Velvet Sky cameo in movie, Diva Maryse Running For Playboy, Stephanie McMahon Update

velvet83s22.jpgFans of TNA Knockout Velvet Sky(Women’s Wrestling Xposed among them) are happy to hear that word is coming out that she will be in Walkaways, a movie which will feature her butt as its checkout out walking down the street. The film begins shooting in June.
WWE Smackdown! Diva Maryse is running for Playboy Special Edition’s Model of the Year 2008, and if she wins she might be on the cover of Playboy’s Sexy Lingerie. She’s already featured in the Playboy Special Edition Sexy 100 magazine.

Stephanie McMahon was back on television last week after taking a two week hiatus due to pregancy stuff.

12-Diva Tag Team Match (and Rematch)

phoenixbethwwewrestlingob0.jpg==Backlash, Sunday, April 27 at the 1st Mariner Arena.
The Glamazon (Beth Phoenix), with Natalya, Jillian, Melina, Victoria and Layla came out on top at Backlash in the first-ever 12-Diva Tag Team Match, beating Michelle McCool, Maria, Cherry, Kelly Kelly, Ashley and James. The action was heated as the Divas’ battle raged in and out of the ring. The rivalry between Michelle McCool and Beth Phoenix flared early in the match, as Michelle McCool looked to prove James deserved to win the Women’s championship two weeks before at Raw. Nayalya gave a great pay-per-view debut at the 1st Mariner Arena.

==Raw, Monday, April 28 at the East Rutherford, NJ
Beth Phoenix and her crew had a short time to enjoy their victory, as the losers from Backlash asked for a rematch and got it on Raw. In a (short and entertaining) five minute boute, the heels- Michelle McCool, Maria, Cherry, Kelly Kelly, Ashley and James- came out on top this time, beating Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Jillian, Melina, Victoria and Layla. Mickie won by rolling Jillian in an awesome bridge pin! Rumour is there’s a storyline meant to be centered around Beth Phoenix and Mickie James and if that’s true, it didn’t sell. That being said, that’s two great high energy matches by the Divas in two nights!

Torrie Wilson negotiating new position, Trish Stratus opens Stratusphere Yoga,

torriewilsonsdfgsd.jpgWWE Diva Torrie Wilson stated in an interview on Chinese television that her back is hurting, she is doing therapy every day but the doctor tells her not to wrestle again. Wilson stated the WWE has been supportive like family and have told her not worry about her job, just get better. Wilson is now negotiating a new contract to become a spokesperson for WWE. Wilson says WWE wants to put them together for promotions and oversee trips and autograph signings.

Former WWE Diva Trish Stratus is ready to open her new yoga studio, Stratusphere Yoga, just North of Toronto. Trish Stratus held a special gala event last night. The studio will be officially opened tomorrow morning. Trish says she plans on leading some yoga classes.

Diva Chyna Appearance, Stacy Keibler On List, Final Card For Backlash

keibler88kki.jpgFormer WWE Diva Chyna was at the Osaka Furitsu Gym in Osaka, Japan on Saturday, April 12. It’s nice to see Chyna doing something other than reality TV, even though she was Inoki’s guest and wasn’t a part of the show

Women’s Wrestling Xposed knows you like Stacy Keibler and that you’ll be interested to know that while Maria made the list at 84 in FHM’s “100 Sexist Women in the World” online poll, Stacy Keibler also made the list at No. 64!

With the upcoming Backlash, 12-Diva Tag Team Match, we thought we’d recap all the women’s wrestlers involved:
Mickie James, Maria, Ashley Massaro, Michelle McCool, Cherry, and Kelly Kelly vs. WWE Women’s champion Beth Phoenix, Melina, Jillian, Layla El, Victoria, and Natalya Neidhart

Neidhart Update, Brooke Hogan Denied, Maria News, Rhaka Khan Heat

maria93211k1.jpgNatalya Neidhart(Nattie) has been officially added onto the Smackdown roster page at the WWE’s website. Check it out.

Brooke Hogan has been filming her reality show, but she has been denied admission to three state universities this week, and is currently touring Florida Atlantic University’s campus Tuesday.

WWE diva, Womens wrestler, and Playboy Cover Model Maria came in at #84 on FHM’s Online 100 Sexiest Women of 2008.

As Women’s Wrestling Xposed earlier reported TNA Knockout Rhaka Khan is getting huge backstage heat. She didn’t make TNA very happy when she attended the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony(She went because she is a former WWE developmental talent). Then she messed up in regards to TNA’s new trading card deal, under which each TNA talent had to autograph 1,000 cards. She took the cards home, and when she sent them via Fed EX management noticed that the signatures didn’t match, and therefore assumed she must have forged some of the signatures. It being reported that when she was confronted she said that she got tired and changed her signature, but some of the cards even spelled Rhaka wrong, which made her story seem exactly that: a story. Her cards were eliminated from the set, compliments of a call made by Jeff Jarrett.

