WWE Diva Melina Talks Batista, Lita Radio Interview, Ashley Massaro Update

wwe_diva_melina2ss.jpgRecently WWE Diva Melina did an interview with phillyburb.com and answered a question regarding her relationship with WWE Superstar Batista, and whether she was surprised that it became public. Here’s what she said:
“Kind of yes and kind of no. Like, I was surprised to see it but knowing him, he wears his heart, he’ll tell people how he feels. He doesn’t hide anything, and he didn’t say as much as he would have said, and for reasons I guess? But in his way, he put the most important people in his life in that book, and that’s his way of saying that I’m an important person in his life.”

This morning former WWE Superstar and current touring Rocker Lita(Amy Dumas) was interviewed by Y101(Richmond, VA). The host was insistant on Lita talking about her private life, but Dumas held her ground and said she would have none of it. She was asked about Edge and whether they were dating, Lita said she wouldn’t answer even if she was as she had learned her lesson last time. It seemed that Lita seemed uncomfortable, and that the interviewers were almost verging on rude at times, even calling her a bad interview guest. They also asked about the recent suspension of WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy, and she replied that she hadn’t heard about it but that “it sucks.” Overall I thought the interview was a little harsh, and that Lita was basically forced onto the defensive for parts of it.

WWE Diva Ashley Massaro has added another post to her MySpace Blog, and here it is(slightly censored):

Don’t believe everything you hear…lets clear some sh** up, shall we…

So, I guess everyones taking their turn at trying to be a reporter huh. HA!
The latest questions I’ve been getting from yall, dang, everything from Playboy nums (which is a load of crap btw n I know for fact) down to rumors about me. Just take comfort in knowing, and I mean KNOWING, that none of that s*** is true…hehe absolutely none. I suppose people would be pretty embarassed if they were called out on this so sorry to everyone who thinks starting rumors about s*** they know nothing about is their job…
Just wanted to rest the onslaught of questions I’ve been getting from yall. Rest assured, everything is DY-NO-MITE! So chill you lil freaks talking junk about me. Or I’ll take this cas and shove so far up your…whoops just kidding…hahah got carried away I suppose…
Anyway, that oughta clear things up for now, nothin but love for ya my punks!

PS- I dont have a single other account NOT BEBO, NO OTHER MYSPACE, NO FACEBOOK, NOTHING, I promise you, I barely have time for this one!!
Catch up with yall later, love ya
The dirty diva

The Playboy reference seems to be concerning reports coming out that her Playboy Cover was the lowest selling so far, as referenced by Womens Wrestling Xposed at a previous post.

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