Pussycat dolls performing at WrestleMania

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Gail Kim’s re-debute on last Friday’s Smackdown.

gailkimnadia.jpegJon Mezzera, Torch Specialist posted at PWtorch.com about Gail Kim’s re-debute on last Friday’s Smackdown.

“I have a couple of problems with this match, and they have nothing to do with the effort of Maryse or Michelle McCool. The first is that it is ridiculous that a Title match would happen without any type of hype at all. There has been a bit of a feud between these two, but the match should have been announced earlier in the show. It was going to be short and have a non-ending, so I understand the desire to not want to over hype it so that the fans aren’t disappointed, but it is disrespectful to the Title (even the meaningless Divas Championship, which doesn’t have to be meaningless). They want us to care about the Title, otherwise why have Gail Kim debut and show the sign that she wants the Title? Her debut is my other problem with this match. It has been a few weeks since WWE showed a Gail Kim vignette, and they only showed two of them. It has been quite awhile since she was in WWE. Newer fans who don’t watch TNA have no idea who she is. She is a former WWE Women’s Champion. They could emphasize that she won that Title in her first match in WWE. They could then bridge that to her current situation of trying to win the Divas Title now that she has returned. But, her return meant nothing. And the crowd certainly didn’t respond.”

That’s a pretty accurate analysis, John…everything but the crowd response to Gail’s return. All things considered, it was a good pop for a returning Diva from the WWE crowd.

WWE’s walking a fine line between pushing Gail and not pushing TNA. WWE so badly wants to hold the claim that they’re the only wrestling company left in the world. That concern doesn’t make any business sense to me. Vince said it himself last week, TNA’s ratings are a fraction of WWE’s.

“Gail Kim’s certainly made an Impact.”
“Gail Kim’s showing total none-stop offense against Michelle and Maryse.”

What’s with the innuendo? WWEs ratings are a fraction of the market share they had when they were fighting for survival against Turner Broadcasting. Vince should be pining for competition from other promotions. So, just say it- AND PICK A FIGHT! We’ve got Gail Kim, TNA! How’z the Knockouts doing? Nyaa, nyaa!

Like Jon said, Gail’s a former WWE champion and I’d like to add, a survivor. She got cut loose and did good in the world and now she’s back in WWE. Her passion, focus and dedication to the craft of wrestling shouldn’t be downplayed because it’s something a wrestling crowd can get behind.

And we’d like to add, pushing the Michelle/Maryse feud with a backstage vignette before having it stomped by Gail Kim in wrestlin’ books later that night in the ring would have made a great swerve and given the moment more drama. Giving Michelle thunder and then having Gail steal the thunder would have been a great start to a feud, as we could see Michelle’s motivation to get even with Gail. And how about a moment to acknowledge that Maryse was down and injured when Gail knocked Michelle out. Maryse should be gloating about her break and planning a way to deal with whoever comes out of the Gail/Michelle feud to challenge her championship again. As of now, we’re stuck filling in the blanks again when Michelle and Gail go at it with each other.

All that being said, it was awesome and all to short a moment to see Gail Kim’s return to WWE.

Fox picks up “Wrestlicious”…so what is Wrestlicious?

wrestlicious.jpgWrestlicious, the brain child of Powerball winner Jonathan Vargas, is touted on the progam’s homepage as “The Hottest action/comedy on TV.” The show’s simularity to GLOW is no accident as Wrestlicious’ Senior Producer is GLOW alumni Johnny Cafarella. The show comes off like a mix of campy 80s music video with over the top women wrestlers reminiscent of comic book characters and high-energy wrestling matches in a customized wrestling ring. Fox has agreed to pick up the show and will run the 13 episodes secretly taped last August this Fall.

Jimmy Hart will be hosting the show alongside 2005 WWE Diva Search runner-up Leyla Milani.

Lacey Von Erich, the 22-year-old daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Kerry Von Erich, is wrestling with her own name and is seen in the video pushing her family ties and finishing maneuver — “The Claw.”

Model Lana Kinnear is also featured in the video and will be wrestling as “Malibu McKenzie.” Kinnear appeared in the short-lived “WOW: Women of Wrestling” promotion as the pink-belted Lana Star. Kinnear also made an appearance on Raw in December 2004 in a limbo contest.

