New Photos of Salinas, Diva Shantelle Taylor at TNA iMPACT, Women’s Death Match in Japan

salinas.jpg– After seven months, TNA has finally posted photos of the beautiful latina Salinas in the TNA Knockouts gallery. You can check out her pics here.

– Former WWE developmental diva Shantelle Taylor was featured in the crowd at TNA iMPACT last night, during the Awsome Kong Fan Challenge. Captures and The Video Can Be Found here.

– Big Japan Pro Wrestling promoted a first-ever hardcore women’s death match on 5/4 in Saitama, Japan pitting Kyoko Kimura vs. Yuko Miyamoto.

April Hunter Auctions, Brooke Hogan reality series, Angelina Love Bump

aprilhunteradffs.jpgTraci Brooks and April Hunter are auctioning off outfits to raise money to help pay medical bills for April Hunter. Both Traci Brooks and April Hunter posted the auctions on their MySpace pages.

News on Traci Brooks and April HunterFrom Traci Brooks: hi all

this photo is for sale on eBay.

New! Sexy outfit for sale!

Body: April Hunter (playboy, musclemag, WCW) sexy worn photo shoot outfit!

Own your own Terror! Hot pink two piece, worn exclusively for the Reg Bradford/MuscleMag photo shoot.

Outfit can be autographed, if the buyer likes, and will arrive with an autographed photo as well.
April was injured recently. All items sold with go towards helping with medical bills.
Note: I have spinal & disc injuries from wrestling. Some days I can’t walk, others aren’t as bad; it varies. I’ve been in therapy for a year and the bills are REALLLLY adding up. I had insurance, but they dropped me when they found out I was a wrestler, so I’m paying everything out of pocket, which is sucking a$$.

Someone suggested I might be able to help by doing some auctions. Which would be great, because I have a lot of really awesome costumes & clothing I’d been holding on to.

Thanks! Click: SEE ALL BLOGS to see details & pix!! or link here.

This auction ends soon.



-The Brooke Hogan VH-1 reality series will debut on 7/13. How are they going to treat the Nick Hogan-John Graziano situation on the air?

– Angelina Love received a concussion from a bump during the tapings this week but is said to be OK and won’t miss any bookings.

WWE Diva Beth Phoenix on Commentary at Monday’s Raw

bethphoenixwwewrestlingcn0.jpg Phoenix on Commentary: Beth Phoenix did a good job on guest commentary during Melina vs. Jillian Hall. She was pretty amusing, showing more personality that we’ve seen from her, at the beginning thanking Hall for the terrible singing endorsement. The match itself was fine, but Phoenix added to it with her comments, particularly her statement that Maria cried for hours after what she did to her last week, and when she demanded that Jerry Lawler name any Diva in WWE history who could make her give up. In a very short amount of time, WWE has done a good job of building this feud and their I Quit match at the PPV.

Quote from 5/26 WWE Raw Hits & Misses: Face Off, Phoenix, Y2J vs. HBK, McMahon’s Announcement
Jon Mezzera,


This week, Beth Phoenix sat on commentary with Ross and Lawler as Melina faced Jillian one-on-one. Before the matchup, Jillian talked about how she was Melina’s best friend, but she has “no chance in hell” this Sunday at One Night Stand when she will face The Glamazon in an “I Quit” Match. She started singing Mr. McMahon’s theme song in a way that could easily make someone’s ears bleed. Suddenly, Melina arrived with a snide smile on her face. The match between Melina and Jillian ended when Melina applied her grapevine and bridge submission for the victory.

Well, that’s an interesting stipulation for a divas’ match this Sunday. Melina gained some momentum after winning her match with one of her signature moves, but it didn’t do much to get the crowd on her side as a babyface. It will be interesting to see if WWE turns her wholeheartedly at some point or if she will instead return to the natural heel persona to which she has grown accustomed since her original debut.

It’s still odd (but not necessarily in a bad way) that WWE decided to pit these two against one another; it’s quite intriguing, actually. Melina is arguably a better heel character, but Beth has a somewhat mean spirit combined with her powerhouse wrestling status. It’s an odd pairing for a divas’ feud, but they haven’t yet developed it into something truly engaging.

