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Things worth talking about the TNA Knockouts

tracibrooksplayboy.jpegTNA does not have the luxury of ignoring what the fans want. While woman wrestling fans are often reduced to rubbing their eyes in disbelief at the treatment shown the WWE Divas, TNA has been building a Knockout division. We don’t think this is a sign of intelligence in the TNA management; rather an opportunity has come up for TNA that is so obvious they couldn’t miss it. There is a lot talent in the Indies for women wrestling looking to make it on TV in the USA. Women’s wrestling is still a novelty act for wrestling fans: an opportunity for women to break through what has traditionally been a man’s world and show what they can do. All TNA has had to do is assemble the hungry talent from all over and present them to the TNA fans and the ratings will follow.

And the TNA Knockouts have earned ratings for TNA and proven they deserve their corner in the company.

TNA has been working diligently to recruit some of the finest wrestlers from all over and bring them into the TNA knockout division. Vince Russo has been doing his thing to get all the knockouts on the air, in a storyline and in a feud. Creating a story for a wrestler or a feud is truly where Vince excels. If someone could just keep him from over booking the angle, or trying to trick us with endless swerves!

With Ayako Hamada set to debut anytime, the TNA Knockout roster boasts 16 women wrestlers, one reality show winner, one wife of Booker T and one backstage interviewer. Of the wrestlers, there are currently four wrestlers whose skills we could describe as…shaky. Put in perspective, the TNA Knockouts may not have enough talent to run their own show, but they do have enough talent to run their own X Cup competition. That’s four teams of four competing weekly in a multi-round tournament that could be shown on iMPACT! and two PPVs…just like the world cup. Okay, insert jokes about what to call the cup here…

Do the Knockouts have more talented wrestlers than the Divas in the WWE? Honestly, it’s impossible to tell because the Divas are simply not given time to wrestle or cut promos, they have a limited move set, the talented wrestlers have to pander to Vince’s Diva search pageant winners and the size of the venue, the atmosphere and the program for both companies are completely different. We would have to say, though, that we would guess the Knockouts have more depth than the Divas. If Maryse hurt herself again the whole Diva division on RAW would go into limbo until she recovered. Pinning a whole division on a very green talent like Maryse speaks volumes about the Diva division.

The real question is how the talent is being utilized and as we’ve said, here the Knockouts simply crush the Divas. Mistakes like Jenna Morasca wrestling Sharmell at a PPV can (and should) be forgotten because there’s a lot more good going on than bad. We know TNA insists on booking the occasional stinker because a bad review is still A review and TNA is hungry for growth. Whether TNA tries too hard to attract an audience or simply will do anything for ratings is a topic for another article.
Forget that abortion of a feud between Jenna Morasca and Sharmell and check this list of cool:

There is a feud beginning between Awesome Kong and Tara aka former Women Champion Diva Victoria. Tara has been terrorizing the Beautiful People since coming to TNA and has even managed to briefly dethrone Angelina Love. Tara must feel like a kid in the candy store with the spread of matches she can choose from at TNA. While some people grumble that TNA picks up every future endeavoured WWE talent and pushes them to the moon, we think that TNA acknowledging Lisa Mari’s time in is pure class. Victoria deserves to headline and may she have as much fun wrestling in TNA as we have watching her wrestle in TNA.

The Beautiful People hold the belt in Angelina Love’s hands. Angelina has survived her first true test as Knockout Champion and against Victoria, no less. TBP are terrific heels. They’re the prom queens we all hate and wanted to be or to date.

Alyssa Flash aka Saeed aka ‘The Future Legend’ Cheerleader Melissa has welcomed Canadian born Sarita aka Dark Angel to TNA with what is already a great feud. Alyssa will fight with Sarita because she likes to cause pain. Do you really need more back story? Sarita is beautiful, fast and so freakin’ agile she walks the ring ropes as easily as us mere mortals climb a flight of stairs.
Daffney versus Taylor Wilde. Daffney is a hardcore crazy b’tch, flexible and willing to take bumps that belong in backyard wrestling events. In short, she’s awesome. Taylor Wilde as a pure wrestler could become the (wrestling )Kurt Angle of women wrestling. But, Wilde on the mic is no Kurt Angle. Taylor has the in-ring personality of a robot. Daffney’s sheer bigger-than-life personality gels with Taylor’s sick ring skills. Their feud, filled with enough backstory for a multi-part TV drama, has had some unreal highlights including two bumps on tacks in one week by Daffney!

