Jackie Gayda-Hass Update

jackie020121.jpgWomens Wrestling Xposed brings you all the news and here’s the latest on Jackie Gayda:

By WorldWrestlingInsanity.com

The 110th edition of JG’s Radio Free Insanity is on the air and available right now at WorldWrestlingInsanity.com (Flash and MP3 download) for free. This week’s show features Jackie Gayda-Haas.

James Guttman talks a bit about Jackie at the start of the show. She’s been a Diva, a knockout, and the winner of Tough Enough 2. Not only that, but she was standing right next to Charlie Haas, her husband, when he recorded his interview for the very first RFI. Now, 2 ½ years later and after many scheduling conflicts, it’s her turn.

Miss Jackie hasn’t been seen in a while and you’ll find out why. Her full 40 minute ClubWWI.com interviews included talk about her entire career including: How She and Charlie Haas Got Together, Charlie’s Lucha Gimmick, Why She Laughed When She Was Told To Be on Raw After Winning Tough Enough 2, Being in Orlando For WrestleMania, What She Wishes They Would Have Done With Rico’s Gimmick, What Tommy Dreamer Said About Her Shoulders, Daniel Puder, The Birth of Her Daughter, Ivory, and More

Jackie Gayda-Haas is one of well over 100 stars spanning countless generations you can hear uncut on ClubWWI.com. Some of these names include: Jerry Lawler, Vince Russo, Eric Bischoff, Bobby Heenan, Kevin Nash, The Iron Sheik, Sid Vicious, Paul Bearer, Bruno Sammartino, Scott D’Amore, Tito Santana, Al Snow, Tod Gordon, Charlie Haas, Tom Prichard, Jacques Rougeau, Tammy Sytch, Too Cold Scorpio, Ole Anderson, Kid Kash, Ivan Koloff, John Heidenreich, Jimmy Hart, Jimmy Valiant, Bad News Brown, Nick Bockwinkel, Dory Funk Jr, Diamond Dallas Page, Rob Conway, Sylvain Grenier, Buff Bagwell, Christian Cage, Jazz, Demolition Ax and Smash, Koko B. Ware, Ricky Morton, Dustin Rhodes, Damian Demento, Fred “Shockmaster” Ottman, Cpl. Kirchner, One Man Gang, Scott Steiner, Shawn Stasiak, Ted DiBiase, Ivory, Chris Masters, Elix Skipper, Kamala, Samoa Joe, Giant Bernard, Bill DeMott, Juvi “Juice” Guerrera, Nora “Molly Holly” Greenwald, Nick Dinsmore, Harley Race, Bull Buchanan, D-Lo Brown, Road Warrior Animal, Missing Link, Slick, Nidia, George Steele, Christy Hemme, Disco Inferno, Paul Ellering, Vito, Steve Blackman, AJ Styles, Chris Daniels, Dennis Stamp, Shawn Daivari, Kevin Sullivan, B.G. James, Ron Killings, Earl and Dave Hebner, Spike Dudley, Rodney Mack, Larry Zybszko, Rick Steiner, Mae Young, and more.

On that subject, James hyped tomorrow’s HUGE uncut interview. It’s the first time ever this former WWF personality has granted a shoot interview. It’s not for lack of trying either. He’s been asked countless times and turned everyone down – including WWE! Now, he comes out of hiding to tell his story…

…only on ClubWWI.com. The shoot is 45 minutes long and will be up tomorrow so be sure to check back. You can’t miss this one.

While you’re on the site, you can check out real time coverage of WrestleMania 24 as well as reviews and in-person recaps. There’s no better place to spend WM weekend than with The Insanity.

Then, the next day, come back for the long awaited return of JG’s Raw Insanity. It’s first Raw after Mania. Surely, there will be plenty of Insanity.

With that James cues up clips from Jackie’s shoot.

James Guttman welcomes Jackie Gayda to the show. She thanks him and says that it’s been so hard to find the right time to come on. With the world of wrestling supposedly crazy, it doesn’t compare to motherhood.

“We have a 15 month old. Her name is Kayla and she will be a big new sister come towards the end of the year. We’re expecting our second in September. Yeah. We’re cranking away at them. But no, it’s the best thing in the world. If you hear a little girl mumbling in the background, that’s her.”

When James mentions that it’ll put a TNA return off, Jackie talks about how she was negotiating to return when she learned of her pregnancy. One of the specifics though was that she wanted to wrestle if she came back. Now, with another baby on the way, that’s off the table. However when the time comes for her to return to the ring, she says it will be as an in-ring performer rather than a valet.