Ohio Valley Wrestling women’s wrestler Roni Jonah appears to be the vampire character “Draculeta.”

Semi-retired adult film actress Trina Michaels looks to be one of the referees.

Also appearing:

Lizzy Valentine,
Daizee Haze,
Portia Perez,
Becky Bayless.

Wrestlicious, “What would you do if you won the Powerball?

wrestlicious.jpgWrestlicious released a newspress today to explain that the new woman wrestling promotion that Jimmy Hart is launching is the brainchild of Jonathan Vargas, 19 year old Powerball winner…


Los Angeles, CA-Saturday March 28, 2008

The Executive Producer of the new Jimmy Hart’s Wrestlicious TV show creating a huge buzz on the internet, 19 year old Jonathan Vargas, is excited about the overwhelming response. Vargas, the youngest Powerball winner ever, won 35.3 million in May 2008, and wasted no time pursuing his dream of being involved the wrestling business. Vargas, who lived in Gaston, South Carolina at when he bought the winning Powerball ticket recently moved to Tampa, Florida to be closer to the Wrestlicious production.

“It definitely always been a dream to be in the wrestling business. I grew up watching Jimmy Hart, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine and Nasty Boy Brian Knobbs, and it seems surreal that they are all part of Wrestlicious now. We have assembled some of the best producers and talent in the business, I know in my heart Wrestlicious will be a home run”

Vargas will appear in the show as “JV Rich”, the laid back and affable Rapper/Owner of Wrestlicious. Regular features will include “JV’s CRIB”, a look at the goings-on inside JV’s mansion frequented by The Wrestlicious Girls.

“I thought he was very nice, and doesn’t seem to be affected at all by his good fortune. He was totally respectful to all the ladies on the set. He seemed to me to be involved in Wrestlicious solely because he genuinely loves wrestling and not as a vehicle to meet young women” said Wrestlicious star Lacey Von Erich.

“Mr. Vargas has been a pleasure to work with since he first expressed his interest in women’s wrestling to me last summer” added Wrestlicious Senior Producer and GLOW alumni Johnny Cafarella “He’s a very smart young man and surprising business acumen for a guy his age”

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We have respect for Jonathan Vargas, we think this could be campy fun and hope Wrestlicious- an all-woman wrestling show that will debout on Fox this fall- tremendous success.

WWE Diva Mickey James beats Santino with two arms tied behind his back

25divarumble.jpgFrom Raw 3/23/09- Is Santino man enough to become ‘Miss WrestleMania?’

It’s a comedy match. It’s a frickin’ hilarious comedy match! Santino tries to use affirmative action to enter the 25 Diva Royal Rumble at WrestleMania and get a little payback on Mickey James. Vickie tells Santino that if he can beat Mickey with one arm tied behind his back, he can enter the Rumble. Well, Mickey James’ game to take on Santino and the result is a fun match to watch and a good build towards the 25 Diva Royal Rumble.

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It takes Mickey James only nine seconds at 2:21 to tie Santino’s other arm…though Santino is still left with his head…not ‘wits’… ‘head’.

RingDivas Divamania 2009 Main Event has been set!!!

rd_hotnews-001-0323091.jpgIf you got a chance to see the outstanding 8 woman Diva Rumble match then you already know that the main event for Divamania 2009 has been officially set! With the Womens World Championship title on the line World Champion Suicide will face Former FightGirl World Champion Jessicka Havoc one-on-one at Divamania 2009!!!

Suicide has faced Jessicka Havoc one-on-one twice and she has lost both times. Jessicka Havoc has faced past opponents for the World Championship and she has also failed. Who will attain there destiny and acheive their dreams of gaining or retaining the Womens World Championship title? Don’t miss this HUGE blockbuster event and find out!!!

DOWNLOAD – Diva Rumble 2009 (Complete Event PPD)

WrestleMania 25 Updates

wm251.jpgDuring Saturday night’s replay of Raw on the Universal HD channel the 25-Diva Battle Royal graphic for WrestleMania XXV was shown once again, but with two WWE Divas removed. The Gail Kim and Candice Michelle were both gone. Gail Kim will likely be in the match, but she has yet to make her official return to the ring. Kim will be making her television return to the company on this week’s edition of SmackDown, which was taped this past Tuesday. Unfortunately for Candice Michelle, it appears as though that she has been pulled from the match altogether, and will be missing WrestleMania for the second year in a row due to injury.