Christy Hemme is posting on myspace she’s ready to wrestle. We missed the energizer bunny. Christy has yet to prove she can hold her own in the ring, but we cannot doubt her passion for wrestling. Christy had to take time out to heal from neck injuries that could have crippled her. Christy’s only thought was to get into the action at TNA again ASAP. We’re thinking that when Christy is really ready, TNA will throw her in with Ayako Hamada, who is backstage and has yet to debute. Christy says she wants to be respected as a wrestler and this will prove she means it. All she has to do is survive Ayako and she’ll come out a veteran on the other side…

We were kinda hoping that for Ayako’s debute, she could come out and scare Kong. Ayoko is a second generation wrestler from Japan who has wrestled extensively in Mexico. Kong is on record saying that her time wrestling in Japan was ‘hell’. It was hell because of crazy Japanese women wrestlers like Ayako. So, at the end of a match, have Ayako come out and ruin Kong’s night. That would be a cool introduction for the TNA fans to the former Queen of Arsion.

That’s some highlights on what’s happening in the Knockouts. Throw in ODB training Cody Deaner to become a wrestler, Traci Brooks winning a spot in MEM and confirming she’ll be the first Knockout in Playboy and you get the idea. There’s a lot of things worth talking about the Knockouts.

Christy Hemme, the energizer bunny, is ready to return and kick some booty in TNA.

Diva match results for the Night of Champions

nightofchampions.jpegWWE Women’s Title Match: Michelle McCool vs. Melina

Jim Ross and Todd Grisham are on commentary and begin with a replay of the events leading to this match. Out first is the WWE Women’s Champion Michelle McCool. Melina, the challenger, is out next with her red carpet entrance. Melina does the splits and is going under the rope when McCool attacks before the bell rings.

There are a few good spots. McCool hits Melina with a running knee into the fan barrier and gets a 2 count. McCool applies a leg submission on Melina. McCool counters and DDT’s Melina off the top of the fan barrier wall. Melina wraps her legs around the neck from the apron and throws McCool around. McCool catches Melina with a belly to belly suplex for a 2 count. Melina goes for a pin from the top rope but McCool reverses it with a roll up for the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Michelle McCool

WWE Divas Title Match: Maryse vs. Mickie James

– Maryse is warming up when The Miz walks up and makes a pass at Maryse. Maryse brushes the Miz off, telling the Miz he lost his match tonight and she doesn’t date losers. The Miz gets mad and grabs Maryse’s arm and tells her he can get any girl, he wasted his time with her on RAW last week, she’s not a chamion, she’s a tease and when she loses her belt she’s come crawling back to him. The Miz says she’ll have butchered her shot with him like she butchers the English language everytime she talks.
Out first for the next match is the challenger, Mickie James to a nice pop. The WWE Divas Champion Maryse is out next. Maryse taunts Mickie before the bell rings and they almost start brawling. The bell is called for and they still taunt each other. Maryse dodges a clothesline and poses some. They lock up and go to the ropes. Mickie takes Maryse down first.

The match itself had Lots of stalling in the early part of the match. Maryse mounts her usual offense, including a camel clutch and tries to spray Mickey’s eyes. Mickie kicks Marys, knocking her down and picks up the can and the ref takes the can from her. Mickie takes control from here until Maryse tries to lock in her camel clutch again but Mickie fights out this time. Mickie hits a neckbreaker on Maryse for a 2 count. Mickie does a head scissor take down out of the corner. Maryse trips Mickie up on the ropes and for a 2 count. Maryse pulls Mickie off the top rope and brings her to the mat. Mickie counters a move and nails her signature DDT on Maryse. Mickie covers for the pinfall and the win.

Winner and New WWE Divas Champion: Mickie James

There’s a lot of rejoicing from Mickie James Fans who feel that Mickie hasn’t gotten nearly the level of respect she deserves with the company for her time in.

Gail Kim Updates her MySpace


Im finally home and havent logged in to my account for sooo long so I thought I would write some thoughts on my last overseas tour and my move to Monday Night Raw!

It was my first time in hawaii, Japan and the Phillipines and even though it was really exhausting with the change in time, I had a really amazing time. Tokyo was definitely my favorite out of the 3. It was such a great experience to FINALLY wrestle in Japan. The fans were so respectful and appreciative of our hard work. Dont get me wrong, I loved hitting the beach and spending the 4th of July in hawaii! 🙂 but I was waiting a long time to go to Japan. I especially loved the fashion there…I have to go back strictly for a shopping trip! :)))

As for this recent draft, I was kind of surprised but happy. I loved the Smackdown side and will miss everyone there but I know this is a great opportunity and a chance to go for the one title I havent held yet… the DIVAS championship title. I also love the live show aspect and am really looking forward to facing Beth Phoenix or possibly Mickie James. I have a lot of respect for them and havent faced them since pretty much my independent wrestling days. It will be interesting to see how far we have come since those days!