Jackie’s full 40 minute ClubWWI.com interviews included talk about her entire career including: How She and Charlie Haas Got Together, Charlie’s Lucha Gimmick, Why She Laughed When She Was Told To Be on Raw After Winning Tough Enough 2, Being in Orlando For WrestleMania, What She Wishes They Would Have Done With Rico’s Gimmick, What Tommy Dreamer Said About Her Shoulders, Daniel Puder, The Birth of Her Daughter, Ivory, and More

Jackie Gayda-Haas is one of well over 100 stars spanning countless generations you can hear uncut on ClubWWI.com. Some of these names include: Jerry Lawler, Vince Russo, Eric Bischoff, Bobby Heenan, Kevin Nash, The Iron Sheik, Sid Vicious, Paul Bearer, Bruno Sammartino, Scott D’Amore, Tito Santana, Al Snow, Tod Gordon, Charlie Haas, Tom Prichard, Jacques Rougeau, Tammy Sytch, Too Cold Scorpio, Ole Anderson, Kid Kash, Ivan Koloff, John Heidenreich, Jimmy Hart, Jimmy Valiant, Bad News Brown, Nick Bockwinkel, Dory Funk Jr, Diamond Dallas Page, Rob Conway, Sylvain Grenier, Buff Bagwell, Christian Cage, Jazz, Demolition Ax and Smash, Koko B. Ware, Ricky Morton, Dustin Rhodes, Damian Demento, Fred “Shockmaster” Ottman, Cpl. Kirchner, One Man Gang, Scott Steiner, Shawn Stasiak, Ted DiBiase, Ivory, Chris Masters, Elix Skipper, Kamala, Samoa Joe, Giant Bernard, Bill DeMott, Juvi “Juice” Guerrera, Nora “Molly Holly” Greenwald, Nick Dinsmore, Harley Race, Bull Buchanan, D-Lo Brown, Road Warrior Animal, Missing Link, Slick, Nidia, George Steele, Christy Hemme, Disco Inferno, Paul Ellering, Vito, Steve Blackman, AJ Styles, Chris Daniels, Dennis Stamp, Shawn Daivari, Kevin Sullivan, B.G. James, Ron Killings, Earl and Dave Hebner, Spike Dudley, Rodney Mack, Larry Zybszko, Rick Steiner, Mae Young, and more.

WWE Diva Ashley Massaro Post, WWE Diva Melina Interview


With Wrestlemania looming Womens Wrestling Xposed is exited to report that Ashley Massaro is completely pumped up for the event. Here’s what the dirty diva said via her myspace page:

Wrestlemania XXIV


Thats all I have to say about that.

So f’ing stoked. Thanks for all the messages.

Wow. Amazing. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Gonna fight harder than ever. Wow.


Recently WWE Diva Melina did a question and answer with Askmen.com, and here’s some of what was said:

Q-1:What would people be surprised to know about World Wrestling Entertainment?
That we’re not always angry! We’re not always like that. We are normal people. So, many of us are friends outside of the ring. Jillian Hall is my friend inside and outside the ring.
Q-2:How did you come up with your signature “splits” entrance?
Johnny Nitro [John Randall Hennigan], my boyfriend at the time, and I debuted together, and at our training camp he suggested we come up with a sexy entrance. I thought “how about this” and I just did it — I never thought that me doing the splits would be a part of wrestling.
Q-3:Your wrestling name is “Diva Melina.” What is your definition of a diva?
There are so many different types of “divas” in wrestling. I consider myself to be the truest of the divas because I’m strong, independent and I don’t care what people think. I’m not going to hold myself back and change who I am to please anyone else. I’m proud of who I am.
Q-4:Is there anything career-wise that is off limits?
I’m sensual but I’m not going to do things that are blatant sex. I’ll never say never, but at this point I wouldn’t pose nude. I want people to see me for my abilities and talents. When I do have a man, that will be the only person that I want to see me nude. That’s my gift to him.
Unlike some of her fellow Divas (such as Candice Michelle), Melina Perez has expressed a disinterest in posing for Playboy.

Q-5:What do you think of mixed martial arts? Are you a fan of the UFC?
I’m a fan of anything physical. My dad was a boxer so he always had Saturday night parties, but now, with my busy schedule, I can’t follow boxing like I used to. I like watching it but I’m so busy I usually get DVDs after the fact.

Q-6:What’s your workout regimen? Do you follow a special diet?
On the road it’s hard to follow things, but I do count my calories and I have a certain intake. I eat foods with a lot of protein, but also with carbohydrates. I love to run so I need my carbs. Basically, I try to eat as “cleanly” as I can. I love food and sampling food from all around the world. I really care about my athletics.

I also try to workout as much as I can. I worry about strength and flexibility.
Q-9:Are you single? What’s the one quality you look for in a man?
Yes, I’m single. I don’t look for just one thing but a combination of things: a sense of humor because I laugh at everything. If things go wrong you can get upset but, really, what can you do? I start laughing; I laugh things off.
Trust is also a big issue. A guy can be jealous but not insanely jealous because I work around a bunch of guys. These guys are my brothers. Anyone I date has to have an understanding that I work a lot. It’s not against him, and he has to understand I wish I could spend more time with him.
Q-10:Where should a guy take a woman on a first date?
Ooh, I’m torn on that one. Back in the day, I’d be like, “Romance me,” but now I want to hang out with someone. It doesn’t have to be too ritzy… just a place where I can get to know you.
Q-11:Who’s your ultimate man’s man?
They’re all metro[sexual] now… I’m totally stumped on that one. My question is: What happened to the manly man?

Wrestlemania is on the horizon and that means its time for the WWE Bunny Lumberjack Womens Wrestling match, and Womens Wrestling Xposed will cover the match live.

ChickFight Recap

1tna2.jpgChickFight Episode 14 on Mav TV

ChickFight 8 was filmed at the Liquid Nightclub in Gloucester, England, on April 22, 2007.

