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“Human misery is too great for men to live without faith!”

“It isn’t what you have in your pocket that makes you thankful, but what you have in your heart!”

So, it’s been a while (once again….) since I posted a blog to all of you WWE Universers! 🙂 Things have actually been pretty busy and today is no different. I head out to Japan today (I’m sitting in LAX) as we speak to do a promotional tour.

Anyway, you know the drill so heeeeeerrrrreeee we go!

Michelle McCool “Inside the Ropes:” Things were a bit shaken up after the draft and I couldn’t be more satisfied! The Women’s Champion on SD!?!?!? Two words….”welcome home!”

For those of you who don’t recall, Melina (during her in ring debut) had her two cronies give me their snap shot putting me out of action for quite some time. Needless to say, I plan on finishing what she started a long time ago. I may forgive, but I don’t forget!

So what’s sweeter than revenge? Getting revenge by taking her women’s championship away from her… which I plan on doing rather quickly. Once this happens, and it will, I will once again go down in the history books! I’ve already become the #1 contender, rightfully so, so it’s only a matter of time. The problem I’m having is how to do it…do I finish Melina off quickly and put her out of her misery at the beginning of the match or do I relish in making her suffer throughout the match only to add insult to injury at the end? Idk….I’m thinking I’d like to see her suffer!

Next topic of discussion…..Melina breaks my nose? (I’m sorry I can’t add the picture, but I promise to do it when I get back home and can download them to my computer). Alot of you questioned my nose being black, blue and purple all over following last weeks tag match. Yes, it was! Happy? Just like her victory, Melina got lucky with a shot to my face. So she fractured my nose…so what – She still hits like a girl!!!!!!!!!!

My short hair: I’ve gotten lots of comments about my short hair. It was time for change. It seems like after I cut bangs and wore my hair long & straight, it became the “it do” if you will! It seemed every direction I turned, the divas hairstyle looked the same… Long, luxurious locks (or extensions)! For those of you who have commented about liking it, thank you! For those of you who hate it….good thing I didn’t cut it to please you, huh? That’s all I have to say about that!

Michelle McCool Outside The Ropes: I’m really excited about this trip to Japan, but I just wish two things…..1.) that my plane wasn’t delayed 4 hours before I have to get on the plane and sit for another 12 and… 2.) that I had some more time while I am there. Japan is somewhere I’d definitely like to explore. It just seems everytime I’ve been there, I’ve had a hard time getting up from the table eating sushi. 🙂 HHH is going to be there as well and we will be doing the Japan MTV music awards – sweet!

I’ve got a lot of cool work related stuff coming up which I am excited about…..more details to come! 🙂 I have to run now. I think my plane time just changed again (for the better I think – let’s hope). Sorry for the blunt end….Until next time –

Faith to fight the good fight, heart to believe and soul to search within!

Love, mm

The broken nose is speculated to be exagerated as an angle for a McCool versus Melina feud, although she did take a stiff shot. McCool is the only heel on Smackdown to push for a feud with Melina, as Alicia Fox is basically everyone’s punching bag right now. Expect Candice to redebute as a heel.

Former WWE Victoria’s debute on TNA

To which we say, wow…Victoria looks great and kicked this feud with Angelina Love straight into gear with her arrival. Victoria’s training in MMA has her looking incredible…and that friggin’ widow’s peak on Angelina was just sick.

TNA: Hermie’s Hotseat With Sojo Bolt

TNA Knockout…Victoria

lisamarie.jpegThere’s a rumour going around that Victoria has signed on as a TNA Knockout. Our first response was, ‘get the heck out of here’ followed by some marking out. We have speculated in the past that Victoria needed to ‘cross the line’ if she wanted to get out of her rutt in WWE- but we’re thinking we probably didn’t influence Victoria’s decision. Victoria has blogged that she’s 100% committed to training for MMA and TNA’s schedule is hard to pass up, as it would allow her to continue to train for MMA while making TV appearances for TNA.

Jeremy Borash said on Friday that “TNA has come to terms with a well known female wrestler.” Divasdirt has reported it’s Victoria.

As we’ve previously reported, Victoria did attend a UFC Night show in Nashville where she met TNA president Dixie Carter, but in her myspace, she blogged that thought it had crossed her mind, TNA hadn’t come to her with offers and she is focused on her MMA.

Victoria’s no-complete clause has long expired, so if this is all true, we can expect Victoria’s debut to be anytime.

We will report more on this story as it develops.

Lena Yada asks, “What’s Colonel Sander’s Secret…?”

lenayada2.jpegFrom Lena Yada’s myspace,

What’s Colonel Sander’s Secret…?
Current mood: disgusted

KFC suppliers cram birds into huge waste-filled factories, breed and drug them to grow so large that they can’t even walk, and often break their wings and legs. At slaughter, the birds’ throats are slit and they are dropped into tanks of scalding-hot water—often while they are still conscious. It would be illegal for KFC to abuse dogs, cats, pigs, or cows in these ways.