Christy Hemme Update, Maryse Update, Tammy Sytch Update, PPV Womens Match

Christy HemmeWomen’s Wrestling brings you all the blogs from the women, so here’s TNA Knockout Cristy Hemme’s, followed by Maryse, and finished with former WWE Diva, and now women’s wrestler again Tammy Sytch.

Hemme update:

Subject: HEMME taking a short break…
Body: Don’t worry the band is not breaking up but just like any marriage or team effort you need a break to reflect on certain issues and even personal issues among the people at play.

We just need a short time to get some stuff back on track and our minds back together to rule as HEMME with one solid mind.

The BB Kings show this Saturday will be canceled and we hope to get things back together before the Michigan show which most likely will happen. So this is not goodbye, just see you in a few.


We love your support and couldn’t give it up for anything in the world. Thank you very much and we hope you all understand, we are 1, us and you.

Maryse update:

Hey Guys!
Body: Hey everyone, I’ve been super busy overseas, but you know me, i always find a way to have a good time. Thank you for all the messages, I read all of them but I don’t have time to respond to most. My friends John Morrison, and the Miz have been asking me to put out a bulletin for their myspace pages.
Here are their links: and

I’m going to top friend them too because I think they are so hot! (they made me write that)
OK talk to you all later-
Subject: Tammy is currently accepting bookings – PLEASE READ.
Body: Interested in making your shows a little more sunny? 😉

Tammy Sytch is currently accepting bookings for pro wrestling shows, appearances and more! Please e-mail me at for more details and please specify you saw this on Tammy’s MySpace in the subject line! Please serious inquiries only.

Thank you for your time, and supporting Tammy now and over the years,
Bambi Weavil
Tammy Sytch’s Agent/Webmistress

Backlash will feature a 12 Diva tap match involving WWE Women’s Champ Mickie James, Maria, Ashley Massaro, Michelle McCool, Cherry and Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix, Melina, Jillian Hall, Layla Victoria, and Natalya Neidhart. Perhaps the WWE is starting to initiate more Women’s Matches, as this is one area where the TNA Promotion seems to be excelling.

Leticia Cline MySpace Bulletin, Rhaka Khan Backstage Heat

leticiacline284ke.jpgBeauty and the Geek Star Leticia Cline has posted a new MySpace bulletin, in relation to whats going on with her and TNA, and the WWE. Here’s what the former TNA backstage interviewer had to say:

Date: Apr 20, 2008 5:26 PM

Subject: TNA and WWE

Body: A lot of you have been asking what my status with TNA and WWE is so I thought I would do a mass blog to answer some of your questions. As of November 25, 2007 I was released from TNA after not seeing eye to eye with my contract and role on the show. I loved my time with TNA… They are a great company and I truly am grateful for the year that I was with them. Wrestling is a very hard business to break into and an even harder one to stay in it. Since I didn’t come from a wrestling background and I had many other things going on for me I feel it worked against me as far as production was concerned. It was a constant struggle to get respect no matter how many times I would jump through hoops…. I just couldn’t get ahead. With that being said, I would still go back to TNA if the opportunity arose. They are like family… one minute you can’t stand them, the next you need them. I appreciate all of your support and your concerns. I can’t tell you enough how much it brightens my day to open your emails tell me how much you miss me and wish I was back! It’s you, the fans that I miss the most.

As far as WWE… I have talked with them several times however at this moment we are working on scheduling. Sorry, but that’s all I can say for now. I will keep you posted though.

Thanks and much love,

TNA Womens Wrestler, Knockout Rhaka Khan is said to be getting some heat backstage from TNA management stemming from an incident involving the trading cards she was asked to sign. While other TNA wrestlers signed the cards at the last TV taping, Khan instead decided to take them home to sign, and eventually she sent them to the trading card company. Unfortunately for Khan the trading card complained that her signature didn’t match her name, and in many cases it was mispelled. Thus the backstage heat.

Trish Stratus Update, Terri Runnells Interview, Victoria Update

trishstratus122ds.jpgFormer WWE Diva Trish Stratus recently did an interview with in which she talks about her yoga business. Here’s a little of the interview done by the former women’s wrestling champ:

PRIME TIME: What is it about yoga that made you evangelical, that made you want to share it with others, as a business?