ChickFight appears on MavTV in the US on Wednesdays at noon, 5 p.m., and 8 p.m., Thursdays at 2 a.m., Fridays at noon and 5 p.m., Saturdays at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m., Sundays at 10 p.m., and Mondays at 2 a.m.

NEW! ChickFight appears on X-League TV, Sky Channel 208, in the UK with new episodes every other night at 11 p.m.
Week starting Monday 11th Feb.
Tuesday 11 p.m. X-League TV Sky Channel 208
Thursday 11 p.m. X-League TV Sky Channel 208
Saturday 11 p.m. X-League TV Sky Channel 208
Week starting Monday 18th Feb.
Monday 11 p.m. X-League TV Sky Channel 208
Wednesday 11 p.m. X-League TV Sky Channel 208
Friday 11 p.m. X-League TV Sky Channel 208
Sunday 11 p.m. X-League TV Sky Channel 208

Episode 14 includes the quarter final matches of ChickFight 8. Fans in the UK are starting from the beginning of the ChickFight series, so they will be seeing earlier shows.

Chynna Mai is the host.

Jade, with Kelly Adams, Defeats Violet

After some nonsense from Jade, they start the match with a collar an elbow tie up. Violet grabs a wrist lock, takes it behind Jade, and switches to a headlock. After wrenching on that for a bit, she goes back to the wrist lock. Jade escapes when Violet tries backing her into the ropes and whips Violet across the ring, but Violet comes back with a head scissors take down and then splashed Jade in the corner. Violet follows up with a bulldog but gets only two on the pin attempt. At this point Kelly Adams tries sneaking into the ring, and the referee does nothing, so Violet tells her to leave. This allows Jade to hit Violet from behind and grab a wrist lock.

Jade yanks on Violet’s arm to send her to the mat, and then does a flip over her, again yanking hard on the arm. Jade continues to yank on the arm and then does her trick of biting Violet’s fingers while the ref isn’t looking. After the ref makes her stop, she goes back to wrenching on the arm and takes Violet back down to the mat with a heel trip as the fans begin encouraging Violet to make a comeback. They return to their feet and Jade goes to choking Violet in the ropes while yelling at the cameraman that Violet’s not pretty. When the ref finally makes her break, Kelly Adams starts choking Violet in the ropes and punching her in the back.

Finally Jade tries for a pin but gets a two count. After abusing the ref, she shoves Violet into a corner and starts choking her with a foot to her throat, and once again the ref takes forever to break it up. Jade yanks Violet back down to the canvas and rams her knee several times into Violet’s shoulder, still working the arm. Then she drops the leg onto the shoulder while shrieking “Give up!” When Violet tries to use the ropes to stand up, Jade stomps her in the back, then yanks on her hair to snap mare her back down. Jade then stomps on Violet’s shoulder several times, yanks her up by the hair, and starts wrenching her arm over the ropes. Then she and Kelly Adams do the choking in the ropes bit again. Jade’s matches would be a lot more interesting if she would add some variety.

Finally Jade comes back over to Violet, picks her up and slams her, then goes back to the wrist lock, followed by kicking and yanking on the arm again. Finally Cheerleader Melissa runs out and slaps Jade, who flees the ring. For some inexplicable reason, the referee, who has allowed all of Jade’s cheating up to this point, decides to disqualify Violet and award the match to Jade. Cheerleader Melissa then beats up Violet with a series of forearms and a huge power slam.

Cheerleader Melissa Defeats “The Jezebel” Eden Black to Become the First TransAtlantic Women’s Champion

Melissa towers over Eden Black, but that doesn’t stop the Jezebel from starting off with several hard forearms to the Cheerleader’s face. Melissa comes back with forearms of her own, and the women continue to smash each other with forearms and chops until Melissa knocks Jez off her feet and proceeds to stop her viciously. Melissa then tosses Black to the floor and follows in spite of the ref trying to stop her. They women continue their brawl on the floor. Melissa scoop slams Jez, stomps her and then stands on her face. They brawl up to the bar area, where Melissa tries to put a leg hold on Jez, possibly a scorpion deathlock, but Jez fights her way out before Melissa can lock it in.

Melissa then drags Black by her hair and picks her up into a sort of wheelbarrow position with Black’s legs back around Melissa’s waist, and slams Black’s head and upper body into the wall several times before dropping her. She then grabs a metal pipe and tries to use it as a weapon, but the ref stops Melissa, so she grabs Jez by the hair and again drags her, first to the ring, where Melissa rolls in and back out, and then over to a small stage area. Melissa tosses Jez onto the stage and follows.

Melissa goes to put a leg hold on Eden, but Eden manages to get an ankle lock on Melissa first, and holds on for all she’s worth, as Melissa struggles to escape. Finally Melissa pulls herself over to a railing, which she uses to pull herself up and kick Jez off with her free leg. Melissa gets Jez into a reverse Texas cloverleaf and lifts her up to make it worse, even using her strength to knock Jez into a wall!

After arguing with the ref, Melissa dragged Eden back to the edge of the stage by her foot and hit her with a forearm. Jez managed to grab the arm and get a wrist lock on at the same time as she locked her legs around Melissa’s head, and then she wrenched Melissa’s arm. In her struggles, Melissa pulled Jez off the stage to the floor, but still Jez held on. Melissa finally escaped by pulling her legs up underneath her and powering up to her feet, lifting Jez with her, then slamming Jez to the floor! The women return to exchanging chops, kicks and forearms until Jez hits another ankle lock. Melissa powers out and slaps Jez in the head, then tosses her back into the ring. Melissa enters the ring as well and tries for a pin, but gets two.

