Molly Holly swimming for charity, Kelly Kelly and Natalya brand switch

mollyholly.jpegJames Caldwell for is reporting that former WWE diva Molly Holly (Nora Greenwald) is taking the plunge into Minnesota’s White Bear Lake this Saturday to raise money for the Special Olympics of Minnesota.

Nora totally exceeded her goal to raise $1500 for the “Polar Bear Plunge” and managed to raise $2065.

What we wanted to pass on is Nora’s opinion of Beth Phoenix and Melina, who she watched recently when she went to the RAW house show in Rockester, Minn. “Beth Phoenix and Melina were amazing,” Nora told Slam Wrestling. “They have taken women’s wresting to the next level.”

People speculating that Nora may return to wrestling since Gail Kim has been rehired by WWE will be disappointed. Nora now works as a bus-aide for special needs kids. “I have actually had a few offers for a few different things,” Nora said. “I like doing one-shot cameos, but I think my full-time life on the road will remain in the past.”

James Caldwell also passed on the plunge takes place outside of the Minneapolis area at White Bear Lake VFW, 4496 Lake Avenue South off U.S. Highway 61.

There are some rumors circulating that RAW Diva Kelly Kelly and Smackdown Diva Natalya will be switching brands. The argument is that Smackdown is for the Divas with stronger marketability than perfoming ability. RAW is for the more physically able and seasoned wrestlers, especially with a live format.

There’s nothing for Natalya to do in Smackdown and now that Victoria’s retired, she really doesn’t fit in with the SD Diva roster. On RAW, Natalya would fit with the heel stable, including Beth Phoenix and Jillian and could put on a good program.

Kelly Kelly is proving herself to be more than a pretty face and has shown great improvement in the ring. Still, Kelly could use more seasoning and being young, she has time to develop her skills and her in ring performance. Kelly could be a strong top face behind Gail Kim and her skills will help make Michell and Maryse look strong.

We thing this is a good concept, but we haven’t heard anything that makes this anymore than a wishful idea from a fan of women wrestling. Maybe what this idea needs is more buzz until WWE picks it up.


Layla wants you to vote for the Fly Khicks!

layal.jpgLayla posted in MySpace,


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Hello…Hope Everyone is Doing Well..I wanted to ask everyone to please help me out…Please tune in and watch MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew tonight at 9PM ET and vote for my girls…The Fly Khicks!!!…We danced together for the Miami Heat…To vote Text 5 to 22444 or call 1877 rjcrew5 (1-877-752-7395)…Thanks you all…Much Love…Lay


WWE 2009 Royal Rumble Melina new Women’s Champion

bethfan.jpegWhere’s #1 Crazy Glamazon fan, Rosa Mendez?

After a month of having Rosa Mendez as Beth Phoenix’s number 1 crazy fan routinely attack Melina and aid- or interfere- in Beth’s matches, Mendez is nowhere to seen at the PPV. Maybe photos of Rosa Mendez were finally passed around security. Beth goes to work on Melina and there’s this great moment were Beth stretches Melina so far back that Melina is kicking herself in the head! At about six minutes into the match, Melina comes out of nowhere to bridge Beth Phoenix for a three count and become the new Women’s Champion!


LuFisto turned back at US border?

lufisto.jpegLuFisto has posted more on the notice on the Chikara board regarding her being turned back at the Canada-US border.

I got so many freaking e-mails that I will answer everybody here…

As stated on the Chikara board…

Four of the scheduled performers on today’s Season 8 kickoff in Philadelphia will be unable to appear, due to circumstances beyond our control, and we wanted to advise our fans of this as quickly as possible. Due to new immigration policies being observed between the U.S. and Canada that went into effect with the New Year, Buck Hawke, LuFisto and the Super Smash Bros. will be unable to appear on our card this afternoon. While we are optimistic that this can be resolved in the coming weeks, we are unable to address their status right now.

I won’t go into details but in ten years of visiting the States for wrestling training or just wrestling, everything had been fine. I’ve spoken with many US Customs personnel to make sure what I was doing was right and so far, everything had been cool! But, not anymore!