TRISH STRATUS: I don’t want to sound preachy, but I really believe in yoga as the power of healing, on so many levels. I did it first for rehab purposes and it was fascinating to see how quickly my injury went away and how much more agile I was, how much more my body could give to what I was doing athletically. I liked it because my back was better and then, after a while, it’s like a different level. It’s this spiritual thing they talk about and I don’t want to get too deep into the spiritual but your outlook on life changes and you let things roll off your back.

PT: Does yoga become a lifestyle?

TS: Yes, absolutely it does. There are so many trends in fitness. I’ve been in fitness for a long time and I’ve seen trends come and go but this is really sticking because it works. It’s fantastic and when I see people who are stressed out, I think to myself, ‘I wish they could do yoga.’ When they do, they stick with it.

Terri Runnells did an interview recently with monday night mayhem, and here’s some of what went down:

She did not see her transition from her in-ring persona to her backstage announcer role as any sort of a challenge…actually quite the opposite. Terri told Mosh, Jim, & Adam that doing that “her best memories” were doing just that — including her interviewing her time on RAW, as well as hosting WWE Excess with The Coach. She saw this new chapter of her career as a way to still get over with her fans, and not necessarily “sell herself out.” Personally, she would have liked to have seen Excess last a little bit longer, especially with how well she worked with Jonathan Coachman, and if it had lasted, she would have preferred more of an ad-lib & less scripted format of the show.

Terri was very candid about her opinions on the concept of the WWE Diva Search….”I do not like them at all….It waters down the product…The women in the industry are like icing on the cake…Too much icing spoilers the cake…It’s too much icing on the cake…It should be in the right doses & of the right sort.” She feels that when the whole “Divas” concept took off, that they were “forced” down the fans throats, and it should be the opposite way around.” Terri believes there are too many women in today’s business, despite all of them being beautiful — but many of them lack character. “It should be majority men, and the women should be the icing on the cake.”

Women’s wrestler WWE Diva Victoria has a nice ride. has a new article concerning Victoria and her Black Widow Custom 2006 Crysler 300C Hemi winning the YouTube Chrysler 300 Spin It Your Way online contest. In the piece they say that Victoria will showcase her car at the well known Los Angeles Auto Show.

Brooke Hogan Update, Tammy Sytch(Sunny) Update, Velvet Sky Update, Leticia Cline Update

brooke-hogan933k2.jpgWomen’s Wrestling Xposed hasn’t heard much from Brooke Hogan lately, though she was at the Broker Boxing Federation Miami Event which was held at the Mansion nightclub on Washington Avenue last week. Brooke had a typical skimpy outfit(black). Recently she did a photo shoot for Maxim Magazine and the Hulkster showed up and shot a few pictures himself.

Recently Tammy Sytch, former WWE Diva Sunny posted on her myspace blog, and here’s the post:

I’m headed to germany today for a show on Saturday for German Stampede Wrestling!!

It’s in a town called Geisen (forgive me if i am misspelling the name) about 30 miles outside of Frankfurt… so if you are German and live nearby, come and see me!!!!

I’ll be returning on Sunday, so until then, have an awesome weekend, and don’t forget to check out the pics i have for sale on Ebay and my website as well as right here!!

This week I will be posting another item on Ebay for sale….maybe a hot pair of boots this time!!! Check back to find out!!



TNA Knockout Velvet Sky can be seen as an extra in the upcoming movie Walkaways.

Former TNA backstage announcer Leticia Cline is now part of Howard Stern’s Bowling Beauties television series, which will of course air on Howard TV next month. Leticia is still on CW’s Beauty and the Beast, and is one of the three remaining finalists on the program, which is much better than Womens Wrestler and Diva Ashley Massaro did on her reality debut. Bowling Beauties will feature bikini wearing women bowling while a comedian, Jim Florentine, does comedy.

WWE Looks For Diva, Lauren Brooke News, Makeover Battle Royal News.

crystal-louthan-122s.jpgWomen’s Wrestling Xposed has learned that the WWE is looking for a Brazilian Diva to become a Valet. The aspiring diva must be between 18-27 years of age, and fit the requirments:
1) Beautiful
2) Able to speak and understand Portuguese
3) Able to speak and understand English
4) Be physically fit
5) Great personality
For more info go to

Lauren Brooke, TNA’s newest backstage interviewer, debuts at Sunday’s TNA Lockdown, and word is circulating that it was Spike officials who wanted her hired, as they like the idea of women(women wrestlers also) being involved in the backstage segments on Impact. Some reports came out saying that Crystal Louthan was out, but those are false and more than likely the two will work backstage announcing together.

This week it was announced at the Impact taping that each and every TNA Knockout will be competing in a “Makeover Battle Royal” at TNA’s pay per view Sacrifice. The last two competitors standing will compete immediately in a Ladder match, and the loser of that match will recieve a “Britney Spears Makeover” and have hear head shaaved completely bald.

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