TNA Destination X Knockouts Match

tna20921.jpgWhile the WWE certainly has the edge when it comes to overall rosters, TNA’s womens division, appropriately titled the Knockouts are some of the best in ring performers the TNA has. Here’s what happened on tonights pay-per-view Destination X.

The fourth match of the night is the Knockouts fighting for the Women’s Title: Awesome Kong(the current champion) with Raisha Saeed vs. Gail Kim vs. OBD. At one point in the match ODB holds Kong along the ropes and Gail Kim jumps off the top with a missile drop kick on Kong. Gail Kim then dives off the top but this time the big one, Awesome Kong catches her, but forgets about OBD who dives off the apron and takes them both out. For a while it seems like Kim and ODB try to work together, but the tension is apparent, and soon they can’t get along. Kong ends up hitting a huge splash of the second rope, taking Gail Kim out of the picture, and soon its an Awesome bomb on ODB for the win. While Awesome Kong may not have the best “look” she was “awesome” indeed, playing the role of giant heel well. Overall I thought the match was well done, and it seems that both KIm and ODB played the crowd well.

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