They exchange a series of forearms. Melissa takes Jez down with a clothesline and gets another near fall. Jez blocks a suplex attempt and rolls up Melissa for two. Melissa goes for a chin lock, but Black forces her way up to her feet and fights back forearms to the ribs. Melissa tries for a Samoan drop, but Jez reverses it into another roll up for a near fall. They battle on, and Jez escapes another attempted Samoan drop and comes off the top onto Melissa for another near fall. Jez goes for a flying crucifix, but Melissa turns it into an Air Raid Crash and gets two near falls.

Jez grabs a wrist lock and Melissa escapes by rolling her over, then hits the curb stomp twice, but when she goes for the pin, Eden has her foot in the ropes. Melissa splashes Black in the corner and then unleashes a fury of forearms. Jez sinks to the mat, seemingly out cold, and Melissa drags her to the center of the ring, slapping at her head, then stomping it. Melissa continues to punish the unconscious Jezebel until the ref calls for the end of the match due to Black’s inability to respond.

MsChif Defeats Kelly Adams

Kelly Adams has Jade with her for this match, but even the two of them together will be at an experience and skill disadvantage against the formidable MsChif. The two girls screech insults at the fans as MsChif paces the ring restlessly behind them. After the introductions, MsChif screams at both girls, who shrink into their corner in terror. Finally Kelly gets up the nerve to scream back at MsChif, and tries three times with little success, until the Goth screams back at her.

The green haired MsChif takes Kelly down with two quick arm drags, followed by a drop toe hold, and Adams rolls to the outside to regroup. Both girls run away from the ring, and the ref has to order Kelly back repeatedly. When she finally returns, they tie up and MsChif grabs a wrist lock. Kelly reverses it and goes behind MsChif’s back, but the Goth ducks under to reverse it and go behind Adams. Adams finally reverses it again, but MsChif quickly escapes and they struggle for advantage until Kelly gets an arm bar on MsChif, then goes behind her and appears to be trying for some kind of suplex, but MsChif breaks her grip and goes behind Kelly to lock in a full Nelson.

MsChif releases the Nelson after a while and pounds Kelly’s back with a series of forearm shots. When she tries to come off the ropes, Jade grabs her leg and tries to trip her, but just gets one of MsChif’s screams in her face. The distraction allows Kelly to reverse MsChif’s next move into a neck breaker and then follow with a suplex for a near fall. Kelly tries for a bow and arrow type submission, but she can’t get the hold on, so she pushes MsChif’s face into the canvas and gets up. She sits down hard on MsChif, and gets rolled up into a pin for a two count. They roll through a couple of near falls and then both women get to their feet.

Kelly heel trips MsChif and gets her in a submission hold with one leg locked around MsChif’s neck, but MsChif rolls over to reverse it, and then Kelly rolls back again, so MsChif fights her way out and screams into Kelly’s face, then gets two with a quick pin attempt. The Goth takes Adams down with two flying clotheslines, but when she tries for a third, Adams gets her with a sit out power bomb. Kelly locks in a submission hold from the power bomb, but has to change it twice when MsChif struggles, until MsChif uses her power to bridge out and slam Kelly’s face into the mat. She whips Kelly into a corner and punishes her with a series of forearms to the face, only breaking for the ref’s count. When Jade tries to interfere, she gets a scream in her face. MsChif finishes Kelly off with a piledriver out of the corner. MsChif gets the pin and goes on to the second round.

Jetta Defeats Skye

Jetta cinches in a head lock right off the bat, and grinds Skye’s head with her arm as she does, until Skye picks her up for a back body drop to escape. Now it’s Skye’s turn to punish Jetta with a head lock, but when Jetta tries for the same escape, she can’t lift Skye, so she resorts to punching Skye in the stomach to get away. Skye takes Jetta down with a clothesline and follows up with a drop kick, so Jetta bails out of the ring and takes a sip out of a fan’s cola. Fan favorite Skye holds the ropes open, inviting Jetta to return, but Jetta pretends she doesn’t trust Skye, just to stall longer. When she finally does get back into the ring, she kicks the rope Skye is holding for her so it snaps up and hits Skye.

Jetta grabs Skye by the hair to get another head lock on her, but Skye powers out and grabs a wrist lock that she uses to bend Jetta’s arm backward and work her shoulder. Then she takes the wrist lock behind Jetta, who reverses it and goes behind Skye. The trade reversals a few more times until Skye reverses with a cartwheel and gets a head lock on Jetta. Skye hip tosses Jetta to the mat, still holding on to the head lock, and gets a near fall. Jetta manages to reverse into a head scissors hold on Skye, then changes her mind and yanks on Skye’s hair to move into a submission hold with one knee locked around Skye’s neck. Skye bridges up to escape and tries to get her own submission hold on Jetta, but Jetta manages to get into the ropes.

