The Knockouts on Thursday’s iMPACT 08/28/08

maineventEvery episode of Karen’s Angle on iMPACT has ended with Karen losing control of the interview and the set getting rearranged by wrestlers. This has become a running joke- I wonder when Karen will take matters into hand and get some muscle to back her up? While some interviews have been pretty lame, I laughed throughout Abyss’s interview. Karen, you’re tough as nails to have stuck that one out!

Abyss: “Before I leave, I wrote you a poem: ‘Karen, you’re skin is golden, you’re eyes are brown, I can take you with me…but you can’t make a sound…”

Ms. Angle: “Oh, god!”

SoCal Val sets the women’s liberation movement back a hundred years, announcing that she was going to hang her engagement ring above the wrestling ring during a Jay Lethal-Sonjay Dutt match and the first person to grab the ring gets her.

SoCal Val: “I know it sounds ridiculous…”

Let’s hope that after Lethal and Dutt beat each other to pulp, SoCal Val steps to the mike and slams both wrestlers for treating her like a piece of meat and leaves both of them laid out flat on the mat.

Okay, on with the evolving situation with the Knockouts. Gail’s gone and the show must go on.

The first match had Kong step in the ring with SHIMMER star Josie Sojourner. She’s going by the name Sojourner Bolt at TNA and worked in the Kong challenge for Slammiversary. Sojourner Bolt does a great job with Kong, giving a lot of offense before ultimately becoming the recipient of a Kong Bomb. I think losing to Kong in a fierce match gives a Knockout more credibility than debuting with a lesser card and winning. Kong and Saeed set up chairs for Bolt after the match and ODB runs out in a powerful rage to make the save!

ODB sends Kong a message, that she doth believe that she, in fact, is the meanest b*tch on TNA! ODB hits a tornado DDT off the rope, gets Kong down and just wails on her until she flees the ring! I loved Kong’s facial expressions during the beat down! In an interview backstage later on, ODB mixes up which day iMPACT is supposed to be on and covers by calling herself a drunk and later implies she’s ‘loose’. Somehow, ODB still cut an AWESOME promo, but I’m not sure if her uncensored mouth is going to get her to the top spot with the Knockouts.

ODB corrects Kong on the finer points of wrestling etiquette, or being a b*tch. You decide.

Wow- does Christy look good in a very low cut blue top and skirt! Christy Hemme does a great job as valet for the Rock N’ Rave Infection, first taking the mike and showing some great skills and then distracting Curry Man to give Jimmy Rave an opportunity. Curry Man’s move to get Christy Hemme out of the way was smooooth… but I’m thinking his chances with Christy are pretty small, especially considering the slaps and lowblow she gave him after the match…

Christy Hemme responds to Curry Man’s suggestion, “Let’s make beautiful music together.”

Jim Cornette talks to Traci Brooks backstage about her proposal to him the month before. Jim Cornette appoints Traci Brooks ‘The Law’ for the Knockouts. Jim gives her some advice about how to get along with him in doing her job; “Wrestlers are products and like products, they have a shelf life. When a product’s shelf life is up, it’s time to move that product out and get a new product.” Reference to Gail, anyone? Lauren Brooke asks Traci what Jim meant by ‘shelf life’ and we get a huge signal which way Traci’s going with her newfound power when she replies, ‘Well, Lorne, you might find out first hand. Excuse me, Lorne; I have some work to do!”

The tag match between The Beautiful People and Roxxi and Taylor Wilde was okay on the whole, with some sloppy moments. Roxxi finally has a clear run at the Beautiful People. Roxxi practically skipped to the ring in her entrance! How cool was ‘The Voodoo Queen’ when she cleaned house? Roxxi ain’t graceful, she’s a down and dirty brawler with a mean right hook. Angelina Love is a total package; she’s solid in the ring, knows what’s going on and is great on the mic. Velvet Sky has to polish her act in the ring. Everything Sky does is great and perfect for her character, but, it’s just not tight. Tayler put in a solid performance, but she’s still having a hard time getting over the crowd.

TNA needs to focus on a feud between Kip James and Rhino and get him away from The Beautiful People. He’s like that guy who crashes photographs; always in The Beautiful People’s way. Kip James could be used better and I’m not buying The Beautiful People need a third wheel. They are in a league of their own as heels and a third wheel- even Kong- waters down their act.

See Velvet Sky in the corner? See Taylor Wilde wondering where Velvet Sky is? Damn!

And that’s the Knockouts without Gail. The Knockouts have deep talent and the ranks have closed. Roxxi finally has the storyline she earned when she took the ladder shot and had her head shaved at TNA’s Sacrifice PPV. ODB has a feud with Kong. Josie Sojourner may get a contract with TNA. Traci heads the Knockouts. If Gail were to look back, she won’t see the gap she left and that’s a good thing.

Gail, don’t ever sweat your choice to go to the WWE. You’ve got great opportunities ahead, you’re friends at TNA can take care of themselves and we’ll be watching for you on WWE.

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