WWE Diva Makes Hottest 20 On Web List, Brooke Hogan Bulletin, Ashley Massaro MySpace Post

candicemichelle8381we.jpgIt seems that the internet is interested in Womens Wrestling, in this case specifically WWE Diva and GoDaddy model Candice Michelle. Michelle made the list of the 20 hottest women on the web, as presented on the E! network special. She came in at #13, and the special paid particular attention to the fact that she made major headlines with her original GoDaddy commercial, and that she competed in the 2004 Diva Search, and of course that she was once the WWE Women’s Champion. During the piece Candice mentioned she was waitressed at hooters, but as we know she has also worked for Playboy, doing shows including Playboy’s Totally Busted, and has even done some very light bondage pics.

Brooke Hogan, famous for her father, Hulkster, and for her singing and looks, has recently written a bulliten. Here it is:
-Hey everybody! I am really excited to finally be telling you this! Make sure you watch on ABC Family channel tomorrow (MARCH 17, 2008) at 9/8C to see me on America’s Prom Queen! I had a blast taping this show.

The Dirty Diva herself, injured Ashley Massaro recently updated her MySpace Blog with another post, so here it is:

Hey yall!
So, I’m here in Austin and theres this rad festival called SXSW that happens one a year, I’m so glad I am here for it! There are like 1500 bands playing last and this week its sick! There are also movie premieres and all kinds of cool stuff to go see. The weathers been amazing for it. So much fun! Any of you guys heard of it?
Paul and I went to go see this awesome band called The Boxing Lesson a few times last week. Awesome band and awesome people. You guys should def check em out. I can vouch that their performances live are just as good as their recorded tracks. Hit em up at www.myspace.com/theboxinglesson
If you guys get a chance to check em out see if you can get your hands on a cd. The whole album kicks ass.
Perhaps you may see an interview with them in the next article of Bangin on wwe.com….
We’ll seeeeeeeeee
Anyway, just wanted to say hi. Talk to you punks later. XOXOX

Looking at the last few posts it seems that there’s a good chance that Ashley will start Bangin with Ashley again, though we will still have to wait and see.

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