The Knockouts on Thursday’s iMPACT 08/28/08

maineventEvery episode of Karen’s Angle on iMPACT has ended with Karen losing control of the interview and the set getting rearranged by wrestlers. This has become a running joke- I wonder when Karen will take matters into hand and get some muscle to back her up? While some interviews have been pretty lame, I laughed throughout Abyss’s interview. Karen, you’re tough as nails to have stuck that one out!

Abyss: “Before I leave, I wrote you a poem: ‘Karen, you’re skin is golden, you’re eyes are brown, I can take you with me…but you can’t make a sound…”

Ms. Angle: “Oh, god!”

SoCal Val sets the women’s liberation movement back a hundred years, announcing that she was going to hang her engagement ring above the wrestling ring during a Jay Lethal-Sonjay Dutt match and the first person to grab the ring gets her.

SoCal Val: “I know it sounds ridiculous…”

Let’s hope that after Lethal and Dutt beat each other to pulp, SoCal Val steps to the mike and slams both wrestlers for treating her like a piece of meat and leaves both of them laid out flat on the mat.

Okay, on with the evolving situation with the Knockouts. Gail’s gone and the show must go on.

The first match had Kong step in the ring with SHIMMER star Josie Sojourner. She’s going by the name Sojourner Bolt at TNA and worked in the Kong challenge for Slammiversary. Sojourner Bolt does a great job with Kong, giving a lot of offense before ultimately becoming the recipient of a Kong Bomb. I think losing to Kong in a fierce match gives a Knockout more credibility than debuting with a lesser card and winning. Kong and Saeed set up chairs for Bolt after the match and ODB runs out in a powerful rage to make the save!

ODB sends Kong a message, that she doth believe that she, in fact, is the meanest b*tch on TNA! ODB hits a tornado DDT off the rope, gets Kong down and just wails on her until she flees the ring! I loved Kong’s facial expressions during the beat down! In an interview backstage later on, ODB mixes up which day iMPACT is supposed to be on and covers by calling herself a drunk and later implies she’s ‘loose’. Somehow, ODB still cut an AWESOME promo, but I’m not sure if her uncensored mouth is going to get her to the top spot with the Knockouts.

ODB corrects Kong on the finer points of wrestling etiquette, or being a b*tch. You decide.

Wow- does Christy look good in a very low cut blue top and skirt! Christy Hemme does a great job as valet for the Rock N’ Rave Infection, first taking the mike and showing some great skills and then distracting Curry Man to give Jimmy Rave an opportunity. Curry Man’s move to get Christy Hemme out of the way was smooooth… but I’m thinking his chances with Christy are pretty small, especially considering the slaps and lowblow she gave him after the match…

Christy Hemme responds to Curry Man’s suggestion, “Let’s make beautiful music together.”

Jim Cornette talks to Traci Brooks backstage about her proposal to him the month before. Jim Cornette appoints Traci Brooks ‘The Law’ for the Knockouts. Jim gives her some advice about how to get along with him in doing her job; “Wrestlers are products and like products, they have a shelf life. When a product’s shelf life is up, it’s time to move that product out and get a new product.” Reference to Gail, anyone? Lauren Brooke asks Traci what Jim meant by ‘shelf life’ and we get a huge signal which way Traci’s going with her newfound power when she replies, ‘Well, Lorne, you might find out first hand. Excuse me, Lorne; I have some work to do!”

The tag match between The Beautiful People and Roxxi and Taylor Wilde was okay on the whole, with some sloppy moments. Roxxi finally has a clear run at the Beautiful People. Roxxi practically skipped to the ring in her entrance! How cool was ‘The Voodoo Queen’ when she cleaned house? Roxxi ain’t graceful, she’s a down and dirty brawler with a mean right hook. Angelina Love is a total package; she’s solid in the ring, knows what’s going on and is great on the mic. Velvet Sky has to polish her act in the ring. Everything Sky does is great and perfect for her character, but, it’s just not tight. Tayler put in a solid performance, but she’s still having a hard time getting over the crowd.

TNA needs to focus on a feud between Kip James and Rhino and get him away from The Beautiful People. He’s like that guy who crashes photographs; always in The Beautiful People’s way. Kip James could be used better and I’m not buying The Beautiful People need a third wheel. They are in a league of their own as heels and a third wheel- even Kong- waters down their act.