KFC’s own animal welfare advisors have asked the company to take steps to eliminate these abuses, but KFC refuses to do so. Many advisors have now resigned in frustration.

Please join Pamela Anderson, Sir Paul McCartney, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, The Rev. Al Sharpton, and countless other kind people worldwide by not eating at KFC.

We couldn’t agree more with Lena Yada. The persuit of continued profits in these ‘farms’ has diminished the quality of life of these creatures to the point it’s a living hell hole. Here’s the problem: no matter how much cost cutting a company does to increase profit, the competition copies what’s done and takes away the profit. So, in the long run, there is no (what’s called) economic profit in a market. Is it worth eating chicken to treat any creature that inhumanely?

Our livestock have been marginal members of our society since we started rounding them up thousands of years ago. Before we fenced in our food, they were a part of our ecology. Take a look at how livestock was treated two hundred, then a hundred, then fifty years ago. Our society didn’t think of these animals as mindless and souless sources of revenue until it became necessary to dehumanize these animals in order to maintain a profit. It’s true that we raise livestock for food, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t treat our livestock with respect and provide them with some quality of life.

And here’s the other shoe dropping: in the long run, all markets lose their economic profit and the only way an owner can maintain profits is to take it from their labour force. All a business has to do is rationalize that you’re not ‘quite’ as human as the owners and customers. Go along with taking away the right to a quality of life for the most marginal and powerless members of our society and one day you might wind up the next to lose a right to a standard of life to make room for a fast buck.

Lena Yada, not chicken of KFC.

Article, “Heroines wanted” highlights

wrestlegasm.jpgWhat a great article from wrestlegasm.com, a site devoted to wrestling from a woman wrestling fan’s perspective. This is a really nice site! The article is titled “Heroines Wanted: Apply within….” Here’s some highlights,

Back in the day, when my love affair with wrestling was at its climatic peak, there were three kinds of women in the WWE/F. These were the times when, in my eyes, it could do no wrong. Every twist and turn delighted me and I overlooked even the most ludicrous storylines. Ah, memories. As I said, there were three kinds of ladies back then.

1) Girls Who Look Like Boys (The Chynas)

You remember them, right? Overdeveloped, manly, muscle machines with chins that would put Edge to shame. They usually got to work with the guys, because physically they were evenly matched. We’ll call them The Chynas.

2) Pretty-Girl Wrestlers (The Trishes)

The women who seem able to maintain their femininity but still manage to pull off hot-shot, eye popping wrestling moves. Like Trish Stratus. We’ll come back to Trish later.

3) The Fluff (The Keiblers)

I doubt this category really needs any explanation, but basically the girls who look drop-dead gorgeous but have extremely limited wrestling skills. Stacey Keibler: Hot pins, bad at pinning.

Fast forward to today’s bizarre state of WWE affairs and one category, The Chynas, has completely disappeared. Times have changed. Vince McMahon and his production staff’s job is to make money. They seek to pinpoint the most bankable trends in popular culture and apply them to their own product. We live in a celebrity obsessed world. For women, you’re not accepted if you’re not the perfect height, the perfect weight, the perfect amount of pretty, just the right amount of sexy.

The Keiblers are still there. Occasionally it bothers me, but not that much. It would be great if every woman employed by Vince McMahon had a fantastic, athletic, in-ring presence, but not everyone is made for taking bumps. They play their roles just like everyone else. The trend seems to be to get all women in to this middle ground of beauty and athleticism. Some just excel at being beautiful but can’t pull off top moves. And that’s fine. The fact that they’re out there trying and giving it their best to entertain makes me really happy. And who could possibly hate Kelly-Kelly anyway? She’s so damn cute. She’s like a cupcake with pink frosting and a cherry on top.

I don’t even mind that guys drool over them. It would be wholly hypocritical of me to be insulted by that kind of behaviour, being that I have a segment in my Smackdown recaps which charts the weekly colours and contents of CM Punk’s trunks.

So what’s my problem? My problem is that when it comes to storylines, screen time and ring time, the women of the WWE are second class citizens. This is not a feminist rant. I just want to see the ladies getting a fair crack of the whip. They are skipped over on several Pay Per Views, they have significantly less time in the ring, bearly enough mic time for us even to know what their voices sound like and non-existent storylines. It’s disappointing and an insult to the intelligence of those us interested in more than just the fact that Maryse wants a man who takes regular showers.

I sometimes wonder if the writers don’t give the women any storylines because they don’t believe anyone would care. Nonsense. People don’t care RIGHT NOW because there are NO storylines. Everyone knows that when wrestling/sports entertainment is good, the balance between dramatics and athletics is bang on. At the moment, there are NO female storylines and a tiny blot of athletics. It doesn’t work.

