WWE Diva Candice Michelle happy to be back on RAW

candicemichelle234.jpegWWE Diva Candice Michelle, the GoDaddy Super Bowl girl is back from the sidelines and ready to continue her feud with Beth Phoenix. As we reported previously, Candice has broken her collarbone twice this year. The first injury was against Beth and took her out of action for 14 weeks. Candice admits she rushed her return to the ring, resulting in the second injury shattering her clavicle into four pieces that required surgery. The surgery has been a success, Candice has a battle scar over her shoulder that she’s proud of and she’s ready to take back her title. Candice can be found in the fan nations forums with a new blog she calls ‘Defining Beauty.’


I can’t express in words how excited I am to FINALLY be back on Monday Night Raw! So many things have been rushing through my mind, so I think it’s time to update everyone here on Fan Nation! After being out of action for 10 months, the feeling of being back is tremendous! Through the blood, sweat, and tears, I am excited to start this new chapter of my career! I have been envisioning coming back for some time now, so for it to be reality is still setting in! It was an amazing challenge to face so many of my fears getting back into the ring! There is nothing like facing your fears head on to make your dreams come true!

I actually enjoyed seeing Beth Phoenix again! I know she may have thought she ended my wrestling career but it has only begun! Seeing her face-to-face stirred up old emotions and memories inside! Letting her know that I am back was beautiful in itself! That night when I returned may not have been my perfect match, but I did make my presence known! A good friend gave me some advice. She said, “I have to walk before I can run!” As much as I want to sprint right now, I realize time will get me there!

I have never been a patient person; patience is a virtue, I am learning! The day that the doctor released me to train, I let WWE know … and that day, not the next week or month, I had travel in place to train at FCW! I had the privilege of training at Steve Keirn’s school with amazing agents and talent! I owe a huge thanks to Billy Kidman, who came early for me, stayed late, and even came in on his day off because I wanted to get as much training in as I could! I flew home to see the doctor and got amazing news; I was medically cleared to return! AHHH, I thought this day would never come! I then traveled to Denver where I had a great experience at the DNC, then right onto my first road trip! It was awesome. I somehow finagled my way into wrestling on the house shows before my return! I was like a little kid when I found out I was wrestling! Woooooohooooooooah!

Now that I am back, I don’t expect things to get any easier! I see the WWE Universe and WWE have high expectations of me and I love it! The critiques keep me on my toes and make me fight harder! Beth Phoenix has set standards high for me as well as the other competitive Divas! She has something that once was mine, and I will do whatever it takes to earn it back! I have been knocked down several times and even taken out a few times, but each time I come back better and stronger than before! I have been gone for a long time and can’t prove myself overnight, but whether you love me or hate me, I will work to earn your respect!

It’s not about how many times you fall or how hard; it’s about how gracefully you get back up! It’s about being brave to face those fears, get past the negative and still fight for your dreams! Is the risk worth the reward? … Without a doubt in my mind! I will risk trying new things to become better! If I fall, I’ll get right back up till I can do it!! I have made it back and have a starting ground! My stars are aligned with love and gratitude! I will give no less than 110 percent as I reach for the stars!!

“The gracefulness of getting back up when you’ve fallen and having the faith to learn from your mistakes is, DEFINING BEAUTY!”

Thank you for the love and support,

Candice Michelle


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