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behindthescenes-03-102908.jpgDestiny Dumon the multitime grappling champ looks to re-invent herself on saturday.

Anyone that has had the pleasure of seeing Destiny in action during a match or during a lingerie shoot knows that Destiny quite possibly has the most sculpted and the most beautiful body on the roster.

Reminiscent of a Victoria Secrets runway model and the personality of a sweetheart one can’t help but to get drawn in by her beauty and charmed by her presence. But, things have not quite been picture perfect for Destiny and this saturday she looks to re-write history when she faces Abbey Rhodes at Capital Punishment.

Making a First Impression
Destiny: When I came to this company I will admit that I didn’t have the slightest idea how to make the transition from my mma grappling background to wrestling. So much of me wanted to do the best that I could and I tried so hard to make sure that I didnt f*ck up and I f*cked up!!! Big Time!!! In the process I forgot about the things that were important which I needed to succeed. More then anything, I let myself down.

Re-Inventing Destiny
Destiny: Its hard to get past a first impression but after what I felt were several unsuccessful outtings I pulled the owner aside, swallowed my pride and asked, “What the heck am I doing wrong here.” After a long conversation we both made the decision that I needed to take time and step away to practice and learn more so that I could perform at a higher level when I returned. Capital Punishment Re-Birth
Destiny: In someways it is like a re-birth. I’ve been away for sometime. Practicing, training and I feel its my time to show off what I’ve learned. Your going to see a brand new Destiny at Capital Punishment. I’m faster, I’m stronger, and I’m going to give it 100% against Abbey Rhodes. Up until this point I have not won a single match. I don’t want to be known as the girl that has a big goose egg in the win column. I know that I am much better then that.

Sculpting and Training Regimen
Destiny: Well I’m a huge gym freak, as you can tell. 🙂 Along with my gym training I’ve also been training at the RingDivas Womens Wrestling School. Along with a lot of unknowns that are trying to make it into RingDivas I might add. Its so strange to train with girls that have never debuted always asking if it is as fun as it looks and if its worth the wait. My response? If it wasn’t worth the wait do you think I’d be sitting here talking to you now???

Sexual PhotoShoot Tension
Destiny: Lol. Me and the current Undisputed World Champion Suicide had a hot spread. Unfortunately 90% of the fans never got to see it because they cut out most of the tandem features. WassupWitDat???
Sites set on the World Title?
Destiny: Yeah.. um more like sites set on winning my first match. You have to crawl before you walk. My cocky days are over. Its one-step at a time, one match at a time. Your never going to get far looking past your opponent. A valuable lesson that I learned from my first few horrifically failed outtings. I will give Abbey credit as she deserves it. Abbey spent 6 months at the RingDivas Womens Wrestling School before getting this opportunity and I applaud her for that.

Trick or Treat and Costumes.
Destiny: I actually do have a costume for this saturday. Although Kyle didnt specifically ask me to bring one I definitely will be dressed up. But get this, my costume is going to be my new wrestling outfit that I most likely plan on keeping. I would give you a hint as to what the costume is but then I would have to kill you. Aaaaaaaaaaand we both wouldnt want that now would we?

Final moment of Truth
Destiny: This saturday is infact the moment of truth. I will definitely be nervous but I will feel good about it once its over. Win or lose I will give 100% and to the fans I promise it will be entertaining!!!



Stacy Keibler in Maxim previously reported that Stacy Keibler has a new photo spread in Maxim magazine. We can’t resist sharing these pictures of the greatest set of legs to ever grace a WWE ring.


Battle Angels Overdrive TV for Capital Punishment PPV.

battleangels5.jpegSuicide is now the undisputed Womens World Champion after a shocking finish to the main event at Cyberstorm that featured Sam Sexton, Tina Lockheart, Jessica Havoc and Suicide all compete together for the gold. Jessica Havok almost had the title after landing her suicide slam when out of nowhere Suicide rolled Havoc for the win. Suicide has come a long in a short time after her first debut against Jessica Havoc that dragged out as a humiliating squash for Suicide. Suicide showed her tenacity after her first match and came back eventually to win a rematch against the German Giant.

Suicide’s victory created a dramatic moment in which a defeated Havok shook Suicide’s hand and then lifted Suicide up to pose in victory. Suicide is very emotional in describing what it means to be champion, choking back her own emotions to say that it is an incredible experience to know that she is the face of the company.

On the latest RingDivas Overdrive, ‘Former World Champion’ Tina Lockheart came to the ring to make an announcement. “You know, I’ve spent the better part of the week thinking about last month’s main event and I just can’t seem to figure one thing out. Clearly there was one athete, one shining star who should have emerge victorious from the ring.

‘The fact of the matter is that I did not lose my world championship.

‘To think that low life, trailer park tattooed freak is walking around calling herself the undisputed champion makes me sick. I am here to stake my claim and to invoke my rematch clause.