Anyway, I won’t comment more… All I will say is that the Canadian Customs Guard couldn’t believe what I was telling him… He laughed his ass off when I told him what had happened… Shows you how stupid this is!

Much love and my sincere apologies to Chikara, Sara del Rey and all the fans…

Damn, I’m so upset.

Lu xxx

TNA Knockout Velvet Sky “I love texting”

A fan attending the TNA house at Birmingham NIA arena posted that Velvet Sky’s t-shirt inspired fans (mostly guys) to chant, “We love texting!”


WWE 2008 Royal Rumble Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix vs. Melina


WWE Diva Melina has returned from her injury focused on taking down the Glamazon and taking gold for herself. Melina will get her shot at this year’s Royal Rumble as she will be challenging WWE Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix for the title.

Melina has been building up momentum to this matchup by tearing up the Diva competition, culminating in her winning a Diva Battle Royal on Raw to determine the No. 1 contender at the Royal Rumble. Melina won’t just be going up against the near-invincible Glamazon, she’ll have to deal with Santino Marella and Beth’s number one fan, Miss Angela. Melina has worked to break Beth’s corner up by playing on Santino’s considerable ego.

Will it be enough?

On another note, Melina will be doing a live blog Sunday before The Royal Rumble on the wwe universe. Has anyone noticed the winning percentage for women wrestlers doing live blogs before a show? Well, maybe there’s not enough stats to really have a trend, but we think Beth is going to emerge triumphant from the PPV once again.

Where to watch ‘The Wrestler’

thewrestler.jpgSearchlight has been nothing but methodical in their distribution of ‘The Wrestler’, relying on word of mouth to build the anticipation for the film and Oscar buzz for Mickey Rourke’s performance as Randy “The Ram” Robinson. ‘The Wrestler’ is going to have a long run, but, finding a theatre to watch it in that isn’t sold out is going to be a challenge.

Few venues and a lot of buzz is equaling sold out theatres. The number of theatres showing ‘The Wrestler’ increased over the weekend by 84 theatres to a total of 144 theatres nationwide. ‘The Wrestler’ enjoyed an impressive per venue gross of $14,410 over the weekend. That brings the total revenue over $5,000,000 since the movie’s release five weeks ago- which is pretty good. The question is: How can you get past the oscar-curious throngs to watch Randy “The Ram” Robinson before your buddies do?

We recommend keeping track of where ‘The Wrestler’ is going to open up next at an online site like And we’re not going to risk a sold out show- we’re going to pre-buy our tickets at as well. We thought we’d pass our plan along to fellow fans of wrestling. Our motto is, ‘Let someone else get stuck in the line for a sold out show.’

The last question is, is ‘The Wrestler’ worth the bother? To answer the question, it stars Mickey Rourke. Anyone watch ‘Sin City’? Didn’t anyone catch Rourke’s performance as Marv? While some fairweather fans jumped onboard when critics started talking Oscar Performance, we never gave up Rourke. Mickey even made ‘Barfly’ endurable. We even liked Rourke in ‘Live and Die in LA.’ Another good reason to watch is Marisa Tomei. We can’t wait to see our ROH favorites on the silver screen as well, such as Alex McGuiness and the Necro Butcher. We’re wondering if we’ll get a glimpse of Daisy Haize, MsChif or Sara Del Ray. Bottom line is, if you love wrestling, how can you NOT see this movie?

To check out where ‘The Wrestler’ is playing, click on the poster.

JR posts on Victoria retiring, Kelly Kelly turning 22

jr.jpegI wish the WWE had a better opportunity to acknowledge Victoria wrestling her last match with the company this past Friday night on Smackdown. I had no clue that Victoria was having her last match until I arrived in Omaha the day of the event. Victoria has been one of the hardest working women in show business and worked diligently to perfect her in ring skills. I hope all the younger 8X10 type Divas will work as diligently as Victoria in learning their craft. Victoria had the challenge over the years with wrestling many Divas with far less in ring talent than did she but Victoria always made things work. I have great respect for her work ethic and her love of the business and wish her well in the next phase of her life. She had already started to get involved in other businesses over the past few years and she deserves nothing but happiness and success. Her exotic look always made my old heart beat a little faster. Hey, just because a happily married man is on a diet doesn’t mean he can’t look at the menu.

