Sam Sexton the hardest working World Champion in the business???

Battle Angels
Ever since Sam Sexton captured the Womens World Championship she has been on a mission to prove that she is the best. Taking on only the best of the best competition. We caught up with Sam Sexton this evening to get a quote to post here on

“Alot of people had reservations about previous champions in this business. How many of them won a title but didn’t defend it. At least not against credible opponents. The fact is no one will ever make the mistake of confusing those amateurs with this professional. I am a champion. I was born to be a champion. This title belt is my life. Any and everything I do is to prove that I AM the best.

Tracy Brooks was said to be one of the best. I killed her. I mangled her. I f*cking destroyed that b*tch. And guess what? Lacey’s ass is next. And so on and so on. I will find and “put down” any worthy competitors.

News flash. People want to know where Sayuri is? Why she is gone? Well here is a break in kayfabe. She disrespected me backstage and I beat her f*cking ass LEGITIMATELY. Print that shit. I’m sure they will make you edit that out but believe Sayuri is laid up somewhere or working on some movie. She’s sacred. OF ME! And rightfully so because anyone I step into the ring with will get their asses handed to them. PERIOD!!!”

– Womens World Champion “Sensational” Sam Sexton.

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