‘I want a rematch with Suicide because I am the rightful leader of this company.

‘I am the only women who deserves to be the undisputed world champion.”

Then “Former World Champion” Sam Sextion came out and stared Tina right in the eye. You could cut the tension with a knife. “You know you come out here talking about being the one bright star at Cyberstorm. But you know what I remember from that match. I remember this!” The big screen shows the main event match with Saxton taking care of business and mounting huge offense on Suicide in the corner, then Tina hitting the DDT on an unaware Saxton.

Tina’s quick response: “You know that if you were in my position, you would have done exactly the same thing. We were all out there for ourselves.”

Tina and Sam fall into arguing about who will be first to challenge Suicide and then out comes the new President of Media and Talent Relations Mr. Kyle Shilinger. “Ladies, ladies, enough. Neither one of you has any say as to who gets the next title shot. You see I knew this situation would blow up, so I’ve already booked two main events”

Sensational Sam Sexton vs. Crystal Johnson

“The Diva Killer” Tina Lockhart vs. Racquel Colon

“Whoever has the most impressive outing at the end of the night will certainly persuade my descision who will get the next title shot.”

“Two more things. One, since it’s pretty close to Halloween, I’m going to need the both of you to bring costumes. And two both the matches will feature the torture rack of doom.”

And that’s what’s cooking for Capital Punishment this Saturday!


WWE Diva Melina’s Top Ten Moves

YouTube Preview Image
We thought we’d post this, because we think WWE Diva Melina has a skillset in the ring that shouldn’t be underestimated and shouldn’t go unappreciated.

RingDivas Xposed! “Behind the Scenes” Magazine October 2008 Issue

battleangels5.jpegSensational Sam Sexton and Tina Lockhart are arguably the most talented and most sought after performers in the four year history of RingDivas™. Sam Sexton achieving what many thought would be impossible in becoming the longest reigning Womens World Champion and Tina Lockhart shocking the world in becoming the most dominant and the most charismatic FightGirl World Champion this company has seen. Here’s exerpts from a recent interview with both talented wrestlers.

Becoming the Measuring Stick

Tina: “I’ve always been a huge fan of guys like Triple H, Randy Orton, Ric Flair. To me those are the guys that stand out when you watch WWE programming (Triple H and Randy Orton) and Ric most certainly stood out during the NWA days.” It was great to watch her eyes light up as she talked about some of her childhood favorites and how their mannerisms and attitudes reflected in her in-ring work ethic.”

The Greatest Champion In History

Sam: “Well thats what it all boils down to. For me anyway. When someone thinks of who is the best RingDivas has to offer I want that first thought in their minds to be… yeah that Sam Sexton chic… she is pretty tough and I know she can kick some serious ass.” Sam Sexton took a second to look at her hands as if she expected something to be there but they were empty. “The title was my life… it meant everything to me and I intend on getting it back.”

World Championship Material

Tina: “Neither one of us, Sam Sexton or myself, believes that Suicide stands a chance at keeping the title for long. She is prey that just happened to luck out when the predators were attacking each other. We all just happened to focus on each other as a threat when Suicide got lucky and was at the right place and the right time. I feel like I should be champion. But if I’m not champion then only one other person has the skill to carry this company.”

Sexual PhotoShoot Tension

Tina: “Hahahha… well Sam and I are both extremely competitive and it was no different at the Angels in Lingerie 2008 shoot. We both wanted to make it something that fans would enjoy during their alone time.”

Best Friends Bitter Rivals

Tina: “If you go back and look at the e-mails and the posts and the custom video requests you will clearly see that there is not one other match that the fans would rather see then Sam Sexton vs. Tina Lockhart one-on-one. We both feel that we should be the No.1 Contender. What better time to put us in a match against each other. I know that Sam wants it and I know that I want it. So lets do this!”

Torture Rack or no Torture Rack

Sam: “Definitely Torture Rack. I know that the big Capital Punishment event is coming up and the fans expect that event to be headlined by the Torture Rack of Death match. I am a marquee player in this company and the Torture Rack is a marquee match. Me vs. anyone would sell like crazy. I know Tina feels the same way. Maybe we should kill two birds with one stone and make the match.”

6′ 2″ Giants and Abbey Rhodes

Tina: “Its always great to see RingDivas stocking up the talent pool. The more the better. My Win Loss record always enjoys the opportunity to add more notches to the win column. 6′ 2″ or 10′ 2″, don’t forget that I was the one that KO’ed Vanessa Kraven with a top rope Diva Killer DDT. Size doesn’t matter when it comes to my matches so don’t expect me to be intimidated.”

Two Time World Champion

Sam: “Its coming… trust me. It is much closer then you think. Becoming the first woman to capture gold twice is my destiny. And it will happen sooner rather then later.”

Sam and Tina got together to do something extra special for their fans. You can check out more of their action by clicking here.

