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gail.jpegWWE has posted a second promo featuring Gail Kim training- lifting weights, doing chinups and posing against a mirror. Gail looks hot, but we have one tiny complaint- the background music sounds like it was ripped from a video game. Check it out by click on the link:

Newest video of Gail Kim training

While checking out forums in the WWE universe for the fan’s reaction to the second clip, we watched this clip of Gail Kim and Ms. Jazz that a fan posted. Ms. Jazz does a great job of getting the crowd going and the entertainment value of the match overall is really good, so we’re passing it on!

YouTube Preview Image

On another note, hasn’t posted a new Diva Dish since early November, but they’ve posted a new gallery called Divas 365 with pictures of the divas dressing up for the holidays over the last three years.

We just wanted to end this with a little more Gail Kim in action.

Former WWE Diva Search winner Amy Weber Pregnant

amywebersmall.jpegHappy news from former WWE Diva Amy Weber who has announced she is expecting her first child.

Amy Weber wrote on her blog: ” am pregnant! It is such an exciting time in my life as I never thought that I would be one of those lucky women to experience motherhood. I am thrilled beyond belief and anxious too..I have been so focused on my career over the last several years, that having a family was put on the back burner, but it is finally here and I feel so blessed and just want to do this right! Most importantly, I can’t allow old patterns of how I was raised to carry on.. I had a horrible childhood and can only hope that I have truly learned from the mistakes those people that raised me made. I know for sure that I have learned that you must support your children and encourage them to be all that they can be, let them know that all is possible and love them unconditionally. Kids don’t need all the new toys and fancy shoes, they just need you and your attention.. they want to know that you have their back I think..They want to trust you and respect you and your rules but not be painfully afraid of you. I absolutely plan on going back to work at some point and actually haven’t stopped working since being pregnant! I am being represented by an agency that specialized in pregnant models so we shall see what happens. Any other advice from all you parents out there would be great.. all that I know about what to give your children is exactly what I didn’t get growing up.. so let me know how you feel and any advice is truly appreciated!!!”


JR comments about Victoria training for MMA

wwevictoria.jpgJR had this to say about Victoria training for MMA…

Been reading where former WWE Diva Victoria, aka Lisa Marie Varon, is training to migrate to the world of MMA. I think that the women who compete in MMA are “money” down the road and that Gina Carano is already one of MMA’s best known stars. However, my concerns are that Victoria started this venture somewhat late in her athletic life and has to play “catch up” with the other competitors. I do feel that if she can learn the craft, start off deliberately, and find early success that she will be able to earn a few paydays in this, new physical world. I’m not sure how her knee issues will affect her but one has to assume that they might. I do know one thing about this matter ever so conclusively. and that is that Victoria will prepare harder than virtually any one I can think of and will dedicate her heart and soul to this new venture. I am keeping my fingers crossed that she can make the transition successfully as she was and will always be one of my favorite individuals.


Roxxi versus Madison Rayne has exclusive matches for their website featuring our favorite TNA superstars! This matchup gives us women wrestling fans a chance to see a little more of Madison Rayne (aka on the independent circuit as Lexi Lane and for Shimmer Women Athletes as Ashley Lane) in action.

YouTube Preview Image

Candice Michelle update

candicesmall.jpegCandice Michelle took time out to thank everyone who joined her on the live blog and promote her new godaddy commercial with Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Brad Keselowski. Michelle said she had a blast filming the commercial and she said it has already launched for the nascar season. Candice posted the link to the commercial which you can follow by clicking

Candice will be filming a few more commercials with Danica Patrick in Vegas! According to Candice, what happens in Vegas won’t be staying in Vegas! Also, if you use GoDaddy, you can always get a discount by typing in…Candice.

You can check out more pics of Candice Michelle here!

Trish Stratus at Wrestlemania 25?

trishstratussmall.jpgTrish Stratus Hints Possible Match At ‘Mania 25; & More

Seven-time WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus has been contacted by WWE officials about returning for one more match at WrestleMania 25. Trish’s rumoured opponent would be former WWE Divas Champion Michelle McCool. However, in a recent interview with SLAM! Wrestling, Trish said, “I would definitely like the chance to finish off what I started with Beth in a one-on-one scenario. No tagging out, no Santino shenanigans, just one dominant female against the other.”

The interview was conducted at an autograph signing this past Tuesday in downtown Toronto. Stratus was signing copies of Inside Fitness magazine and wrestling memorabilia for her loyal fans.

Stratus answered questions about her one-off appearance on Raw last month. Trish said she practiced her “Matrix” move “at least 40 times” prior to the show to make sure she could still do it. Status nailed her “Matrix” move against Santino Marella. Stratus also said it would be hard to pass off wrestling at WrestleMania 25.

Stratus also took out the time to praise WWE Diva Natalya.

“Nattie I think is going to be a major player soon, given the right chance to do what she does best,” Stratus said. “Everyone knows how much I respect the Hart lineage, using Bret’s sharpshooter in my retirement match, wearing the pink and black boots in Toronto … it’s not a coincidence. So I would be honoured to face someone who is a part of that legacy and I have no doubt in my mind that we could blow away an audience.”


