Sara Del Ray talks about her new hobby- collecting championships

kongray.jpegFrom Sara Del Ray’s MySpace on Sunday, June 28, 2009,

Blog talk

Hey people,

I just had a short stack oh homemade wheat and protein pancakes with banana and peanut butter so I am in a fantastic mood and figured what better time to write a blog!

So here goes..

As of last night I am the first ever Jersey All Pro Womens Champion! Yes that’s write I’m starting a trend …I’m collecting belts! For anyone interested I will be having my first title defense August 1st…check out Jersey All Pro for tickets, venue and who my opponent will be.

Last week I took part in ACW’s American Joshi Queen of Queens tournament. I came very close to taking the whole thing by defeating Angel Blue the Rachel Summerlyn but that darn Daizee Haze had my number…that night.

All and all it was a real fun event lots of great talent and definatly worth checking out once released on DVD.

Can’t wait for the DVD????? Check these out !

On to sadder news.. The world is a less bright place with out the entertaining skills of Mitsuharu Misawa, Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett. I like everyone was stunned by the sudden loss of both Misawa and Michael. I was fortunate enough to meet Misawa many times and get to see him wrestle live and I cherish those memories. RIP you were all taken to soon.

I guess to lighten the mood I will discuss my new is awesome! It has only been a week and I already feel changes..I guess I have to give credit to my new workout as well. For those interested it is the “Vacation Countdown” program in this months Muscle and Fitness Hers..The one with Kim Kardashian on the cover…

Side note..well rant Warning!!

I am almost insulted that Kim Kardashian is the cover girl on a muscle and fitness magazine…She just looks skinny to me. I mean she has a great body and good for her that she works out but really muscle and fitness???? Not a good choice!

Back to my work out..I think it might also help that a new class session at my gym has started and this week my schedule allowed me to do Core/Spinning/Kickboxing and Yoga. I have never done a Spin class before but tried it a few weeks ago when it was a free trial and I fell in love! With Wrestling, Kickboxing and weight training sometimes my joints feel tired and beat up but not after Spin. I feel wiped out but good!! So if you can try it I give it two thumbs up!

I guess that is it for now!

Take care everyone!

Gail Kim to Raw, Alicia Fox to Raw, Natalya to Smackdown

gailkimnadia.jpegDonald Trump’s brief tenure as the owner of raw continues to pay out interest(ing) dividends for WWE fans. On on Monday’s episode of raw it was announced that the Donald has arrange the trade of more than a dozen superstars throughout all three WWE brands. That’s the excuse WWE is using to implement another draft after saying there would be no more cross brand appearances by wrestlers and each brand would be complete and of itself. Okay I guess Donald Trump is also responsible for the hall passes for Jericho and Hardy.

At the top the list moving to the Raw roster is none other than Gail Kim. So, Gail Kim is excited about the upcoming two week tour including Hawaii, Japan and the Phillipines. Tomorrow Gail Kim and Alicia Fox may get a chance to respond to the unexpected brand swap during the tapings for this Friday’s Smackdown. Then, after the tour ends Gail Kim and Alicia Fox will join the main event! The two may continue their feuding when on Mondays..which we don’t mind at all. Alicia Fox has shown us, the fans, that she’s willing to sell and work to get us into her matches and we think she’s quickly establishing herself as a rising star.

Gail Kim posted on her MySpace on Sunday, June 28, 2009,

HEY! ITS ME!!!! 🙂

Hey guys!! Its been a minute since Ive actually posted anything with the exception of the rare message on my site, but I had to clarify that I DO NOT have a twitter account or a Facebook account!!! If I ever choose to have one I’ll let everyone know…so if you think its me, its a FAKE!

Im off to the west coast now then Hawaii, Japan and Phillipines!!! Never been to all three places….soooo excited! GIRL TIME! and some adventures…..:)

Other WWE talent being shuffled around are Brie and Nikki Bella- who will be moved to the ECW Roster and another big play that has us gushing- Natalya is moving to Smackdown!

That’s right! The Hart Dynasty will be joining the best WWE programming on TV at this time. David Hart Smith, Tyson kidd and Natalya will add much appreciated Canadian content to Smackdown.

That means the McCool will have Natalya in her heel corner. The two of them together are going to give Melina, Eve and Laya(?) a pretty hard time.

We won’t see a McCool Gail Kim feud, but we may get to see a Beth versus Gail Kim program- which, after Gail Kim’s failed launch on Smackdown and Beth’s humiliation over the last few months, both wrestlers could really use to get the train back on the track! We’ve finally got a reason to watch women’s wrestling on Raw again…

WWE’s the bash 2009 PPV results: Melina loses the title to Michelle McCool

mccool.jpegMcCool made history tonight as the first ever to win both the divas and women’s title. In their championship matchup at the bash, Linda came up short in her defense due to injuries and interference from Alicia Fox.