More Diva Costumes from WWE Cyber Sunday 2008!

bethphoenixmedievalknight2.jpegWe didn’t want to come across as playing favorites and it being just a few more days before Halloween, we’ve decided we had to post more Diva Costumes from WWE Cyber Sunday! Enjoy!

Quick! If you were trapped on a tropical island and you could bring one thing along, what would it be?

Obey the sexy law.

How many millions of catholic boys will be confessing thoughts of Tiffany this Sunday?

‘Go Daddy’ Superbowl Candice Michelle emulating Marylin Monroe…is absolutely right.

Layla reminds of us earlier days of lusting after Carrie Fisher.

Jillian is giving us vigilente justice as Batgirl. Maybe she can ‘catch’ Candice Michelle in her Catwoman costume.

The Glamazon naturally prefers to dress as the hero over the damsel in distress.

Katie Lea says ‘hello to the night, lost in the shadows!’ As a vampire.

WWE 2008 Cyber Sunday Halloween Costume Contest Results

mickiecraft.jpegPHOENIX – In the online exclusive WWE Diva Halloween Costume Contest, 16 of the Divas dressed in the spooky season’s best.
For the second year in a row, former Women’s Champion Mickie James has won the WWE Universe’s vote. Last year, she wowed our fans with her Indian princess costume, but this year she won the contest as Lara Croft of the Tomb Raider video game and movie series.The WWE Universe logged on to and after many votes, Mickie James in her Lara Croft costume reigned victorious.

“I’m really, really excited, because I was extremely shocked, again this year,” Mickie told after her win. “I was shocked the first year and I was even more shocked this year. I felt like my outfit was cute, but it was not super sexy. I’m very happy!”

In what’s become a Cyber Sunday tradition, the Diva Halloween Costume Contest quickly turned into a Divas brawl.

The two-time champion is grateful for the WWE Universe’s votes, and said she hopes they enjoyed the Divas Halloween Costume Contest.

“Thank you, so very, very much. I’m very grateful and it means a lot to me,” she said.

As for why she chose to be Lara Croft, Mickie said she was a big fan of the video game and also loves Angelina Jolie in the Lara Croft role.

“Any girl who is empowered and goes out there and kicks you-know-what, I admire.”


It’s hard to argue with the WWE fan nation on this one- Mickie James absolutely nailed Laura Croft.

Maria went as a Playboy Bunny.

All American Girl Michelle McCool went as an Army Brat.

Diva Maryse blows the minds of millions of Garcons in her French Maid Costume.

Victoria went for it and did the ‘peanut butter jelly time’ as a banana for Halloween! Straight up gets our vote for best holiday spirit!

Lena Yada, who is hawiian, looks like she just stepped out of a vintage 70s Hong Kong martial art flick! Excellent!

The sharpest looking costume is worn by Diva Eve as a ninja turlle- Eveatello?

Diva Brie Bella teaches many young viewers that along with being historical, Cleopatra is hot.

For the complete results for Cyber Sunday, click the link.


gailkim555.jpegGail Kim wrote on her MySpace,


i noticed a comment regarding Royal Kill not making it past the cutting room floor….so i thought what perfect timing! that is the absolute farthest thing from the truth! sometimes i wonder where people hear these things? are they just made up by assumptions or someone making up little white lies? 🙂 well anyhow, the timing of that comment couldnt have been better as i have just been in contact with the director of Royal Kill and the movie has just been completed! I know, I know… it took literally FOREVER!!!!! trust me, i had no idea when Babar told me he really concentrates on post production of the film that he meant that long….but i think from just recently being shown the new trailer that it was obviously for a good reason. It was truly exciting to see it 3 years later…I guess when it comes to anything regarding my career, everyones gotta just have a little more patience 🙂 LOL well thats good news to me and so hopefully everyone will get to see the new trailer once he releases it. Thanks everyone for checking in on me and like I always say, I read everything you write and miss you all…. a special thank you to the cast and crew of Royal Kill especially you Babar, it was truly an honor to work with someone so nice and talented on a new experience.

Love always,

Good stuff. we’ll post the new trailer when it’s up. ‘Till then, why not watch the current trailer? ‘Royal Kill’ also features legendary performer Pat Morita’s last role and Eric Roberts.

NWA World Women’s Champion and SHIMMER Champion MsChif Top 10 Moves

YouTube Preview Image

You have got to check out McChif’s ‘Code Green’ at 1:24!

Message from Dezco to all Battle Angels fans!

battleangels5.jpegThe latest Battle Angels™ Overdrive TV episode ends with a message from Dezco to Battle Angels fans.

Thank you for watching…Battle Angels Wrestling.

The talent, production, finishes, holds were ALL suggestions made by fans. The entire production of this show was based on feedback that we received because of commitment is to give you the fans what you want to see. Please let us know what you like of dislike and we will cincture to improve for you the fans.

Thanks again

– Dezco

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