See Velvet Sky in the corner? See Taylor Wilde wondering where Velvet Sky is? Damn!

And that’s the Knockouts without Gail. The Knockouts have deep talent and the ranks have closed. Roxxi finally has the storyline she earned when she took the ladder shot and had her head shaved at TNA’s Sacrifice PPV. ODB has a feud with Kong. Josie Sojourner may get a contract with TNA. Traci heads the Knockouts. If Gail were to look back, she won’t see the gap she left and that’s a good thing.

Gail, don’t ever sweat your choice to go to the WWE. You’ve got great opportunities ahead, you’re friends at TNA can take care of themselves and we’ll be watching for you on WWE.

Women’s matches on Smackdown, Vickie’s Swan Song?

vickie.jpegSmackdown opened with Undertaker coming to the ring and telling the crowd he doesn’t forgive and tonight he’s coming to collect Vickie’s soul, where she’ll burn in hell. This is PG-13? Well, the kids probably think it’s pretty cool- ask the moms what they think. In a series of segments between matches- and Smackdown features a lot of wrestling this time out- Vickie became trapped in her office, couldn’t phone out and ended the show screaming when the lights went out on her. So, is this the last of Vickie?

If you’ve shared the common complaint that there’s too much ‘sports entertainment’ on wrestling shows these days and not enough wrestling, last night’s Smackdown will come to you as a refreshing change.

Maryse, teaming with Natalya, defeated Michelle McCool and Maria in a tag team match and then followed their win up by giving the Diva Champion a beat down after the match. Maryse’s French accent makes her a natural heel on Smackdown and she’s taking to the role well. The Canadian is a bad, bad, sexy blonde with a French accent and is quickly becoming a personal favorite. Natalya is all about the business and gains more respect from me every time she wrestles in the ring. The heels on Smackdown are more interesting and the better talent, in my opinion.

‘Crazy’ Victoria, whatever has become of you? Victoria was reduced, once again, to jobbing to a newbie. This time she found herself at the wrong end of a rollup, losing to Brie Bella on Friday’s Smackdown. For those of you who like a puzzle, Nicole Bella, her twin sister was at the match (try to figure out where). Victoria still has all the skill and still has the body to kick ass in the ring, but is cruelly booked by WWE Creative. The crowd was completely dead for this match. The only cool thing about the quiet is we got to hear the girls trash talk each other in the ring.

Victoria will leap at the opportunity to introduce herself to new Divas.

I suspect a Diva Scramble match will be announced for Unforgiven (with a three minute time limit) and it will feature Beth Phoenix going after Michelle McCool’s belt.

TNA Salinas tribute to Hollywood Dale Duncan

salinas1.jpgShelly Martinez aka Salinas in TNA wrote on her myspace blog Friday, August 29, 2008,

R.I.P. Hollywood Dale Duncan!!
Current mood: sad

So on Wed I found out my pal Hollywood Dale Duncan passed away. Now I know I wrote a blog on here about the real meaning in life is to make a positive impact on someone in your life time. Hollywood did that for me. I just got off the phone with my bud and he said “I don’t know if this sounds fucked up but when I found out about Hollywood I smiled because everytime I hear about that guy I smile.” Wow!! Everyone I know that had the same bond with this crazy man says the same thing!! I’d like to think a layer of Fun Time Shelly is due to him!! I feel so zombie like about the whole thing. Hollywood and I met while I was in OVW he was what you would call a “big deal” in E-town KY. We ran shows there pretty frequent and I formed a huge bond with him. He even gave me a nick name he called me She She lol. He always told me I was his fav and we would greet each other by me jumping in his arms and he’d give me a big gross kiss on the cheek. He would always tell me “She She, f*ck wrestling you belong in the movie Hollywood won’t know what hit them when She She comes into town.” So this ones for you Hollywood!! I will always love you Hollywood!! Cheers to the man who never wanted anything from me but my friendship and to be part of the show. Hollywood, you will always be a part of the She She Show!! You are and will always be the Wild Thang Hollywood Dale Duncan.

Daizee Haze in middle of Love Triangle Feud

Daizee HazeShe’s a lover, not a fighter. But she does enjoy a good, clean wrestling match! Meet Daizee Haze…the groovy, high-flying, peace-loving, hippy chick who is making a big splash in rings across North America. While she may be one of the smaller girls on the indy scene today, Daizee makes up for her lack of size by leaving the mat and taking some major air to deliver stunning blows to her opponents. And all those muscles built up from her daily training regimen help a lot, too. Sure she may be a peace-nik outside the ring…but once the bell sounds, expect a good, hard, clean wrestling match from Daizee Haze!”