The WWE women’s champion Melina looked hot tonight in her ring entrance. Michelle McCool came out next with Alicia Fox in tow. McCool went for a big move early to Melina turned into a DDT. The divas brawled after that and Melina injures her leg, giving Michelle a target to exploit.

McCool tried to use her styles Clash on Melina, but Melina faught out. They take the fight to the top rope and Melina takes control only to be injured again. Melina gets a two count and Fox stops the pin. Melina kicks Fox through the ropes. This gives McCool the time she needs to counter Melina and get a two count.

McCool counters again and then nails the Faith Breaker to get the pinfall and the win.

Winner and new WWE women’s champion: Michelle McCool

Sensible move to have Mccool take the title as it sets up a possible new feud and push with the badly debuted Gail Kim, or the opportunity for Melina and McCool to continue their feud. The Smackdown Divas have been working hard on the program and it shows. The four-way match on Friday’s Smackdown featured polished moves by all four divas. Of course, we thought the highlight of the match was when Gail Kim got the hot tag from Melina. It was an interesting finish to the match to, having Gail Kim miss the tag and not realize that McCool was legal, giving Michelle a big opportunity to apply the styles Clash on her for the win.

The only possible concern we have is with WWE’s insistence on booking McCool as somehow superhuman. Not only is that not believable, but it makes the other divas and the feuds look week. WWE needs to take a look at the knockouts program where the back-and-forth action between the knockouts has created consistently exciting matches to watch.

Congratulations Michelle McCool on making history!

TNA 2009 Slammiversary results

victoria-tara-tna.jpgAngelina Love (w/Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne) vs. Tara

Sky and Rayne interfered on Love’s behalf early. Tenay reiterated that Team 3D hadn’t arrived at the arena yet. Tara had Love down at 6:00, then she went psycho and left the ring to attack Sky and Rayne. This gave Love time to recover and surprise Tara with a kick. Rayne and Sky then sprayed Tara in the face with a spray and Love finished her to retain the title.

WINNER: Love in 7:00.

Not a long match, but solid. The Tara and Love feud isn’t out of steam, yet.

Daffney & Raven vs. Abyss & Taylor Wilde in a Mixed Tag Monster’s Ball match.

Abyss splashed Daffney in the corner early. Abyss pressed Daffney and threw her onto Raven and Stevie Richards on the floor. Taylor dove off the top rope onto all three seconds later. A few minutes later after they brawled up toward the entrance ramp, Taylor dove off a speaker stack onto Daffney on a table below. Stevie’s distracting the ref saved Raven during an Abyss cover. Abyss got up and complained, then moved when Raven swung a trash can at him, so the can hit Stevie and knocked him to the floor. Abyss poured thumb tacks onto the mat. Daffney hit Abyss from behind. He no-sold it. She pleaded for mercy and then tried to run. Taylor Wilde tossed Daffney onto the tacks. Stevie saved Daffney from Taylor’s pin attempt. Raven bashed Abyss with a chair and then DDT’d him onto a chair for a believable near fall. Abyss came back and gave Raven a Black Hole Slam on the tacks for the win.

WINNERS: Abyss & Wilde in 14:00.

Seriously, who expected Daffney to take a bump on tacks? Daffney and Wilde- another great knockout feud.


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RingDivas Xposed: The Sensational Sam Sexton

samsexton1.jpgSensational isn’t just a nickname to the Undisputed Women’s World Champion, its a standard that Sam Sexton works to live up to, and in capturing her 2nd World title, the champ feels she has achieved just that. RINGDIVAS has always been an organization boasting stiff competition and beautiful women, and in the opinion of both herself and her fans, Sam Sexton epitomizes the RINGDIVA brand.

“Wearing this championship and being the face of RINGDIVAS has always been my ultimate goal,” says Sexton. “There are other companies throughout the country and even the world, but RINGDIVAS represents the best and most beautiful there is in wrestling. Its only fitting that I represent them!”

While many wrestling purists take exception to her tactics, few can argue with Sexton’s success. Sam’s accolades have always come with an air of controversy surrounding them, but the Sensational one doesn’t let the criticism get to her.

“Its jealousy! Nothing more!,” claims the champion. “If you’re in this business and don’t strive to reach the top, you’re wasting your time! And if people can’t understand that, then they will never get Sam Sexton!”

Among those who may not “get” Sam Sexton are her RINGDIVAS colleagues; specifically those in contention for her Undisputed Women’s World Championship.

