Chyna Update, Amy Dumas Update, Lady Victoria Post About Tracy Brooks, April Hunter Appearances

lita338kd.jpgThere are reports coming in that former WWE Diva Chyna(Joanie Laurer) has been signed to appear on another reality television show, this one with the major NBC network. The show’s entitled “Celebrity Circus” and is scheduled to debut on 6/11.

Former WWE Diva Lita(real name Amy Dumas) was recently scheduled for a concert with her band the Luchagores in Pittsburgh but the band cancelled after saying that Dumas was in no condition to perform. Initially it was speculated that Dumas was in the hospital for something serious, but a recent post from her band Myspace and written by her cleared up the matter. Here’s what was said:

Date: Mar 10, 2008 1:47 PM

Body: Whoa!, What a way to wake up! I got tons of calls and texts this morning hoping I got out of the hospital soon. What? I’m not in the hospital! I lost my voice. That’s it. Our booking agent called the club to cancel the Imperial,PA show because I couldn’t talk over a whisper, but that’s it. No fever. No laryngitis. I don’t know where anything else came from. We have a day off today so I am going to continue to rest up and get ready to rock out in West Virginia tomorrow. I am on everything holistic and over the counter you can think of, so I am hoping to be at least 80% by tomorrow. I appreciate everyone writing in to check up on me, and as far as all the phone calls- I will return those when I get my voice back. It’s pretty annoying not being able to talk, by the way. I am going crazy!!! All that aside, we are all still having a great time on tour. We all had a blast with the guys from Ashers in New Hampshire and Mass, but I’m going to go ahead and say it was those bastards that got me sick!!! ha, ha- See you guys somewhere out on the road real soon!! – xxoo, Amy

Here’s a post from Lady Victoria who does custom matches, as she talks about Tracy Brooks and other things.

Tracy Brooks
Lexi Lane
Angel Williams
Lady Victoria

Tracy is adjusting her schedule to be here the end of March. She and Angel do not have any customs together anywhere. There is not much time to get scripts and funds in. Please contact me. Click below to read how
this works. Tracy Brooks is very busy these days. This may be her last visit for a while. I would love to get some matches with Angel, and Tracy. There are none out on the market at all.

– Upcoming April Hunter appearances:

March 21st: MMA convention, Frankfort KY
April 5th: Ring of Rage, MMA, Bardstown, KY
May 26-27: Anime North Convention, Toronto Canada

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