Jetta attacks Skye with a knee lift, several slaps, and then a snap suplex, but gets only a two count. She follows with some chops and a couple of shoulder blocks in the corner, then Irish whips Skye into the opposite corner. Jetta tries for a splash, but Skye gets her foot up, and when Jetta tries for a spear, Skye goes up and Jetta hits the ring post. Skye sunset flips Jetta into a near fall, rolls her up into a second two count, and tries for a third near fall with a back slide, but Jetta escapes and hits her with a drop kick. Jetta then drop kicks into Skye’s back, but again can only get a two count. Frustrated, Jetta pounds her forearms into Skye’s back over and over. She hits Skye with two snap suplexes then pulls both of Skye’s arms backward in a submission hold.

Skye fights out and they run the ropes until Skye takes down Jetta with a cross body for one and side slams her for two. And neck breaker gets Skye another two, and then Jetta retaliates by raking Skye’s eyes. A clothesline gets a near fall for Jetta. Skye fights back with a couple of forearms, but then Jetta blocks a suplex attempt and takes Skye down by driving both knees into her back. Jetta locks in a sitting double chicken wing, and Skye has no choice but to submit.

WWE Diva Maria Update.

wwedivamaria22s.jpgMaria did an interview for Live Audio Wrestling over the weekend. She said that she turned down the Playboy offer, two weeks before turning around and accepting. Maria said she had to get the approval of her younger sister before agreeing to do it. Also in the interview, Maria praised Paul Heyman, Lance Storm, and OVW’s Danny Davis as good teachers, but was disappointed with recent comments made by Jim Cornette about her. Staying on the topic of Woman Wrestler, Diva and Playmate Cover Model Maria, she also recently did an interview with Marvel comics, and here’s some of the highlights:

Marvel.com: So not even sold-out arenas packed with fans screaming your name can change who you are? Pretty cool. But at the very least you have to feel like a super hero when you’re performing, no? Not even a little?

Maria Kanellis: With the outfits and the big hair and the gloves and the boots, I definitely feel like a super hero walking to the ring sometimes. That chaos of the fans cheering or booing, that atmosphere, it’s like when a super hero gathers to confront a villain or something and everyone is watching, waiting on the outcome. It’s exciting. But I think all the WWE Divas are examples of super heroes, it’s not just me. Look at Beth Phoenix, the Glamazon. Beth is as strong as the She-Hulk; she’s tough as hell. There’s also Melina, who’s like Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff). Melina’s beautiful and sexy, but you can tell by looking at her it’s wise not to mess with her. She also does these splits before entering the ring so that reminds me of Natasha’s gymnastic skills.

Marvel.com: Okay, somewhere down the line Marvel offers to CGI you in all of Kirsten Dunst’s scenes in the “Spider-Man” trilogy, do you take it?

Maria Kanellis: I’d love to. My vision of Mary Jane was more of a glamorous, hot chick; I know MJ has to be sweet and wholesome but she can have a little sex-kitten, hottie in there too. In the comic books she’s drawn very sexy. If I was asked I’d totally do it.

Marvel.com: If you could choose only one WWE wrestler who reminds you of a super hero, who would it be?

Maria Kanellis: CM Punk because he’s not only fighting evil in the ring, but he does it outside of the ring too; Punk is against drug use, drinking and promiscuous sex. He really is the “Straightedge Superstar.” His passions toward his causes are as solid as Captain America’s shield. Although I don’t like putting Punk over—and I hope you put that part in there—he does do a lot of good things, like a super hero does.

You can get the entire interview with WWE Diva Maria at marvel.com.

WWE Diva Layla El Interview

When current World Wrestling Entertainment diva Layla El joined the company by winning the 2006 Diva Search competition, she was the new girl on the block.

More than a year later, El is proving her commitment, dedicating herself to improving in the ring. The dancing diva packed her belongings, left the city she loved in Miami and headed to Los Angeles for wrestling training at the School of Hard Knocks.

Jesse Hernandez, who is credited for helping diva Melina with her in-ring skills, worked with El following a recommendation from WWE referee and former student Marty Elias.

”I’ve been in the ring a lot more, so I’m trying hard,” said El, who also works with SmackDown! superstar Finlay on the road. “Hopefully, with the hard work I’m putting in, I’m going to get better. I want to finally show I can do more than I’m doing right now.”

Hernandez spoke very highly of his student on his website.

He wrote: “I truly feel that Layla will definitely make an impact in WWE as she certainly is willing to make sacrifices in her tight schedule to come out and learn to better herself and earn the respect of her peers as she prepares herself to master the squared circle.”

El arrived in WWE with a dancing background including performing with Carnival Cruise Lines and the Miami Heat. Taking advantage of her dancing moves, WWE paired her with fellow newcomers Kelly Kelly and Brooke as dancers Extreme Expose, led by the Miz on WWE’s Extreme Championship Wrestling brand.

After Brooke was released from the promotion, Extreme Expose disbanded giving El an opportunity to wrestle Kelly in a series of matches. Kelly was the fan favorite while El the hated vixen. This meant the dancing diva had to shed her normally good-natured and fun personality for one filled with scorn and jealousy.

”I think I’m a sweet person, but everyone has their moments,” said El. “I think what mostly draws me to my anger is watching people I’ve grown up with get into fights or watching when my mom got mad at me.

“We all have a temper. It just goes up as soon as the lights go on. It’s like any actor with the role they play. It isn’t necessarily who they are as a person. I must admit that character is far fetched from the Layla I really am.”