Daizee Haze, former IWA Mid-South Women’s Champion and APW ChickFight 6 Tournament winner, is a mainstay in SHIMMER Women Athletes. Daizee Haze actively works the indy circuits, has made several appearances on TNA and has a recent interview by Jeremy Borash on the May 1, 2008 edition of TNA Today.

Daizee Haze’s troubles come out of the work she does for ROH. Daizee has found herself in the middle of a storyline love feud and the situation ain’t pretty. Daizee’s mentor and friend Delirious developed a crush on her and just couldn’t seem to work up the guts to ask her out. Daizee has always considered herself ‘just on of the guys’ and has a reputation for being a straight arrow in the locker room, never even dating another wrestler. A feud in wrestling required a heel and that heel is Rhett “Addicted To Love” Titus, who would come out to the ring to interrupt Delirious’s efforts to ask out Daizee and hit on Daizee himself.

2.jpgRhett Titus has been trying to be the ‘first wrestler to get with Daizee’ and has even gone as far as to change his look and try trickery and subterfuge to get past Daizee’s guard. Delirious finally disposed of his rival and ask Daizee out, only to get the ‘friends’ letdown from Haze.

Now a few weeks later, Titus has started showing everyone backstage footage on his cell phone that he claims is proof that he scored with Haze. Daizee denies “Addicted to Love’s” claims. The crowd has been giving Haze heat, who think she should have agreed to a date with Delirious.

Delirious, meanwhile, hurt and confused, has fallen in with Jimmy Jacobs and his The Age of the Fall stable. Recently Delirious got even with Titus, busting his head open in the ring. Unfortunately, the unstable Delirious also showed how heartless he has become when he ended the career of former partner Pelle Primeau in Chicago at the urging of Jacobs.

‘The worst part in all this is that Haze now realizes she made a mistake by giving Delirious the “friend” line. It might be too late as Jacobs has a firm influence on Delirious. Daizee now finds her reputation in shambles and she has lost a friend. Delirious has become a monster in The Age Of The Fall.’

Next time your freind complains about the lack stories in ROH, give him this ‘Dangerous Laisons’ epic.


Finishing Moves: Mind Trip (Snapmare driver), The Daizee Cutter, The Heart Punch
Favorite Moves: The Daizeecanrana , Missile Dropkick, Yakuza kick

Gail Kim’s contract with TNA

gail3.jpgAs we reported before, the primary reason Gail Kim left TNA for WWE is due to the huge difference between the money WWE offered her and what TNA offered her. Kim has always come across as a loyal team player, so how big a difference would it take to get Gail Kim to walk away from the Knockouts?

The wrestling observer newsletter reports that TNA offered their top female baby face well under $100,000 per year, a figure that can only be met if she appears on a target number of shows ( so if she gets hurt, she’s not getting all the money). The company still saw Gail Kim, who helped build the Knockouts into their top rated segments and set ratings records, as low-budget expenditure. The offer that TNA gave is apparently less than one-third of what WWE was offering; a six-figure guaranteed contract for three years. Kim can potentially earn significantly more from appearing on pay-per-views and house shows, not to mention merchandise such as action figures.

The Knockouts aren’t making much money in comparison to the guys, despite being the most consistent TV ratings draws for the company. TNA’s offer to Kim doesn’t bode well for the other girls in the company when their respective contracts come up. On the other side of the coin, this is a pretty good wake up call to TNA that they’d better get in step if they want to keep the talent they’ve drawn to the Knockouts.

TNA’s offer relied heavily on playing on Kim’s strong sense of loyalty and happiness with TNA. In spite of the better offer from WWE, Kim’s friends still had to talk her into leaving TNA. A friend of Kim explained she really had no choice ‘but to go for the financial security that only WWE can provide.’ Another friend of Kim with knowledge of TNA’s apparent lowball offer called it “insulting” and “possibly sexist.” One TNA source disappointed in her decision said, ‘She chose to be unhappy for more money rather than stay happy with the smaller company that made her a star.’