Kelly-Kelly just turned 22 which means in wrestle-speak that she is potentially on The King’s radar for only 3 more years.

Former WWE Diva Trish Stratus on Inside Fitness cover

Canadian born Trish Stratus graces the cover of this month’s “Inside Fitness.” Trish was recently on RAW for a one night only match with John cena versus Glamarella, a great match in which she showed little ring rust and great chemistry against Beth. Stratus looks great in her tight fitness clothes.


Super Hardcore Anime LuFisto’s Year in Review

lufistomschif.jpegEver wonder where your passion for wrestling comes from? How did you ever get into wrestling, where bigger than life personalities settle every outragous disagreement ‘for good and all’ in the square circle?

We love our heroes, the ones who ride the rocket into the big time. We at Women’s Wrestling Xposed are inspired by the effort and the sacrifice every wrestler makes for the sport. It’s the dues a wrestler pays for a career in wrestling that makes wrestling mean something.

My Year in Review…

Where to start? In a way, it’s been a very long year and I’m glad it’s finally over. 2007 had been very hard when it comes to my personal life but 2008 was aweful. On the wrestling side though, it’s another story…

When the reality of pro wrestling hits you…

A few days after my birthday, I decided to end a relationship that lasted 6 years. Therefore, I moved to my friend’s Pat for 4 months in the middle of winter (Thanx again Pat for your help!!)… To move again in July into my own place. It cost me a lot of money to be free.

I also spent a lot of money and emotions trying to make a new long distance relationship work that ended up being just an illusion. Because of this bs, I got very sick, my hair was falling (yeah, that’s why I can’t bleach my hair anymore because too much stress caused my hair to become super thin and there are some spots where all my hair just fell). I lost and gained weight, didn’t sleep for nights and got bitter at life in general.

I knew that being disapointed by somebody could hurt, but I never thought it could disturb me that much. I’ve always been very strong… But this time I fell. I guess that after being hurt so many times by people you trust and love, you just can’t take it anymore.

To you, and you know who you are, I wish you happiness. I hope you’ll make up your mind on what you want and need. May your heart be free of whatever makes it confused. All the best… xxx

I’ve been trying to meet the good guy but all I can see now is people who could hurt me. When I meet somebody cool, they are running away when they know I travel on weekends for wrestling or because I speak my mind. It’s been a while now that I go back home and I notice that there is nobody…. No lover, no familly, nothing… As much as I love wrestling, I must admit that it got me in that situation.

I don’t know how much people know the sacrifices we have to make to become pro wrestlers and stay on top of our game. For sure, I’m not the best out there but I try to always give everything I got. I travel, I train, I spend time on my merchandise, my website… Therefore, there isn’t much left for anything else… 11 years later, the reality hits hard… No wonder I liked the movie The Wrestler… It felt like a little part of my story was being told… And so many of us are in the same situation…

Everything is not all bad though… At least, I still have a good job in multimedia and I must say that I was blessed with good friends.

First, my ALF crew, Stephane, Kim, Chris and Tolo…. Always there to make me laugh and work on fun projects. I got to meet super cool people in Germany like my friends Jan and Chris who keep in touch almost every week. I also got to know some workers better like Anna Minoushka, Mary Lollypop, Charlotte Lamothe, Cat Power, Cherry Bomb, the very tall and sexy Persephone Vice and my lovely partner Jen Blake. She’s been very supportive throughout the year and I thank her for her kindness. I miss you so much. Xxx

I also got to meet one cool dude in Sami Callihan. Not too many people stay in touch with you outside of the wrestling world but he does. Sami, I appreciate every e-mail you send me just to know how I’m doing. You’re a real class act and although you are far away, you are a real friend.

Finally, I’ve been blessed by an angel called Danyah. For those who know her in the ring, she’s the one who always look magnificent and who give 100% everytime. To me, she is a dear friend who calms me down, listens and understands. She helps me to set goals for myself and be at peace when I go through tough times. I met her on my birthday… And she is the best gift I had this year. I love you! Xoxox

So you see, besides my friends and familly, 2008 has been the sh*ts when it comes to my personal life…

But when it comes to wrestling…Wooooooo!