Despite her current persona, hometown fans found it hard to boo their hometown girl when WWE held last November’s Survivor Series at the AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami. The company returns to the AAA 7:30 p.m. Tuesday on April 1.

”I got to perform at my own stomping grounds last year, when I first started, so it was amazing to go back at Survivor Series,” said El, who plans to buy a house in South Florida in the next two years.

‘I got to say `Hi’ to all the workers and everybody. It was so nice to come home. Who gets to perform in their hometown? It was a Blessing. I can’t wait to return. It’s going to be [WWE] ECW/SmackDown! so hopefully I get to go out there and perform. Anytime I’m home, it’s going to be a great show.”

Before El heads south with the rest of the SmackDown! and WWE ECW superstars, she is gearing for WrestleMania 24 on Sunday, March 30 at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando. She will be one of the lumberjills in the BunnyMania match pitting Playboy cover girls Maria and Ashley against Melina and WWE women’s champ the Glamazon Beth Phoenix, with Snoop Dogg as the master of ceremonies.

”I think it’s going to be amazing,” said El. “I’m excited to watch it and be a part of it. This is my second one. At my first one, last year, I didn’t know they could fit that many people in an arena. This year is going to be crazy. I’m probably going to enjoy it more this year because I’ve been there. So I can take my time and take everything in, instead of just being shocked to be there. It’s going to be a great moment.”

Gracing magazine covers and guest starring in music videos and television shows, it’s been a busy year for El. What’s next?

”I see myself with a lot more Blessings,” said El. “I hope I grow in the ring and as a person. There are no limits. I think there is going to be so much I’m going to do this year. I really can’t say right now, but I know there are going to be things people are going to be real surprised about.”

WWE Diva Candice Michelle News, TNA Knockout Gail Kim News, Ashley Massaro News,

gailkimxg82.jpgWomens Wrestling Xposed has learned via WWE.com that WWE injured Diva Candice Michellehad surgury today, and so will be missing Wrestlemania this year. It was earlier reported that Michelle was hoping to still compete at Wrestlemania, as she wanted the “bonus” that comes from being in the WWE’s flagship program. Originally the Diva thought that it was only separated scare tissue from her broken clavicle, but unfortunately she underwent more medical evaluation and thus it was determined that she had in fact re-broken her clavical and would need surgery to fix it. Tough break for the GoDaddy girl.

According to !Bang! TV, Gail Kim is the New Funking Conservatory Women’s champion, as she defeated Claudia “The Claw” Reiff to capture the Funking Conservatory Women’s Championship on Sunday March 23rd.

Ashley Massaro wrestled last night at WWE’s Raw, but the response from the crowd was definitely not what Women’s Wrestling Xposed expected. She was booed, perhaps the most out of any of the superstars last night, and one reporter went so far as to say that the Heat Massaro got was so intense it seemed that the Columbia crowd had something against her, and that she had done something personal to them. In any case, that’s the angle she’s got, so like the professional she is, she’ll work it. In any event her team up with Maria and Jerry Lawler lost to Melina, Beth Phoenix and Santino Marella. On the positive side for the women’s wrestler, Ashley will be taking Candice Michelle’s place in the WWE Wrestlemania Playboy Lumberjack Bunny match.

Torrie Wilson has confirmed via her myspace page that she will be at Wrestlemania for the weekend, and she is scheduled for an autograph signing with Mickie James on Friday at Best Buy at East Colonial Drive in Orlando.

WWE Diva Maria Interview Recap

maria93211k1.jpgWomens Wrestling Xposed loves interviews, so here’s one with WWE Diva and Playboy CoverGirl Maria.

Interview Recap : Maria speaks on being a playboy cover girl, her career thus far and Wrestlemania 24
Interview conducted by Ryan Rider and Steve Rockamaniac of www.MainEventRadio.com