Wrestlemania. The grandest stage of the them all. The highlight of the wrestling calendar. Millions of people watching around the world. And who won the Miss Wrestlemania contest? A man in a skirt and a wig with a chin strap. I get the joke. Really. I do. But what a waste. Santino Marella is a great comedian. He’s a natural. I’ve laughed with him at certain points through this whole Santina story. But seeing Beth Phoenix chasing him/her around for the past six weeks is a major let-down and a shameful waste of her talent. She is one of the most accomplished female athletes in the company and yet her skills are bearly tapped in to.

Maybe the WWE believes that female fans wouldn’t support female superstars if they upped their profile and marketed the directly to women. There is this odd myth that all women hate each other and that ladies will only cheer for male wrestlers. That’s incorrect. Those women do exist, but I’d be unpleasantly surprised if they made up the majority. If the female fanbase really is 40% of the entire WWE Universe, give us the same role models and heels the male fans have. Build feuds. Create identities and heroines. Give us characters to look forward to seeing and discussing and supporting. There are some amazing women in the WWE. It would make my day to see little girls wearing Mickie James t-shirts. Those shirts don’t exist. Little girls wear Jeff Hardy shirts because WWE promotes him to that market. Promote the women to women and young girls and I guarantee it will get a favourable response. Allow young girls to see the female wrestlers succeeding in the same way and at the same level their male counterparts do and it will give them a work ethic to aspire to.

I can’t speak for any of the female talent. I don’t know them. I haven’t met them. Even if I did I highly doubt they would be so unprofessional as to air any personal grievances in front of fans. But it’s got to be frustrating for them, hasn’t it? As a woman, the lack or interest the WWE shows in its Women’s Division sometimes makes me feel like it doesn’t care about me either. So, apart from the obvious, why should I keep coming back?

Torrie Wilson fans get ready to vote!!!!

torriewilson.jpgTorrie Posted on Myspace onSunday, May 17, 2009

Please support your fave ex diva!!!

Current mood: adventurous

Hello my friends!

Gosh it has been forever since I have checked in with you guy’s and I am so sorry! It seems like just when I thought I couldn’t be busier I have done just that….gotten busier! I had a great time at Wrestlemania this year although I wasn’t extremely thrilled with my role. It was what it was…but many people didn’t even know I was in the Diva’s match! I think it was a great way for me to at leaste have a little closure since I had quit while healing from back surgery and basically just called them up and said I didn’t want to go back on the road again feeling the way I did. I felt like I was walking through my old Mcall-Donnelly High School when I was going through the building seeing all my old friends…that was fun and sure did make me realize I miss a lot of my good friends so much!

…So I am going on this reality show called “I’m a celebrity get me out of here!” that will be airing starting June 1st on NBC and will be airing 4 days per week..mon-thurs. the entire month of June. Part of every show is actually going to be live and I will pretty much be living in the jungle in Costa Rica for as long as possible without much to live on! I want to stay until the very end because my chosen charity will be given a large donation on behalf of me if I do! This is where all of you come in……I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!! PLEASE VOTE FOR ME ANY CHANCE YOU CAN!!!! My “celebrity status” as we say…has been questioned by many people saying that I don’t have the following that some of my cast members do and I need all of my loyal wrestling fans to prove them wrong! I keep telling everyone that you can NEVER underestimate the power and loyalty of wrestling fans. I am tired of people ignoring the fact that wrestling is a HUGE sport! ….with an unbelievable amount of fans! That “wrestling chic” wants to go to the jungle and show em how it’s done! I am going to do my best and all that I ask for from all of you is to PLEASE support me LIKE YOU ALWAYS HAVE AND I WON’T DISAPPOINT YOU!

I will touch base with you again before heading off to Costa Rica but for now have a wonderful night and God Bless!! xox -Torrie

Okay, there you have it, let’s prove Torrie right and help her win for her charity!


WWE Diva Jillian Hall engaged

jillian.jpegCongratulations to WWE Diva Jillian on her engagement John Toland, familiar to WWE fans as former WWE star James Dick! The happy couple met several years ago while training at Ohio Valley Wrestling in Louisville.

WWE Raw Beth Phoenix vs Santina Marella

*sigh* Just listen to crowd chant ‘Santina’. Proof that beauty isn’t the only thing that matters in the WWE.

“Scream Queen” Daffney in Knockouts photo gallery

daffney11.jpgGone, oh, form of Sara Palin and give rise to the “scream queen” Daffney, on TNA! TNA has a gallery up on Daffney at their site, tnawrestling.com.

Did you know Daffney made it into the top fifty women wrestlers list put out by “Pro Wrestling Illustrated”?

Daffney has been added to the Abyss storyline which had been growing stale. Now Daffeny and Abyss are in ‘therapy’ in a storyling that is actually fresh! TNA and a fresh storyline? Did the sky fall?

TNA Knockout Daffney has launched a new website at www.DaffneysHouse.com.


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