Im getting a lot of emails and comments regarding how im being used in the wwe and I appreciate the support but I wish everyone would just be patient like I am and stay positive. Im having fun and am doing what I love…. good things come to those who wait!



WWE has a new photo shoot on their site of Gail Kim. This picture is in Gail’s MySpace and not WWE. This picture is too hot for PG-13.

Things worth talking about the WWE Divas

gailkim4.jpgSorry McCool, you picking up the Women’s belt to become the first Diva to hold both the Divas Championship and Women Championship in WWE history didn’t get enough noise to cover a pin dropping in the arena at WWE’s The Bash. You held that belt up high in victory over the defeated ex-champion Melina and the audience turned their heads and yawned.

A Diva mark might have said that the casual WWE fan did not appreciate the means by which the opportunity to win this belt came about. Former WWE Women Champion Melina was basically traded for Maryse and brought over for a booked squash match against McCool. Another surprise trade also removed Gail Kim to RAW and ended the threat of yet another Diva knocking McCool off her perch at Smackdown. Funny, we thought the top dog is supposed to be decided in the ring with a good old wrestling match and the reaction of the fans, not in a backstage power play. Nepotism is alive and kicking in WWE.

Seriously, how can somebody who draws absolutely no reaction from the WWE audience be considered as top Diva on Smackdown?

But the truth is that the casual WWE fan knew nothing about rumoured backstage tantrums.

The casual WWE fan simply knows something that every women wrestling fan dreads to be caught defending: the Diva product is crap. It’s crap by design. If a Diva tries to portray herself as anything other than something for a man to oogle, she’s punished by the management with humiliating storylines (such as Beth Phoenix), or perched on a block of ice to think about her place in the WWE world(such as Beth Phoenix). And this world has got to be stuck somewhere in the sixties (off topic, but in R-Truth and Cryme Time’s case, didn’t WWE ever hear of Martin Luthor King? Didn’t they bite into the dream?). Women lib never happened and girl power is some strange phenomena to be grouped with Wikka and the phases of the moon. The only thing expected of a Diva is that a Diva looks good. The rest, the booking, the champions, the feuds are all treated with complete indifference. The result is that there is no defending this product. Anyone who saw history being made with Michelle McCool at the bash, shrugged, grunted “Eh”, and took a pee break was absolutely correct in their reaction.

So, fellow women wrestling fans, at least we have each other. We group at the WWE Diva forum and constantly pick over our personal beefs with the Divas, rehash and re-enact the moment our mark illusions were shattered. We just can’t get over just how little WWE cares about us or our Divas as anything other than sex objects. The truth is that we ran out of new material to hash over about ten thousand threads back.

In this wasteland where once girl power fought for a place in the main event, we still have our heroines fighting to create a moment of magic with the fans. If McCool is the poster child of a Diva having what she wants handed to her, then we have GOT to nod our heads towards Gail Kim and Alicia Fox for making lemonade out of what they’ve been given to work with. Alicia may not have had much choice in the matter: she’s the only Diva without the seniority to refuse to take a bump from Gail Kim. Truth is, Alicia has been thrown around by everyone and in taking her bumps, she’s already proven her worth in the ring to us. Alicia isn’t just another pretty face. In match after match, in a surprise trade to RAW, in a bikini match and a leg match, Gail and Alicia are upping their game every single week. Alicia’s timed kick to Gail’s leap from the top rope was endowed with sick timing. Sick timing! That is the difference between McCool and Gail Kim; one makes crap even when everything is handed on a silver platter and the other spins gold from the worst of crap.

We do think that it’s laughable that the only reason for a Gail Kim and Alicia Fox feud is because Gail Kim doesn’t have anyone else to beat up right now. Doesn’t that make Gail the heel? Come one, WWE! Get off your buts and give their feud some back story, will ya? They’re giving us GOLD!

But Gail Kim and Alica Fox are fighting to win over a crowd that doesn’t have a reason to care. WWE reportedly wants to feature the Divas who look good in bikinis on RAW right now. This policy won’t change even though the bikini match lost viewers on RAW. We should say, though, that we really liked the bikini stipulation because it fit with Seth Green’s image and target market. In context of Green making the call as GM, it was great. In the bigger picture it’s another sign not to get your hopes up regarding the Diva product anytime soon. And yet, it WAS more than just a bikini pageant; all the Divas worked hard in that bout (another reason to give the match a thumbs up). So we should be more clear: Don’t get your hopes up about the product because it’s the same management and when the Divas do more than look pretty you bet there’s a backlash coming down to put them back in their places.

It all goes back to WWE being top dog without challengers for far too long. WWE will tell the WWE fan what to like and who to cheer for. There’s no threat of the fans walking out and across the street to the ‘other’ promotion if they don’t like what they see. No need to catch up with the times. And if the boss’s eyes glaze over when a women wrestling storyline comes up, the bookers learn to steer away from the subject.