WWE’s stocks are rising, with their biggest PPV of the year just around the corner. The stock market is surging, gaining 500 points today, and WWE stocks rose with the Dow and closed the day trading at $11.72 a share, up almost 10% from Friday’s closing.

WWE’s public stocks may be rising, but their stocks with Diva fans have definately taken a hit! WWE has scrapped plans for an all-Diva episode of ECW. Our source tells us the thinking is, what build up does a Royal Rumble need? So, the ECW will be building a ECW title match for WrestleMania instead, with some Diva clips thrown in…

WWE has announced that Kid Rock and lead Pussycat Doll, Nicole Scherzinger, will perform at the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania on April 5 at Reliant Stadium in Houston.

Former Diva Ashley Massaro has changed her profile status to being an employee of WWE. Our source tells us former WWE Diva Joy Giovanni was backstage visiting friends at Monday’s Raw in San Antonio, Texas.

Former WWE Divas Champion Michelle McCool appeared on last week’s Raw Live Blog on WWE.com on Monday and was asked about Kim from a fan. McCool responded: “Gail Kim…I always liked watching her, but I don’t think she has what it takes! I mean, she’s ok – but she’s not anything special!” It’s a good heel response from McCool- ‘in the ropes’. The kind of response that’ll draw an answer from Gail, maybe as early as this Friday’s Smackdown…

Check out more Torrie Wilson pictures at Crazedbabes.com!!!

TNA Knockout Traci Brooks update

traci-brooks.jpegTraci Brooks had an opportunity to catch us up on her time in Iraq.

Current mood: thankful

hey everyone

just a quick update from So Cal Val and I from

Iraq…been here for a week and words cant describe what its

like over here…we ve met over 20 000 soldiers men and

women from the ages of 18 and up and been all over

Iraq..stranded right now in Baghdad due to a sandstorm so we

had a minute to catch up with everyone back home…

well i had a bit of a boo boo and got injured..i was of

course doing something i shouldn’t have been doing and

burnt the right side of my chest pretty bad..i was firing a

240 off of an M rap and the shell kicked back and fell down

my shirt and burnt me pretty bad…I’m a little sore but

the medics here were fantastic and got me all wrapped up and

back on the road..ya, only me that would happen to …dont

worry tna fans my chest will be as good as new when i get

back home..lol..the funniest part of the trip has been

seeing So Cal Val roughing it..brushing her teeth outside

with a bottle of water, using porta potty, eating bagged

army food..its quite funny to me..lol..dont worry i got lots

of pics…but seriously people back home have no idea how

lucky we have it, i believe everyone needs to come over here

and see what our brave men and women are doing for us..not a

day has passed that tears have not run down our faces or a

smile across our face from a

solider saying 2 simple words THANK YOU!, We are both

always so surprised when they say that, they are thanking us

for coming over there for 10 days when they are risking

their lives for us..THANK YOU guys for being so selfless and

brave!!! God bless,

love Traci and So Cal Val


WWE Diva Gail Kim wrestles at WWE Live Event

8352200.jpgJames Cohorn is passing the world that Maria and Gail Kim teamed up to beat Michelle McCool and Maryse at a recent live event. Jame attended the Smackdown house show in Little Rock, Arkansas at the Alltel Arena.

James wrote: ‘Maria said that her tag team partner was the newest Diva on the Smackdown side. She introduced Gail Kim as her partner. The crowd seemed to have forgotten who Gail Kim was during her time away from WWE by the reaction. I popped big when she was introduced. Maria worked the match the most for the face team. Gail Kim won the match for the faces with a top rope dropkick. Gail looked good in the ring during the action.’

Gail Kim is using the song “Feelin Me” by Kynady Lee. Gail seems to be using the Missile Dropkick as her new finisher. There are some clips of the match, sneakily taped by the worse shaky cam we’ve seen since ‘Cloverfield.’ We posted one because it’s cool to get a peak at Kim, but we wish the guy filming could have held the phone still for just one second…

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Trish Stratus Reads the Weather

Trish Stratus stepped in for Dave to read the weather. Trish has a new look…what do you think is better for Trish…blond or brunette?

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