Interview Audio can be downloaded at www.maineventradio.com/audio.htm

Q : What’s it like being a playboy cover girl and what made you decide to bare it all?
A: It’s absolutely incredible, It’s glamorous, It’s sexy, It’s Fun, It’s Humbling to be on the cover of Playboy, there is only 12 a year so that’s extremely exciting, The WWE has done so well with the girls in the past who have done Playboy, so to be a part of that is amazing, it really is.
Q : Of course you started with the WWE back in 2004 as part of the diva search contest, but were you a wrestling fan growing up, and what made decide to enter into that competition?
A: Yes I was a wrestling fan growing up, I used to watch it with my father and my brother, we would watch a show, it was something we would do all together, I had gotten out of it in high school, but I got back into it when I was in college, and one week while I was watching Monday Night Raw, they showed a commercial for the Diva Search and I just said hey im gonna enter and see what I can do, I love The Rock, I thought his interviews and the things that he did were just amazing and knew that I wanted to be part of that company, so I entered the diva search and didn’t hear anything, then the next week, I saw my picture on Raw, and I was screaming and hollering it was absolutely amazing.
Q: When you ended up being eliminated from the diva search was it at all discouraging for you to continue persuing a career in pro wrestling or were you determined to make your way to the top?
A: What’s funny about that is, I’ve been told no so many times in life that its one of my favorite words because I like to prove people wrong, Being eliminated was just great motivation for me, I was told No I would never model, no you’ll never do something on TV, no this no that, and when they eliminated me, I called every single week to the WWE and said let me try and do this, and I got a call back from talent relations and they said what do you think about going to Ohio and learning how to wrestle and I responded Ill start driving now! And it’s been an amazing ride.
Q: So what was the actual wrestling training like?
A: The first two weeks that I went down to OVW was in December 2004, I went down there and there was two guys who were training and one was good cop, and one was bad cop, and it was very hard, taking a billion bumps, doing squats, I think the first day we did like 900 squats or something, and it was hard, but im glad it was hard, It takes a long time to learn how to wrestle, some people are quicker at picking it up at others and some people just keep working at it, and the more experience you have and the more your in the ring, the more you learn, and lately ive been feeling more and more confident because ive had that opportunity to get in the ring.
Q: Was there any animosity towards you at the beginning from the other woman wrestlers?
A: You know, we came in from the diva search, me, Christy Hemme, Candice Michelle,Michelle Mc Cool, Joy was there at the time, Amy was there, Carmella, there was a bunch of us, and we hadnt’t don’t the training that the others girls had done, we hadn’t learned that you shake everybody’s hand, so it was a learning process, but im happy for it, and it’s the same thing that the girls get coming in today, so im glad wrestling is the way it is today because it makes you more of a family.
Q: With you getting the chance to be in the ring more often you have been involved with Santino Marella, what has it been like working with him?
A: He is a very funny man, but at the same time, he has been kinda messing things up for me lately, he got involved in one match and ended up tearing up my (playboy) cover and Melina got one over on me, he didn’t like that I was doing Playboy, so he put his face all over my cover and that was supposed to be my night, and he wanted to ruin it, but he didn’t end up ruining it, and now its gonna be Bunnymania at Wrestlemania, and Im wondering what he is gonna try at Wrestlemania.
Q: That’s right, Wrestlemania is now only a week away, so what can we expect from your in ring Wrestlemania debut in the playboy bunny match?
A: Well its gonna be a very interesting night, as of right now, Candice Michelle re-broke her clavicle on Monday, and I don’t whats gonna happen with that, she was my tag team partner, and as of right now she has been saying Im gonna do it, no matter what, im gonna be in the ring, but I don’t know how much she can be, and I don’t know how she is gonna be feeling when she gets out there, so it’s my first time ever wrestling at Wrestlemania, so im gonna put all the stops out, Passion is my motivation, and that night im gonna be extremely passionate, especially if im down one partner.
Q: You must be a little nervous heading into your in ring debut at Wrestlemania
A: I don’t really get nervous, I get excited, I get overwhelmed, but I don’t get nervous, but we’ll see what that night has.
Q: People listening to this interview might not know, but you actually doing a photoshoot at the same time that your doing interviews, it must be second nature for you now to be photographed doing all the WWE photo shoots, as well as your modeling career and of course being in Playboy this month, is it easy for you to handle a schedule when you often have to do 2 things at the same time?
A: We’ll it certainly provides for some fun, we get to kill two birds with one stone while still making my flight out tonight, but the WWE definitely makes you think, and makes you work, I never know, when I go to Monday Night Raw if im gonna be walking out with Santino, or if im gonna be in a match, or if im gonna be cutting a promo, or if im gonna be in pudding or jello or what’s gonna happen that night, so we kinda have to learn how to deal with multiple different things at the same time, but ive been doing photo shoots since I was 14, so that part of it is fun, and its always been entertaining, I love different types of clothes and photoshoots have become second nature for me.
Q: I remember a little over a year ago, on Raw you had a match with Umaga where he obviously got the better of you, what was that one like?
A: Oh my gosh! It was scary and very frightening, that’s a big dude, and when he hit me in the corner, I think every single bone in my body cracked!
Q: What’s it been like working for Vince Mc Mahon?
A: He is the absolute best boss in the world because he will not ask you to do anything he wouldn’t do himself, and that’s very hard to compete with, If he asks you to jump off the top rope, or jump off some scaffold, it’s nothing he wouldn’t do himself and because of that he is a great boss.
Q: With it being that time of the year where we all like to look back at Wrestlemania’s history and our all time favorite moments, I was wondering what would be your favourite Wrestlemania moment of all time?
A: I loved The Rock vs Stone Cold from 1999, I LOVED that match, and it definitely sticks out in my mind, im probably too young to remember the older Wrestlemania’s.
Q: You come off as very intelligent and well spoken here in conversation, so how did the ditzy character come about?
A: Well I think it just plays off the fact that everyone has their ditzy moments, everybody has their moments of innocence or forgetfulness, and that is where the character came from, and that was great for me, especially coming in the way I did, as I didn’t have any experience interviewing people, so if I messed up I had a way out to explain it without it looking bad.
Q: Being the superstar that you are, you must have had some encounters with some crazy male fans, any stories that stick out?
A: There was one guy after the Playboy photo shoot, he followed me through the airport, and im totally cool with signing stuff, Ill sign whatever you want, Im super excited that people want me to sign something, I think that’s the coolest thing in the world, but when a guy is like following me through the entire airport, and it was so creepy and not only that but I was lugging all this luggage, he could of at least came and helped me if he was gonna follow me! Finally I was like dude if you want me to sign something ill sign whatever you want but stop following me its really creepy!
Q: What was your experience like with travelling over to Iraq as part of the tribute to the troops?
A: It was a great experience, going to Iraq, and visting the troops, was probably one of most rewarding things ive ever done. They are so dedicated to what there doing, and not only are American troops over there but there is people from all over the globe and to see all the camaraderie too was very cool, plus they haven’t smelled a girl in a long time, so when they get to stand next to us, there so excited, and it’s great to give back even a little something.
Q: When you in ring career comes to an end, would you like to follow in the footsteps of previous wrestlers who have made the leap to the acting field and possibly be featured in some films or tv shows?
A: Definitely. I take acting classes so I would love to do movies, I love the show LOST, and even if I was some wild animal running through the jungle id do that! Ive been picketing for it, I definitely have….
I was watching Dancing With The Stars the other night and I was like it would be so much fun to do another one with one of the (wrestling) girls, it would be great.
I design my own clothes, I definitely want to branch out and create my own label one day, Im also getting involved in a couple of other projects that I want to keep hush hush for right now, but there is definitely a lot of things I want to do outside of the world of pro wrestling.
Q: Getting back to Wrestlemania, What match besides your own are you most looking forward to?
A: Definitely Money Mayweather vs The Big Show
Q: What’s your pick for that one?
A: I have to say Show, he outweighs Mayweather by 400 pounds, and as long as Show can get his hands on him, its gonna be over from there I think.
Q: What is the feeling like in the locker room in the days and weeks leading up to a big show like Wrestlemania? What does it mean to you when you know your about to perform in front of a crowd of 70,000 people in Orlando and millions around the world on PPV, In other words is there a special buzz that takes over when you know that Wrestlemania is right around the corner.
A: Definitely, Everything means more. The stories, The gym, eating right, or the interviews that you do or whatever it is, it all means more, and you know that at Wrestlemania your gonna pull out all the stops, it doesn’t matter how high the jump is, or how hard you get hit, or whatever concerns you have going into it, you throw it all to the wind, Wrestlemania is the biggest event for the WWE, and for the entire world, its absolutely huge, and when you leading up to something like that, your mind does not go very far from it, and that’s all ive thought about, is what I can do at Wrestlemania, to make it really meaning full, and to make it special, and to remember it for the rest of my life, because this one is my first one, and you never forget your first!