Quote from “Raw Storylines and Feuds – Picking apart everything from Orton-Triple H to Santino-Cousin Sal”Chris Newth,

Ashley Massaro Post

ashley4il.jpgHere’s the latest post from WWE diva Ashley Massaro, via her own MySpace post:
So Memorial day happens to fall on my bday…tmorrow

Aside from my silly birthday I’d like to take this time to talk about this insane war we have going on that feels like it will never end. I have had the utmost pleasure meeting and hanging with the Soldiers while out in Saudi, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait thanks to WWE. These guys are out there day in and day out busting their asses for our freedom. Now I can’t say I’m pro war, we won’t even get into that but Memorial day is a day we should all seriously take a moment for those soldiers who have lost their lives and there are numerous amount tragicially. I wish you guys could understand and have seen it through your own eyes. We owe them so much more than they deserve. And this is a day that the ones that are home safe and sound, thank god…and the ones GOD BLESS. Show your respect. They are on the frontlines fighting for us and its so hard for them out there. Makes our sched look like cake.

So to all of yall overseas that can hear me out there…WE..Ashley and my punks are with you all the way, can not thank you enough for what you’ve done. My bday seems insignifcant considering what these guys have put at stake to put themselves out there.


If you guys could all post message to them here I’d reaelly appreciate it. We can’t wait till you guys come home, stay f’ing safe. We can’t wait for this thing to be over.

Love always

the Dirty Diva- Ash

Ashley Massaro continues to say nothing about the Escort situation and it’s interesting to note that the ferver over the scandal is starting to die down.

WWE’s rising Phoenix

TNA features the best women’s wrestling division on television, but WWE does have Beth Phoenix.

”I have so much experience, and I’ve been through the trenches,” she said. “I’m street smart as well as technically smart. I bring to the table something that no other [WWE diva] brings.

“Although my road to the top was a little bit longer and difficult, it’s definitely tremendous. That road makes me appreciate what I have a lot more, and it makes me obviously more dangerous.”
Phoenix, 27, would fit better with TNA’s stellar female roster, but the Glamazon provides credibility, along with Mickie James and Victoria, for WWE’s inexperienced diva division.

”Achievement usually comes to me when I put the other divas back in their place where they should be,” said the former WWE women’s champ. “Stepping in the ring with me, that’s taking a huge risk, and I usually beat some sense into them.

“If they’re smart, they don’t come back. Some people just don’t get the point, like Candice [Michelle]. She keeps coming back, getting hurt again, getting surgery, and she’s coming back again. Uh, sometimes I wish they would just give up because the beatings are going to continue. Obviously, like I said, one of these days they will get the point.”

Backing up the arrogance, Phoenix is the total package of women’s wrestling — talented and powerful, Awesome Kong-like with looks and a mouth. She works hard toward recapturing the gold.

”A belt is something that keeps your pants up,” she said. “A championship title like what I held is representative that I was the greatest female wrestler at that time in the entire world.

“I wear that with the utmost pride. It’s a treasure and a wonderful moment to come out there every time and display that to the world.”

With the 2006 departure of WWE’s top female Trish Stratus who fans adored, Phoenix has helped fill a void with WWE women, even as a villainous character, helping lead them. The 5-8, 150-pound blonde bombshell dubbed herself the Glamazon.

”The Glamazon is a name I came up with for myself,” she said. “I heard it used in the fashion world, but the way it’s applied to me is a little bit different because I’m different from the norm or the cookie cutter diva.

“I’m voluptuous and beautiful, but at the same time, I bring that fighter instinct, and I have the ring experience. For me, it was really important to set myself apart from everybody else, Giving myself that label, that name, I feel like it does that for me and the fans.”

Phoenix, real name Elizabeth Kocanski, was the first female on the Notre Dame High School wrestling team in Elmira, N.Y. She also competed for the USA Wrestling club team, winning the Northeast freestyle women’s championship (72 kg weight class) and the New York State Fair Tournament in 1999. That same year she was named the Most Outstanding wrestler at the Brockport Freestyle Tournament.