I thought that my back injury would slow me down… Well… I was dead wrong. For some reason, I never had so many «Match of the Night» and «This is awesome» chants in my matches. Of course, I’m not perfect but I think I did pretty well as a wrestler… And WITHOUT hardcore!!!

Actually, I think that’s why I’m so proud. Many people thought that I was just a hardcore bitch, that I couldn’t wrestle… And with the comments I got from the fans and the rankings on a few sites, I’m so happy that people can see how much I love this sport and all the efforts I put in every match.

The first match that comes to mind is the one with my student Stefany Sinclair. She got to pin me but I was so proud. She worked very hard to get there as, just as me, she was told many time that she wouldn’t make it… I’m sorry she stopped wrestling for now… But I understand… Good luck at school honey!

I loved each and every matches as part of the Suicide Blondes with Jen… Wrestling the Flatliners and hitting JC Owens again after so many years was gold! 🙂

I also wrestled people I see as legends like the Dudleys and Awesome Kong… Had tones of fun with Becky and Rain at Shimmer and pushed my limits with Wesna and Cheerleader Melissa. With them, I was able to find that little spark inside of me that made me better as a worker.

As much as I hate to be on top of a card, all I can say is thank you… Thank you to the promoters who believed in me and gave me opportunities in 2008. To Dave Prazak for letting me push my anime gimmick in hard-hitting wrestling matches… To John Zandig «the boss» for always trusting in my abilities and opening the US territory for me. I give props to people who helped me… And in the States, I wouldn’t be much without John Zandig and Dave Prazak. Much love!

In Quebec, I got to become ICW Olympic champion and it felt good to go back home. ICW will always be the place where LuFisto was born… At ALF, I became champ and… Heel! It’s very weird but sometimes, you need some change… I like it but I miss my anime character in Quebec! I’m still involved in updating the website and creating all the entrance videos too.

Speaking of ALF, I’m saddened by the fact that some girls left or stopped wrestling. It’s hard to find female wrestlers who have a real passion. And no, I don’t want to train new people… They all end up quitting or well, they ignore you after you’ve given so much… I’m bitter at former students who don’t talk to me anymore because their new friends said so… It’s sad to see that people can be so weak sometimes… Anyway… Another thing that got me bitter at 2008…

But maybe the only bad thing in wrestling this year which is pwetty, pwetty good! 🙂

Looking forward to 2009….

After 2 years of nothing really good in my personal life, I’m hoping for the best. I’m training very hard in the gym so I can get in shape… Not easy though as it’s always been so hard to lose weight for me… I just look at a cake and I get fat! LOL I hope to find somebody good for me too… Crossing my fingers…

As for wrestling, I’m very excited by my upcoming matches with OBD and Sara del Rey. I have so much respect for these women who made it big. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprise to see Sara make it to TNA. She deserves a shot for sure!

I know I will never make it there because I’m too small, too fat and I don’t have the look they are looking for… I know some people already told me «Ah come on, they hired Kong and she’s one big and strong women, why not you?» Yes for sure… But Kong is one of a kind and I see her as above anyone else, in a league of her own. Actually, we should all thank her… She is the reason why women wrestling is back on track. Period!

With my small stature, I have to be realistic…. Unless I can finally lose 20-30 pounds… There is no way I’ll ever get a chance. I’m trying but since I went from 200 pounds to 140… It’s been very hard to lose what’s left… Ah well, Once again… I will do my best! With the help of super hot Danyah, that should help…

For sure, if I had one last dream to fulfill in pro wrestling, it would be to have only one match in TNA… Ah well, I can always dream… But it’s great to see some women I worked with on TV because I know how hard they’ve been working… Women like Kong, Melissa, Roxxxi, Josie now known as Sojourney and my girl, Mickie ‘Moose’ Knuckles!

Maybe I will go back to Mexico and Germany this year… I will be at Shimmer and Jersey All Pro later this year for sure as well. CZW and ALF are also on my calendar… And hopefully more stuff in California and Chikara!

So the new year is here.. Finally! Let’s hope this one will rock in all aspect of my life! Love you all and thanx for your support. Your love kept me going…



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