Tracy Brooks and Frankie “Kaz” Kazarian announce engagement, Samoa Joe now a father

tracibrookssexy.jpgEveryone at womenswrestlingxposed is excited to pass on congratulations to Tracy Brooks and Frankie “Kaz” Kazarian on their engagement!

Tracy Brooks changed her relationship status from single to engaged on her Facebook on Monday. Tracy has passed on the following message to her fans:”Tracy is wishing everyone a very happy holiday and yes i am engaged!!!!! best christmas present ive ever you frankie.”

We would also like to extend out congratulations to former TNA World Heavyweight Champion Samoa Joe and his wife as they welcomed the birth of their first son on Wednesday.

shimmer1.jpg Here’s the latest picture of SHIMMER Champion McChif. Again, amazing pictures of the champ!


Former 7 time WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus at Monday’s RAW

stratus.jpegThe biggest news at the Monday RAW main event isn’t Santino almost blabbing the big secret about Santa on live television. Trish Stratus stepped in to replace Kelly Kelly and pair with John Cena against Santino and Glamerella. When Trish’s tron kicked in, the Toronto crowd popped. Trish showed no ring-rust and the matchup between Beth and Trish is easily one of the best diva matches we’ve seen in a long time, as both wrestlers gelled with each other in the ring.

Trish’s appearance on RAW was billed as a one-off, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see Trish Stratus versus the Glamazon in the ring again soon.

Ross wrote about Trish Stratus’s apearance on RAW. “It was great Monday getting a few moments to visit with Trish Stratus who still looks awesome, her husband HAS to be the luckiest man in Canada, and the hometown fans in TO really loved seeing the former 7 time WWE Women’s Champion. Trish really strengthened the competition within the Divas when she was wrestling full time and is arguably the greatest female performer of the modern era. She would get my vote. I don’t think that Trish is interested in getting back on the road full time but perhaps she could be convinced to make a few more special appearances.”

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

SHIMMER Volume 21 Roster

Here’s a picture of all the SHIMMER women’s athletic talent posing for Volume 21 and 22. That is a lot of talent all in one place.


shimmer1.jpgHere’s the latest pictures of the cheerleader with an attitude, Cheerleader Melissa!


The Cover for SHIMMER volume 21

shimmer1.jpgSHIMMER volume 21 will be coming out in January. Check out the design for the cover!


2008 Wishlist

christmastpic.jpegChristmas is just around the corner and we at would like to take out this opportunity to share our Christmas Wish List for 2009. Are you reading this, Santa?

The Beautiful People

We want more than anything for Kip James to be packed up in a beautifully wrapped box with the label, “Do not open until 2010.” We would like that box to be shipped off to Denmark. Then we would like Russo to stop messing with the greatest ring entrance ever.

Gail Kim debut on Smackdown

We can’t wait to see the first TNA Knockout Champion feud with Michelle McCool, Maryese, Victoria and Natalya. That’s right, WWE. No matter how much time you keep Gail on the shelf, she’ll still be a Knockout kicking Diva ass on Smackdown.

Good Knockout booking

The event booking for the Knockouts has never been that great, but with Scott D’Amore in the picture, the Knockouts were somehow making everything work. Now Scott has been removed from booking entirely along with Jeremy Borash and the Knockouts are totally at Russo’s mercy. The difference is noticeable. Gone are the Knockouts proving they belong in the ring and now we get ‘beauty pagents.’ Argh.

A push for Victoria in WWE

Victoria just posted a short note saying she never said she was retiring, but eventually everyone retires. Truth, that. We’ve said how we see things for Victoria already, but that doesn’t change that we would like to see ‘crazy’ Victoria getting a push in 2009. Maybe newbie Divas would actually get more respect from the audience if they were introduced to the widow’s peak their first night out and tough it out, than having the indifference-spawning ‘Victoria being booked to throw the match’ debut.