After graduating high school in 1999, she enrolled in Canisius College in Buffalo as well as a professional wrestling school, trained by Stu Hart Dungeon trainees Robin Knightwing and Joey Knight, who she later married.

Wrestling the independent circuit, she debuted against Alexis Laree, better known as Mickie James. She competed against females and males.

In July 2004, she appeared in Ohio Valley Wrestling, the then feeder group to WWE in Louisville, Ky. She worked with Chris Masters, Idol Stevens, Ariel, Katie Lea Burchill, Danny Basham and ODB.

With the backing of Stratus, Phoenix debuted on WWE Raw in May 2006. A month later, she injured her jaw against Victoria. Sidelined for two months, she did not return to Raw until July 2007, but it’s been full-speed ahead.

”Some of the divas with less experience, I take it upon myself to teach them a lesson,” she said. “Nothing smartens you up quicker than a nice kick upside the head, and most of the time they smarten up and step back and step out of the ring.

“Those girls who keep coming back, showing that heart, I’m always happy to just knock them around again. Candice, Ashley, Maria, anybody who’s next in line, bring it.”

Phoenix does every time.

• Speaking video games, Phoenix gave her choice for wrestler she would use other than herself.

“I’d probably go with Randy Orton, him being a [multi-time] champion, and he’s pretty devious. I like his style. I like his tactics in the ring. He’s a winner. So, obviously, I’d pick a winner.”


Brooke Hogan Involved In Clearwater Bridge Crash

brookehoganadfsdf.jpgBrook Hogan has been involved in a car accident in Clearwater.

The Florida Highway Patrol stated that 20-year-old Brooke Bollea collided with another vehicle on the Bayside Bridge on Sunday, closing northbound lanes for hours. No one was injured in the crash.

Both Hulk Hogan and his estranged wife Linda, rushed to the crash site to tend to their 20-year-old daughter.

The Florida Highway patrol stated the other driver, 19-year-old Ronald Gallmon, had attempted to change lanes while speeding and lost control of his vehicle, colliding head-on with Brooke Bollea’s Mercedes. The Mercedes Ronald was driving had severe front-end damage and was towed from the scene. No charges have been filed.

Brook Hogan later credited her jailed brother NICK for inadvertently saving her life. Brook insists she only escaped without injury because she fastened her seatbelt and her brother’s horrific car crash last year is a constant reminder for her to buckle up.

Nick, 17, is currently serving an eight month jail sentence after pleading no contest to felony reckless driving following the crash in Clearwater, Florida, which left his friend John Graziano critically injured.

Bollea posted on her Myspace page, “I truly believe my brother and John saved My life and my best friends life…. I don’t know if you heard, but my friend and I got into a really bad car accident today ourselves… As I turned on my car I clicked my seatbelt. I reminded (my friend) to put it on and the minute she clicked it, a car crashed into us. It was a horrible car accident, one that most would be severely hurt in, but we had our seatbelts on and they kept us in tight. I have to thank my brother and my best friend John for teaching me an important lesson that saved our lives.”

WWE Mobile Wallpaper of the Day, Knockout commercials on Spike Tv

We’re passing the word along that you can now download your favorite WWE Diva onto your cell phone

You can click here to check out the app that lets you download, each day, a new Diva photo directly to your cell phone!

(source: Jeff Cambron)

– Spike Tv is airing Knockouts commercials to promote iMPACT!. The first two commercials can been posted on youtube. Just click here to check them out!

– You can check out the latest episode of Spin Cycle at This week’s topic focuses on marriage in wrestling.

Traci Brooks Toronto Sunshine Girl

tracibrookssunshine.jpgWomenswrestlingxposed wants to wish TNA’s Traci Brooks a (belated) happy birthday! On her birthday, Toronto Sun featured Traci Brooks as their Toronto Sunshine girl. For everyone who wants to know, Traci Brook’s birthday is May 22 and fell this year on Thursday.
You can view all 12 pice of Traci Brooks by following this link.