We would have to say that TNA gambled in being able to take advantage of Kim and lost, big. If Kim had capitulated to TNA’s offer, how happy would she have remained with a company with so little respect for her talent?

Kim’s absence at this week’s Impact tapings was palpable as a number of her friends couldn’t believe she was gone, especially without saying goodbye before she left. Once the decision was made, apparently Kim felt she couldn’t risk getting hurt or being jobbed out.


WWE Diva Wrestling News

bethtellssantino.jpegKelly Kelly defeats Beth Phoenix in a non-championship match on Monday’s Raw!

To which we all say together now, “WHAT?”

Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix faced off against a feisty Kelly Kelly on Raw. Kelly Kelly managed to not only defeat The Glamazon in the ring, but nearly broke Beth’s nose with a kick to the face early in the match. Kelly managed a roll up and a pin on Beth after she was distracted by her beau, intercontinental Champion Santino Marella, who interfered in the match by pulling The Glamazon away from Kelly’s offense in the corner.

Santino Marella tried to apologize and comfort the defeated Glamazon in the ring after the match. Phoenix attacked and chased the Italian Superstar from the ring.

The roles were reversed later in the night when Santino defended his gold against Kofi Kingston. Santino tried to leave the ring and walk to the back after being overwhelmed by Kofi’s offense, only to be chased back into the ring and the match by Beth Phoenix, who wasn’t having any of that weak crap from Santino. Beth then hooked Kofi’s foot when his back was turned and dropped Kofi jaw-first onto a prone Santino’s knee. Santino recovered his wits to discover he had somehow, once again, won the match to retain his title.

Beth stepped in to the ring after the match, appearing to be angry at the Italian Superstar. Beth forgave Santino with a passionate kiss that Santino then returned. The Glamazon, wearing the pants in the relationship, then left the ring with Santino walking behind her.

Divas get more wrestling time on Smackdown!

Smackdown will feature not one, but two women wrestling matches!

Maryse & Natalya against Michelle McCool & Maria

Brie Bella versus Victoria

Smackdown has brought up Brie Bella from FCW, who will be wrestling Victoria in her Smackdown premiere! Bella is on half of the Bella Twins duo from FCW. There’s a rumor that her sister, Nicole, will be making an appearance as well during the match as part of an angle. There’s not much on how the twins are in the ring, but we trust Victoria will make their debut look good.

double the pleasure, double the fun with the Bella Twins!

If you can’t wait to find out how the matches turn out, check out the spoilers on our affiliate site, wrestlingconfidential.

SHIMMER Women Athlete’s Volume #16 Results

shimmer3.jpgIf you would like to purchase this or any other SHIMMER DVD, please check out – and also be sure to show your support by checking out – Thank you!

1) Lorelei Lee defeats Amber O’Neal

Amber O’Neal, criticized by announcers are more concerned about her looks than winning matches, faces off against “Country Girl” Lorelei Lee in the opening match of Volume 16. Both girls are looking to end a losing streak. Lorelei finally gets back on track with a victory over Amber O’Neal.

2) Portuguese Princess Ariel & Josie defeats Portia Perez & Nicole Matthews

Portia Perez, despite her youth, is a seasoned heel, wheras Nicole Mathews is still green. The fans on Berwyn give the “Frickin’ Awesome’ heel team of Perez and Mathews a cold reception. The crowd is happy to see Ariel and Josie end the winning streak of Frickin’ Awesome.

3) Alexa Thatcher defeats Ashley Lane:

Alexa is described as the girl next door and a heartbreaker, but has yet to pick up a victory in SHIMMER competition. Ashley Lane, also known as Lexi Lane, is a tiny slender blonde new to SHIMMER. Alexa looks really good in the ring with her first victory in SHIMMER over newcomer Ashley Lane.

4) The Experience (Lexie Fyfe & Malia Hosaka) defeats Allison Danger & Serena Deeb:

SHIMMER Ambasador Allison Danger and the smoking hot Serena Deeb make a decent tag team. Unfortunately, The Experience were all business and out-smarted the faces to steal a victory.

5) Cindy Rogers defeats Daffney Unger
Crowd favorite, “Daffney has to be the only person to be in the business for ten years and still wrestle like a green rookie.” Cindy Rogers made a good opponent for Daffeny and helped carry the Scream Queen to a decent match. Early in the match, Daffney went down clutching her knee – reminiscent of her match with Malia Hosaka on Volume 14. Cindy Rogers focused on the knee for the rest of the match, and forced Daffney to submit to the pain.