Eric Young vs. Cute Kip with The Beautiful People has exclusive matches for their website featuring our favorite TNA superstars! Who can resist the primal pull of watching TBP entering the ring? Anyone else really, really, want Cute Kipp out of the frame? Oh, well. This match is actually between Cute Kip and Eric Young, but you’d better believe TBP aren’t going to let this be a fair fight.

YouTube Preview Image

WWE Diva Natalya update

natalyasmall.jpegNatalya’s latest post from the wwe universe, where she responds to Trish Stratus’ recent complements about her potential in the WWe.

Pink and Black and shades of grey!

Hello Universe! I have taken a little breather from the world to help me recharge and release the inner diva from within.

The last few months, so much has happened. I also can’t believe how much fun it has been over on ECW! I was thrilled to help reveal ECW’s newest Superstar, Tyson Kidd…representing the Dungeon and the Maple Leaf!

Tyson Kidd is my best and closest friend from the Dungeon. He has known my family for almost eighteen years, which is hard to believe. It’s inspiring to watch someone’s dreams come true; especially when you have watched them fight so hard for something since they were a little kid.

Everyone keeps asking why Tyson and myself are smiling so much…because we know we are the very best! And besides that, Tyson is smiling because he has cool hair and he has a third generation diva in his corner to help him keep his locks looking spectacular! Divas know all the tricks of the trade about make up and hair, you know! (It seems like overnight, my hair turned pink…must be the new conditioner I am using!)

On another note, many of you have asked me how I feel about Trish Stratus stating she is interested in taking on myself or the Glamazon at WrestleMania. There is no doubt that facing Trish would be nothing short of amazing. Two Canadian women, fighting for everything we believe in, as true athletes would.

I have said it before, but Trish revolutionized the term Diva, and changed the face of Woman’s wrestling forever. It would be a battle of the pink and black and even blonde! It made me happy to see that Trish wasn’t just judging diva’s on a popularity contest …she was stating who she felt would be real contenders. It only makes me want to compete against her that much more.

I am very curious what will happen this year at Mania for the Diva’s. Like Trish, I will be keeping my eye on the Glamazon, too…and knowing that the best is yet to come. She makes me want to get hungry and forget my manners! Both of these women inspire me to exceed all of my own expectation and personal limits.

Until then, I look forward to another night of extreme action and extreme hairdo’s on ECW… Chow for now!


Lena Yada Update

lenayadasmall.jpegLena Yada’s been keeping us up to date since her departure from WWE. She recently posted about Victoria and a trip around the world, which we think is pretty cool.

I just spoke with Victoria on the phone and I must say, I MISS HER!!!!! I feel very fortunate to have been able to work with her and more so, to still have her friendship. She is truly one of a kind.

A couple of the boys were in town for the west coast house shows and tapings. It was super fun to see them and hang out again. Sorry everybody, no pics this time….my camera was broken 🙁 But I must say, and please repeat after me: Alcohol is not a food group….alcohol is not a food group….

From January 15th-Feb 4th, I took the most amazing trip of my life. It was supposed to start off as a quick trip to Paris, but ended up to be an adventure across the globe! We hit Paris, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Phuket, and Bali.

Paris- It has always been my dream to go to Paris. Low and behold, I get food poisoning and am sidelined for 3 out of the 5 days we are there 😛 It’s a great way to lose weight though….kidding! 😉 I ate frogs legs, duck liver, fish brains, and cow bone marrow so who knows which was the culprit that night. We did what we called “power sight seeing” (a term we used through out the duration of the trip) We saw The Eiffel Tower which still had its holiday lights on. Every hour the whole thing would sparkle with lights for 10 minutes….breathtaking! Then we went to see The Mona Lisa, Notre Dame, and the Catacombs. I thought I would be horrified to see stacks and stacks of bones everywhere but I ended up looking around in awe and with great saddness. THIS many people had lost their lives in 3 different wars…now there are tunnels and tunnels of their preserved bones beautifully displayed

Singapore- What a clean city! Did you know that chewing gum is illegal there? If you commit a crime, even a small one, your picture is posted in the newpaper and you are subject to be caned. If you are a tourist guilty of a small crime (and this could be jay-walking) you can be fined up to $2000! What a great city to be a tourist in though, they speak English as their first language. This was where I realized one night just how world spread WWE was. Some people kept calling my name on one of the vacation islands and I couldn’t figure it out. Did I leave my tour’s name tag on? Were they confusing me with some local talent…? Nope! I turned on the TV later that night and ahhh….Smackdown was on!

Kuala Lumpur- We were scheduled to go home after Singapore but my friend Kelly and I decided, heck! We are already half way around the world, it’d be a pity if we didn’t stop to see other places. Kuala Lumpur just so happened to be the hub for an airlines called Air Asia (Like Southwest Airlines) So, we continued on our adventure. Here is where we got a good dose of reality. Around the Muslim areas there were signs saying non-Muslims not allowed past this point and huge banners of protest with pictures of beheaded children and casualties of war that left nothing to the imagination.

