TNA Salinas tribute to Hollywood Dale Duncan

salinas1.jpgShelly Martinez aka Salinas in TNA wrote on her myspace blog Friday, August 29, 2008,

R.I.P. Hollywood Dale Duncan!!
Current mood: sad

So on Wed I found out my pal Hollywood Dale Duncan passed away. Now I know I wrote a blog on here about the real meaning in life is to make a positive impact on someone in your life time. Hollywood did that for me. I just got off the phone with my bud and he said “I don’t know if this sounds fucked up but when I found out about Hollywood I smiled because everytime I hear about that guy I smile.” Wow!! Everyone I know that had the same bond with this crazy man says the same thing!! I’d like to think a layer of Fun Time Shelly is due to him!! I feel so zombie like about the whole thing. Hollywood and I met while I was in OVW he was what you would call a “big deal” in E-town KY. We ran shows there pretty frequent and I formed a huge bond with him. He even gave me a nick name he called me She She lol. He always told me I was his fav and we would greet each other by me jumping in his arms and he’d give me a big gross kiss on the cheek. He would always tell me “She She, f*ck wrestling you belong in the movie Hollywood won’t know what hit them when She She comes into town.” So this ones for you Hollywood!! I will always love you Hollywood!! Cheers to the man who never wanted anything from me but my friendship and to be part of the show. Hollywood, you will always be a part of the She She Show!! You are and will always be the Wild Thang Hollywood Dale Duncan.

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