6) MsChif & Daizee Haze & Eden Black defeats The International Home-wrecking Crew (Rain & Lacey & Jetta)
The “honorary home-wrecker” Jetta is the UK nemesis of “Jezebel” Eden Black. There is plenty of history between Rain/Lacey and MsChif/Haze going back many years. Rain came up with the ingenious idea of wearing protective goggles to avoid getting sprayed by MsChif’s dreaded “green mist.” After a long back-and-forth exciting six-girl-tag match, the blond, black, and red combination of Daizee, MsChif, and Jezebel were victorious over the trio of arrogant cuties.

7) Amazing Kong defeats Cheerleader Melissa
Amazing Kong was extra pissed after a controversial loss to SHIMMER champion Sara Del Rey on Volume 15. Kong was not pinned by the champion, but instead was counted down after a highimpact exchange with Del Rey. Another loss would destroy Kong’s chances of getting a rematch with Sara Del Rey for the SHIMMER title. Melissa, on the other hand, is on a huge winning streak, and also has her eye on a future shot at the SHIMMER championship. The stakes were as high as ever. It took a gigantic splash from the second rope from Amazing Kong to end Melissa’s winning streak, and put the aggressive Kong back the title hunt. The match seemed to end quickly and could have been a little bit longer.

8) SHIMMER TITLE MATCH – Sara Del Rey defeats “Dark Angel” Sarah Stock:
To make this occasion all the more special, it was a rare two out of three falls contest. Thank you, SHIMMER. This is the first time I’ve ever seen Sarah Stock wrestle somebody that is anywhere near her level. Del Rey scored the first fall, putting the challenger at a severe disadvantage. After a few minutes of intense grappling, Sarah Stock became only the second person to pin Sarah Del Rey in SHIMMER competition – the other being Mercedes Martinez. Essentially it was sudden death, as the two battling beauties struggled for the third and final fall of the match. They exchange several near falls, as both women ignored the fatigue which began to set in. Del Rey scored a very quick surprise roll-up, reminiscent of her mentor (Bryan Danielson) to finish off Stock and retain the SHIMMER championship! Stock was a good sport, and shook hands with the champion after the match! God bless those beautiful Angels. Rematch! Rematch! Rematch!

(source: Brad Dykens at

Christy Hemme sizzles in ‘Loaded’ Magazine, Signed ‘Fallen Angels’ Prints for Sale


Christy Hemme, valet for the Rock ‘n Rave Infection, has a painfully sexy photoshoot in UK magazine ‘Loaded’. Christy has posed in men’s magazines before, notably Playboy back as a WWE Diva. Christy made the mistake of getting serious about wrestling back in 2004 at the same time that WWE decided to clean their house of women wrestlers and build the Diva division. Hemme spent two days at the OVW training camp before she recieved her walking papers. The decision by WWE didn’t make sense then and still doesn’t make sense today.

Christy Hemme may not be the Knockouts top performer in the ring, but she does bring her personality and drive to each match; each appearence by Hemme in the ring is rememerable and entertaining. Hemme overcame her commen sense telling her to run in her match with Kong and turned in an exciting, if one-sided, bout (Kong Bombed). Christy is also flexible on par with SHIMMER MsChif, no small thing. But, there is no way a person can forget just how gorgeous this fiesty Knockout really is.

Along with the pictorial there’s a mainly sex-related interview with the twenty-seven year old with such questions as: Have you been tempted to swing both ways?, What wrestling moves work for you in the bedroom, and How would you seduce a man?

The only pic we dared to post- create your own fantasy caption here.

Christy Hemme myspace post:

Only two days left to order ’The Fallen Angels’ signed by me, Gail and Traci!

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

Only two days left to order a signed ‘Fallen Angels’ print – a new fantasy illustration by artist Jason Beam. It will be signed by myself, Gail Kim, Traci Brooks and Jason Beam – we will be at DragonCon meeting fans and promoting the new print – but if you can’t make the show, you can order it now, we will sign it, and Jason will ship it out after the show.

$49 plus shipping

Click here to order this signed print!


We checked out the website and found this post by Jason Beam.

