WWE Diva Ashley Massaro Injury Update, Jackie Gayda News

massaro882kd.jpgThere’s a few tidbits of news surrounding WWE Diva Ashley Massaro. Dave Meltzer is reporting that the WWE sent Massaro home several weeks ago, when she was in shape at catering, and that the WWE isn’t expected to bring her back anytime soon. The former Survivor and Womens Wrestling Champion posted this on her MySpace Blog:

To bang or not to bang….that is the question…

OK, so I wanted to see what yall thought, since I’ve finally got some free time back on my hands, I was wondering if I should kickstart Bangin w Ashley again? Whatcha think? Let me know yall, consider this the poll. Or I could change it up a bit, lets hear some suggestions :o)

Ughh Flts are awful today :o/

I got a bit of good news today, getting my cast off around march 25th! Yay! Apparently I broke it and tore 2 tendons. Not sure when but it had been bugging me for a hot minute. By the time I finally got it checked that was what was wrong. At least it comes off soon, feels like its been forever. Le me tell you, showering is a bitch with a cast, I HATE IT.
I have a few more things goin on this week, back to TX and back to LA :o)
Can’t wait to get back to work and to see yall again.
PS gained five pounds, ha, how ya like that…. shakakhan!!
alright, thats it for now, not really much I wanted to say but felt like just sayin hi.

She has also mentioned in a previous blog that she was thinking about bring back bangin’ with Ashley, which sounds good to us. Womens Wrestling Xposed hopes that that the Dirty Diva gets better soon.

Former WWE Diva and TNA Knockout Jackie Gayda is being reported as being pregnant for a second time. Gayda and husband Charile Haas had their first child, a baby girl named Kayla on December 14th, 2006.

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