Cheerleader Melissa

She ain’t gotta talk. She says everything that needs to be said with body language. Unmask or ditch Saeed and give us Cheerleader Melissa in an iMPACT main event versus Awesome Kong. Dream backstage segment: Velvet Sky giving Melissa a hard time. Melissa saying, “I let my pom-poms do the talking.” Melissa sucker-punching Velvet Sky with a pom-pom and knocking her out with one shot.

TNA Knockout/ SHIMMER house shows

Awesome Kong said it best when she pointed out that in Japan, women wrestlers constantly wrestle in front of crowds to develop their skills. TNA could tape the shows, show highlights on iMPACT! and matches on youtube, or even sell the shows online. We’re just throwing the idea out there…

TNA Knockouts World Cup

Pull together a Knockout cup tournament like the X-cup tournament. Just imagine Awesome Kong vs MsChif vs Sara Stock vs. Aja Kong. (And Beth Phoenix- It’s our wish list, isn’t it?)

We wish fans of womens wrestling everywhere a Merry Christmas!

RingDivas Exposed featuring World Champion Suicide

ringdivassuicide.jpg“Where is the poll for super- star of the year… and not the superstar of all time???” Says, talent instructor Chuck LeGrande. You really need to put up a poll for superstar of the year because hands down Suicide wins that poll. Take a look at how she took a hold of this company and shook it to its very foundation giving it what is currently known as “The Greatest Moment in RingDivas History”… that girl is on fire. You should REALLY put up a superstar of the year poll.

Ask anyone of our fans or staff members and they will tell you that hands down, Current Undisputed World Champion Suicide is our bonified Cinderella story. Although her rockstar like status rising from obscurity to becoming the World Champion has not been an easy road, Suicide has without a shadow of a doubt captured the hearts and minds of fans all around the world.

Becoming the World Champion

Suicide: The feeling is still surreal. It just doesnt feel like this was going to happen for me. Dont get me wrong, I have all the confidence in myself. I wouldnt be here if I wasnt confident, but take a look at the landscape of the RingDivas roster. You have some really REALLY talented girls that all want to be No.1. They all want to be the Undisputed World Champion.

Greatest moment Evarrrrr…

Suicide: Yeah, after I came off the top rope I was spent. I told myself give it everything you have. And when the ref counted three, I was in a complete state of shock. Then the flood of tears came and they never stopped.

Crying like a little girl…

Suicide: Hahahaha, what can I say. Winning the title, being on top of the mountain.. it means the world to me. Knowing that all my hardwork has brought me to this place. You would have cried too! Besides, I am a girl! 🙂

Making history at Cyberstorm

Suicide: Yeah well, one night I got a call from the owner and we talked for a bit and he sprung the news on me that the fans had voted for me to be one of the participants in the four way match. I was like what!?!?! I was so surprised. Not because I didnt feel like I deserved it. Its just that Sam and Tina are so hot these days. And I was expecting to see something between them.

Things were like a whirlwind then. I was trying my best to get wins under my belt to impress management and the boss man. Things werent at all going my way alot of the times. But needless to say, I never quit. I just kept plugging away until the opportunity came for me and I took it. Honestly, I wasnt even supposed to be in the match… and I won!!! Its like Holy Sh*t!!! Im the Mutha Fuggin Champ Bitchas!!! I owe it all to the fans though. They gave me the opportunity and Ive never looked back since then. I Luv my FANS!!!

What the future holds…

Suicide: I want to be the best that I can be. Now that I am the champion I want to prove that it wasnt a fluke victory. Sam and Tina can make all the statements they want that Im not worthy of the title. But I know that isnt the case. Because if that was the case, I wouldnt be where I am today…


WWE Diva Christmas Shoot

While you’re freezing you can at least imagine snuggling with the WWE Divas this Christmas…


WWE in Toronto and Diva Gail Kim

gailkim555.jpegWe just wanted to post that with Raw and Smackdown taping in Toronto tonight, this would be a great time for Gail Kim to debute. Gail Kim hails from Toronto after all! Gail’s been part of the WWE entourage for weeks now! WWE, stop keeping Gail Kim all for yourselfs, selfish b***ards!

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