Phuket- I had heard so many great things about Phuket, we couldn’t pass it up! Here we ran into a little snag in our travels….it took FOREVER to go thru customs there and from the time we got off the plane to the time we checked into our actual room (they kept putting us in the wrong room….3 times!) it took about 4 hours…ugh! The days after made up for it though. Kelly and I did a double bungee jump, rode elephants through the jungles, went to James Bond island and took small boats thru the natural island caves, visited a floating fishing village, and had some of the best Thai food ever! But this too was a sobering location. You can hardly believe that this piece of paradise was home to one of the worst natural disasters in the past decade or so. You look around and there are hardly any traces of the devastation left, but it is felt by all. One of our cab drivers lost everything….lost his business, lost his home, lost his wife, and almost lost his son, but luckily they found each other a few short months later. On one particular bend of the road, everyone honks. It is to honor and remember all those who lost their lives, and to remind people to never lose their spirit. It is here in Phuket that I got to witness just how strong the human spirit is. And that we should never take anything for granted because in one quick second, it can be washed away.

Bali- WOW! If there was ever a place I could move to for a year, it is there. I loved every part of it. The food, the culture, the people….ahhh…..This is also the place to go to feel rich. Yes, it may cost an arm and a leg to go half way around the world to get there, but once you’re there you feel like royalty! It is 11,200 Rupee for $1. There were places selling t-shirts for 20,000 rupee. Now I know you’re supposed to bargain but how can you for a shirt that the starting price is roughly $1.80?!!?! We had lunch at the top of a volcano, saw a temple carved into a giant rock in the ocean, played with monkeys, and I played with a bat that was the size of a small cat.

If you guys would like to see some photos and goofy videos we took of our trip go to my Facebook page and check it out! 🙂 They should be under my tagged section.

Thanks everyone!
Love & Aloha, Lena


SHIMMER Champion “Your Soul’s Tormentor” MsChif interview recently conducted an interesting interview with MsChif. Here are some highlights:

How did your MsChif gimmick come about, did you think of it or was it somebody who gave you the idea?

The promotion I debuted with had asked for me to be a crazy character. Crazy, I just didn’t quite have in me though. So instead trying to be something that just wasn’t me, I let surface what was awaiting inside. The gimmick was born in my 1st match. I went out to the ring and gave them what I had and it has just developed along since.

Who’s your favorite female athlete to work with, and if so — Who’s your least favorite female athlete to work with?

This has to be one of the hardest questions to answer. Seriously. By what terms would one base this on? How good they are technically? Challenging? Best in working against my character? Their psychological ability? How colorful of a character they display? The hilarity or brutality in their character’s nature? I could easily come up with about a dozen different women all based on different reasons.

We’ve seen some of your stellar matches against the likes of Lacey, Amazing Kong, Cheerleader Melissa just to name a few. Out of all the matches you’ve done, what is your favorite match?

I’d have to answer this as the SHIMMER vol.9 match against Amazing Kong. Simply because she presents a challenge that no other woman can. If I can survive through the punishment of Kong, I can survive through anyone.

If you could wrestle someone that you haven’t wrestled yet, who would that be?

Clarifying in a singles match, Sara Del Rey. Also, LuFisto, well other than on Fire Pro Wrestling Returns!

How did Diabolic Khaos come about and can we expect a reunion? Maybe with Daffney as your manager?

Delirious and I debuted together. Who can tell what the future will hold. We have actually had a couple reunions already. In the NWA midwest as well as back in our old stomping grounds of the St. Louis area.

You have had both male and female opponents throughout your career thus far. Do you feel as though male vs. female matches work as well as say male vs. male or female vs. female?

Sure they do. What’s the difference from fighting a guy, or fighting a bigger and stronger woman? I just look at matches as wrestler vs. wrestler.

We have watched you wrestle in a variety of matches – Falls Count Anywhere matches, Cage matches and more. What stipulation do you feel most comfortable with, or is it traditional singles matches that do it for you?

I love wrestling in stipulation matches though I draw the line on death matches. I just have no interest in them for myself. While traditional matches can still be great, I love wrestling in any match different from the norm. I don’t think I’ve ever been uncomfortable when given any type of stipulation match.

What was it like to wrestle in Japan? Was there anyone out there you really enjoyed to wrestle against during your stay? Any chance of you going to Japan again in the future?

Awesome! I loved wrestling against Yoshiko Tamura, she’s a fantastic wrestler. I really enjoyed wrestling Tanny Mouse as well. She’s just hilarious and fun.

How did you get started in the wrestling business? Was there anything in particular that really attracted you to wrestling and made you think “Yeah, this is what I’m supposed to be doing”?

I had always been a fan of wrestling. Someone had once asked me, “If there is one fun thing you’d like to do in your life what would that be?” I told them become a wrestler. Shortly after that I looked up the nearest wrestling school and went to check it out.

What are your thoughts on Daffney and who came up with the idea to pair you guys together? Would you ever be interested in having a match against her in Shimmer?

I love being paired with Daffney. I believe we were once conjoined twins separated at birth. I would never want to wrestle her in SHIMMER because I’d never want to leave her side.

MsChif and Daffney- conjoined twins at birth?

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