Women’s Wrestling Xposed poll results for where Gail Kim should debute

8352200.jpgIt’s not a well kept secret that eventually Gail Kim will debute on Smackdown, where she will have a shot at earning the Diva Championship and becoming the first Diva and woman wrestler to hold the Woman Championship, the Knockout Championship and the Diva Championship.

You better believe there will be a Gail Kim versus Beth Phoenix feud coming down the line as well. Beth has her eyes set on becoming the first Diva to hold both the Woman Title Belt and the Diva Championship simultaneously. If Gail gets the Diva title, the WWE universe won’t be big enough for the both of them.

That doesn’t change the fact that 69% of you think Gail should be on RAW (out of 132 votes).

Thank you everyone for participating in our poll.

Our next poll asks the question, “Should TNA let Cheerleader Melissa wrestle as herself and drop Raisha Saeed?”

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