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WWE Diva Ashley Removes Cast,

massaro38skcd.jpgWWE Diva Ashley Massaro recently posted on her Myspace page about her cast coming off, and here’s what she had to say:

Happy Easter!!! Good news!!

Hi yall!!!1

So, im pretty stoked. I got my cast off!! So glad it, not for nothin but it was kinda gettin a lil rank…I got it wet :o( So, I went had it checked out and the doc said we could take it off a wee bit early! Gots to do some PT now but things are lookin up!!!

I just got to NC to spend Easter with the fam, and they lost my flippin luggage. I hate the airlines these days, I mean seriously. So now I’m just hoping they call and tell me whats up with these bags.

Anyway, can’t talk long cuz I just got here but just wanted to drop a note to say thanks for all the Happy Easter messages, you guys have a good one toooooooo, eat lots of eggs! I totally just dropped in egg in some food coloring trying to relive my youth. What! Its fun man…go ahead and make fun. Don’t knock it till ya do it. Wheres my fellow egg colorersssss at??

PS no I didn’t get tos ee Cool Kids at SXSW cuz I MISSED THEM! What a jerk…

Me and Paul saw this rad movie Funny Games tho, it was sick. Soundtracks amazing.

Peace out rabbitz….


Amy Dumas Update, TNA Knockout’s Match Interactive.

lita883sk.jpgIt seems that former WWE Diva Amy “Lita” Dumas wants little to do with the WWE these days, preferring to tour with her band and continue her singing career. In fact the WWE recently asked the former women’s wrestler to do an interview for the soon to be released Hardy Boys DVD(its scheduled for release on April 29th), but she turned down the offer.

Say what you will about TNA wrestling, the Knockouts are fabulous, and TNA understands the power of the internet. This week the opponent of the TNA Women’s Champion Awesome Kong will be chosen by online votes. Here’s the info:

From TNAWrestling.com…
In addition, it will be a “first” on “iMPACT!” as the TNA fans will get to vote online on who Awesome Kong should defend the Women’s Championship against on the live broadcast! Beginning at 9pm at the start of the show, fans can log onto TNAwrestling.com and vote on who Kong should defend the gold against later that night!

Former Manager Elizabeth Added to Alumni

elizabeth38sk.jpgIt’s nice to see that the WWE has finally added Elizabeth Ann Hulette(She was born on November 19th,1960 and passed away on May 1,2003) to the Alumni section of WWE.com. Most of us remember her as Miss Elizabeth, the manager chosen by Randy “Macho Man” Savage, and had several memorable angles with Savage, my personal favorite being the George”The Animal” Steele” push where he “stole her.” She was also a major player in the Hogan, and Steamboat pushes, and I thought she did a good job “selling her role.”

Miss. Elizabeth never had a real in ring match, but she had several “cat fight” segments, including a memorable one with Sherry Martel, and her last angle with the WWE was with Savage, where Ric Flair tried to make it seem like he had been with Elizabeth before Savage, another classic angle.

Its good to see some of the Saturday Night Main Event regulars getting recognition for their work, including Elizabeth.

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