“No, I DON’T have friends in the locker room. Friendships aren’t a priority to me and there have been people who have found out the hard way that Sam Sexton will ALWAYS look out for #1. And while the other girls can be friends and watch each other’s backs- Sam Sexton keeps her eyes focused on keeping this title! When the history books are written, nobody cares how many friends you had, but EVERYONE will see that Sam Sexton made history when I won the World Championship not once, but TWICE!”

Ms. Sexton’s current reign is in fact her second, putting her in a class all her own as no other RINGDIVA has held the title more than once to date, and it’s this fact that bolsters Sensational Sam’s claim of being the “greatest” RINGDIVAS champion of all time.

“Who else can say they’ve held this title twice?, asks Sexton. “NOBODY! That’s who!”

But not everyone is as impressed with her achievement as Ms. Sexton.

“If it weren’t for Kyle Shillinger she wouldn’t have been in that championship match to begin with,” claims former champion, Suicide. “And there isn’t a whole lot of mystery about how THAT deal was made!”

“Sam Sexton and Kyle Shillinger are real proud of themselves,” said former FIGHTGIRL Champion Jessicka Havok, “but you know what? To be a two-time champion just means she lost that belt once! And before long, she’ll lose it again!”

Both Suicide and Jessicka Havok would love to get a title match with Sam Sexton, but with Kyle Shillinger pulling the strings, many feel the odds of the champion losing her title anytime soon weigh heavily in Sexton’s favor.


Lisa Marie Varon aka Victoria quick to challenge whisper campaign that she is Benoit’s ‘mystery’ lover

tnatara.jpegLisa Marie Varon wasted no time in answering an article that claimed Lisa Marie was the mystery mistress in the year before Benoit’s death. The article was posted without confirmation- as an unamed source apparently from WWE sent in an email claiming that the information was passed on from ‘someone close to the remaining Benoit family. Okay, so now you know how a whisper campaign gets started. A rumour passed by email about a story from someone ‘close to the source.’

However, after establishing that the story is unverified and passed through several hands before being sent in, the article points a finger at Lisa Marie and declares her as none other than the mysterious lover and then claims that several sources- two former WWE employees and 1 writer for WWE have confirmed that the email is true. This is a damning statement. The Benoit Tragedy is still toxic in wrestling after two short years and remains potentially lethal to wrestling careers.

The timing is conspicuous and the intent is obvious, as the article ran mere hours before Tara’s first match on TNA.

Now, we should point out that this was the first we heard of this story- except for a random post in the Diva forums on the night before, which we dismissed as adolescent nonsense, an ill-informed fan trying to sound like a ‘smark’. In addressing this rumour head-on, Victoria has raised the profile of this story. On the other hand, if this story turns out to be a attempt to hurt Lisa Mari’s reputation, the individual who ‘leaked’ this story may soon find the tables turned.

Lisa Marie posted on her MySpace,
Response to a Vicious Lie

I try not to respond to rumors. It’s a lose-lose situation. If you don’t respond, it seems like you may be avoiding the rumor because it is true. If you deny it, you are bringing more attention to a lie. Well, in this case I’m gonna respond. A MySpace friend emailed me yesterday to let me know that a wrestling gossip website is claiming that they have an anonymous source or sources that say I was Chris Benoit’s secret mistress at the time of his murder-suicide. First let me say, this is absolutely false. I invite the “reporter” from that website to come to my home city, and I will submit myself to a polygraph. If this website is at all concerned with the truth, they should jump at the opportunity. But frankly, I think they are just concerned about sensational headlines, and couldn’t care less about the facts behind it.

And the timing sure is conspicuous.Years after the event, but hours before my TNA wrestling debut. Could it be that a certain wrestling organization is concerned about what kind of impact that I will make in TNA? And what kind of coward would make such a powerful claim, and hide in the shadows of anonymity. Come forward. Legitimize your claim.

I have made every effort to move on and take the high road. The worst thing that I have said is that I wanted a different role. Believe me, in nine years with that organization, I have been aware of behavior so deviant that it would shock the devil himself. But as the old saying goes, the only thing certain about a mudslinging contest is that everyone gets dirty.

And finally, let me say this. To spread a lie like this hurts the survivors of a tragedy that already have gone through immeasurable suffering. Although it doesn’t excuse his behavior, studies on Chris Benoit’s brain after his death showed severe damage from years of wrestling-related injuries. That, mixed with mood and hormone altering drugs led to a horrible outcome. Before that, as we all have heard, he was very dedicated to his family. Don’t drag these victims and their families through vicious lies for the sake of attempting to take the wind out of my sails.

Again, I think the website that first posted this should feel obligated to come out here and polygraph me. Stand by your story.