Here’s another great picture- of Traci Brooks plugging TNA wrestling!
Traci is proud to be an official product of TNA wrestling

Update On Ashley Massaro, Martinez in porn shoot, Guest list for Victoria’s grand opening

ashley4il.jpgPhilly Burbs journalist Eric Gargiulo has spoken to a few people close to the Ashley Massaro escort scandal story, and they are saying that the Ashley Massaro named by Rolling Stone is indeed the WWE Diva. Gargiulo’s sources are saying that the timing fits right and considering that the girl in question was advertised from New York City, it’s a pretty big giveaway.

Ashley’s profile did in fact exist on the website of the Los Angeles based “Bella Models” escort agency, but no pictures were found. Although, Massaro’s name was never erased. The page said that Massaro was based out of New York City. Of course, the WWE Diva is from Long Island, New York, which is nearby New York City. The page also listed her nightly booking fee at $25,000.

Regarding Massaro’s employment status with World Wrestling Entertainment, Gargiulo’s sources are saying that she is not expected to be terminated from the company, nor is she really in any trouble — at least with them. Rather, company officials have told Massaro to keep quiet about the situation in hopes that the story simply goes away without further investigation or media attention.

The story itself was written by Michelle Grigoriadis, who recently did a heavily praised story on Britney Spears for Rolling Stone, which was very well written and researched. Considering that Massaro hasn’t said more on the subject and nobody has retracted, it pretty much confirms that nobody has provided enough suitable evidence to Rolling Stone or (which heavily investigated the possibility of a mistaken identity) to show that this is simply a case of mistaken identity. Mike Johnson of asked Grigoriadis to comment on the story and net theories. Grigoriadis told Johnson, “Obviously, I stand by my story.”

At the moment, it appears as though that the WWE Diva’s lone saving grace is Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer saying that there is, or at least was, “another Ashley Massaro” based out of Las Vegas. The alleged Massaro is a bikini model who won some major bikini competitions in 2003 and 2004, according to Meltzer. Additionally, the alleged Massaro is three years younger than the WWE Diva. People have trying to find information online on the supposed bikini model, but no one’s been able to pull up up anything on her. Even if a Las Vegas based Ashley Massaro does indeed exist, the only other possible explanation that the person named by Rolling Stone is not the WWE Diva is if the Las Vegas bikini model happened to live in New York City in 2003-2004 as well, and that’s a pretty big stretch.

(source: – Pro Wrestling News)

— TNA Knockout Shelly “Salinas” Martinez is set to appear in a low-budget film Porn Shoot Massacre. Martinez appears topless in one scene after getting out of the shower. The movie is a straight-to-DVD release that is coming out soon.

– We thought we’d let you know who coming to the grand opening of Victoria’s Black Widow Customs in Louisville, Kentucky. JTG, Elijah Burke, Jillian Hall, Jesse & Festus, Melina, Domino, Lena Yada, Jimmy Wang Yang, and of course Victoria will all be on hand starting at 4 PM Eastern. The WWE superstars are scheduled to be there until 7 PM.

Brooke Hogan Breakdown?, Kong & Love At Fan Slam, Karen Angle Should Be Full-Time Soon

brookehoganadfsdf.jpgThere are reports that Brooke Hogan has been greatly affected by both her father’s affair and brother’s incarceration and is going through a breakdown. In any case, she is still taping her show which should air shortly.

Current TNA Knockouts Awesome Kong and Angelina Love will be appearing at Fan Slam on June 21st, courtesy of K&S Promotions. For further information on the TNA Women’s Champion and Love’s appearances–head over to The current TNA angle seems to lead us in the direction of Gail Kim taking the title in London, England, but you never know, they may keep Kong with the Women’s title for some time.

Word is that due to creative issues Karen Angle hasn’t been in the mix full time, but she will be returning to Impact! in a normal role starting this week. Fans of Angle were wondering if she would just become a media player, but she’ll be doing some minor ring work also.

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