Christy Hemme has found her way into my work in several other pieces, and I jumped at the opportunity to feature her, along with two other amazing women who share the spotlight with her on Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Joining Christy in this piece is Traci Brooks and Gail Kim – coming together for a demon-themed piece of artwork that captures the dark beauty of all three, with amazing photography work by Kevin Roberts.

If you are attending DragonCon in Atlanta, GA – be sure to come by and visit our tables and have your print signed in person by all three ladies. But if you can’t make the show, here’s a chance for Christy, Gail and Traci fans to get the print signed while I am there, I’ll bring it back and ship them when I return from the show!

Dragon*Con 2008 will be held Labor Day weekend (August 29 – September 1, 2008) in Atlanta, GA. If you’re attending the event, find out what Gail’s up to for us. Thnx.

Maria on Summerskin

maria.jpgYou know summer’s coming to an end when the last WWE Diva is posted on Summerskin. Where did it all the time go? Summerskin wraps up in style with WWE Diva Maria. Here’s some excerpts from her article at

“Passion is my motivation and that’s what drives me.” Maria’s passion has led her to becoming one of the most recognized Divas in WWE, being on the cover of Playboy, and countless other successes.

Maria, her brother and her father would all wrestle on the living room floor while watching Superstars like WWE Hall of Famers Hulk Hogan and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.

After years of watching, Maria fell in love with former WWE Divas Lita and Trish Stratus.

“I remember thinking to myself, what powerful women.”

She had no idea of how to get involved with WWE herself, but then she heard about Diva Search. She entered the competition on the last day possible and within a week, she saw her photo on TV when she was watching Raw.

Maria’s brother spent nearly a year serving the United States military in Iraq. He motivated her to attend every tour to visit the soldiers and to put smiles on their faces. Maria’s sister is the one who keeps her morally sound, as her mother drives her to continuously push forward, and her father makes sure she stays strong inside and outside of the ring.

Although she hopes to have her own clothing line someday, Maria desires to be a Diva for as long as possible.

“I made it to Diva Search and I’m a wrestler,” she said. “Even if I’m not always in the ring, I hope to be part of WWE forever – no matter what form or fashion.”

If you want to relive how you spent the summer (oogling the Divas on Summerskin) click on our link.


RingDivas News: Cyberstorm 2008 PPD event voting begins this Monday!!!

0631.jpgRingDivas INC. is happy to announce that voting will begin this Monday for the annual fans choose the matches event Cyberstorm 2008!!!

Last year the fans chose to have then Womens World Champion Empress Sayuri go one-on-one against then FightGirl World Champion Amy Love to find out who would be the Undisputed Womens World Champion!!!

Click here to check out matches from Cyberstorm 2007!!!

What will the fans decide this year? Will we see the Womens World Championship and the FightGirl World Championship titles merged again??? You already know the answer because you pick the matches and you pick the participants!!!

Tune in next Monday to be a part of history!!! Vote on Cyberstorm 2008!!!


You’ve seen The Last Stand 2008 PPD and you want to catch up on RingDivas action. What else should you check out?

DOWNLOAD – RagDoll Vol.6 (SoCal Val vs. Amy Love) SoCal Valerie gets KO’ed merely seconds into the match up with a vicious Dragon Sleeper!!! Witness the only appearance of TNA Superstar SoCal Valerie in a RagDoll match!!! Watch SoCal Val GET SQUASHED by Amy Love!!!

DOWNLOAD – Ultimate Low Blows Vol.2 (Sam vs. Amber) World Champion Sam Sexton faces off with SchoolGurl Amber Van Buren in the most unbelievable low blow fantasy custom match!!!

DOWNLOAD – Ultimate Low Blows Vol.1 (Sam vs. SoCal) World Champion Sam Sexton faces off with TNA Superstar SoCal Valerie in the most unbelievable low blow fantasy custom match!

DOWNLOAD – Complete Destruction of SoCal Val Vol.3 (/w Vanessa) WATCH SOCAL GET COMPLETLY DESTROYED!!! Featuring: Shattered Dreams, Coke, Lift and Carry, Spine Buster Slam, Bearhug, Barefoot, RagDolling, Airplane Spin, Body Scissors, Suffocation, Camel Clutch, Hair Pull, Reverse Bearhug, Foot Stomp, Head Slam, and more!

Wondering what else you’ve missing from Ringdivas? For the best in women wrestling, featuring the sexiest and most dangerous women of wrestling, click here to view other articles featuring Battle Angels.

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