But in the end, all you’ve done is hurt some innocent people with lies, and frankly, pissed me off, and motivated me to make TNA as good a product as I can.

Lisa Marie Varon

TNA Tara, formally known as Victoria still kicking booty

She’s now been called Tara, but the woman wrestler formerly known as Victoria is perfectly matched in her feud against the beautiful people. TNA was right on the money putting Victoria up against the beautiful people right away. This was also the best match we’ve seen from Maddison Rayne since she came to TNA.

Victoria explains her decision to wrestle for TNA

tnatara.jpeg Lisa Maria Varon posted today on myspace. Victoria confirmed that the schedule and the opportunity to wrestle all-out while still being able to make MMA her main focus made TNA’s offer irresistible. Do you know she also mixes?

My TNA Wresting Debut !
Hey MySpacers !

A few people have asked me why I chose to go to TNA. Not nearly as many as have suggested that I go to TNA over the past couple years, but it has been been asked. Before I can answer that, I have to address why I left WWE. I left because I didn’t enjoy my role, and I didn’t see it changing. That, in addition to the brutal travel schedule, made it an easy choice for me to walk away and leave the opportunity available to one of the scores of female wrestlers who were anxiously awaiting their chance.

TNA approached me with the offer to come to their organization, work a less rigorous schedule, and more importantly, wrestle to the best of my ability with no limitations.

Several people have debated whether this will effect my chance at one day being elected into the WWE Hall of Fame. I am flattered at my name even being mentioned with such an honor. And whether or not you believe that I am worthy, I really don’t think that WWE will hold it against me for doing other things after I left. I truly believe that I gave 100% every day with WWE, and that I went above and beyond what was expected of me. I think that if I am happy with my choices, then they are happy for me. Of course they took me off their website. They can’t promote talent with another organization. But again, I’d like to think that on a personal level, they are happy for me.

The only serious considerations I had were 1) Would I still be able to train for MMA? 2) Do I miss wrestling and want to do it on a regular basis? 3) Can I entertain TNA fans in a way that they deserve to be entertained?

I believe so to all three. I still have time to dedicate to MMA. I definitely miss wrestling. And my goal is not only to be the best in a very tough Knockout division, but to elevate the performance of the entire division.

Thursday night on TNA Impact on SpikeTV I have my first match in about five months, and my first in a six sided ring. For those who haven’t seen TNA recently, I think you should tune in. Because for those of you who do, you’ll see a female wrestler in the best shape of her life, at the top of her game, beginning a new journey.

Buckle up, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride…

More talk about Linda and drug use

brook-hogan.jpegHow else can anyone explain Linda Hogan’s behavior?

The Wrestling Globe Newsletter reports that Hulk Hogan through his lawyer, David Houston, released a statement today in response to Linda Hogan claiming to have passed a drug test. The statement reads: “Linda Hogan?s drug test is absolutely meaningless without proper tracking and verification. If Linda Hogan wants the world and the courts to believe that this is a valid drug test, she must prove that it was a legally supervised medical test taken at random. The document she distributed to the media states that she took a medical test which means that she took a urine test with no verification of urine?s source. Anyone can walk into a clinic and take a test, but without supervision we only have her word to go on and that is questionable. If Linda wanted us to believe she was clean, she should have taken advantage of the $100,000 offer by a national radio show for a random legally supervised drug test as opposed to the farce she has perpetrated upon the public.” The offer was made recently on the Tampa radio show, Bubba the love sponge by Hogan himself.

Remember kids, it’s never a good idea to get involved in somebody else’s divorce.

That being said, there’s this point when the reasons for going through a divorce court seem to have been forgotten and have been replaced by the simpler system of getting even for remembered grudges. Boy, does Linda have a good memory for grudges. Linda Hogan excels as a woman scorned and her campaign against Hogan seems to know no boundaries. What’s sad is the catalyst – Nick’s accident and the legal and civil nightmare that followed in its wake. Linda claims Hogan’s infidelity led to this divorce, but if that’s true, we notice that as long as the nest was well lined, Linda appears to have turned a blind eye to Hogan’s behavior. We would like to believe that Linda’s decisions stem from her belief that Hogan failed her son. But everything Linda has done has been for herself and she has put her children a distant second. Now Linda’s crusade has estranged her from her daughter and possibly her son as well. Linda has also managed to bury herself in the public eye.

Linda’s choices have fueled recent speculation that she is on drugs.

What we can only say is that it is a tragedy that the money that Linda chases is a barrier between everything that Linda needs at this time and Linda. Linda needs an intervention but as long as she has the money to buy lawyers and pool boys who will act as a barrier for a fee, we fear that Linda won’t hit the bottom.

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