martinez for her to find a partner to take on her and Rain. Del Ray stepped up and offered to be Martinez’ partner. The interplay between the stories here as told by Prazak is in 2002-2003 Lacey and Rain had been facing off all over the independent scene. They decided to come together as a tag team since they knew each other so well, and could do more damage that way.

Now on the other side you have Martinez and Del Ray who had been going at each other in SHIMMER teaming up together to do damage. It’s connecting storylines coming to a head and intersecting each other to a degree.

This is a fine match where Rain and Lacey control the offense for the majority of the match with Del Ray constantly the face-in-peril. Every time she gets off a move she can’t quite make the tag. When she does the ref doesn’t see it and won’t count it. When she finally gets the official tag a couple of minutes later the action breaks down with Martinez and Del Ray getting the upper hand. Rain ends up pulling Del Ray to the outside leaving Martinez alone in the ring to get beat on. When Sara gets back in the ring she runs at Rain with a big boot, but accidentally hits Martinez with it costing them the match in 16:00. (**1/4).

After the match, Martinez blames Del Ray for the loss and wants her rematch. It’s not a surprising finish, but it’s the perfect example of using what happens in the ring to advance a storyline and now there is actually some bitterness in the Martinez & Del Ray feud and makes the next match between the two mean that much more.

Cheerleader Melissa vs. MsChif- Last Woman Standing

-This is another one that’s been building since Vol. 1 where MsChif got the win over Melissa. Since then they’ve interfered in each other’s matches and Melissa got a pay back victory over MsChif in a falls count anywhere match on Vol. 4. They had a pull apart brawl on Vol. 5.

This is a great match. I can go on and describe it all, but it won’t truly do it justice. The pace and build to each spot is tremendous. It stays intense through out, and they don’t appear to stall, or slow down, but come off as selling the battle they’re immerged in. That’s not something that’s as easy as it seems. Plenty of evidence for that exists on the big stage. Everything is done with a purpose and ties in to what’s happened between the two before, and what happens later in the match. MsChif is incredibly flexible and shows it off here often. One spot in particular is when Melissa stands tall in a boston crab and drops down on it, practically bending MsChif in half. The crowd and I watching at home gasped and let out a collective ahh. The match ends when MsChif hits the desecrator (a DDT with a leg over the opponents stretched out arm for extra impact) on a chair, the very chair Melissa brought into the ring to attempt a kudo driver on earlier in the match. The match goes 20:00, and is worth ****.

On top of the main card you get a couple of bonus matches on the DVD from an AAW show. The first one is LuFisto vs. Josie that is basically a squash. I’d had never seen LuFisto before, and all I can say after this is she is awesome. She’s a stick of dynamite that was a lot of fun to watch.

The other one is Sara Del Ray & Allison Danger vs. Cheerleader Melissa and Nattie Neidhart. This was intriguing to me in that it was my first time seeing Nattie work. In my opinion what was shown here wasn’t very impressive, but the show is from nearly a year and a half ago. I’m sure some time in development has done her well. Overall the match is a decent one.

Summary: As I said in the opener I’m growing fond of SHIMMER and it’s better late then never, and if you’ve yet to check it out I suggest you give it a try. The Cheerleader Melissa vs. MsChif match will end any thoughts you may have that are negative towards women wrestling and is worth checking out. If on the other hand, you have no negative thoughts about women’s wrestling and you haven’t checked out SHIMMER, then what are you waiting for?

To purchase Vol. 6 for $14.95 or any other vol. or just learn more about SHIMMER check out SHIMMERwrestling.com.

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KO Angels Respect 2008 Results

tinasmall.jpgRingDivas recently had their KO Angels Respect 2008, and here are the two main feature results:
FightGirl World Champion in action!!!
1) Jessicka Havoc def. Hazel via Knockout in the 3rd round
DOWNLOAD – Jessicka Havoc vs. Hazel (KO Angels Respect 08)
The Next Big Thing” Tina Lockhart’s MMA Debut!!!
2) Tina Lockhart def. Destiny Dumon via knockout in the 3rd round.
DOWNLOAD – Tina Lockhart vs. Destiny (KO Angels Respect 08)

You can get more information on the matches: Knockout Angels Presents “Respect” 2008 DVD

Womens Wrestling Xposed presents some of the pictures for the two matches:


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