It’s an old man’s WWE Universe, after all.

Current feuds:

Michelle McCool and Melina

Gail Kim and Alicia Fox

Mickie James and Maryse

Natalya and Eve

The Hair is proving her worth in the squared circle. WWE has several pics up in the Daily Diva section featuring Divas at the carnival. We don’t know who took the pictures, we just like them.

Former WWE Diva Torris Wilson takes second place on reality TV show

torriewilson.jpgTorrie Wilson on her experience in a reality TV show posted on MySpace:Costa Rica baby!

Current mood: contemplative

Hey guy’s!

Well I am finally back home from the Costa Rican jungle where I was filming the show

“I’m a celebrity, get me outta here!” 30 days of living in the jungle and eating mostly rice and beans sure made me appreciate my home sweet home! I had a great time and made tons of good friends..and was really happy that I got to show people who I really am! I definitely underestimated how hard it was really going to be, by day 3 I found myself looking around camp going “wow, this is gonna be much harder than I thought!” I used my inner strength to get me through and realized I am much more fierce than I ever thought. Quitting was NEVER an option. I want to live by the 2 little words “NO REGRETS” everyday of my life. I hope that I can be a positive influence in many people’s lives by demonstrating that you can do anything if you put your heart and soul into it and don’t give up! I had a few day’s when I was miserable and homesick but without those bad days I would not have walked away from this experience a changed person and appreciated it so much. Nothing is ever easy in life and how boring would it be if it always was?

I came in 2nd place behind Lou Diamond Philips and it was ridiculously close. Only less than 1/10th of 1% of the votes separated us and I later heard they had to do a recount because I was in the lead the previous day. Lou definitely deserves the crown, he’s a great guy and a hard worker…I am elated to have made it to the very last day and owe all of you that voted a big huge THANKYOU!!!! I have the best fans and friends in the world!!

I am very excited about the opportunites coming my way and will of course keep you all posted……working on the first in a series of workout videos already and am so excited because this is something I have ALWAYS wanted to do! I love working out and have so many great tips and tricks to share!

Thankyou God for my friends new and old..and for giving me such a beautiful life changing experience.

mucho kisses!


Congratulations Torrie on a great showing! Some fans claim they couldn’t phone in their vote on the final night as the line to vote for Torrie was busy and considering how close it was- who know? Maybe you should have won it?

Lena Yada visits Lisa aka ‘Tara(ntula)’

lenayadasmall.jpegWe’re glad to hear that Lena’s freindship with Lisa Marie didn’t fade post-WWE. Lena posted that she visited her WWE chum recently. We thought we’d post it so Lena Yada fans can keep up with the latest on their favorite asian sensation!! Rumours are that Lena is now in negotiations with Wrestlicious.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Me and Lisa aka Victoria aka Tara-Rizing

Current mood: animated

Hadn’t seen my homegirl Lisa in a long time, so I decided to pay her a visit in Louisville, KY this past weekend. It was so much fun chillaxin and catching up with her. People used to call us 2 peas in a pod, so it was good to be reunited with my pea! LOL!! What did we do? The usual chick stuff. Shopping, watch movies, go out to eat, and lay poolside. But we also stopped by her shop Black Widow Customs and her gym, CORE Gym. I knew she was doing MMA, but I had to see it with my own eyes. CORE is beautiful and it offers just about everything, classes in Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu to wrestling and boxing. Her instructors Trey, Rolando, and Alex were awesome as well. I got to see Lisa in action and lemme tell ya, she is fierce! I’m really impressed with how far she has come.

I’m sad that I had to leave so soon. Three days wasn’t enough. But it makes me look forward to the next time I see her when she visits me in LA 🙂

Lena Yada

Hemme news

christyhemmesmall2.jpegWednesday, July 01, 2009
Hello everybody!! Soooooooo… it is official, I have a brand new official fan site, YAAAAAAAA!! This is a special invitation for all of you to go check it out at-

It is ran by two amazing people, Beth and Dan, they ROCK!! They are currently building the Official band site as well so I will let you know when that is up 🙂 I also want to thank Carol and Ang for the 5yrs of support they gave being my first official fan site… thank you girls!!

ALSO… playing at the Social in Orlando Fl on July 3rd this friday with Exit the Ride! So come on down, say hello and listen to some killer music, just saying, kinda awesome hehe! As far as wrestling goes, keep your pants on cuz we are talking about the big TNA come back right now… love you all and thank you for all your kind and supportive words!! XOXO Christy

Gail Kim tribute

A little reminder who’s about who’s coming to RAW after the tour is done. Enjoy!

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